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SMW TV 4/22/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Warrensville, NC

1.) Bobby Fulton defeated George South
2.) Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy defeated Larry Santo & The Wolfman
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Killer Kyle defeated Mike Mason
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell defeated Bobby Blaze to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bobby Fulton has returned to SMW and he is interviewed following his victory about getting a SMW Heavyweight Championship match next week. Fulton recalls a time when Buddy Landell pulled a gun on him in the locker room and when they meet there isn’t going to be anywhere for Landell to go.

2.) Jim Cornette lets Bob Armstrong know that he has signed another match for Bob to compete against the Gangstas in an attempt to get rid of them in SMW. This time, it’s going to be a Texas Death Match. Armstrong wonders if he’s supposed to fight them by himself, but Cornette assures Armstrong that he has a partner for the event, but it’s a surprise and will let Armstrong know next week who his mystery partner will be for the match.

3.) Backstage, Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy cut a promo as it appears they have formed a teamed called THUGS. T stands for Terrible, H stands for Hell, U stands for Ugly, G stands for Gail because THUGS can’t spell. They are setting their sights on the Gangstas.

4.) SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow and Unabomb are out to be interviewed with a coffin in front of them. The coffin is there to put Ricky Morton to rest once and for all. They were missing three things at Fright Night. Coffin, chalk for the ring and nail and hammer to keep the coffin shut. We see highlights of Al Snow’s brutal attack on Morton that included chair shots and three piledrivers with the final one on a steel chair. It’s a dramatic scene with Ricky Morton getting a stretcher job and his girlfriend Andrea being emotional in the ring. Snow says he hopes Morton doesn’t come back because that was the whole point of what he did. He is sick of the chant for the Rock N’ Roll Express. Snow says if Morton comes back he’ll take him out another time. Snow says they are respectful and compassionate men. Snow has some stuff to put in the coffin to bury Morton with. Snow was going to throw a SMW Tag Team Championship but decides against it. He tosses the Rock N’ Roll Express entrance music into the coffin. Snow throws a bandana into the coffin as well after blowing his nose in it. Snow has women lingerie claiming that Morton was a secret transvestite. Robert Gibson comes out and attacks the champions but gets overwhelmed and whacked over the head with a chair by Unabomb. Gibson is put into the coffin and the lid if nailed shut! Dirty White Boy, Tracy Smothers and Bobby Blaze come out to make the save. Gibson is helped up and cuts a promo while standing in the coffin saying that payback is hell and he’s going to get his hands on them for what they’ve done to the Rock N’ Roll Express.

5.) Boo Bradley cuts a promo backstage regarding Killer Kyle. Bradley will be having a dog collar match with Kyle at Volunteer Slam.

6.) Blaze has the early advantage taking Landell over with an arm drag a couple of times to start the match. Blaze wrenches on the arm of Landell and delivers a few kicks to the chest of Buddy. Landell takes Blaze down with a drop toe hold, but Blaze got control again but Landell reached the ropes quickly. Landell works over Blaze with chops in the corner but runs into a hip toss. Blaze hammers away on Buddy but runs into a big knee. Landell hip tosses Blaze and keeps control with an elbow drop. Landell tries to get a submission with a chin lock, but Blaze isn’t going to submit. Blaze takes Landell over with a swinging neck breaker for another two count. Landell gets knocked to the floor following a spinning heel kick by Blaze. Landell decks Blaze with something on his knuckles and knocks Blaze out leading to a pin. (*. As much as I like Buddy on the microphone his matches aren’t all that entertaining.)

7.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell is interviewed to end the program. Landell says he put everything he owns on the line to prove a point that he can beat Blaze any day of the week. Landell says he’s a kind hearted guy and is going to find a car for Blaze and his family. Landell isn’t going to be a closet champion and will defend against Bobby Fulton. Landell calls out Steve Armstrong saying that he’s going to put the figure four on him as well. Landell doesn’t care who wants the gold, he’ll take them on and win.

8.) I should note that Jim Ross is no longer on commentary as he had to move to Bristol for the WWF job. Thus, Chip Kessler takes over on commentary. Personally, I’d rather have Bob Caudle come back.

Final Thoughts:
Al Snow needs to be appreciated for his work in SMW. He’s carried the feud with the Rock N’ Roll Express and has come across like a star as a heel for the company. Buddy Landell needs a better opponent for the SMW Heavyweight Championship and it’s not going to be Dirty White Boy or Tracy Smothers since they are involved with the Gangstas. SMW TV has been kind of dull aside from Snow and the Express segments.

Thanks for reading.

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