Xcite Vs. The World 4/29/2018

Xcite Heavyweight Champion Joe Gacy battles Sean Carr. Scott Steiner makes his Xcite debut taking on Axel Lennon. LSG squares off against Slyck Wagner Brown in a best two out of three falls match. Plus, more!

Xcite Wrestling presents Xcite Vs The World
Date: 4/29/2018
From: Binghamton, NY

We get an Xcite Wrestling video package to open the program, but it’s not synched with the stream so you can hear the live crowd and whatnot. Growing pains for production for a small company.

Apparently, Boots and Lariats has a third member to their group and it is a cowboy Garrett Holiday. So, the tag match is now a six man tag match, I think.

Opening Contest: Boots & Lariats (Pat Sawyer, Ray Ross & Garrett Holiday) vs. Killer Instinct (Mike Skyros, Jacoby Riddick & Kevin Cartwright): All six men are brawling to kick off the match and now the commentary guys have an echo. Syros and Kevin dive off the top, though Kevin couldn’t get a good footing so that as mistimed. Riddick takes all three men out with a somersault dive. Holiday clotheslines Kevin in the ring while everyone else is brawling. Holiday takes Kevin over with a swinging neck breaker but Skyros decks him from behind. Holiday is worked over in the corner and sent to the floor. Ross comes in to deliver a spine buster on Skyros followed by a leg drop from Sawyer. Riddick kicks Ross on the side of the head. Riddick continues with a running boot strike in the corner. Riddick continues with a dropkick to a seated Ross. Riddick is on the top rope but is met with a chair shot from Ross, who tossed the chair at Jacoby. Kevin takes Holiday over with a back suplex. Sawyer takes Kevin out with a big boot. Skyros uses a chair on Sawyer but Ross comes back with a Flatliner on Skyros onto the chair. Riddick delivers a stomp on Ross onto the chair. Skyros spikes Ross with a brain buster onto a steel chair! Riddick goes for the cover but Holiday breaks up the cover.

Riddick superkicks Holiday but Holiday drops Riddick over his knee for a near fall. Riddick is by himself with Boots and Lariats. Sawyer big boots Riddick and Ross delivers a lariat. Holiday spikes Riddick with a DDT for the three count. (**3/4. Well, that was actually not a bad start to the match and it was a good idea to just have them fight and not have any actual rules. Holiday looked pretty good in there, too. Last I remember he didn’t look overly great but everyone was entertaining in this match. A good start to the show, I thought.)

Second Contest: Grizzly Rodriguez vs. Amari McKnight vs. Joey Z vs. Lamar Hawkins: These four guys are from the Xcite wrestling school. Joey tries to kick Hawkins and is met with a spine buster for a near fall. Grizzly clotheslines Joey to the floor leaving Hawkins and Grizzly in the ring and they trade strikes. Hawkins runs over Grizzly with a clothesline. Hawkins is dumped to the floor by Amari and Joey. Grizzly is dropkicked to the floor, as well. McKnight almost pins Joey. Joey takes McKnight over with an arm drag and they both go for dropkicks. Grizzly and Hawkins are brawling on the floor. Joey knee strikes McKnight a few times in the corner. Joey has McKnight on the middle rope but Hawkins comes over and powerbombs Joey to the mat leading to a superplex on McKnight. McKnight is sent into Grizzly on the apron and Joey works over Lamar with right hands. Hawkins avoids Joey and he flies to the floor through the middle rope. Hawkins plants McKnight with a swinging side walk slam for the win. (*1/2. I got a vibe here that Hawkins is getting a slow big man push and I think I’m okay with it. It should be interesting to see how he progresses in Xcite. The crowd reacted to him nicely and I’m intrigued to see how he improves on future shows.)

Brute Van Slyke comes out to cut a promo with his manager and new follower. Remember, he is an advocate of Jim Cornette and destroying modern wrestling. Brute was supposed to wrestle Jeff Cobb tonight. Apparently, Cobb ditched the booking and then went to England. (In reality, Xcite allowed Cobb to work a show in England) Van Slyke isn’t going to let people like dick flippers to ruin his sport. The man to answer the open challenge… DJ Hyde. Hyde grabs a microphone and talks about Brute and his beliefs. Hyde says nobody cares about Jim Cornette and there’s only one God here and that’s him. Brute says that Hyde is only as big as he is because he bought a company from John Zandig. Brute also says that Hyde can’t compete with Joey Janela using guys like Glacier. Hyde comes back and says that Janela wouldn’t be where he is because of him. Then, he takes it back saying Janela did it on his own. Hyde wants to know what Brute has done in his career other than holding bags. Brute attacks…

