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PWG Time Is A Flat Circle 3/23/2018

Will Ospreay takes on Adam Brooks. Matt Riddle squares off against Zack Sabre Jr. In the main event, PWG World Champion Chuck Taylor defends against Keith Lee. Plus, more!

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Time Is A Flat Circle
Date: 3/23/2018
From: Los Angeles, CA

This is PWG’s first show at the Globe Theatre as the American Legion in Reseda is likely being sold by the summer in 2018. One of the major positives is that this would allow PWG to bring more fans to the shows.

Opening Contest: Rey Horus vs. Joey Janela: They begin the match exchanging chops to start with Janela knocking Horus to the mat. Horus gets a sunset flip but they are moving at a fast pace with neither man getting much consistent offense. They do the constant inside cradle rolling around the ring, which the fans appreciate. There is a standoff after a dropkick/superkick combo attempt. Janela works over Horus with a kick to the midsection, but Horus comes back with a heel kick. Horus comes off the top with a springboard arm drag to send Janela to the floor. Horus attempts a suicide dive but is met with a chair shot by Janela. Janela works over Horus in the corner with chops but Horus comes back with a strike of his own. Horus hits a spinning lariat and an elbow strike. Horus gets a two count after a seated dropkick. Janela sends Horus to the floor and takes him out with a suicide dive. Horus comes off the middle rope with a leg drop. Horus tries for a rolling Destroyer, but they trade seated dropkicks after Janela rolled through the move. Horus tries for a hurricanrana but Janela hangs on only for Horus to get a sunset flip. Janela superkicks a seated Horus to cause both men to lay on the mat.

Janela misses a charge in the corner and hits the middle turnbuckle. Horus delivers a kick from the floor but Janela comes back with a running Death Valley Driver into the corner for a near fall. Horus rolls to the floor to regroup but Janela goes to the apron but is yanked down Horus dropping Joey face first onto the apron. Horus takes Janela out with a dive over the ring post to the floor! Janela sends Horus into the post face first. Janela goes to the top to deliver a double stomp for a near fall. Janela continues to beat on Horus with chops in the corner. Horus sits Janela on the top rope followed by a kick. Horus hits a wheelbarrow slam off the middle rope for a near fall. Horus heads to the top rope but Janela gets up only to be met with a kick from the apron. Horus comes off the top missing a double stomp. Janela superkicks Horus followed by a Package Piledriver for the win. (***. A fine match to start the show and it didn’t feel like they went over the top with the spots. They were able to get the crowd pumped for their action and sets a good tone for the remainder of the event.)

Second Contest: Eli Everfly vs. Jake Atlas vs. Douglas James vs. Brody King: Everfly is pumped up and spits on King, which leads to a boot sending him to the floor. James and Atlas kick King followed by double knee strikes to send him to the floor. James and Atlas are left in the ring where Atlas kicks James followed by a slap for a near fall. James dropkicks Atlas to get control and hits a leaping uppercut in the corner to control Atlas. Atlas kicks James from the apron and hits a head scissors back into the ring. Atlas arm drags James after springing off the top rope. James uppercuts Atlas to avoid a suicide dive and hits a tornado DDT back into the ring from the apron. Atlas kicks James in the corner but James kicks Atlas followed by a Codebreaker off the middle rope. James takes everyone out with a somersault dive over the top rope to the floor! Everfly gets in the ring and tries to trade blows with James, but neither man connects. James forearms Everfly and they proceed to exchange strikes. They have an awkward exchange over overhand chops for a few moments. Everfly comes off the ropes with a head scissors on James.

King enters the match from behind and Everfly is able to avoid a few strikes. Everfly hits a head scissors but King lifts him into the air before delivering an ace crusher for a near fall. Atlas broke up the pin and King proceeds to deck both Atlas and James. King tosses Everfly across the ring and splashes all three men in the corner. King chops all three men dropping them to the mat. King hits a cannonball splash on Atlas in the corner for a near fall. Everfly gets decked by Douglas James with a discus clothesline. Brody decks James with a clothesline of his own. Atlas kicks King off the apron and hits a slingshot hurricanrana on the floor. Everfly awkardly stood on the floor acting like he was going to run and then switched to selling, Atlas misses a moonsault to the floor but gets back into the ring to clothesline James. Atlas drops James to the mat face first but Everfly enters to drop Atlas face first to the mat. Everfly attempts a move on King on the apron, but King counters by dropping Everfly gut first onto the apron!

