SMW TV 3/18/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Council, VA

1.) Buddy Landell defeated The Wolfman
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze defeated Mike Sampson
3.) Al Snow & Unabomb defeated Larry Santo & Ken Arden
4.) Killer Kyle fought Boo Bradley to a no contest for the vacant SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Cornette and Tracy Smothers are interviewed regarding March Madness. Cornette asks if Smothers wants to listen to his business proposal. Smothers says that they don’t think they need a manager and can handle the issue on their own right now. Cornette mentions that they have the Gangstas and then whomever else is around. Cornette reveals that there is a six man tag match that has been signed already. The stipulations of the match is the losers have to salute their opponents flag. Smothers is pissed about this news and doesn’t even know who the mystery partner is. Cornette tries to calm Tracy down and explains to everyone who the mystery partner is. Cornette says that the Gangstas have been claiming they aren’t afraid of anyone and they will bury everyone under the flag. There is one man who is best and burying people and that is The Undertaker! Smothers isn’t so upset about the match now knowing he has the Undertaker on his side.

Paul Bearer and the Undertaker share pre-tape comments regarding their appearance in SMW. Undertaker says the Gangstas haven’t looked into the eyes of fear or the soul of darkness. Undertaker says the Gangstas will be held accountable for their actions. When they arrive at Smoky Mountain Wrestling they will show the Gangstas how to bury people under six feet of cold hard ground. Back to the arena, Smothers thinks when he tells Bob Armstrong this that he better produce the Undertaker. Smothers shake hands with Cornette to be in their corner.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze cuts a promo about being champion and is happy that his wife just gave birth to his son, Drake. Here comes Buddy Landell who can give credit to Blaze for being excited. Buddy says that he’s sure Bobby will be looking to figure out who the real father of the baby will be. Ouch. Buddy has some $500 cash for Bobby. Buddy wants Bobby’s family to not eat hamburger helper anymore. Buddy wants Blaze to put the belt down and go leave. Blaze declines the offer and isn’t going to give up the belt he fought hard for. Blaze will wrestle Buddy for the championship. Landell wants Blaze right now and proceeds to cheap shot Blaze on the floor. Buddy whips Blaze with the championship and runs away when Dirty White Boy came out to make the save.

3.) The Gangstas come out and they are freaking out about the Undertaker. New Jack wants to know how you kill someone who is already dead. New Jack doesn’t want to go in the ring with the Undertaker and says if D’Lo and Mustafa want to go in there then they can. Jack is pissed about Jim Cornette doing this. Jack says that Undertaker will not be putting his hands on him. Jack is going to get his hands on Cornette and choke him out. New Jack says they have someone and he is bigger than Mustafa. Jack brings out Killer Kyle to be their third man at Bluegrass Brawl. Kyle comes out and is dressed up as a thug now instead of his prior look of dress pants a white shirt. Kyle says he’s back and calls Cornette a racist. Kyle knows that Bob and Cornette were behind him losing his job. He’s back looking to get revenge and has a new attitude with new friends.

4.) Boo Bradley comes out and is interviewed about the SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship. Bradley traded some food with Brian Logan to get a match with Billy Black. Oh, he also rammed Logan’s head into the wall a few times to get a shot against Black. Bradley wants the fans to eat their peas to get big and strong.

5.) Unabomb power bombs one of the jobbers leading to Al Snow hitting a springboard big splash, which appears to be their finishing move. I kinda like that, honestly.

6.) The Gangstas reveal that they attacked Billy Black and Killer Kyle is taking the spot to kick Boo Bradley’s ass. The main event is now for the vacant SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship.

7.) Bradley shoulder blocks Kyle followed by a throat thrust but goes to the floor and hangs out with the fans for a moment. Kyle plants Bradley with a side slam and continues to work over Boo with strikes. Boo fights back with chops and strikes but misses a splash in the corner. Kyle is working over the arm of Bradley and distracts the referee to allow the Gangstas to get involved for a moment on the outside. Kyle drives Boo down with a delayed vertical suplex. Boo almost pins Kyle with a rollup but is met with a clothesline. Boo jabs Kyle several times and hit a scoop slam. Boo goes to the top rope but gets shoved off by New Jack. That leads to the Gangstas attacking Bradley. New Jack goes to the top rope and leaps off to splash onto Bradley. Jack hangs Bradley over the top rope but the locker room empties to make the save. (*1/4. I haven’t seen the crowd get that behind Boo Bradley, but it’s good to see a face character seemingly get over with the crowd. The segment mainly puts over the Gangstas as a unit, and that’s perfectly fine. Killer Kyle doesn’t seem like someone who needs to be in the group, but what do I know.)

8.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed to close the program. Ricky Morton says that somebody like Al Snow can come out here and say how great he is but he’s always standing behind Unabomb. Morton knows they can eliminate Unabomb. They are going to prove to Al Snow what kind of man he is, and that’s chicken crap. They aren’t going to take the belts away from them at March Madness.

Final Thoughts:
The Undertaker coming to SMW seems to be a huge deal. First, it puts over the Gangstas that Jim Cornette needed to get someone like the Undertaker to take out the heel group. Secondly, I like that it has caused New Jack to show fear. Buddy Landell is an awesome heel and needs to the champion ASAP.

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