SMW TV 3/4/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Lenoir, NC

1.) Dirty White Boy defeated Brian Logan
2.) Billy Black defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Boo Bradley to win title
3.) Buddy Landell defeated Anthony Michaels
4.) The Gangstas defeated Scott Armstrong & Tracy Smothers

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dirty White Boy cuts a promo about the next big event, March Madness. Apparently, White Boy will be getting his hands on Buddy Landell inside a steel cage! White Boy is going to rub Buddy’s face against he cage and isn’t going to have to worry about anyone getting involved in their match.

2.) The Gangstas cut a promo saying that they don’t care who they get in the ring with. New Jack says that he doesn’t see anybody coming to their neighborhood. Jack says his Malcolm X flag is the flag that will bury their opponents. We get a video of the Gangstas going back to their neighborhood, which is the same video from months ago when they originally won the SMW Tag Team Championships. Back to the arena, Jim Ross reminds them they aren’t the champions anymore. New Jack says that when they were champions he bought a condo and bought a car without any payments or rent. Jack says he is the majority and not a minority. Take that to the bank!

3.) Jim Ross and Les Thatcher promote the Bluegrass Brawl which will take place on April 7th. They go over the history of the event. It will be taking place in Pikeville, Kentucky.

4.) Black tries to get some momentum going but Bradley gets out of everything at the start of the match. Boo no sells being rammed in the corner and they both go over the top to the floor following a spinning heel kick by Bradley. Black sends Boo face first into the ring post. Black drops Boo with a knee lift for a two count. Black hit a handspring elbow shot in the corner but Bradley continues to kick out. Boo fights back with a clothesline and works over Black with strikes in the corner. Bradley splashes Black in the corner and gets a two count. Black boots Bradley in the corner and goes to the top but misses a moonsault. Black is faking a knee injurt and when Boo turns around Black hit a middle rope bulldog. (**. I liked the finish and I like that SMW is pushing someone new like Black. I don’t believe he lasts all that long in the company, but he seems like a decent wrestler.)

5.) In the ring, Jim Ross interviews Al Snow and Unabomb. They’ll be facing the SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express at March Madness in an elimination match. Snow says that they asked for the elimination match. Snow claims that Morton tripped face first into the ring post as he was trying to help Morton up. Snow calls the Express idiots and they played right into their hand. Snow says there is no way Morton and Gibson can beat them and they’ll be the new SMW Tag Team Champions.

6.) Billy Black is interviewed by Jim Ross. Black says you have to use your mind and that’s what he did with Boo Bradley. He stomped on Bradley in front of everyone and walks off with his money.

7.) Buddy Landell is interviewed following his squash victory. Landell says he continues to get the shaft and mentions that he has beaten Dirty White Boy every time he fights him. Buddy says he is not use to cage matches and wants to know who the key holder is going to be for the match. He is still confident he’ll win the match.

8.) Jim Cornette is with Tracy Smothers and Scott Armstrong for the main event. Smothers and Jack kick off the main event. They shove each other but Mustafa cheap shots Smothers leading to all four men brawling in the ring. Smothers and Armstrong dropkick the Gangstas to the floor. Smothers gets hammered on in the corner but Tracy breaks free and Armstrong hit a cross body off the top. They dropkick the Gangstas to the floor again. Jack regains control working over Smothers with right hands for a few moments. D’Lo Brown throws a slapjack into the ring and Jack whacks Smothers over the head with it. Smothers has been busted wide open. Jack is using a fork it looks like and digs into Smothers face. Mustafa strikes Smothers with an elbow shot and Jack delivered another shot with the fork. Jack leaps off the top nailing Tracy with a fork to the forehead. Smothers nearly pins Jack with an inside cradle. Smothers drives Jack down with a back suplex and tries to tag Armstrong but is stopped by Jack. Jack takes Smothers over with a belly to belly suplex. Mustafa drives Smothers down with a back breaker and attempts a big splash off the top rope but Smothers moved out of the way. Smothers leaps and tags in Armstrong! Armstrong cleans house with right hands. Scott super kicks Mustafa and all four men are brawling. D’Lo Brown whack Scott with an object allowing New Jack to pin Armstrong. Jim Cornette takes Brown out with a tennis racket. (**1/2. This was a fine main event and a much needed victory for the Gangstas.) After the match, The Gangstas attack Smothers, Armstrong and Cornette. Cornette gets tossed to the floor and they try to break Armstrong’s leg. Bob Armstrong comes into the ring and decks the Gangstas with right hands. Mustafa stops Bob with a scoop slam and New Jack comes off the top to hit Bob with a diving head butt. They place the Malcolm X flag across Bob’s body. Tracy Smothers makes the save with the tennis racket but it’s far too late.

9.) Bob Armstrong says he’s going to bury the Gangstas six feet under dirt. He’s tried to be the authority figure but he’s gotta get in the ring to take care of business.

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode for SMW this week with a fun main event that did a good job of continuing those feuds. I’m quite interested in the Snow/Unabomb vs. Rock N’ Roll Express feud. Buddy and Dirty White Boy have done a good job of being the top act without the championship being a focus, too.

Thanks for reading.

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