James and Atlas are on the apron trading strikes. Atlas kicks James before putting him on his shoulders and hits a Death Valley Driver. Everfly leaps off the apron to knee strike James and is elbowed by Atlas. Atlas gets kicked by Everfly and Everfly hits a Spanish Fly off the apron to the floor! Everfly has James on the apron signaling for a Destroyer. James knee lifts Everfly and drops Everfly with a brainbuster uppercut on the apron. King is in the ring and the fans quickly erupt and King takes everyone out with a somersault dive to the floor! King delivers a few strikes on the guys before bringing James into the ring. King takes James out with a crossbody off the ropes for a near fall as Everfly broke up the cover. Atlas was originally rolled into the ring, but he might be hurt. Everfly spikes James with a double underhook piledriver. King headbutts Everfly but Everfly hits a reverse hurricanrana! Everfly goes to the top rope but King gets to his feet and catches a double knee strike delivering a powerbomb. King spikes Everfly with an over the shoulder piledriver for the win. (***1/2. Hell yeah, that was a fun four-way. I’m thrilled with the performances of King and James in the match. Everfly seemed to have a few awkward moments and out of place but the whole match was nicely done. As I was watching the match, I found myself thinking that a feud or title feud between King and James would be really intriguing. James impressed me very much here. If PWG were to steer away from using outside LA guys, they’d be more than fine in maintaining match quality by using wrestlers like the ones involved in this match.)

Third Contest: Bandido & Flamita vs. Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz: Bandido and Xavier kickoff the match with neither man getting a clear advantage in the opening moments. Xavier dropkicks Bandido sending him to the floor. Flamita comes off the top rope hitting a crossbody. Xavier cuts him off with a forearm strike but Flamita delivers a kick from the apron and a slingshot arm drag into the ring. Wentz gets involved hitting a springboard corkscrew crossbody on Flamita. Bandido does a handstand and kicks Wentz to the floor. Xavier superkicks Bandido and that leads to Wentz superkicking Bandido. Wentz and Xavier deliver running uppercuts into opposite corners. Wentz takes Bandido out with a bronco buster. Flamita double stomps Xavier and dropkicks Wentz to the floor after jumping off Bandido’s back! Xavier is met with a double elbow strike and Flamita delivers a dropkick. Xavier is taken out with a standing moonsault and splash. Xavier forearms and kicks both men before tagging in Wentz to continue the strike with kicks. Wentz takes Flamita out with a handspring knee to send him to the floor. Wentz dives over the top dive out onto Flamita. Xavier is met with a kick on the apron from Flamita. Flamita comes off the top to hit a moonsault on Xavier outside the ring.

Xavier takes Flamita and Wentz out with a handspring dive to the floor. Bandido takes Xavier and Wentz out with a corkscrew dive on the outside. Bandido blocks a Codebreaker by Wentz, and Wentz is catapulted by Flamita into Bandido to allow a powerbomb. Flamita comes off Bandido’s shoulders to hit a swanton for a near fall. Flamita heads to the top rope but Wentz avoids a 450 splash. Xavier kicks Flamita in the corner followed by a handspring kick. Bandido takes Xavier down with a crucifix bomb. Wentz comes off the top to plant Bandido with a cutter for a near fall. Bandido and Flamita are kicked a few times until Wentz hits an assisted moonsault onto Bandido for the win. (***. They kept a good pace and the spots that needed to deliver, certainly did. There was nothing of a story and was just guys doing moves. I probably won’t remember anything from this by the time I’m even done typing this sentence.)

