SMW TV 3/11/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Lenoir, NC

1.) Al Snow & Unabomb defeated George South & Anthony Michaels
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Billy Black defeated Brian Logan

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Unabomb mostly competed in a handicap match as Al Snow was on commentary. Snow doesn’t tag in but hit a springboard big splash and got the win for his team. After the match, Snow takes George South out with a missile dropkick and they taunted the fans.

2.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express cut a promo on Al Snow and Unabomb. Morton says they want to get rid of Unabomb early so they can get their hands on Snow. They’ve been around for years while Snow and Unabomb have been teaming for thirteen days. They’ll see what they are all about at March Madness.

3.) Footage from Sunday Bloody Sunday II is shown where Boo Bradley fought Chris Candido in a dog collar match. The loser of the match would leave SMW. Bradley sprayed Tammy Fytch with some hairspray. Bradley managed to pin Candido and thus Candido must leave SMW.

4.) Boo Bradley cuts a promo after wondering if the microphone was working. Bradley didn’t even know what the SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship was. He’s not a mean person and thought Billy Black was really hurt. Boo recalls being picked on and says Billy Black is going to make him to do something bad like throwing him through a wall. He tells everyone to eat their peas.

5.) Billy Black is interviewed following his squash victory. Black tells Jim Ross it’s none of business to know where or how he learned the marital arts move he displayed lately. He warns Ross to stay out of his face.

6.) Jim Cornette and Bob Armstrong have a special confrontation segment somewhere backstage. Jim Ross isn’t hosting the segment but rather a different announcer is. Cornette says that Armstrong has done a lot of things not to help him but for the sake of law and order, really. Cornette is aware that there is still some tension between the two of them. Cornette basically says he doesn’t have any real allies since he has tension with everyone on both sides. Cornette reminds Bob what the Gangstas have done to both himself and Bob dating back to Christmas Chaos last year. We see footage from Sunday Bloody Sunday II where there was a six man tag match with Bob Armstrong as the special referee. Bob Armstrong blocked New Jack’s attempt at a right hand on Cornette leading to a brief confrontation. Bob Armstrong decked New Jack with a slapjack leading to Jack getting pinned. After the match, Bob was brutally attacked for his involvement. Cornette has a proposal to make for Armstrong. Cornette has an offer to make and says he needs someone to combat the Gangstas on a regular basis. Cornette wants to be the manager for Bob Armstrong to get revenge on The Gangstas. Bob says they’ve never needed a manager to take care of the Gangstas. Cornette mentions D’Lo Brown and says he could even the odds. Cornette can get Bob Armstrong the greatest partner for a six man tag match to take out the Gangstas. He promises to eliminate the Gangstas and already has the guy on the line. Bob Armstrong seems to be open to the idea and says that if Cornette produces the man then he will agree to have Cornette as his partner. Cornette will reveal the name next week.

7.) Footage from Sunday Bloody Sunday II is shown where Buddy Landell viciously attacked Dirty White Boy prior to his match with Jerry Lawler. Landell took White Boy out of the match. Buddy claims that White Boy is drunk and has nothing to do with his attack. Buddy wants a shot at Lawler now but Bob Armstrong chimes in and fines Buddy $2,500 for his actions. Armstrong says that Buddy was to fight the winner of the match and there wasn’t a match so Buddy doesn’t get a match. Instead, Bob Armstrong went backstage to get another wrestler and that’s Bobby Blaze. Lawler insults Blaze calling him a curtain jerker or an opener. Lawler collides with Landell on the apron and Bobby Blaze won the SMW Heavyweight Championship with a rollup. Lawler argued with the referee and attacked Blaze hitting a DDT. Buddy Landell took this opportunity to get his shot at the championship.

8.) More footage from Sunday Bloody Sunday II this time with Bobby Blaze defending the SMW Heavyweight Championship against Buddy Landell. Dirty White Boy has come down to ringside to root on Blaze and tried to get into the ring but was held back. Landell tried to use brass knuckles but White Boy took them away on the floor and Blaze pinned Buddy with a rollup thanks to the distraction.

9.) Backstage, a bloodied and taped up SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze and Dirty White Boy are interviewed. Blaze is shocked that he is the SMW Heavyweight Champion now. This is the greatest day of his life. Dirty White Boy comments on being cheated out of his championship match. White Boy didn’t help Blaze win anything and just prevented Landell from cheating. White Boy puts over Blaze a great guy. Blaze shouts out to his son, Drake.

10.) Buddy Landell cut a promo saying that Blaze was the guy who got busted open as he has blood on his left shoulder. Buddy says that it took an Armstrong and a White Boy to defeat him. He can be a thorn in peoples flesh. He is use to cadillac and jet flying and women. He’s not use to being defeated. He will put up his car, rings, watches, first born or anything to get his hands on Blaze in the ring. Landell says that lightning was strike in the same place twice. He is going to rip Blaze’s head off and spit down his throat.

11.) The Gangstas are interviewed to close the program.New Jack isn’t concerned about who Jim Cornette could be bringing in for a six man tag match at Bluegrass Brawl. Jack isn’t worried about anything Cornette could possibly do.

Final Thoughts:
I liked the episode because they finally touched upon Sunday Bloody Sunday on television. I’m not sold at all on Bobby Blaze winning the championship since he was just a jobber in SMW in his previous appearances. His victories weren’t from his own doing, either. So, he’s a rather weak champion. Buddy Landell should be the champion right now and building him up as the top heel champion. I don’t know why they haven’t pulled the trigger on that one. I’m fairly certain that many people credit this run as a bad decision for SMW on a business level. Anyway, interest in SMW remains pretty strong here and I look forward to the mystery man reveal for next week.

Thanks for reading.

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