SMW TV 4/15/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Pikeville, KY

1.) Al Snow & Unabomb defeated SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express in a coal miners glove match to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The action on the program this week are from Bluegrass Brawl and Fright Night. Next week we will return to the regular TV format. The tag team title match is a coal miners glove match that took place a the Bluegrass Brawl, and while it’s a little clipped, it’s still a match!

2.) Gibson and Snow start the match with Gibson slamming Snow followed by a hip toss and arm drag. Morton gets a right hand in from the apron to drop Snow to the floor where Snow sits on a fan in the front row to recover. Gibson kicks Snow away but Snow ducks a few right hands only to be slapped to the floor by Gibson anyway. Morton and Unabomb get in the match with Unabomb taking Morton down with a shoulder block. Unabomb shoulder blocks Morton a second time but Morton comes back with a stomp to the boot and along with Gibson elbows Unabomb down and Snow is met with a double backdrop. Snow and Morton are in the ring with Morton delivering an atomic drop. Snow tries to climb the pole to get to the glove but gets crotched on the top rope! Gibson ducks a right hand and has a full nelson on Unabomb. Snow gets in and hits Unabomb on accident with a right hand. Gibson avoids a big boot and Snow catches the boot allowing Gibson to trip Unabomb. Unabomb is getting frustrated with Snow and threatens to hit Snow. Snow is able to calm the big guy down. Gibson and Snow run the ropes until Morton enters to hit a double backdrop. Unabomb knee lifts Morton and works over Morton in the corner as they have gone for twenty minutes, apparently. Unabomb runs over Morton with a clothesline.

Morton is tossed to the floor where Snow has a steel chair and whacks Morton over the back with it. Snow leaps off a chair and takes Morton out with a cross body! Snow tags into the match and kicks Morton before putting Ricky on the top turnbuckle. Snow goes for a superplex and hits it! Unabomb leaps off the top to deliver a knee drop. Snow hits a frog splash off the top and goes for the glove but Gibson stops Snow. Unabomb has Morton upside down over his back while standing looking for a submission. Morton gets out of it and low blows Unabomb. Snow tags in and knocks Gibson off the apron before going back to Morton. Morton gets yanked down to the canvas by his hair. Unabomb tosses Morton across with a double under hook suplex. Snow hits a standing moonsault and goes to the corner to get the glove but Gibson decks Snow off the middle rope. Unabomb leg drops Gibson to keep control of the contest. Morton takes Unabomb over with a hurricanrana and Gibson gets the hot tag to clean house on the champs. Snow and Gibson are sent into each other and they roll to the floor. Morton and Unabomb are going for the glove with Morton on Unabomb’s shoulders and gets the glove! Morton knocks Unabomb off the middle rope with the glove. Snow gets hit with the glove and lands on top of Gibson as Unabomb clotheslines Morton leading to a three count and a title change! (NR. Since it is a clipped match I can’t give a rating, but I enjoyed the action and the finish is so cheap that it protects the Rock N’ Roll Express, but at least Snow and Unabomb are the champions, which I think they deserve.)

3.) The new SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow and Unabomb are interviewed. Snow says it has been thirteen years that he has been waiting to be a champion. During those years, the Rock N’ Roll Express have been building a legacy. Snow is sick of being a secret and he’s going to go around and tell everyone who he is. The next stop on the train ride is to end the careers of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson. Snow says they are going to put a stake in their hearts. Snow says pretty soon they aren’t going to hear the fans chant for the Rock N’ Roll Express.

4.) We see the aftermath of the six man tag match involving the Gangstas and the team of Tracy Smothers, Bob Armstrong and the Undertaker. The Gangstas lost the match but there was a brawl afterward. Smothers we held down as New Jack came off the top to deliver a head butt. Mustafa whacked Bob over the back with a tennis racket and spray painted the chest and back of Armstrong! The Undertaker returned to the ring and cleaned house on the Gangstas making the save for his budies.

5.) Backstage, Jim Cornette, Bob Armstrong and Tracy Smothers are interviewed. Bob Armstrong says he is going to find a way to get the Gangstas out of wrestling. Tracy Smothers calls the Gangstas are trash and they don’t matter. Jim Cornette chimes in and says he is tried of the Gangstas. Cornette is going to do what he can to get revenge and run the Gangstas out of SMW.

6.) We get a new bulletin from Johnson City, Tennessee were we are told that Ricky Morton suffered a serious neck injury and he’s career may be over. However, a new SMW Heavyweight Champion has been crowned! We see highlights of Bobby Blaze defending against Buddy Landell. Landell nails Blaze with an object out of his trunks, which busted Blaze wide open. The referee calls for the bell saying that Blaze isn’t able to continue the match. Landell is the champion!

7.) Mark Curtis, the referee for the previous match is interviewed. Curtis explains himself saying that he checked on Bobby Blaze who’s eyes were glazed over and rolling backwards. Thus, Curtis had to give the championship to Buddy. Landell comes over and is pissed that he didn’t get the chance to pin Blaze, but he’s the champion. Buddy wants to beat Blaze in the middle of the ring. He’ll put up everything on the line and wants Blaze to take him on next week on television so he can pin Blaze.

8.) Highlights of the tag team match from Johnson City is aired. It’s about the same finish from the previous night in Kentucky. Which, kind of exposes the business, but whatever. Morton nails Unabomb with coal miners glove but there is no referee. Al Snow nailed Morton with a chair assisted leg drop. Snow spikes Morton with a piledriver. This was actually a singles match between Morton and Unabomb, apparently. Snow spikes Morton with a second piledriver! Snow spikes Morton with a third piledriver this time onto the steel chair! Snow puts Unabomb on top and takes Robert Gibson out with a slingshot cross body to the floor. Unabomb pins Morton! After the match, several wrestlers leave the locker room and his girlfriend is checking on Morton. EMTs are checking on Morton, as well. They actually say over the microphone for someone to call 911. Morton is doing a serious stretcher job with an oxygen mask.

Final Thoughts:
Well, it would look like that none of the feuds are exactly settled and they will be continuing. The ending was by far one of the best stretcher jobs/segments that I’ve ever seen. There was great emotion and they really sold it as being serious to the live audience. Buddy Landell as the champion is the best decision they could have gone with. While I had wanted some of the feuds to reach their completion, this actually felt like a fine show and everything was advanced to the point where it justifies the continuation of the feuds.

Thanks for reading.

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