Third Contest: Brute Van Slyke vs. DJ Hyde: Brute forearms Hyde to the floor and they brawl. Brute bites Hyde’s forehead. Brute chokes Hyde with a cane. Hyde has Father Derek and gets whacked over the back with a steel chair. The match officially starts as they enter the ring and Brute gets a near fall. Brute continues to work over Hyde and distracts the referee so that Father Derek could cheap shot DJ. Brute has a head vice on DJ but Hyde comes back with a headbutt. Hyde misses a splash in the corner and Brute clotheslines Hyde. DJ quickly gets up and connects with a spear. Hyde delivers a flurry of strikes in the corner to drop Brute to the mat. Hyde ducks a wild right hand and puts Brute in the tree of woe. Hyde hits a running cannonball splash. Father Derek tries to hit DJ with the book but Hyde blocks it and Derek escapes to the floor. DJ tries to tear the book, but fails and settles for spitting on the book. Derek gets on the apron to distract Hyde. Brute spikes Hyde with a double arm DDT for the win. (*. DJ being the guy to answer the challenge is a weak option. The best thing about this match was the pre-match promo. Aside from that, there isn’t much going on here. I’m not sure why DJ needed a distraction finish.)

Fourth Contest: Xcite Champion Joe Gacy vs. Sean Carr: They spend several minutes playing to the crowd which kind of takes away from their intense feud for me. Gacy acted like he was going to leave because he was getting booed but he comes back to start the bout. They trade right hands until Carr hits a dropkick on a seated Gacy. Carr head scissors Gacy to the floor. Carr takes out Gacy with a suicide dive. They trade shots on the floor. Gacy controls with strikes on the floor. Gacy misses a knee strike and hits the ring steps. Gacy drops Carr with a back suplex onto the apron. Carr comes off the middle rope to deliver a Codebreaker. Carr hammers away on Gacy followed by a spinning heel kick. Carr kicks Gacy off the middle rope. Carr takes Gacy over with a rolling fireman’s carry and a middle rope moonsault for a near fall. Carr waits in the corner for a superkick but Gacy avoids it. Gacy plants Carr with a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Gacy knee strikes Carr for a near fall. Gacy exposes his right knee and nearly hits the referee. Carr misses a superkick and hits the referee. Gacy plants Carr with a Death Valley Driver but the referee isn’t there. Gacy gets the Rings of Saturn locked in on Carr. Carr is able to reach the bottom rope. The fans are heavily invested into this. Carr superkicks Gacy and counters a handspring cutter attempt managing to hit a superkick! Carr has the cover but Gacy has his boot on the bottom rope. The referees are arguing because a fall had been counted. The referee calls for the bell to restart the match.

Carr hammers away on Gacy with right hands. Carr kicks Gacy away in the corner to hit a rolling cutter. Carr comes off the top rope missing a moonsault and Gacy delivers a running knee strike to pin Carr. Remember, it was an exposed knee. (***. A solid match and the crowd was invested in the action. The finish with the referees got over with the crowd, but it seems like Xcite has done this kind of finish before. Gacy as a heel champion is something I can get behind. Carr should continue to chase.) After the match, the referee who counted the three for Carr is trying to explain to him what happened. Carr isn’t happy. Carr ends up delivering a superkick to the referee. Carr helps the referee up and proceeds to deliver a tombstone.

Fifth Contest: Two Bitter Assholes (Rob Cook & Stockade) vs. Simon Loves Dick (Dick Justice & Simon Queen): Justice and Stockade start the match with Justice taking Stockade over with an arm drag. Stockade acts like he’s hurt himself and Justice does the same. Queen and Cook enter the ring to check on their partners. Stockade gets frustrated that Justice mocked him and reveals he’s not hurt. Justice scoop slams Stockade and plays to the crowd. Justice drops Stockade with an elbow strike. Queen drops Stockade with an axe kick and elbow drops Stockade to the floor. Queen knocks Cook off the apron and Stockade catches Cook. Justice pushes Cook down with his foot and Stockade goes down as well. Queen mounts Cook with right hands in the ring. Queen gets tripped by someone from the floor and Cook chokes Queen with a rope from his boot. Stockade slams Queen down to the mat and comes off the ropes with a senton splash. Cook clotheslines Queen for a near fall. Stockade delivers a running boot to drop Queen. Justice gets his gun out and Stockade drops Cook. Stockade runs towards Justice and trips making that look awful. Queen gets beaten in the corner by Cook and Stockade. Cook and Queen collide when they both went for crossbody blocks. Justice hammers away on Cook and Stockade with strikes and they collapse to the mat. Two managers get in the ring and they brawl to the floor. Justice shoulder blocks Stockade. Justice comes off bottom rope missing an elbow drop. Stockade slams Queen and Cook splashes Justice in the corner. Justice tried a slow motion save on Queen and is met with a boot. Cook hits a Codebreaker on Queen for the win. (1/2*. I’m not really sure why this match went so long compared to everything else on the show. Give the time this match got to the first match or something and I would have been happy. This was just bad wrestling.) After the match, Killer Instinct is brawling with Boots & Lariats with a chair being used as well. Jonny Moose leaves the commentary table to make his way out towards the ringside area. Moose gets on the microphone as the brawling tries to be stopped. Moose gets Simon Queen, Ray Ross and Pat Sawyer to the floor. Moose announces that an eight man tag match will be taking place on June 2nd. Stockade has a microphone and wants Moose to get in the ring. Stockade will bring Mikey Whipwreck to June 2nd. I mean, that would be a surprise if they hand’y already announced Whipwreck as appearing on the show.

