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SMW House Show 2/26/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

SMW House Show
From: Johnson City, TN

Opening Contest: The Hornet vs. Bobby Blaze: An odd opening match considering the Hornet isn’t ever given any wins on television, so it’s basically just a showcase of Bobby Blaze, who is also virtually a jobber for the company. Hornet tossed Blaze to the floor and came off the top rope to deliver an elbow strike. I don’t know how this has gone on for nearly fifteen minutes at this point, honestly. Blaze fights back with a side Russian leg sweep but can’t follow up on the advantage. Hornet missed a top rope splash attempt. Blaze goes on a flurry of offense including a high knee and dropkick. Blaze hits a spinning heel kick in the corner. Blaze finally wins with a northern lights suplex. There was no purpose for this match and it went for nearly twenty minutes. In another shock, Blaze got a good reception when he won.

Second Contest: The Moondogs vs. The Bruise Brothers: I think it is safe to say that this match will be a hardcore brawl. All four men start brawling on the floor during the Bruise Brothers entrance. The fans are red hot tonight because the Bruise Brothers got a good reception, too. I don’t recall the team ever being that over, anywhere. Moondogs get a broom and work over Don with it. Ron gets into the ring and makes the save for his brother. Don continues to be worked over by the Moondogs. Moondogs don’t exactly have exciting offense so it’s basically just right hands as we get an announcement that five minutes have gone by. Don tries to make a comeback but gets yanked down his hair from the apron. The referee gets knocked down and the Bruise Brothers knock the Moondogs down with a flurry of offense. They go to the floor again and brawl some more. However, the match is ruled a double disqualification. This was just an awful match and nothing of entertainment value occurred.

Third Contest: SMW US Junior Heavyweight Champion Chris Candido vs. Tracy Smothers: Candido decides to leave the ring and goes backstage but the fans begin to chant “crybaby” for doing so. Candido attacks Smothers from behind and tries to send Tracy over the top but Smothers pulls himself up back into the ring. Candido works over Smothers with some chops but Smothers gets a few strikes in. Smothers slingshots in from the apron to kick Candido and gets a two count on the cover. Smothers kicks Candido from the ring to the floor and comes off the apron with a right hand to knock Candido down again. Candido takes Smothers out with a slingshot cross body to the floor. Smothers suplexs Candido out of the ring from the apron and delivers a baseball slide to maintain the advantage. Smothers drops Candido throat first across the guard railing. Smothers dropkicks Candido in the ring and goes to the top rope but gets met with a right hand in midair. Candido chokes Smothers in the corner and delivers a few right hands. Smothers leaps over Candido out of the corner but Candido catches Smothers on a leapfrog managing to hit a power bomb and taunts the fans. Candido continues to control Smothers with a snap suplex and right hands on the canvas.

Smothers gets out of a suplex and takes Candido down with a kick to the head. Smothers comes off the ropes but misses an elbow drop. Candido regains control of the match with a sleeper hold. Candido is using the ropes for leverage but Smothers isn’t going to stay down. Candido is arguing with the referee and Smothers nearly wins with a rollup. The announcer lets us know that ten minutes have gone by as Candido leaps off the middle rope to deliver a fist drop for a two count. Candido keeps Smothers on the mat with a sleeper hold. Smothers fights out and strikes Candido several times. Candido catches Smothers in the corner and looks for a power slam but gets sent face first into the post. Candido gets his knees up to stop a charging Smothers. Smothers decks Candido a few times after a failed suplex attempt. Smothers goes to the top but is crotched by Candido. Candido takes Smothers over with a hurricanrana off the middle rope. Candido leaps off the top rope but misses a diving head butt. Smothers nails Candido with an uppercut and they go to the floor briefly. Smothers hammers away on Candido with strikes in the corner and a delivers a leaping kick to the back of Candido’s head. Smothers comes off the top to drop Candido with an axe handle. Smothers goes to the top again and hits a leaping uppercut. Candido has a weight scale on the apron and whacks Smothers with it as the referee was out of position to get the cheap victory. (***. A solid bout between two guys that have worked each other enough times to figure out what works for them. They didn’t get past the first gear, but that’s okay. It’s hopefully allows them to save some stuff for other matches.)

