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2CW Dead On Arrival 11/29/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Dead On Arrival
From: Watertown, NY

Opening Contest: Yusuke Kodama vs. Brute Van Slyke: Brute shows off his strength advantage by tossing Kodama to the canvas. Brute tosses Kodama across the ring out of the corner and shows off his muscles. Kodama kicks Brute and comes off the ropes to hit a hurricanrana. Kodama delivers another kick in the corner followed by a few chops. Brute runs into a big boot and Kodama attempts a cross body but is caught. Brute tosses Kodama with a suplex and acts like he’s Taz. Kodama kicks the legs of Brute trying to knock him down but Brute blocks a kick and hits an overhead suplex for a near fall. Brute works over Kodama in the corner with strikes. Brute delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Kodama fights back with right hands and chops but Brute simply drops him with a forearm strike. Kodama comes off the ropes and gets met with a shoulder block. Brute misses a running strike and is kicked by Kodama. Kodama comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Kodama kicks Brute several times and hits a handspring back elbow followed by a kick for a two count. Brute avoids a kick and hits a butterfly suplex for a two count. Brute signals for a power bomb and plants Kodama for a two count. Brute nearly wins with another suplex. Brute signals for a lariat but Kodama instead connects with a tornado DDT. Kodama heads to the top rope missing a twisting splash. Brute counters a handspring attempt and puts a Taz Mission on. Kodama passes out. (**1/2. That was a weak finish and it completely sucked the energy out of the fans. The match was going pretty well and was enjoyable. Brute probably should have used a power finish hold for a more energetic finish. For some reason Brute wanted to act like Taz during the match. He looked good, but the way it came across was him trying to be the former ECW star.)

Second Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Kevin Graham: They start off countering some basic holds until Brown takes Graham to the mat with a headlock. Graham tries to cheap shot Brown in the corner but misses and is chopped several times. Brown continues his offense with a hip toss. Graham drops Brown throat first across the top rope and keeps control working over Brown with strikes on the mat. Graham hits a rolling neck snap for a two count. Graham has Brown on the mat with a top wrist lock but isn’t going to get a submission. Graham taunts the crowd as he chokes Brown over the middle rope. Graham catapults Brown throat first into the middle rope for a near fall. Graham takes Brown down with a side Russian leg sweep. Graham comes off the middle rope missing an elbow drop. Brown fights back with a few clotheslines and a neck breaker. Brown nails Graham with a forearm shot but Graham comes back with a few kicks and a running knee strike for a two count. Graham plants Brown with a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Graham misses a splash in the corner and Brown puts Graham on the top turnbuckle. Brown chops the back of Graham and hits a torture rack neck breaker for a near fall. Graham and Brown trade strikes on the ring apron with Brown managing to hit a Rock Bottom on the apron! Brown hits a springboard moonsault from the apron for the three count. (**1/2. Another solid match between two 2CW veterans. Brown looked pretty good here and Graham held his own pretty well, too. The finish was good and was more impactful compared to the opener.) After the match, Graham shoves the referee before heading backstage.

Third Contest: Gregory Iron vs. Pepper Parks: They trade wrist locks to start the bout. Parks goes for a slam but Iron gets a go-behind only to be sent to the floor. Parks lets Iron back into the ring because he’s a nice guy. Iron controls Parks with a head scissors on the mat but Parks breaks free. Iron arm drags Parks a few times but Parks avoids an arm drag looking for a suplex. Iron sends Parks to the floor when he attempted a go-behind, which was done early in the match. Iron holds the ropes to let Parks in because he’s also a nice guy. Actually, Iron proceeds to cheap shot Parks and hammers away on him in the corner. Iron chops Parks several times but is met with an elbow strike. Parks takes Iron out with a suplex into the corner and Iron rolls to the floor. Parks heads to the top but Iron knocks him off dropping him throat first across the top rope. Iron gets a near fall after a back suplex. Iron comes off the ropes with a quick clothesline and continues to work over Parks with strikes to the back. Iron makes his way to the top rope and hits a clothesline for a near fall. Iron stops Parks with a Codebreaker and a senton splash for another two count. Iron comes off the middle rope but is met with a kick to the head. They begin to trade forearm strikes with Iron getting the better of the exchange until Parks hits a snap power slam. Parks plants Iron with a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Iron comes off the middle rope to take Parks over with a head scissors. Iron continues with clotheslines and chops Parks against the ropes. Parks is met with a boot and is sent to the floor where Iron takes Parks out with a suicide dive. Iron heads to the top rope and leaps off hitting a cross body for a near fall. Iron misses a splash and is kicked by Parks. Parks drives Iron down with a running power bomb for the win. (*1/2. I don’t know. I wasn’t interested in the match from the start, but iron working as the heel was a surprise since I don’t recall him working heel in 2CW before. There wasn’t anything great going on here.)

