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SMW TV 4/8/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Council, VA

1.) Boo Bradley defeated Mike Sampson
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Killer Kyle defeated The Wolfman to retain the title
3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze defeated Larry Santo
4.) SMW Tag Team Champion Ricky Morton defeated Al Snow

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) A bloodied Boo Bradley is interviewed by Jim Ross following his victory. He’ll be fighting Killer Kyle at Fight Night. Boo says that he is a likable guy and mentions that in the past he wasn’t so likable and someone use to pull him around by a chain. Boo is going to knock Kyle in the head with his dog collar and hopes that Kyle has insurance. He’s going to do it for the fans and don’t forget to eat your vegetables.

2.) Buddy Landell is interviewed by Jim Ross. At Fright Night, Landell is wrestling Bobby Blaze in an attempt to get back all his possessions and the SMW Heavyweight Championship. After that match, he will wrestle Dirty White Boy where if he loses then he goes to jail. Landell says that the officer that is the special referee use to be a drunk and Buddy helped him out but of course the officer forgot about that. He’s been told that the officer is just a meter maid. Wolfman comes over to Buddy and asks for his assistance to win a match in SMW and would like to be trained just a little bit. Buddy has Wolfman bend down and touch his toes which leads to a kick to the head. Buddy is determined to get the SMW Heavyweight Championship tonight.

3.) Confrontation this week is between SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze and Dirty White Boy. Blaze knows his luck can only go so far but he has a lot of guts. Blaze also wants the $10,000 for baby food and diapers for his newborn baby. Dirty White Boy talks about how Buddy Landell has decked the police officer but this time if he does it he’s going to jail. They are both confident about winning which made for a quick and heatless segment.

4.) Jim Cornette, Bob Armstrong and Tracy Smothers cut a promo saying tonight they will get revenge with the Undertaker on their side in an I Quit match against the Gangstas.

5.) The Gangstas are interviewed by Jim Ross regarding their upcoming I Quit match. New Jack says that being in the ring with The Undertaker is bad enough. Jack is scared of Taker grabbing him by the throat and snot flying out of his nose. Mustafa isn’t going to get in the way of the Undertaker from getting to New Jack.

6.) Snow starts the match working over Morton with right hands and they go to the floor before returning to the ring where Morton hip tosses Snow. Snow rolls to the floor to regroup. Morton works over Snow with right hands in the corner. Unabomb gives Snow a loaded glove and decks Morton with it and tosses it to the floor. Snow dumps Morton to the floor but doesn’t follow up with the advantage. Snow stomps on Morton in the corner and chokes Ricky over the middle rope and it appears that Morton is busted open. Morton counters a suplex attempt and rolls Snow up for a near fall. Morton blocks a few strikes with a backslide for a two count. Morton almost wins again with a sunset flip but Snow stomps Ricky with a stomp to the face. Snow drives Morton down with a vertical suplex. Unabomb gets a cheap shot in from the floor while the referee is distracted. Snow digs his fingers into the open wound on Morton’s forehead. Snow sends Morton into the corner and connects with a snap power slam for a near fall. Snow continues to stomp on Morton in the corner. Snow continues with marital art kicks in the corner but Morton fights back with a jaw breaker. Morton hammers away on Snow with right hands but misses a splash hitting the top turnbuckle very hard. Morton nearly wins with an inside cradle. Snow power slams Morton and works over the left knee briefly. Snow drives Morton down with a spinning back breaker. Snow misses a springboard moonsault and Morton hit a head scissors take down. Morton backdrops Snow and delivered a standing fist drop. Morton hammers away on Snow in the corner but Unabomb gives Snow the loaded glove. Snow is backdropped by Morton and Ricky is able to get possession of the glove. Morton decks Snow with the glove and wins the match. After the match, Unabomb plants Robert Gibson with a power bomb and the same goes for Morton. Unabomb tosses the referee across the ring before picking up Snow and carries him to the backstage area. (**. This was mostly just an angle advancement to setup the coal miners glove match and not designed to be a great match, which it likely would have been.)

7.) Al Snow claims that he saw three of four guys beat him up with a lead pipe. Jim Ross tells Snow that he got hit by his own loaded glove. Snow says they fought off a group of people with a knife and gun because they are the greatest tag team ever. Ricky Morton leaves the backstage are and goes after Al Snow and Unabomb along with Robert Gibson leading to the show ending with a brawl between the two tag teams.

Final Thoughts:
A rather weak go-home show before the big weekend of shows, which isn’t all that surprising. Hopefully Buddy Landell wins the gold and Snow/Unabomb get some time with the gold, too.

Thanks for reading.

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