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WWF SummerSlam Spectacular 8/22/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents SummerSlam Spectacular
From: Poughkeepsie, New York

Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon are on commentary as they promote what will be on the show tonight. The main event will see Steiner Brothers defend the tag team titles against Money Inc. inside a steel cage!

Opening Contest: WWF World Champion Yokozuna vs. Jim Duggan in a non-title match: Duggan attacks Yokozuna from behind with a flurry of right hands in the corner. Duggan grabs his 2×4 and tries to hit the champ but the referee prevents him. Yoko nails Duggan with a few throat thrusts to get the advantage. Yoko chokes Duggan over the middle rope and Mr. Fuji hits Duggan with the Japanese flag. Yoko chokes Duggan on the canvas and Fuji chokes Duggan with the flag, again. Yoko drops Duggan with a headbutt before tossing Duggan to the floor. Duggan gets a second wind on the floor and comes back into the ring to punch Yoko but is stopped by a strike and a leg drop from the champion. Yoko is soaking in the boos from the crowd. Yoko staggers Duggan with a head butt and sends him into the ropes where he locks in a bear hug. Duggan tries to fight out of the hold and does so with several strikes. Duggan attempts a scoop slam but Yoko falls on top and nearly wins as we go to commercial.

Yoko has a bear hug on Duggan which Duggan is struggling to fight out of this time. Duggan nearly breaks free with right hands and tries a headbutt, but Yoko isn’t fazed by that. Duggan prevents his arm from falling down three times. Yoko shoves Duggan down and rams Hacksaw into the corner. Yoko chokes Duggan in the corner. Duggan can’t drop Yoko but avoids a back splash in the corner. Yoko strikes Duggan several times but Duggan is getting a second wind and begins to hammer away on Yoko. Duggan goes for a clothesline and it staggers Yoko. Duggan comes off the ropes with another clothesline but Yoko will not fall down. Duggan comes off the ropes and drops Yoko after a third clothesline. Duggan is distracted by Fuji in the corner and is splashed from behind. Yokozuna drops Duggan in the corner and hits the Bonsai Drop for the win. (*1/2. Not too bad of a match as they did the formula match rather well here. Duggan got the crowd behind him pretty well, but Yokozuna getting the win is obviously the right call to add momentum heading into SummerSlam.) After the match, Yokozuna decides to go for another Bonsai Drop, but all the referees come down and roll Duggan out of the ring to save him from further injury.

Backstage, Vince McMahon interviews WWF World Champion Yokozuna and Jim Cornette. This is timed poorly since Yoko was clearly still in the ring. Cornette says that Yokozuna has been woken up and his man is ready to destroy Lex Luger at SummerSlam. Cornette reminds Luger that he asked for this match. He says that Yoko doesn’t have any compassion. Cornette promises that Yoko will deliver several Bonsai Drops and Luger will beg for no more, but they will not let up. Cornette says that the heartbeat of America will be silenced at SummerSlam.

Second Contest: Razor Ramon vs. Blake Beverly: Ramon tosses his toothpick at Blake at the start. Beverly backs Ramon into the corner after a struggle in the lockup. Blake slaps Ramon a few times and backs away seemingly waking up Ramon. Blake backs Ramon into the corner again with several strikes but Ramon comes back chops in the corner. Blake bails to the floor to avoid a strike as he was coming off the ropes. Blake kicks Ramon as he rolls into the ring. Ramon gets out of a sleeper hold but Blake pulls his hair to regain control. Ramon tries to get out of the hold but again Blake pulls his hair to keep the headlock on. Ramon yanks Blake down by his hair to get some revenge for all the hair pulling. Blake wants to try a test of strength. Blake decides to taunt the fans by showing off his muscles. Blake fakes out Razor with a boot to the midsection. Ramon nails Blake with a right hand but gets backdropped over the top to the floor. Blake takes off the top turnbuckle having some evil plans lined up. Blake plants Ramon with a neck breaker. Blake sends Ramon back first into the exposed turnbuckle! Blake drives Ramon down with a backbreaker. Blake plants Ramon with a power slam for a two count as Ramon counters the cocky cover for a two count. Blake cuts off Ramon with a quick clothesline. Blake rams Ramon face first into the corner and slaps him a few times. Ramon sends Blake into the exposed turnbuckle and signals for the Razors Edge, which he hits. (*1/4. Nothing all that memorable here, but I do wonder why they didn’t use Blake in a signals role at some point.)

