A big update to the blog featuring many independent wrestling show reviews, WWF, WCW, ECW, SMW and OVW!

WWE RAW 5/27/2002
WWE Smackdown 5/30/2002
WWE RAW 6/3/2002
WWE Smackdown 6/6/2002

OVW TV 2/2/2002
OVW TV 2/9/2002
OVW TV 2/16/2002
OVW TV 2/23/2002

WWF House Show 12/26/1987
WWF House Show 11/26/1988
WWF House Show 12/30/1988

WCW Worldwide 3/27/1993

WCW Saturday Night 8/7/1993
WCW Saturday Night 8/14/1993
WCW Saturday Night 8/21/1993
WCW Saturday Night 8/28/1993

WCW Saturday Night 8/6/1994
WCW Saturday Night 8/13/1994
WCW Saturday Night 8/20/1994
WCW Saturday Night 8/27/1994

SMW TV 5/6/1995
SMW TV 5/13/1995
SMW TV 5/20/1995
SMW TV 5/27/1995

WWF Superstars 9/2/1995
WWF Superstars 9/9/1995
WWF Superstars 9/16/1995
WWF Superstars 9/23/1995
WWF Superstars 9/30/1995

ECW Hardcore TV 5/7/1996
ECW Hardcore TV 5/14/1996
ECW Hardcore TV 5/21/1996
ECW Hardcore TV 5/28/1996

WCW Saturday Night 4/3/1999
WCW Saturday Night 4/10/1999
WCW Saturday Night 4/17/1999
WCW Saturday Night 4/24/1999

ECW House Show 11/23/1996
ECW House Show 2/7/1997
ECW House Show 5/31/1997
ECW House Show 11/1/1997
ECW House Show 2/20/1998
ECW House Show 4/4/1998
ECW House Show 10/22/1998

PWF One Year Anniversary Show 4/7/2002
PWF The Last Stampede 5/5/2002
PWF Explosion 1/12/2003
3PW The Future Is Now 4/17/2004
NWA Cyberspace Fatal Attraction 1/8/2005
House of Hardcore III 11/9/2013
2CW Dead On Arrival 11/29/2015
AIW Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal 12/18/2015
NEW Spring Slam Tour: Newburgh 5/26/2017
NEW Under The Stars 8/25/2017
House of Hardcore XXXV 11/18/2017


Check out a new podcast known as ICOPOD! Bob Colling Jr. and Austin Skinner discussing the WWF starting with the first RAW episode in 1993!

About Bob Colling Jr.
29-year old currently living in Syracuse, New York. Longtime fan of the New York Mets, Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Vikings. Looking forward to covering the Syracuse Mets and seeing the future of the Mets franchise locally!

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