Fourth Contest: Isys Ephex vs. Michael Christopher: Remember, Christopher was formerly known as the homosexual character Guy Sunshine before he dropped that character to become himself. He won the 2CW Heavyweight Championship for two hours in September. He’s basically just a pissed off UFC wannabe guy. Anyway, Christopher takes out a ring crew guy for an open challenge before getting a real challenge in Isys Ephex. Ephex was wearing a mask and took it off causing the fans to act surprised it was him. That was kind of humorous.

Early on, Ephex slaps Christopher and arm drags the former champ to the mat a few times. Christopher has a temper tantrum on the floor telling fans to shut their mouths as they taunt him. Christopher drops Ephex throat first across the top rope and hits a back suplex. Christopher gets a near fall after several strikes. Ephex kicks Christopher in the guy and connects with a clothesline. Ephex head scissors Christopher followed by a clothesline in the corner. Christopher comes back with a clothesline in the corner of his own. Ephex delivers a double knee strike in the corner before heading to the top and hitting another double knee strike. Ephex comes off the ropes hitting a shining wizard for a near fall. Ephex nails Christopher with a Pele kick but is met with a boot to the face. They get up and trade strikes with each other. Christopher takes Ephex over with an overhead suplex for a near fall. Ephex super kicks Christopher but Christopher comes back with a jumping double arm DDT for a two count. Ephex comes back with a back breaker and heel kicks Christopher. Ephex drops Christopher over his knee for another two count. Christopher comes off the middle rope with a heel kick. Christopher hits an awkward looking F5 for the win. (*. Nobody really cares about these guys and it continues to get shoved down our throats.)

Fifth Contest: Dave Crist & Jake Crist vs. Colin Delaney & Cheech: Jake and Cheech kick off the tag match. Cheech has control with a top wrist lock and soon rolls around the mat to get out of a counter. Jake takes Cheech down with a headlock on the mat but Cheech counters into a head scissors, which doesn’t last too long. They are keeping a mat based start to the match along with basic counters. Cheech connects with a dropkick but doesn’t followup. Dave and Colin get tagged in and Dave kicks Colin to the mat. They avoid each other with various blocks and counters which leads to a standoff and the crowd showing appreciation. Dave apologizes for punching Delaney in the face, which was a pre-match agreement. Cheech hits an axe handle off the top rope and hits a double team splash with Delaney for a two count. Cheech delivers a few knee strikes to the back of Dave. Cheech hits a slingshot senton from the apron for a near fall. Cheech continues to work over Dave in the corner with chops but is met with a double strike in the corner. Dave hits a standing moonsault for a two count on Cheech. Jake gets tagged in and keeps Cheech on the mat with a chin lock. Dave gets a two count after a stomp to the face and knocks Delaney off the apron causing him to hit his face on the apron. Dave nails Cheech with a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Jake tags back in and shoulder rams Cheech in the corner. Jake hits a rolling fireman’s carry and a middle rope moonsault gets a near fall. Dave drops Cheech with a senton off the top as Cheech was hunched over for a near fall. Dave has a choke hold on Cheech but can’t make him pass out. Dave puts Cheech on the top turnbuckle but gets shoved off. Cheech kicks Dave on the apron and Jake accidentally clotheslines his brother. Cheech kicks Jake off the apron and here comes Colin.