For the next match, Jim Cornette will be hung above the ring to prevent him from getting involved in the tag team title match. Cornette tries to get out of it, but is attached to a rope of some kind and hoisted into the air. I’ve never seen that. It’s usually with a small cage, but I’ll assume SMW couldn’t get that due to their budget. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t look to be all that safe of an idea.

Fourth Contest: SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies vs. Rock N’ Roll Express: Gibson and Pritchard kick off the match with Gibson takes Pritchard over with a hip toss out of the corner. Gibson wrenches on the arm of Pritchard but they trade some holds on the canvas. Del Ray tags in and tries his luck against Gibson. Del Ray works over Gibson with right hands but Gibson comes back with a backdrop and clothesline. Morton tags in and they double team Del Ray for a moment. Del Ray pokes Morton in the eyes and delivers a few strikes. Morton pulls down Del Ray’s tights on a sunset flip and Gibson does the same to Pritchard. The Bodies back into each other and are knocked to the floor! Morton controls Del Ray with a snap mare and tags in Gibson to maintain the advantage. Gibson shoulder blocks Del Ray, who quickly crawls to his corner and tags in Pritchard. Gibson hip tosses Pritchard and decks him with a wild right hand. Morton tags back in and gouges Pritchard’s eyes. Pritchard plants Morton with a DDT out of the corner. Morton gets rammed into Del Ray’s boot on the apron and Del Ray hits an axe handle off the top rope. Del Ray legally enters and stomps on Morton some more as the fans are getting behind the challengers. Del Ray shuts them up with a dropkick on Morton.

Pritchard tags in and puts an abdominal stretch on Morton with Del Ray providing some illegal advantage. Del Ray tags in and keeps the hold on Morton as well with the cheap advantage. Morton continues to be controlled on the canvas but isn’t going to give in. Morton is dumped over the top rope to the floor where Del Ray continues to work over Morton sending him into the railing chest first. Morton is able to come off the ropes and clotheslines Pritchard. Gibson tags in and cleans house on the champions. Gibson rams the Bodies face first into each other and all four men are fighting in the ring. Gibson has a cover on Del Ray but the referee isn’t in position. Cornette drops something from the rope and Del Ray nails Gibson with it to get the cheap win. After the match, Cornette gets attacked but bails from the ring before suffering a double dropkick. (**1/2. It was a decent match, nothing great. The whole stipulation was to prevent Cornette from getting involved and predictability, he still did. Similar to the previous match, this never really picked up steam.)

Main Event: SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy vs. Brian Lee in a chain match: They do the usual tug of war with the chain. White Boy has the chain around Lee’s neck and chokes the challenger to the canvas. White Boy hammers away on Lee in the corner with right hands and chokes Lee some more. Lee decks White Boy with right hands of his own. White Boy fight sour of the corner with right hands and knocks Lee down in the corner with a boot. White Boy decides to start touching corners and gets to three corners but is stopped before reaching the fourth corner and nails Lee with a right hand. They continue to trade shots until Lee drops White Boy with a shot to the midsection. Lee drives White Boy face first into the canvas. Lee starts to touch the corners but White Boy stops him with a right hand. Lee clotheslines White Boy and chokes the champ on the canvas. Lee punches White Boy a few more times but is met with a low blow! White Boy pummels Lee with right hands and chain shot to the throat! White Boy goes to the top and clotheslines Lee with the chain again. White Boy starts to touch the corners getting to three corners. Tammy gets on the apron and sprays something into White Boy’s eyes. Lee is touching the corners as well. Lee pulls on the chain and White Boy leaps into the air managing to touch the fourth corner. (*. A largely disappointing main event as this wasn’t a violent match and didn’t feel like a great end to their feud. They didn’t even go ten minutes. Also, it’s humorous how quickly people left the arena when the show was over with.)

Final Thoughts:
For as good as SMW gets on TV, the big cards seemingly don’t deliver entertaining results. Nothing on this show would make me want to come out to another show. I was quite disappointed by this show.

Thanks for reading.

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