Fourth Contest: Will Ospreay vs. Adam Brooks: Early on, they focus on some basic mat wrestling to keep the pace slow and not like the previous matches. Brooks comes off the ropes with a head scissors, but Ospreay handsprings and dropkicks a seated Brooks. Ospreay does a handspring taunt but Brooks rolls back into the ring and stares him down. Brooks eye pokes Ospreay to get the cheap advantage. Brooks fakes a dive and then does a joke attempt of Will’s taunt. Ospreay drops Brooks on the apron face first and follows up with several chops. Ospreay continues to uppercut Adam a few times leading to Brooks being seated in the crowd. Ospreay runs towards Brooks but is met with a Flatliner onto a chair. Ospreay backdrops Brooks into several chairs in the crowd, as well. They return to the ring and Ospreay beats on Adam with more strikes before taking the action the mat again. Ospreay dropkicks Brooks followed by a cartwheel kick. Brooks uses the middle rope to low blow Will on the apron. Brooks plants Will with a DDT over the middle rope for a near fall.

Brooks continues to work over Ospreay with chops in the corner and drops Will over the middle rope. Brooks is met on the middle rope but Brooks traps Ospreay’s head against the top turnbuckle and instead of a kick delivers an eye poke. Ospreay can’t see but delivers a handspring kick to drop Brooks to the mat. Ospreay stops Brooks with a jaw breaker and forearm strike in the corner. Brooks is met with a kick in the corner and Ospreay delivers the 310 to send Brooks to the floor. Ospreay hits a springboard twisting dive to the floor onto Brooks. Brooks gets his head trapped against the turnbuckle and is kicked by Will followed by a reverse DDT for a near fall. Ospreay attempts a powerbomb but Brooks gets out of it and kicks Ospreay to the floor. Brooks takes Ospreay out with a twisting dive over the top to the floor. Brooks hits a DDT from the apron into the ring for a near fall. Brooks heads to the top rope but Ospreay stops Brooks with a strike.

Ospreay bitten by Brooks and drops to the mat but delivers an up kick to stop Brooks. Brooks leaps off the middle rope to drive Ospreay down to the mat face first. Brooks is chopped over the ropes into the ring from the apron. Ospreay hits a springboard clothesline and a standing shooting star press for a near fall. They trade several kicks and then counter holds. Ospreay hook kicks and a German but Brooks sends Ospreay into the corner with a dropkick. Ospreay fights back with a vertical suplex turned into a stunner. That was an intense exchange. They get to their knees and begin to trade strikes. Ospreay stops Brooks with a corkscrew kick but Books trips Ospreay on a springboard attempt. Will plants Brooks with a powerbomb moments later. Ospreay heads to the top rope but Ospreay sends the referee into the ropes to crotch Ospreay.

Brooks staggers to his feet and hits a top rope hurricanrana for a two count. Brooks plants Ospreay with a tornado DDT and Will goes to the apron. Brooks hits a Destroyer on the apron! Brooks goes to the top rope and delivers a double knee to drive Ospreay down to the mat face first and Brooks only manages a two count. Brooks dropkicks Will in the corner but Ospreay comes back with a standing Spanish Fly and a springboard cutter but Brooks kicks out at two. Ospreay clotheslines Brooks against the ropes a few times. Brooks is able to counter a lariat with a Destroyer and a running knee strike for a near fall. Brooks has grabbed a steel chair from the floor out of frustration. Brooks argues with the referee and low blows Ospreay while the referee was out of position. Brooks hits a swanton off the top but still can’t win the match. Brooks comes off the ropes to deliver a running knee strike to the back of Will’s head for a near fall. Ospreay counters a lariat with one of his own and an elbow strike. Will comes off the top with a springboard cutter for the win. (****. The action was insane here and was constant spots and very enjoyable. They killed a few moves with the constant near falls, and it was kind of confusing to do so considering there’s nothing at stake. Regardless, easily the best match on the show to this point.)

Fifth Contest: Jeff Cobb vs. Jonah Rock: Rock backs Cobb into a corner and doesn’t deliver a back elbow, though he thought about it. They collide shoulders but neither man budges. They proceed to do several shoulder blocks until Cobb delivers a dropkick. Rock comes back quickly with a leaping crossbody. Rock keeps control by sending Cobb hard back first into the corner. Rock takes Cobb down to the mat and delivers a cannonball senton to a seated Cobb in the middle of the ring. Cobb comes off the ropes with a diving uppercut and follows up with strikes in the corner. Cobb decks Rock with a bicycle kick to drop Rock in the corner. Cobb continues with a leaping uppercut in the corner and picks Rock up for an overhead suplex. That looked way too easy and Cobb gets a two count. Jonah comes off the ropes with a forearm strike to get control. Rock works over Cobb with an overhand strike in the corner. Cobb boots Rock in the corner but Rock nails Cobb with another kick on the top turnbuckle. Rock hooks Cobb and hits a superplex and they both remain laid out in the middle of the ring.