Delaney clotheslines Dave a few times and forearm strikes Jake. Dave cuts Delaney off with a strike to the midsection and wants a timeout. Colin head scissors Jake and Cheech enters causing all four men to be in the ring. Cheech and Colin double team Jake in the corner. Cheech baseball slide dropkicks Jake and nails Dave on the floor. Cheech comes off ht stop with a knee strike. Dave double stomps both Cheech and Colin. Jake kicks Cheech in the corner and has him over his knees as Dave came off the top with a knee strike for a near fall. Colin makes the save and sends Jake to the floor. Dave knee strikes Cheech on the apron and has him dangled over the middle rope. Dave hits a pedigree and Jake came off the top with a swan ton for a near fall. Colin makes the save pulling Cheech to the floor. Dave takes Cheech out with a twisting dive over the top to the floor. Jake blocks a kick from Colin and is sent into Dave in the corner. Colin kicks Jake and has Dave in the corner where Cheech power bombs Dave off the middle rope onto Jake for the win. (***1/4. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t overly intrigued by the match on paper, but it delivered. This was constant action and they got through the opening segment without losing me. Crist Brothers are a solid tag team.)

Sixth Contest: Guero Loco & Steve McKenzie vs. Bin Hamin & Pete D. Order: Another feud that never seems to end. This goes less than five minutes and it’s going to get a long story short treatment. Loco won the match after hitting an ace crusher on Order as McKenzie also delivered a kick. The finish didn’t come across all that strongly.

Seventh Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr vs. Joe Gacy: Carr fakes out Gacy on a test of strength to start the match but they eventually get the hold locked in. Gacy has the advantage but Carr powers back to his feet and leg sweeps Gacy before doing a “Suck It” gesture. They lockup and back each other into a corner. They proceed to roll to the floor keeping the lockup intact. They get back into the ring and break the hold. Carr slaps Gacy and hammers away on Gacy with right hands. Carr kicks a seated Gacy followed by a standing moonsault for a two count. Carr knee lifts Gacy in the corner followed by a running kick to send Gacy to the floor. Gacy trips Carr on the apron and Carr hits his back on the apron. Gacy continues to work over Carr with right hands on the floor. Gacy delivers a running boot to knock Carr into the guard railing. Gacy clotheslines Carr in the corner followed by a snap suplex for a two count. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Carr gets the upper hand with several forearm strikes and a super kick. Gacy gets Carr into a corner and delivers right hands to the body and face. Gacy puts Carr on the top turnbuckle looking for a superplex. Carr shoves Gacy off and goes for a sunset flip but Gacy counters with a dangerous buckle bomb. Carr essentially no sells it by hitting a super kick but Gacy comes off the ropes with a clothesline and both men are laid out in the middle of the ring.

They get up at the same time and go back to trading strikes until Carr hits a combination of kicks. Gacy boots Carr in the corner and gets kicked on the middle rope. Carr connects with a rolling fireman’s carry and a middle rope moonsault for a near fall. Gacy trips Carr and tries to get a submission but Carr elbows his way out. Carr is met with a big boot and Gacy soon hits a German suplex after spring boarding off the middle rope to avoid Carr. Carr nails Gacy with a super kick and a Codebreaker for a two count. Carr heads to the top rope but misses a double stomp. Gacy connects with a popup power bomb and puts the Rings of Saturn on Carr! Gacy drives Carr down with a brain buster but still can’t put Carr away. Gacy hits a handspring stunner and a Death Valley Driver. Gacy nearly wins following a kick to the face as Carr was seated. Carr comes back with three super kicks and a sloppy looking power slam for the win. (**1/4. There was some decent action throughout, but the crowd never seemed to be all that invested into the match. They didn’t really allow some of the bigger spots to have an impact as they just went to the next big spot. If they let some of the moves sit for a bit, it would have had a better outcome for match quality.)

