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2CW Living On The Edge V Night One 4/2/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Living On The Edge Night One
Date: 4/2/2010
From: Watertown, NY

Opening Contest: Colin Delaney vs. Isys Ephex in a Grand Prix Qualifying Match: Delaney comes out to Tommy Dreamer’s ECW theme music. They are putting Ephex’s tie on the referee, Kevin Graham, and they get different reactions. The fans love Ephex but not Delaney. Delaney attacks before the bell hammering away on Ephex in the corner. Delaney connects with a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Delaney continues to work over Ephex in the corner with elbow strikes before dropping Ephex to the canvas and gets a two count with a rollup. Delaney runs into a big boot in the corner but nails Ephex with a heel kick to maintain control of the match. Delaney chokes the referee for a brief moment but keeps control with a leg drop. Ephex comes back with several punches and chops Delaney to the apron. Ephex tries to slam Delaney off the top but Delaney eye rakes Isys. Delaney attempts a suplex to the floor from the apron but Ephex counters with a suplex from the ring to the floor! They get to the apron and trade strikes until Ephex clotheslines Delaney into the ring and hit a springboard missile dropkick. Ephex dropkicks Delaney in the corner followed by a springboard head scissors for a two count. Delaney avoids Ephex in the corner and is met with a knee strike. Ephex monkey flips Delaney into the corner for a two count. Ephex heads to the top rope but Delaney cuts him off. Delaney dropkicks Ephex to crotch him on the top rope. Ephex shoves Delaney off to the canvas and hit a top rope knee drop for a near fall. Delaney nearly wins with a rollup and a handful of tights. Delaney plants Ephex with a quick DDT for a two count. Colin goes for a tornado DDT off the middle rope but is tossed across the ring. Ephex hits a double under hook piledriver for the win. (***. I thought this was a really good opening match. Ephex looked really good in the ring and the crowd was into the action throughout. Plenty of high spots but they didn’t kill the momentum with too many. A good paced match and the right guy went over. Ephex was really popular, at the time.)

Second Contest: JD Love & Pete D. Order vs. Killer Steves: This one is going to get a long story short treatment. Mckenzie gets dumped to the floor late in the match and Kruz is splashed by both Love and Order. Order runs the ropes and hits a senton splash for the win.

Third Contest: Antonio Thomas vs. Loca Vida: Thomas gets out of a headlock and sends Vida into the ropes where Vida ties himself into the ropes and Thomas misses a running attack going to the floor instead. Thomas controls Vida on the canvas with a wrist lock. Thomas eye rakes Vida and continues with a shoulder block but Vida pops right back up. Vida trips Thomas before he can run the ropes and goes for a sunset flip but Thomas misses a right hand attempt. Vida takes Thomas down with an arm drag out of the corner. Thomas sits Vida on the top rope and shoves Vida to the apron. Vida goes for a springboard but gets shoved off to the floor. Thomas sends Vida into the ring post on the apron. Thomas stands on the middle rope to bring Vida back into the ring with a suplex for a near fall. Thomas elbows Vida in the corner and follows up with a clothesline. Thomas shoulder blocks Vida to the canvas for another two count. Thomas tosses Vida across the ring with a suplex for a two count. Thomas keeps Vida on the canvas with a waist lock. Vida arm drags Thomas but misses a dropkick attempt. Thomas tries to lock in a Boston Crab but instead catapults Vida into the corner. Vida lands on the middle rope and hit a wheelbarrow bulldog for a two count. Vida heads to the top rope but is caught in midair on a dropkick attempt. Thomas is kicked away but runs over Vida with a clothesline. Thomas hit a fisherman suplex for a two count. Thomas puts Vida in the Boston Crab but isn’t getting a submission. Thomas rams Vida back first into the corner and puts Vida in the tree of woe to continue to stomp on Vida. Thomas is trying to take off Vida’s mask, and he does but there is another mask on. Thomas takes the second mask off but Vida has a third mask on. Thomas misses a spear in the corner and Vida wins the match with a rollup. (*1/2. There were a couple of bright spots, but it wasn’t an overly entertaining match. The finish was more a comedy finish and I didn’t have much interest in the match, anyway.)

