WCW Thunder 3/14/2001

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Match 1: Three Count v. Kidman and Rey Mysterio

Moore and Kidman start off and go back and forth. Now Rey and Evan are doing the same with Rey getting the upperhand early. He is on the apron, Evan misses and Rey springs over and takes him down. Evan misses again as Rey shoots between his legs but his spring fails and Evan counters with a spinebuster. Two count. Evan slams him and Moore gets two after Evan armdrags him on top of Rey. Kidman is in after Rey escapes and he hammers Moore. He slams him but is hit going off the ropes by Evan and then tossed over the top and Evan flings him into the railing as Moore runs distraction. Kidman is rolled back in and Moore gets a belated two count as the ref was dealing with an irate Rey. Tag is made, and Evan goes up top. Kidman is up in a vertical suplex and as it comes down Evan leaps into him. Two count, and he keeps Kidman grounded with a chinlock. Kidman is up and they battle until Kidman strikes with a dropkick. Both struggle and manage to make the tag. Rey springs into Moore and then hits a moonsault. He kicks him and then spins him into a DDT. Rey makes the cover but Moore is able to get a shoulder up. Evan is in and he knocks Kidman off the apron and Rey is down. Evan goes up top and hits the 450! Kidman makes the save and now it breaks down as bodies are everywhere. Rey and Kidman have Moore isolated and just annihilate him. They whip him into the corner; baseball slide into the nuts and now a Buster. Rey is up top but Evan crotches him. He goes up after him and is crotched and tossed to the floor and Rey Sentons right into him! Holy Shit: Moore just flipped out on top of both and now Kidman leaps into Moore and Evan. Kidman and Moore tussle in the ring; Moore walks the ropes and jumps hut he is caught held and Rey finishes him with a springboard kick.

**** Awesome. Over 11 minutes plus.

Romeo and Skipper run down as they are their opponents for the Cruiserweight Tag Titles at the PPV. But they get tossed to the floor..

We get a security camera view of Disco eating off of Ale Wright’s plate and the latter snaps and shoves him back.

Here comes DDP. He talks about winning the title on Sunday. Here comes Dustin Rhodes and DDP is baffled. Dustin was told to come down, but he is not going to do his dirty work. Flair pops up on the screen and he is not going to walk down there tonight. Champ is not fighting tonight and so those two will face JJ and Rick Steiner. Flair asks if this is live or Memorex and DDP and Dustin get ambushes but they manage to clear the ring.

Match 2: Jason Jett v. Alex Wright

Pretty solid back and forth match. Wright get two after a big superplex. They continue to go at it and Wright has him tied up in a submission hold. Jett is up but he is tossed. Wright slowly heads up top and Jett runs into the ropes. Wright is down but the comes at Jett and the exchange blows. Jett springs into the ropes hitting a back elbow. Jett strikes with a big dropkick but he is caught and hung out to dry. They tussle but Jett finishes him with a release vertical suplex!

*** Good match.

He was EZ Money in ECW for a few months. WWE sent him to developmental later in the year where he thrived but they released him.

Wright is not a happy camper.

Flair in that damn Buff documentary style that they have been doing makes some matches.

Stasiak is with Stacy in the ring. Stasiak rambles about how great he is. Reno comes out and a match is on.

Match 3: Sean Stasiak v. Reno

Not that bad of a match. About 5-6 minutes. Stasiak wins.


Stacy does some dancing. Bigelow comes rumbling down. Stasiak greets him with a few blows but he is decked and clotheslined. Stasiak flees.

Match 4: Totally Buff v. Palumbo and O’Haire

Sorry….Distracted. But the match was not overly terrible. It was an elimination match with Luger pinning Palumbo and then Haire finishing off the other two.


Documentary Flair is not happy and tells Animal to take care of Rhodes. After he leaves Flair tells Buff that he does not really trust Animal as the dissension continues over who knocked out Midajah.

Match 5: Shane Helms v. Kwee-Wee

They go at it, exchanging blows. Helms spikes him getting two but he is taken down and choked. Wee breaks it and then stomps on him. Helms tries to for a sunset flip but he is straddled and choked some more. Wee is mauling him, as he bashes his head into the canvas over and over and then flings him across the ring. After the two count he stomps Helms over and over. Helms tries to fight back but he is punched numerous times and then kicked in the back. Helms eventually fires back, knocks him off the apron and they go back and forth. Wee nails him but he is picked up and dropped. Wee is kicked in the head and it is Vertabreaker time but Wee flips free and so does Helms. Wee springs into a sunset flip and he gets two. Wee sends him into the corner, slams him off the rebound but misses the guillotine legdrop and now the Breaker connects and it is over.

*** Fun match.

Chavo charges down and gets tossed.

Match 6: Konnan and Hugh Morrus v. Disco and Mike Sanders

The heels start strong but it does not last. Konnan and Morrus unload on them for a bit. However, the heels strike back and for the next three minutes or so work over Konnan. Sanders has him down, and Konnan is up and he dumps him back on his head. Both are down. The hot tag is made and Morrus and Konnan clean house with Disco tapping to the Sunrise.


Match 7: Rick Steiner (c) and Jeff Jarrett v. DDP and Dustin Rhodes

The faces run down and the brawl is on. Now Dustin gets isolated and hammered by Steiner and Jarrett. JJ goes for a monkeyflip but he is decked and here comes DDP hitting a top rope lariat. JJ reverses the whip into Steiner where DDP decks him but he turns into a DDT. JJ pounds him and Steiner continues the punishment. They both take turns working him over until he manages to fire back and make the hot tag. The match implodes as all four tear into each other. The ref is down and Dustin is too. Flair runs out to make the count but DDP puts and end to that. DDP knocks him silly and Steiner is hit with a swinging neckbreaker. DDP goes for the Cutter but Steiner flings him into the floor. JJ breaks the guitar over Dustin and hits the Stroke. The ref despite the wreckage makes the count.

**1/2 Angle advancement.

The Seven assault DDP and Dustin after the match. Here comes O’Haire, Konnan and others to help clear the ring.

*** Great episode. A lot of wrestling and to the point as they actually did not drag out the documentary crap or have any real filler. Just readied for the PPV. I don’t really recall what Animal was supposed to do but maybe it will play out on the PPV and Nitro.

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