Sean Carr wants a microphone following his victory. Carr puts over Gacy for being a hell of a talent. He thanks Gacy for the match. He says winning the 2CW Heavyweight Championship has met the most to him along with working for the fans. He’ll always try to be the fans fighting champion. The lights go out! It’s Sami Callihan who recently left NXT!

Eighth Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr vs. Sami Callihan: Callihan nails Carr with a big boot for a near fall. Callihan puts the Stretch Muffler on Carr and delivers a series of kick to the head of Carr. The referee calls for the bell and we have a new champion. (That got easily the biggest pop of the night from the crowd. It’s weird that he can just come in and win the title. Sometimes wrestling just doesn’t make much sense.)

Sami Callihan grabs a microphone and says that Carr is a good kid but just at the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s the Death Machine and he’s back. Sami kicks Carr in the head again and plays to the crowd.

Ninth Contest: Rob Cook vs. Super Beast: Honestly, who cares about this stuff? I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but these guys just aren’t very good. Beast wins the match in short order following butt splash in the corner. The referee just waved off the match as if to say Cook couldn’t continue. After the match, Beast says he’s coming for the title.

Tenth Contest: Jason Axe vs. Jay Freddie in a street fight: They waste no time slugging it out at the start of the match. Freddie comes off the ropes and clotheslines Axe several times. Freddie backdrops Axe and plays to the crowd. Freddie takes Axe to the floor with a spear through the ropes. Freddie sends Axe into the guard railing back first. Axe sends Freddie into the guard railing, as well. Freddie takes Axe out with a suicide dive on the floor. Freddie continues to work over Axe with uppercuts and charges towards Axe, but it backdropped into the crowd. They brawl in the crowd with Freddie ramming Axe into the merchandise table. Freddie also hits Freddie with the ring bell and a cup. Freddie whacks Axe over the back with a crutch as they continue to brawl in the front row. Axe rams Freddie into the wall in a death valley driver position and taunts the fans. Axe goes under the ring and finds a kendo stick. Axe works over Freddie with the kendo stick and Freddie has been busted open from hitting the wall. Freddie is able to send Axe into steel chairs. Freddie is bleeding pretty badly. Freddie hip tosses Axe into the empty chairs a second time. Axe tosses Freddie into the empty chairs, too. Axe hits Freddie with a cane a few times. Axe smashes the shin of Freddie with the cane a few times. Axe rubs Freddie’s blood onto his shirt. They get back into the ring to continue the match.

Axe continues to work over Freddie with right hands but Freddie fights back with strikes. Axe plants Freddie with a spine buster for a near fall. Axe tries to send Freddie across the ring but Freddie hangs onto the ropes. Freddie sends Axe into the corner where a chair was and Axe noticeably blades. Freddie dropkicks Axe on the mat and sets a chair up. Freddie drop toe holds Axe face first onto the chair and he’s fired up. Freddie puts Axe in the tree of woe and grabs the chair to put in front of Jason’s face. Freddie dropkicks the chair into the face of Axe. Freddie tries for a suplex but Axe counters with a low blow. Freddie kicks Axe on the apron but gets cuts off on the top turnbuckle. Axe delivers a running knee strike to knock Freddie off the top to the floor. Axe sets up two chairs in the ring but Freddie avoids a death valley driver. Freddie puts Axe on the chairs with a death valley driver, but appeared to over shoot it and Axe didn’t make much contact with the chairs. Freddie dropkicks Axe’s knee and hits a shining wizard sending the chair into Axe’s face. Freddie connects with an elevated swinging neck breaker for a two count. Freddie heads to the top rope missing a diving headbutt. Axe hits fisherman buster but Freddie kicks out at two. Axe goes under the ring and grabs a cinderblock. Axe goes for another fisherman buster but Freddie gets out of it. Axe puts Freddie on the top turnbuckle. Freddie goes for a tornado DDT landing on the cinderblock for a two count. Freddie super kicks Axe after Axe said “come on” suggesting he wanted more. That wins the match for Freddie. (**1/2. Well, it was an entertaining brawl and they used enough weapons to keep me interested. It had an ECW style brawl feel to it and I’m sure others would enjoy it more than I did.)