Fourth Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jason Axe vs. Brodie Lee vs. ZSIII in an elimination match with no disqualification and no count outs: Axe tries to leave but is pulled back in and is swung by both challengers. They slam Axe gut first onto the canvas and continue to work over Axe with strikes in the ring. Axe continues to be worked over by both challengers. Axe comes out of the corner and is met with a backdrop. Axe fails at a sneak attack is slammed again by both challengers. Springate sends Lee to the floor and focuses his attack on Axe. Springate takes Axe over with a suplex. Springate goes for a handspring elbow but is kicked by Axe. Springate backdrops Axe over the top onto Lee on the floor and waits before taking both men out with a somersault dive to the floor. Springate sends Axe into the guard railing and works over the champ with strikes. Springate sends Axe into the guard railing shoulder first. Springate sends Axe into Lee on the floor where Lee clotheslines Axe. Springate and Lee get into the ring where Springate hit a vertical suplex for a two count. Axe goes to the top rope but Springate hits a dropkick to stop him. Springate has Axe for a superplex but Lee comes over for a power bomb and nearly pins both men but managing only two counts on both men. Axe gets caught on a slingshot cross body attempt and is tossed into the crowd. Springate and Lee trade right hands in the ring until Lee hit a clothesline for a near fall. Lee goes for a power bomb but Springate gets out of it and hit a rolling German suplex on Lee! Axe has grabbed a chair but Springate knocks Axe off the apron onto the guard railing. Springate elbow drops the chair onto Lee’s groin in the corner. Springate sets the chair up in the corner and goes to the opposite corner. Springate goes for the Coast To Coast and dropkicks the chair into Lee’s face!

Axe gets a triangle choke on Springate and switches to a cross arm breaker. Springate doesn’t let his arm drop three times and wiggles his way to the ropes but Axe prevents him from reaching the ropes. Springate gets to the ropes on his second attempt. Lee enters and drops Springate with a big boot. Axe kicks Lee to the floor and nearly pins Springate. Axe hits a fisherman driver and gets a three count to eliminate Springate.

Lee plants Axe with a swinging side slam but only manages a two count! Lee chops Axe in the corner and a clothesline. Lee tosses Axe down with a suplex. Lee misses a discus clothesline and is kicked by Axe. Axe has Lee on his shoulders dropping Lee across his knee for a near fall. Axe continues his offense with a neck breaker on Lee for a two count. Axe hit a brain buster on Lee but misses a running strike going to the floor. Lee takes Axe out with a suicide dive to the floor. Lee boots Axe in the corner a couple of times. Lee nails Axe with a super kick in the corner followed by a back suplex. Lee spikes Axe with a Package Piledriver but can’t get a three count. Lee power bombs Axe but still only gets a two count. Axe low blows Lee two times and hit a fisherman buster but Lee powers out at two. Axe has the steel chair and hits another fisherman buster onto the chair. That’s good enough for a three count. (**1/4. It’s not a bad match, but I think this was the time that Brodie Lee should have won the 2CW Heavyweight Championship. The fans are clearly deflated after the match. I understand the attempt to drag it out for the ultimate pop and good business it would have for a rematch, but this is a big crowd in a good market. I think I would have changed the title here.)

Fifth Contest: Barbie vs. Portia Perez: This goes about seven minutes and clearly a buffer for the remainder of the show since the lack of title change likely hurt the crowd and they might have known that. Jimmy Olsen comes out and spikes Barbie with a piledriver allowing Perez to get the victory.

