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SMW TV 4/29/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Warrensville, NC

1.) Steve Armstrong defeated Larry Santo
2.) Bobby Blaze defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Killer Kyle to win the title
3.) SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow & Unabomb defeated Mike Mason & George South
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell defeated Bobby Fulton to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.) I should have noted this the previous week review. Before the show starts, they are giving us a rundown of what’s happening with highlights of segment or match. It is kind of similar to what WCW would do on Saturday Night if I recall correctly.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell is at a car dealership with Wayne to buy a vehicle for Bobby Blaze. Buddy asks Wayne if they’d have a car that’s good for Blaze. Buddy calls Blaze a puke and any car that is reasonable for Blaze isn’t what Buddy wants. Buddy says no to a Mustang because Bobby would just sell moonshine out of it. Landell gives Wayne one week to find a car for Blaze.

3.) Robert Gibson cuts a promo backstage on SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow and Unabomb. Gibson says he’ll get his hands on Snow and Unabomb and they’ll regret what they’ve done to the Rock N’ Roll Express.

4.) Boo Bradley is backstage and cuts a promo on Killer Kyle who he will be facing in a New Jersey dog fight match. It’s basically a dog collar match. They’ll have to go to each corner to find the dog collar since each corner will be covered up.

5.) Boo Bradley comes down to ringside during the Killer Kyle/Bobby Blaze match. Kyle has controlled the early moments of the match with strikes. Kyle drives Blaze down with a side slam but only manages a two count. D’Lo Brown gets a cheap shot in on Blaze while the referee was out of position. New Jack and Mustafa have come down to ringside as well for the match. Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers come to ringside as well. Blaze takes Kyle over with a sunset flip but the referee was distracted. Blaze nearly wins with a super kick. Blaze nails Kyle with a high knee lift for another two count. Blaze comes off the top but misses a missile dropkick. Kyle side slams Blaze and goes off the ropes but Bradley uses a chain on Kyle allowing Blaze to win the match and title. (*. It’s mostly just angle advancement here. Blaze seems like he’s capable of good wrestling but isn’t exactly been given quality opponents to make that a reality.)

6.) Jim Cornette and Bob Armstrong meet up in a SMW conference room where Cornette is going to reveal the mystery partner for the Volunteer Slam event. The match will be a Texas Death Match. Sandy Scott is in the room, as well. Cornette says that Armstrong wants the Gangstas to beat the Gangstas once and for all which is exactly what a Texas Death Match accomplishes. Cornette says there is only one man who could be Armstrong’s partner and it’s going to be Terry Funk. Armstrong can’t believe that and says you can’t trust Funk as far as you can throw him. Bob asks Cornette if he can trust Funk. Cornette believes that Armstrong and Funk are the kings of the Texas Death Match. Sandy Scott has a check in hand and gives the check to Armstrong. Cornette says its the Cornette family check and gives Armstrong $50,000, which is equal to a sellout at the Knoxville Coliseum. Cornette says that if Armstrong and Funk don’t take out the Gangstas then Cornette is going to refund the money to the crowd. Armstrong agrees to team with Funk if Cornette is putting up $50,000. Armstrong will look over his back to be safe but he’ll team with Terry Funk to take out the Gangstas on May 19th.

7.) Ricky Morton is at his home sitting in a recliner with a neck brace on with his girlfriend next to him. Morton appreciates all the letters from the fans. He says he won’t be back to SMW until the middle of May. He wants Al Snow in a match where there isn’t any interference. Morton promises that Snow will never be able to get rid of the Rock N’ Roll Express. Morton says that Snow didn’t accomplish to get rid of his pride even though they won the tag titles from them. Morton just wants a match where he can get his hands on Al Snow one on one without any interference.

8.) SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow and Unabomb react to the video. Snow insults Morton wondering if they were in a barn and his girlfriend was a horse. He calls Morton’s girlfriend a “bag of yeast”! Snow thinks Morton’s girl is going to leave Morton. Snow says he is the man because he is a tag team champion. Morton’s girlfriend Andrea appears and tries to attack Snow but is held back by officials. Snow is taunting her wanting her to hit him but she’s being held back. Snow says that Robert Gibson has a new partner and says he’ll knock her out just like her husband! Snow is restraining himself from putting her over his knee and spanking her, even though he’s sure she’s likes that. They head to the ring to compete in tag action.

9.) Robert Gibson comes to the ring and replaces one of the jobbers to ream with George South! Gibson slingshots Snow from the apron into the ring and hammers away on Snow. Gibson takes Snow over with a backdrop. South tags in and hip tosses Snow to keep control until Unabomb decks South from the apron. South gets yanked down to the canvas by the champions and Unabomb hits a back suplex. Unabomb slams South and Snow hits a top rope splash for a two count. South tries to tag out but is continually stopped by the champions. Snow distracts the referee causing him to not see Gibson get the tag. Unabomb tosses South to the floor where Snow sends South into the ring post. Gibson gets in the ring and attacks the champions but the numbers stop him. The referee throws the match out giving Gibson and South the win by disqualification. The champions try a spike piledriver on Gibson, but Andrea gets in the ring and attacks Snow to make the save! Snow is covering up in fear and bails to the floor where he laughs at Andrea. (*1/2. The action isn’t anything great, but the angle advancement is going incredibly well at this point.) After the match, Al Snow gets on the microphone and says that Gibson has a new partner who is better than Ricky Morton. Next time, Snow promises to end Gibson’s career.

10.) Landell taunts Fulton wanting him to punch him but Landell is in the ropes preventing any action from occurring. Landell backs Fulton into a corner and provides a clean break. Fulton has a hammerlock on Landell causing Landell to go to the ropes to break the hold. Landell takes Fulton down by his hair but Fulton pops up only to be taken down by his hair again. Fulton hip tosses Landell and Landell is backing off against the ropes. Fulton hip tosses Landell a second time and Buddy continues to beg off in the corner. Landell wants a timeout but Fulton isn’t interested in awarding that. Fulton blocks a cheap shot in the corner and decks Landell with a right hand followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Buddy tries to hip toss Fulton out of the corner but Fulton counters with a hip toss of his own. Fulton takes Landell down by his hair to keep control of the contest. Landell runs into a big boot in the corner and crashes to the canvas. Fulton hammers away on Landell but Buddy stops Fulton with a knee breaker. Fulton avoids a figure four and atomic drops Buddy. They collide heads and trade pin attempts. Buddy has something on his fist and nails Fulton with it to win the match and retain the title. (*1/2. As much as I enjoy Buddy on the microphone, his style of wrestling is boring and doesn’t provide much excitement. He relies on stalling and the match is usually really basic.)

11.) Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers are interviewed to end the program. They’ll be wrestling PG-13 for the USWA Tag Team Championships at the Volunteer Slam. We hear from PG-13 who say they don’t care if you don’t like them. They are going to show SMW how they do it in the hood. They call White Boy and Smothers inbred rednecks. They are coming to SMW to take the SMW Tag Team Championships. I hope they know Smothers and White Boy aren’t the tag champions. Smothers says that when they come to Knoxville it is going to be rated R. The Gangstas come into the scene and they are pissed that Smothers and White Boy are getting a title shot. New Jack says they’ve been in the company for eight months and they should be getting the title shot but this is just discrimination again. New Jack wants to fight them next week with the winner getting a shot at PG-13 at Volunteer Slam. They shove each other but the match is agreed to for next week.

Final Thoughts:
The Al Snow & Unabomb feud with the Rock N’ Roll Express is really carrying the television lately for SMW. I’m interested in the main event next week, but they need to find a reason to hate each other directly.

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