Jay Freddie grabs a microphone and puts over what he and Jason Axe had done for the past handful of years. Freddie says he respects Jason Axe. Axe notes that he was king of the castle before Freddie came along. Axe takes credit for “making” Freddie and says he’ll never respect Freddie!

Main Event: Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Johnny Mundo: They’ve done nothing and the fans are chanting “this is awesome” which has always annoyed me. They’re actually just stalling for several minutes. Now the fans are just doing chants to be funny. Cross and Mundo do cartwheels while having Gargano’s arms. Gargano shoulder blocks Mundo and they trade rollups. They have a standoff when Gargano has Matt’s boot and Mundo has Gargano’s boot. Gargano gets double teamed by Mundo and Cross in the corner with strikes. Cross and Mundo splash Gargano a few times. Cross turns on Mundo with a clothesline and Garagno sends Mundo to the floor. Gargano rolls on the mat to deliver a kick and a neck breaker. Mundo works over Gargano with strikes in the corner. Cross gets knocked off the apron after trying to get involved. Mundo flapjacks Gargano and connects with a leg drop fora two count. Gargano kicks Mundo on the apron but gets yanked to the floor by Cross. Cross head scissors Mundo after coming off the top rope. Cross puts Mundo on the top turnbuckle but gets cut off by Gargano. Gargano and Cross get punched by Mundo on the middle rope. Mundo gets taken down by Cross with hurricanrana and Mundo lands on Gargano! Cross nearly pins both men. Cross and Mundo punch Gargano and it leads to each man getting punched by their opponents. Well, actually, Mundo doesn’t because he runs into a double super kick. Gargano kicks Cross into a corner and monkey flips Cross. Cross monkey flips Mundo out of the corner.

Gargano kicks Mundo out of the corner and Cross goes to the top but Gargano super kicks Cross on the apron. Gargano spears Mundo from the apron into the ring before taking Cross out with a suicide dive on the floor! Gargano hits Mundo with a slingshot DDT into the ring. Cross kicks Gargano in the corner and splashes Mundo in the corner. Cross nearly pins Garagno with a springboard cross body. Mundo and Gargano decide to work together since their names are Johnny. Cross hits a handspring back elbow on both men for a two count. Gargano and Cross try for slams but they can’t hit it. Mundo springboards off the middle rope to kick Garagno and nearly wins after hitting Cross with a neck breaker. Mundo goes for his finisher but Gargano cuts him off in the corner. Gargano catches Cross in the corner with a German suplex but Cross lands on his feet. Cross hits a standing shooting star press for a two count on Gargano. Cross misses a springboard moonsault. Gargano sends Cross face first into the middle turnbuckle. Mundo hits the Starship Pain to pin Cross. (**. That was a pretty flat triple threat match with three of the best talents in wrestling, at the time. The crowd didn’t seem to care for it. I didn’t really care of it, honestly. A disappointing finish to the show.)

The show isn’t over as Bin Hamin, Pete D. Order and Brute Van Slyke are in the ring for whatever reason. 2CW promoter Josh (formerly known as JD Love) comes out. The fans are chanting that they want Captain. Here comes the Captain to pop the crowd. Nick Ando is out and does his trademark lap around the ring. They are doing Stone Cold’s bit of “what” and “hell yeah”. This is just stupid. Ando, Josh and Mundo take out the heels. Josh hit a stunner on Hamin to a big pop.

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the Callihan surprise appearance and the tag match between the Crist Brothers and the team of Delaney/Cheech, there isn’t much going on here. The big feature matches didn’t deliver much entertainment. There were a few decent matches that started the show, but it’s not a strong show to warrant a viewing.

Thanks for reading.

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