Sixth Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Jay Freddie in a number one contenders match: They trade wrist locks with Brown getting the advantage delivering a leg drop to Freddie’s left arm. Freddie arm drags Brown to get some momentum. Brown shoulder blocks Freddie but doesn’t quickly followup on the advantage. Freddie nearly wins with a couple of rollup attempts. Freddie forearms Brown in the corner and hit a middle rope hurricanrana to send Slyck to the floor. Freddie takes Brown out with a suicide dive to the floor! Freddie rolls Brown into the ring and goes to the top rope. Freddie hit a missile dropkick but is backdropped to the apron. Brown counters a slingshot attempt by kicking Freddie. They are on the floor where Brown drops Freddie with a chop to his chest. Slyck chops Freddie over the railing and into the crowd. Slyck takes Freddie down on the floor with a vertical suplex. Slyck comes off the top to hit a missile dropkick in the ring. Brown hit a dropkick and pops up to play to the crowd. Freddie stops Brown with a jaw breaker and a tornado DDT. Freddie nearly wins on a cover attempt. Freddie counters a suplex attempt and tries for a German but Brown gets out of it. Freddie hits a German on a second attempt and both men are down. Freddie heads to the top rope and hits a cross body but Brown rolls through to hit a swinging side slam! Freddie gets out of a press slam and forearms Brown but is press slammed to the mat and Brown hit a standing moonsault for a two count. Brown stops Freddie with a back breaker and nearly wins the match. Brown waits for Freddie to get up in the corner and runs into an elbow shot. Freddie avoids a kick and rolls Brown up for a two count. Brown counters and gets a cross face on Freddie. Brown nearly wins with a rollup and hit a leaping leg lariat. Brown takes some time to play to the crowd. Slyck attempts a power bomb but Freddie counters with a rollup and wins the match! (***1/4. A good match with Freddie getting a big win in front of his hometown crowd. The rollup doesn’t make it a definitive finish and allows more matches between the two of them. I thought they worked well with each other here.) After the match, Slyck grabs a steel chair and is going to seemingly attack Jay Freddie until Brodie Lee runs out to calm Slyck down. Slyck tosses the chair down and asks Brodie what is he doing. Brown says this has nothing to do with Brodie. Slyck thinks that Lee is trying to be a big bully. Brodie is denying these claims. Brown challenges Brodie to a match tomorrow night. He wants the match to be two out of three falls. Brodie accepts that challenge.

Seventh Contest: 2CW Tag Team Champions Up In Smoke vs. American Wolves: Edwards and Cloudy kick off the title match. Edwards takes Cloudy down to the mat and they trade some mat wrestling holds. Cloudy gets to the ropes to break the hold. Edwards chops Cloudy several times in the corner and Richards tags in. Cloudy tries to chop Richards but they have zero impact. Cheech is tagged in when Cloudy quickly bails to the apron. Richards has a wrist lock on Cheech until he reaches the ropes to break the hold. Richards kicks Cheech to get out of a wrist lock and Cheech takes some time to stall. Richards comes off the ropes to hit a spinning heel kick and rams Cheech into Edwards in the corner. Edwards drops Cheech with an elbow shot and Cheech hits a jaw breaker. Cloudy enters and is met with an arm drag. Cloudy gets worked over by the Wolves. Richards is the legal man and gets a two count. Richards locks in a modified Texas Cloverleaf but Cheech breaks up the hold. Edwards boots Cloudy in the corner and gets yanked off the middle rope by Cheech. Edwards was dropped across the top rope and worked over by Cheech and Cloudy. Cheech takes Edwards over with a snap suplex for a two count. Cheech comes off the ropes and jumps over Cloudy onto Edwards for a near fall as Richards breaks up the cover attempt. Edwards comes off the middle rope to hit a hurricanrana on Cheech.

Richards tags in and boots Cloudy off the apron to the floor. Richards kicks Cheech several times against the ropes. Richards connects with a handspring kick to the head of Cheech for a two count. Cloudy gets punched off the apron by Richards and Cheech power slams Richards for a two count. Cheech clotheslines Richards in the corner and attempts a suplex but Richards avoids it. The tag champs work over Richards for a few moments. Cloudy rubs Richards eyes across the top rope and tags in Cheech to hit a double side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Cheech knocks Edwards off the apron and Richards continues to be double teamed. Champs have a double Boston Crab on Richards until Edwards makes the save with a dropkick to the champs. Richards avoids a clothesline from Cheech who hit Cloudy on accident and Richards dropkicks Cheech. Richards almost tags in Edwards but Cheech pulled Edwards off the apron. Cheech gets a two count after a back suplex on Richards. Cheech spears Richards in the corner for a two count. Cloudy controls Edwards with a chin lock. Cloudy puts Richards on the mat with a sleeper hold. Richards prevents his arm from dropping three times. Davey plants Cloudy with a back suplex but Cheech enters and allows his team to maintain control over Richards with blows in the corner. Richards delivers several kicks and sends Cheech to the corner where Edwards punches Cheech.