Jerry Lawler is in a car with a fake Elvis and he insults Bret Hart and his family during the segment. Lawler says that Bret is impersonating being the king of wrestling. Lawler says it makes his blood boil to see Bret try to take the shortcut to success by copying him. Lawler says he’s the only king in the WWF.

Bret Hart shares some thoughts on Jerry Lawler saying he has crossed the line that nobody has crossed before. He doesn’t mind fighting his own battles but does mind when they bring his family into it. Bret promises that his match at SummerSlam isn’t going to be pretty and warned his family to not come and see what he’ll do. However, they want to be there and witness what Hart does to Jerry Lawler. Hart is going to pay big time for getting his family involved in this.

Third Contest: Tatanka & Smoking Gunns vs. Barry Horowitz, Reno Riggins & Brooklyn Brawler: As you might expect, it’s just an extended showcase for Tatanka and the Gunns before their six man tag match at SummerSlam. Tatanka got the win for his team following a top rope cross body on Riggins.

The Undertaker makes his way down tot he ring to be interviewed by Mean Gene. He’ll be fighting the Giant Gonzalez at SummerSlam. Gene wants to know what the rules for the Rest In Peace match exactly are. Taker says that everyone has a day where they must be held accountable for this actions. That day for Gonzalez comes at SummerSlam. He may not have Paul Bearer and doesn’t have the urn. He does have the power from the creatures of the night. Taker says that the match is just a match where he will take his flesh and extracts all of his organs. Taker will possess the soul of Giant Gonzalez. So, he doesn’t explain anything. Gonzalez and Harvey Whippleman come out to confront Taker. Gonzalez says that Taker will not get up this time and that it is time for Taker to RIP. Taker takes off his jacket and Gonzalez backs off. Taker stands in the ring before exiting to follow Gonzalez to the backstage area.

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Bob Backlund: Michaels scoop slams Backlund at the start of the match and taunts Backlund. Michaels scoop slams Backlund again and taunts the fans by casually laying over the top rope. Backlund gets some offense by slamming Michaels down to the canvas. Backlund attempts a backslide but Michaels kicks out at two and bails to the floor. Michaels runs away from Backlund before getting back in the ring and Backlund teases a punch as we go to commercial. Back from break, Michaels is hammering away on Backlund, who is kneeling on the mat. Michaels goes for a cover but Backlund kicks out at two. Michaels comes off the top to deliver a double axe handle. Michaels keeps Backlund on the mat with a front face lock. Backlund sits Michaels on the top turnbuckle and slaps the champion followed by a backdrop and dropkick. Backlund connects with a swinging neck breaker but Michaels kicks out at two and tries to escape the ring. Bob ducks a wild right hand and atomic drops Michaels! Diesel gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Michaels has a handful of tights and takes Backlund down to earn the cheap victory. (*1/2. It’s a styles clash for sure, but Michaels did a good enough job to carry Backlund to match that wasn’t a complete waste of time. The finish wasn’t very good, though.)

Backstage, Vince McMahon interviews Ludvig Borga who is undefeated. Borga puts down Americans for speaking only English. He says that this SummerSlam will be the last one for Marty Jannetty. He’s going to give Jannetty pain that he’s never had before. He’s not here for any titles but rather here to give them all pain.

Fifth Contest: Marty Jannetty vs. Duane Gill: Jannetty won the match following a top rope Rocker Dropper.