They slowly get to their feet trading forearm strikes. They then proceed to trade headbutts in the middle of the ring. Eventually, Cobb is able to take Rock over with a German suplex but Rock gets up and clotheslines Cobb. Cobb delivers another German but Rock rolls through. Cobb hits another German suplex to toss Rock across the ring. Rock turns Cobb inside out with a lariat. Rock goes to the top rope missing a moonsault! Cobb signals for the People’s Moonsault and executes the move. Cobb misses another splash and Rock nearly wins following a standing senton. Cobb dropkicks Rock on the top rope to stop his momentum. Rock knocks Cobb off the middle rope and catches Rock in midair to deliver a running powerslam for a near fall. Rock avoids Tour of the Islands and hits a German suplex. Rock continues with a lariat and a brainbuster. Rock heads to the top rope hitting a frog splash for the win. (***1/2. By the sounds of things, not many people actually thought that Jonah was going to win. I thought this was one of the better big man matches I’ve seen in a long time. Rock was impressive and I’m glad PWG has been bringing Rock and Brooks into the company.)

Sixth Contest: Matt Riddle vs. Zack Sabre Jr.: Early on, Sabre and Riddle grapple on the mat as expected. They break apart and have a standoff. Sabre controls Riddle on the mat but isn’t able to get a submission or pin. Riddle counters and gets a cross armbar locked in only for Sabre to quickly reach the ropes. Riddle goes to the ropes to break a knee bar. Riddle tosses Sabre across the ring with an overhead suplex toss. Sabre tries for a choke but gets tossed over by Riddle again. Riddle delivers a leaping forearm strike in the corner and a senton for a one count. Sabre avoids a senton and gets a cross armbar locked in but Riddle breaks free and puts the same hold on. They counter ankle lock attempts with Sabre controlling Riddle in the middle of the ring. Ridde knee strikes Sabre a few times and they miss a few kicks until Sabre leg sweeps Riddle. Sabre uppercuts Riddle and delivers a tornado DDT out of the corner. Sabre locks in modified STF using his legs to fold Riddle’s arms behind him. Riddle is able to wiggle to the ropes and bites the ropes to break the hold. Sabre continues to beat on Riddle with strikes to keep him on the mat. Riddle delivers the Bro To Sleep and a German suplex for a near fall.

Sabre comes back with a German suplex and Riddle controls the arm. Sabre breaks free and puts a choke hold on Riddle for a few moments. Riddle nearly wins the match after tossing Sabre to the mat. Sabre controls Riddle with an abdominal stretch. Riddle counters a dragon sleeper and is able to spike Sabre with a tombstone piledriver for a near fall. Riddle kicks Sabre on the chest for a near fall. Sabre counters a kick attempt by getting an ankle lock on Riddle and is twisting Riddle’s toes. Riddle breaks free from the move with an overhand chop. Sabre stops Riddle with a Pele Kick and Riddle takes Sabre over with a German suplex. Sabre tries for a triangle choke but Riddle gets out of the hold and they trade chops in the middle of the ring. Riddle powerbombs Sabre followed by a knee strike to the face for a near fall. Sabre delivers a kick but Riddle gets up quickly and Riddle is able to counter a rollup with a sleeper hold. Sabre counters with a bridging rollup for the win. (***1/2. Another enjoyable encounter between these two as their styles meshed very well. Riddle and Sabre have become two of my favorite guys to watch on the independents.)

