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NXT TV 2/28/2018

This week on NXT, Velveteen Dream battles Tyler Bate. Kairi Sane looks to get revenge on Shayna Baszler in the main event.

Date: 2/28/2018
From: Atlanta, GA

Opening Contest: Tyler Bate vs. Velveteen Dream: They trade wrist control early on until Bate counters Dream several times and then sends Dream to the floor causing Dream to freak out on the floor as NXT goes to commercial. Dream comes back in and takes Bate down to the mat for a one count. Bate avoids a vertical suplex by landing on his feet. Dream taunts Bate and crawls out of the ring by sliding out backwards. Dream cuts Bate off with a forearm strike as Tyler came off the ropes. Dream focuses his attack on Bate’s back by connecting with a backbreaker for a two count. Dream continues to beat on Bate with a forearm strike on the mat. Dream scoop slams Bate and comes off the ropes with an elbow drop. Dream keeps Bate on the mat with a chinlock. Dream delivers a few elbow drops to Bate’s lower back. Dream comes off the middle rope with a double axe handle for a two count. Dream goes back to working over Bate with a chinlock. Bate battles back with several strikes and a running boot. Bate uppercuts Bate in the corner and comes off the middle rope with a knee strike. Bate tosses Dream with an exploder suplex for a two count. Bate hits an airplane spin in the middle of the ring until Dream elbows out of the hold. Dream boots Bate in the corner but Bate comes back with a clothesline for a two count.

Dream avoids the Tyler Driver 97 with a backdrop. Bate uppercuts Dream but Dream plants Bate with a spinebuster for a near fall. Dream and Bate begin to trade strikes as they battle from their knees. They return to a standing position with Tyler getting the better of the exchange. Dream collides heads with Bate and they both drop to the mat. Bate dropkicks Dream on the top turnbuckle. Dream fights Bate off the middle rope and crotches Bate over the top rope. Dream hits an elbow drop off the top and wins the match. (**1/2. They got some decent time and it was a fine enough match, but nothing overly great. It’s a good win and keeps Dream having momentum. They made sure to mention Tyler Bate having a losing streak, so I’d assume that will lead to something for Bate. As I’ve said before, Dream is one of my favorites right now.)

Paul Ellering cuts a promo telling us that the Authors of Pain will win the Dusty Classic and then regain their NXT Tag Team Championships.

Earlier this week, William Regal had termination papers for Johnny Gargano to sign. Regal notes that Gargano was dates to finish and that he should be wrapped up in a few weeks. The NXT referee that counted Gargano out after Ciampa interfered, tells him that he’s sorry and shakes Johnny’s hand.

Second Contest: Adam Cole vs. Cezar Bononi: Cole puts over Cezar as being a future star in the business and wants to recruit Cezar to join the Undisputed Era. In quite possibly the most dramatic swerve in the history of wrestling, Cole decks Cezar as he was debating on joining. Cezar has a few moments of control, but this is just a showcase for Cole. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, really. Cole superkicks Cezar and wins the match with a running knee strike to the back of Cezar’s head.

A video package promoting the main event between Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler is aired. I honestly zoned out and then realized it was still playing.

The Street Profits talk about the upcoming Dusty Classic with their Street Talk segment. They pretend to interview random people on the street, but it’s just them playing the role of random guys.

Main Event: Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler: Baszler shoves Sane and is met with several strikes until Baszler shoulder blocks her. Baszler takes Sane down to the mat to control her with a side headlock. Sane sends Baszler chest first into the corner and heads to the top rope. Sane gets a two count with an awkward looking rollup after coming off the ropes. Baszler delivers several kicks and knee strikes for a two count. We go to commercial.

Baszler focuses her attack on Sane’s left arm. Baszler delivers a running high knee and a gut wrench suplex followed by a kick to the back. Sane nearly wins with a rollup and is kicked some more by Baszler. Baszler misses a knee strike in the corner and Sane works over Baszler with strikes in the corner. Sane comes off the ropes with a spear to drop Baszler. Sane gets a second wind and waits for Baszler in the corner to hit a sliding clothesline in the corner. Sane comes off the top to hit a diving attack for a two count. Baszler attempts a suplex but Sane knocks her down with a spinning back fist. Baszler stops Sane on the top and is able to transition into a chokehold for the win. (*1/2. I wasn’t overly interested in it, and I really don’t care for Baszler. It was just a match and a rather weak main event.)

NXT Heavyweight Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega come out to finish the show and they’re out here to brag about Johnny Gargano being 0-4 against Almas. Almas calls Gargano “Johnny Jobless” since Gargano is now out of NXT. Aleister Black comes out and he stares down the champion. Black could be the next challenger. Killian Dain also comes out and that leads to a brawl with Black. Dain actually gets the better of the exchange and leaves Black laying with The Divide. Almas and Vega were just watching them take each other out the whole time. Almas looked a little concerned while Vega was dismissive. Dain ends the show standing over Black.

Final Thoughts:
This may be the first time this year that I felt NXT wasn’t all that entertaining. Dream/Bate was okay, but there isn’t anything that stood out to be this week. I’d imagine the next feud for Almas will be Aleister Black for WrestleMania weekend. I could get behind that. Almas has been really good since I started following NXT. Anyway, I was disappointed with the episode.

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