You Should Know The Name… MJF

Being a heel in professional wrestling has never been harder. Back in 1996, with the creation of the NWO, being a heel has often been seen as being “cool”. It seems to be rather difficult to find a wrestler or character that fans can undeniably say that they dislike them or don’t find them to be cool.

Sure, you have your Jinder Mahal who is being currently booed because he won the WWE World Championship in an attempt to get some traction in India, but aside from him, who is really a heel in mainstream wrestling that fans can hate? The Miz? That might be all there is.

Back in August 2015 I attended a Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in New Jersey. It was a good time with a couple of close friends and we enjoyed the main event that was Kenny Omega vs. Kevin Matthews (KM in GFW). There was a students match that saw PWS students take on Create A Pro students. I couldn’t possibly recall the guys involved in the match today.

But, what I can do is remember seeing a guy with a smug, arrogant and extremely dislikable presence. That man was Maxwell Jacob Feinstein. He has also been going by Maxwell Jacob Friedman or MJF depending on the promotion. He has made quite the impressive leap in just under two years.

After seeing his performance in the students match I looked him up shortly after and found his promo work to be pretty solid for a rookie. Seemingly every time I come across a promo of his, he has gotten better and better. I don’t follow CZW all that much, but when I saw he was making his debut for them, I made sure to check it out.

It didn’t take long for CZW fans to make it clear that they hated MJF. I loved every minute of it. In just a short matter of time MJF has won the CZW Wired Championship and has to be seen as a top prospect for the company moving forward. He has also worked for Maryland Championship Wrestling, Wrestle Pro, NYWC, Beyond Wrestling, Northeast Wrestling and Wrestle Circus.

Oh, and he’s only 20 years old. He is often accompanied to the ring by his manager/girlfriend Maria Maniac. Maria just so happens to be a young, attractive blonde. That would be another heat magnet. The cocky jerk with the hot girl by his side. That never gets old in wrestling.

MJF has had recent success against the likes of Flip Gordon, Colt Cabana, Ethan Page, and Trevor Lee thus far in 2017. I’m quite interested to see him grow as a performer and see him main event all around the independent scene. Who knows, he might very well appear in NXT, GFW or WWE sooner rather later.

I found a couple of matches of MJF for you to view to get an idea about his talent. Plus, off of his YouTube page, I included his Tough Enough tryout promo. I hope you enjoy it.

Be on the lookout for MJF.

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