Main Event: WWF Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers vs. Money Inc. in a steel cage match: DiBiase slaps Scott Steiner and is worked over by the champions. IRS tried to leave the cage but is prevented by the champions. DiBiase tries to escape on the other side but he’s also stopped. IRS and Rick brawl while Scott works over DiBiase. Scott sends DiBiase into the steel cage. The champions try to escape the cage but they are stopped by the challengers. IRS stomps on Rick on the mat while DiBiase drives Scott down with a back suplex off the middle rope. DiBiase and IRS try to escape the cage a second time but they are again stopped. Rick punches DiBiase down to the mat and IRS is stopped at the top of the cage. Scott pulls IRS back into the ring by his tie. DiBiase rams Rick into the corner and Scott pummels IRS with strikes in the corner. Scott tries to leave but IRS stops him. DiBiase rams Rick head first into the steel cage. IRS crotches Scott on the top rope. DiBiase is nearly out of the cage but Rick crotches DiBiase over the top of the cage! DiBiase falls back into the ring and IRS continues to stomp on Rick. IRS gets stopped by Scott, but Scott tries to escape now as Rick works over DiBiase. Rick punches IRS several times and IRS lets go. DiBiase comes over and tries to stop Scott and brings Scott back into the ring with a suplex! IRS holds Rick to allow DiBiase to get a few shots in. DiBiase elbows Rick to take him down to the mat and double teams Scott with IRS. Rick is trying to escape but is pulled back into the ring. Scott works over IRS in the corner while DiBiase attempted a backdrop but was kicked by Rick. Scott is at the top of the cage but IRS stops him. DiBiase stops Rick on the other side. IRS hooks Scott hitting a superplex back into the ring! DiBiase pulls Rick back into the cage and keeps Rick down on the mat with a front face lock as we go to commercial break.

IRS and DiBiase attempt to escape the cage but the champions grab their feet. Rick takes IRS over with a suplex while Scott and DiBiase fight on the top rope. Scott rams DiBiase head first into the steel cage! The champions try to scape but Rick is stopped. DiBiase is choking Scott over the cage and is pulled back in. Rick nails IRS with a clothesline. Rick punches DiBiase to free Scott. IRS is back up and is grabbing Scott on the top rope. Scott and Rick are both nearly out of the cage, but DiBiase brings Rick back in upside down. Scott chokes IRS with his tie from the top of the cage. Scott was free for a brief moment but is hanging upside down on the cage before he gets pulled back in. Rick sends IRS back firs tint the corner and pummels DiBiase with right hands. Rick stops IRS from leaving but DiBiase delivers an axe handle to stop Scott. Rick and DiBiase collide in the middle of the ring after being sent by their opponents. Scott and IRS begin to climb the cage to escape on opposite sides. They both manage to escape the cage and drop to the floor. However, both men on the teams need to escape in order to win the match. IRS decides to climb back into the cage to help out DiBiase and prevents Rick from escaping. Scott tries to climb back into the cage as well, and Scott stands on the top hitting IRS with a double axe handle. All four men are back in the cage! Scott rams DiBiase and IRS into each other head first. Rick and Scott try to climb the cage but they are stopped. DiBiase pulls Rick back into the ring by his headgear and chokes Rick with IRS’s tie. We go to commercial…

Back from break, Scott has escaped the cage as DiBiase drives Rick down with a back breaker. Scott is forced to climb back into the cage and help his brother out. Scott decks DiBiase and fails at preventing IRS from escaping the cage. DiBiase is trying to escape and IRS is trying to pull him down, but can’t. Rick pulls DiBiase back into the cage and the champions have the advantage. DiBiase is upside down in the corner getting stomped by the champs. Rick and Scott try to go out the same corner but IRS climbs back into the cage and stops the champions from leaving. DiBiase atomic drops Scott and Rick kicks IRS away to climb out of the cage without any fight. IRS chokes Scott with his tie and Rick begins to climb back into the cage. Scott nails Money Inc. with a double clothesline so Rick drops back down to the floor and roots his brother on to escape the cage. DiBiase has grabbed Scott on the top rope to stop his escape attempt. IRS manages to escape on the other side of the cage. Rick runs over to the other side and IRS is on Rick’s shoulders! DiBiase has escaped and is hammering away on the sides of Rick Steiner! Scott Steiner manages to escape the cage and hits the floor to win the match! (***1/2. That was a great TV cage match and is probably a match that should have been on the pay per view since they had a long running issue. That finish was nicely done and I don’t recall anyone using it since this time. A really fun cage match that I don’t think gets enough credit.)

Final Thoughts:
The cage match finished of the show, which wasn’t all that interesting beforehand. Yoko/Duggan is a strong match on paper, but it didn’t do much for me here. Of course they promoted the major feuds rather well. I’d check out the cage match and just skip the rest, really.

Thanks for reading.


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