Edwards tags in and missile dropkicks Cloudy. Edwards cleans house on the champs with strikes a snap suplex on both men with Cloudy landing onto Cheech. Edwards hit a springboard moonsault on Cloudy for a two count. Edwards face plants Cloudy followed by a running knee for a two count. Cloudy kicks Edwards in the corner and Richards DDTs Cloudy’s knee over the middle rope. Richards hits a missile dropkick on Cloudy but they can’t get a three count. Edwards tries for a submission but Cheech sends Richards into the railing and trades chops with Eddie. Up In Smoke hit a leg sweep/clothesline combo for a near fall on Edwards. The champs manage to slam Edwards and Cloudy hits a senton off of Cheech’s shoulders for a two count. Richards gets in the ring and hammers away on Cloudy. Richards nails Cloudy with a kick to the midsection and an exploder suplex. Chech clotheslines Richards but Edwards kicks Cheech. Cloudy plants Edwards with a face buster. All four men are brawling in the ring. Richards and Cloudy fall to the floor while Cheech boots Edwards. Richards kicks Cheech after Eddie lifted him into the air. Wolves hit a superkick/German rollup combo for a two count on Cheech. Cheech gets out of a power bomb to face plant Eddie. Cheech with a reverse hurricanrana on Richards to get the momentum. Cheech tags in Cloudy who is held by Edwards and Cheech double stomps Edwards allowing Cloudy to hit a modified Canadian Destroyer for a two count. Richards and Cloudy trade shots until the Wolves nail Cloudy with double super kicks for a near fall. Eddie has Cheech for a power bomb and Richards comes over for a Back Stabber! Edwards locks in the half Boston Crab and forces Cloudy to submit! (****. Hell Yeah! That was a great tag match. This is what the show really needed cement itself as a really solid show before the main event. Up In Smoke were fabulous heel tag team champs and the Wolves were the best pick to dethrone them. Edwards and Richards are so damn good it’s not even funny. I remember being there live for this and thinking it was great. This was a great match and a great moment for the tag titles and company. I thought this was incredibly well done.)

Main Event: Jimmy Olsen vs. Jerry Lawler: Olsen starts the match two scoop slams and a dropkick and tries to taunt the fans but slips on the middle rope. Jimmy decides to take a victory lap around ringside. Olsen comes back in and scoop slams Lawler again. Olsen backdrops Lawler and takes some time to taunt him some more. Lawler scoop slams Olsen a few times followed by a backdrop. Olsen rolls to the floor to regroup. Olsen works over Lawler in the corner with several strikes. They do a test of strength with Lawler kicking Olsen and dropping Jimmy with a right hand. Lawler jabs Olsen several times but Olsen won’t go down. Lawler decides to dropkick Olsen and the fans chant that Lawler still has it. Olsen drops Lawler throat first across the top rope. Olsen gets a microphone to provide commentary as he delivers a fist drop. Olsen comes off the top to deliver an axe handle for a two count. Olsen goes to the top and nails Lawler with a double axe handle for a near fall. Olsen works over Lawler with elbow strikes in the corner and the referee backs Olsen off. Lawler nails Olsen with a boot to the midsection and hit the Stunner! Lawler drops his strap and continues to work over Olsen. Lawler comes off the middle rope to hit a fist drop! Lawler goes for the piledriver but Olsen low blows Lawler. Olsen backdrops Lawler and pulls down his strap. Lawler counters another backdrop attempt by hitting the piledriver for the win. (*1/2. This was exactly what you’d expect it to be. I was kind of surprised that Olsen got so much offense in, but it made for a better match. It went a fine amount of time and capped off a good show.)

Final Thoughts:
This was a really solid show that had some quality wrestling throughout. I really enjoyed the tag title match the most, I’d say. There was some quality action aside from that and the bad stuff was kept relatively short. The crowd made the viewing experience fun, too. They were into the show throughout. Watching it on DVD was more enjoyable than it was live. Check out that tag match.

Thanks for reading.

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