Main Event: PWG World Champion Chuck Taylor vs. Keith Lee: Taylor bails to the floor after being shoved by Lee in the corner. Taylor gets a microphone and asks why the fans are booing him. Taylor comes back in and bails again after a shoulder block. Taylor is pissed that Lee is considered an underdog and voices that on the microphone. Taylor chops Lee a few times but is dropped to the mat following an overhand chop. Taylor notes that Lee is going to WWE and doesn’t understand why the fans are cheering for Lee. Lee elbows Taylor on the floor and drives him face first onto the ring apron. Taylor hits Lee with a microphone and then chokes Lee and yells in the microphone that he’s going to kill him. Lee breaks free and continues to beat on Taylor. They brawl into the crowd, but the camera isn’t helping to see what’s happening. Taylor is on the bar and goes for a crossbody, but is caught by Lee. Lee has Taylor over his shoulder but Taylor wiggles free and sends Lee into the ring post. Taylor works over Lee with several overhand strikes. Taylor continues to work over Lee in the corner with strikes and kicks.

Lee fights back with a vertical suplex to drive Taylor down to the mat. Taylor continues to punch Lee, but Lee isn’t bothered by them. Lee staggers Taylor with several strikes but Taylor stops him with a Flatliner for a two count. Taylor beats on Lee with more strikes to the midsection. Lee comes back with an overhand chop to drop Taylor to his knees. Taylor forearms Lee but Lee plants Taylor with a powerslam for a two count. Lee tosses Taylor across the ring and plays to the crowd getting momentum on his side. Taylor elbows Lee in the corner followed by a boot and Taylor hits a middle rope dropkick. Lee only staggers and Taylor delivers Soul Food. Lee plants Taylor with a spine buster for a near fall. Lee goes to the middle rope but misses a moonsault. Taylor plants Lee with a tornado DDT and Taylor heads to the top rope hitting a double stomp for a two count. Chuck goes back to the top rope and hits a swanton for a near fall. Taylor quickly goes back to the top rope to deliver a double stomp to Lee’s back for a near fall.

Taylor goes for the Awful Waffle but settles for a piledriver attempt. Lee overpowers Taylor and drops him gut first to the mat. Lee delivers a splash in the corner. Taylor avoids a chop and is met with a forearm strike. Taylor is staggered by a forearm strike. Taylor charges but is lifted into the air followed by an elbow strike. Lee shoulder blocks Taylor into the corner. Taylor gets an inside cradle on Lee for a two count. Lee hits the Spirit Bomb for a two count! Lee goes to the top rope but Taylor gets up and crotches Lee on the top turnbuckle. Taylor hits the Awful Waffle in the corner but Lee kicks out at two! Taylor decides to go to the corner and grabs the PWG World Championship. Taylor wants to use it but the referee is in his way. Taylor puts the title down and nearly pins Lee with a rollup. Taylor knee strikes Lee in the corner and waits in the corner. Lee plants Taylor with a Spirit Bomb followed by the Jackhammer for the clean win! (**1/2. It’s not a bad match, but compared to everything on the show it doesn’t come close to the match quality by comparison. The following statement will sound like an insult, but I really don’t want it to. The main event felt like something you’d see in WCW, comparing it to the lower level matches. It just felt like a TV main event or something along those lines. I might not be expressing that well enough. Again, it’s an enjoyable match and it didn’t drag along. What they decided to do compared to the other matches, it just didn’t have a chance to be overly impressive.) After the match, Taylor grabs the microphone and says, “Keith Lee, I hope you will be the champion that I wasn’t.” Taylor rolls to the floor and leaves.

Keith Lee grabs the microphone and stands in the middle of the ring saying that he’s not crying, but rather the audience is. Lee notes is history in the PWG ring and says it is his one year anniversary. Winning the championship means a lot to him. Lee dreamt for ten years in Texas to be in this spot. He is thankful to be competing in a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla ring. He says that the fans had his back since day one. Lee says that there are people who don’t appreciate him and what he does. It looks like he was ripping on one fan for something they said. Lee credits Taylor for not hitting him with the championship when he could. He thanks the fans for supporting them.

Final Thoughts:
The run-time for the show is barely over 2 hours. That being said, these shows are really exhausting. They have great matches and it is seemingly one right after the other. It’s in no way a complaint, just prepare to be exhausted. Recommended show.

Thanks for reading.

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