Sixth Contest: LSG vs. Slyck Wagner Brown in a best two out of three falls match: Slyck attacks LSG during his entrance to get the cheap advantage. Slyck drops LSG gut first over the guard railing. They trade shots on the floor several times. They get into the ring and bell finally sounds. Slyck drops LSG with a back elbow strike. LSG fights back with jabs but an eye rake stops his momentum. LSG hammers away on Slyck with strikes in the corner. Slyck clotheslines LSG and plays to the crowd. Slyck connects with a leg drop for a near fall. Slyck keeps LSG on the mat with a headlock. LSG lands on his feet to counter a back suplex and heads to the middle rope to hit a blockbuster. Slyck kicks LSG from the apron and attempts a slingshot but LSG connects with a clothesline. LSG heads to the top rope but Slyck gets to his feet and crotches LSG. LSG knocks Slyck off the middle rope and looks for a 450 splash but Slyck gets his knees up leading to a near fall. Slyck attempts a powerbomb but LSG head scissors Slyck into the corner. LSG comes off the top and hits the 450 splash for the first fall. LSG: 1 SWB: 0

LSG continues to hammer away on Slyck but a knee lift stops him. LSG clotheslines Slyck to the floor and takes Slyck out with a crossbody. LSG hooks the leg but Slyck kicks out at two. LSG continues to beat on Slyck with overhand strikes. LSG knee strikes Slyck from the apron leading to a near fall. They trade a couple of near falls. Slyck is able to get a rollup and a handful of tights to pin LSG and even the match at one. LSG: 1 SWB: 1

LSG hits a springboard forearm and hammers away on Slyck. LSG takes Brown over with a swinging neckbreaker. LSG leaps off the top to avoid Slyck but is met with a boot. Slyck gets dropkicked while sitting on the top turnbuckle. LSG gets yanked off the middle rope and Slyck delivers a backbreaker followed by a leg lariat. Slyck yanks LSG to hit a powerbomb and wins the match. SWB: 2 LSG 1 (**. As soon as the bell sounded I felt like the match was a disappointment. I’m not sure I understand the booking. Seemed like a good time to give LSG a match since this was base off of respect. There were several dead periods in the match and didn’t have a good flow to it.) After the match, SWB gets a microphone and puts over LSG as they almost always do. Slyck says that Binghamton is the house that he built. SWB leaves the ring so that LSG can get all the respect he deserves. That was a confusing aftermath.

It’s announced that Sean Carr will be wrestling Jack Swagger on June 2nd.

Scott Steiner grabs a microphone and says he’s been coming to Binghamton for a long time whether it was for WCW or WWF. He got pulled over two miles away from Binghamton by a cop. He got a ticket for going 79 in a 55. Steiner realized right there how much he hates Binghamton. Steiner tells the Twitch crowd that the women here in Binghamton are as ugly as they look. He’s going to have to go to Syracuse to find a good woman. He tells someone in the crowd to put a leash on a woman. He’s gonna beat Axel Lennox because the cop gave him a ticket.

Main Event: Scott Steiner vs. Axel Lennox: Steiner takes Lennox down to the mat and controls him with a top wrist lock. Steiner shoulder blocks Lennox and delivers chops in the corner. Steiner bails to the floor when Lennox gets ready to strike. Steiner holds Lennox to allow kids to hit Lennox at ringside! Steiner rams Lennox face first into the post. Steiner continues to work over Lennox with strikes. Steiner low blows Lennox as the referee was out of position. Steiner hits a belly to belly suplex but Lennox powers out at two. Steiner knocks Lennox to the floor and Lennox rams Steiner into the railing and steps. Lennox elbow strikes Steiner on the apron followed by a leg drop. Lennox goes for the cover but Steiner kicks out at tow. Lennox hits a cutter on Steiner but can’t get a three count. Lennox comes off the middle rope but is caught and then tossed with a suplex. Steiner signals that is over now. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner and is forced to submit. It looked like Lennox was going to counter and even made a motion as if he could easily get out, but submitted. (1/2*. The poor finish aside, this was awful and exactly what you’d expect from Scott Steiner. I have literally no idea why Steiner is going over homegrown talent. He’s likely never going to come back and it just makes Lennox look weak. This kind of booking drives me nuts.)

Axel Lennox grabs a microphone and puts over Scott Steiner and that’s it. Really?

Final Thoughts:
The show started at 5pm and it ended by 7pm. Some of the early matches were good, but they were a little too start. I’d consider it a middle of the road show and an easy two hour watch compared to other shows. Carr/Gacy was fun as was the opening six man tag match. I believe you can check out the replay on Twitch.

Thanks for reading.


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