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SMW TV 4/1/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Council, VA

1.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Killer Kyle defeated Ken Arden to retain the title
2.) New Jack defeated Tracy Smothers

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) After Kyle wins his squash match, the Gangstas put their X black flag over the jobber and taunt the fans.

2.) Boo Bradley is interviewed by Jim Ross. Bradley recalls growing up in New Jersey saying he didn’t have a lot of family. He tells a story about Ralph under the bridge. Boo says the Gangstas and Killer Kyle aren’t nice people but has nothing to do with the color of their skin. He’s going to get some payback. Boo tells Ross be has been eating his peas.

3.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed. They will be wrestling Al Snow and Unabomb in a coal miners glove match. They are going to find out what they are really made of. Morton is confident he can reach the glove quicker than anyone else.

4.) Dirty White Boy is interviewed by Jim Ross regarding a chain match with Buddy Landell. White Boy has a chain around his fist and says that Buddy has been calling his family in a negative way and it all comes to an end at the Bluegrass Brawl. The Wolfman comes over and cuts off the White Boy during his promo. Wolfman asks White Boy if he would train him to win a match in SMW. White Boy says he just doesn’t have the time to train someone. That was a bizarre moment.

5.) We see footage from March Madness where Buddy Landell challenged SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze. Landell had his car on the line. Landell had the figure four locked in right in the middle of the ring but Blaze refuses to give in. Dirty White Boy entered the ring and dropped an elbow on Blaze giving Bobby the win and thus Blaze won the Mercedes that was on the line. Landell was so upset that he put his watch on the line last week and lost that match, too. So, Bobby Blaze will be putting the title on the line against Buddy at Bluegrass Brawl and on April 8th in Johnson City where Blaze will put the title, Mercedes and rolex watch on the line while Buddy puts up $10,000.

Footage of a cage match between Dirty White Boy and Buddy Landell is shown. Landell attacked the referee but White Boy hit the Bucksnort Slam. Landell decked White Boy with some brass knuckles however the fans tell the referee that Buddy used brass knuckles. The police officer, who was the referee, decked Landell and the original referee recovered to count a rollup pin by White Boy. After the match, Buddy attacked the police officer. We hear from the police officer who was attacked. He says that if Buddy puts his hands on him again than he is calling the police and Buddy will go to jail. The officer is the special referee next weekend in a rematch between Buddy and White Boy.

6.) Jim Cornette is interviewed regarding the Gangstas and an upcoming match involving the Undertaker. At a recent show, The Gangstas got a pin on Bob Armstrong. After the match there was a brawl between the two teams. The Gangstas put the black flag over Tracy Smothers. The Gangstas recently went to a cemetery and New Jack said all they have to do is get use to this and they aren’t scared of the Undertaker. Mustafa doesn’t hide his fear saying he didn’t want to go in there. D’Lo Brown tells them not to stand on a grave because it’s bad luck. Jack says they are going to dig some people up to prove they aren’t scared. New Jack doesn’t like being out there but they are going to try and end the Undertaker. D’Lo Brown thinks he heard something and they all runaway in fear as the camera zooms in on a black cat.

7.) Jim Cornette finally gets to talking saying that the Undertaker is on his way to collect some souls. He is confident that the Gangstas aren’t going to defeat the team of Smothers, Armstrong and Undertaker. Cornette says they are going to salute the flag. They also have an I Quit match and Cornette thinks next weekend is going to be the greatest nights of his life.

8.) A video promoting the SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze is shown. While the video shows off Blaze and his offense the commentary is literally a biography. Blaze was trained by Boris Malenko. Dirty White Boy shared some comments saying when he lost to Blaze he took Bobby too lightly. White Boy was never able to make Blaze submit but has pinned Blaze numerous times. White Boy says that Blaze has the most guts out of anyone he has ever competed against. Highlights of Blaze winning the SMW Heavyweight Championship his first night back and pinning Buddy Landell to retain the championship in the same night. Blaze knows that nobody’s luck lasts forever, but he isn’t going to complain about his thus far. He is determined to earned the luck of anyone that gets in his way. He won’t back down from anyone and will fight to keep his SMW Heavyweight Championship.

9.) New Jack backs Tracy Smothers into a corner but misses a right hand and met with one from Smothers to start the main event. Jack shoulder blocks Smothers to get control of the match. Smothers hip tosses Jack followed by a dropkick and gets a two count. Smothers drops Jack with a forearm shot and gets a two count. Jack fights back with a side slam but Smothers isn’t weak enough to stay down on the cover. Jack continues with a belly to belly suplex. Smothers takes Jack over with a sunset flip for a two count. Jack quickly recovers to elbow Smothers and gains control of the match. Jack runs into a big boot in the corner but manages to nail Tracy with a boot of his own after coming off the ropes. Jack attempts a belly to belly suplex but Smothers counters with one of his own. Smothers comes off the ropes but misses an elbow drop. Jack hits a falling head butt for a two count. Tracy gets up out of a sleeper hold but an eye rake from Jack stops his momentum. Smothers comes off the ropes and plants Jack with a DDT! Smothers connects with a heel kick and pummels Jack in the corner with right hands. Smothers heel kicks Jack across the back of the head. Smothers goes to the top rope and nails Jack with an uppercut. Smothers knocks the Gangstas off the apron and that leads to Boo Bradley and Jim Cornette brawling with them. Mustafa gets in the ring during the fight and power slams Smothers. Jack comes off the top and pins Smothers. (**1/4. There was some decent action going on and the brawling between everyone was enjoyable. The fans were into the action showing the angle is getting over.) After the match, Jim Cornette hit New Jack with his tennis racket but gets attacked by the Gangstas. Boo Bradley protects Smothers from a dive off the top by Jack, who lands on Bradley and Smothers. Jim Cornette gets buried under the Gangstas flag. Boo has been busted wide open to end the program.

10.) Next week, SMW Tag Team Champion Ricky Morton takes on Al Snow in singles action!

Final Thoughts:
A good episode that updated the fans on the SMW Heavyweight Championship picture, which sometimes needs to be done since they like to have numerous people in different angles. Hopefully following the weekend major shows we’ll get some new angles since they seem to be heading to the end of their interest for me, at least.

Thanks for reading.

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