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AAW 14th Anniversary Show 3/16/2018

Eddie Kingston battles Sami Callihan in a singles match. Teddy Hart teams up with Joey Janela to take on Dave & Jake Crist. Keith Lee squares off against Moose. In the main event, AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH teams with the legendary Jushin Liger to battle David Starr & AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee.

AAW presents EPIC: 14th Anniversary Show
Date: 3/16/2018
From: Merrionette Park, IL

I like the venue for this show as it gives AAW a bigger feel to it. That probably works very well considering this is their anniversary show and there are many big names on it.

Tyler Volz and Marty DeRosa are in the ring to hype up the crowd and this being their fourteenth anniversary show. AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH gets kind of a mixed reaction when his tag match with Jushin Liger is mentioned in the opening.

Opening Contest: Hakim Zane vs. Ace Romero: Zane wastes no time hammering away on Romero in the corner and delivers a few running kicks. Romero comes back with a dropkick of his own. Romero continues to work over Zane with chops in the corner. Romero overhand chops Zane and they trade a couple of strikes. Zane gets on Romero’s back to deliver a few elbow strikes. Zane trips Romero in the corner and delivers a cannonball splash. Zane splashes Romero and delivers a knee strike to stagger Romero. Ace plants Zane with a tilt a whirl side slam. Romero jabs Zane several times but is stopped by a throat thrust. Romero takes Zane down with a crossbody for a two count. Zane takes Romero down with a head scissors and locks in a crossface. Romero gets up to his feet but Zane plants Romero with a DDT. Zane comes off the ropes and attempts a suicide dive but Romero catches him with a swinging side slam on the floor! Romero comes off the ropes to deliver a clothesline and wins the match. (***. A rather quick match, but solid enough to kick off the event. Some constant action and Romero continues to get over with the crowd with momentum.)

Backstage, Marty DeRosa interviews DJ Z regarding his match with Myron Reed. Z is kind of bummed about being a former Heritage Champion. Z was injured for two months and can’t be expected to just win over Trevor Lee. Z knows that everyone thinks he is injury prone. It’s going to take an army to murder him and he’ll still kick out at two. He may not be 100% but he’ll still kick Myron Reed’s ass.

Second Contest: The Air Buds (Stephen Wolf & Trey Miguel) vs. Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz: Wentz and Miguel kick off the tag match and they do the usual aerial moves to avoid each other. Wentz takes Miguel out with a springboard spinning crossbody. Wolf tags in and misses a kick on Wentz. Wentz monkey flips Wolf out of the corner, but Wolf comes back with a slingblade. Xavier enters the match and counters some holds with Wolf leading to a standoff. Xavier kicks Wolf a few times followed by a dropkick. Miguel enters the match and comes off the ropes with a hurricanrana. Miguel head scissors Xavier to the apron and kicks Xavier to the floor. Miguel gets met with a palm strike from Wentz, who then hits a Codebreaker into the ring for a near fall. Wentz forearms Wolf off the apron and chops Miguel against the ropes. Miguel gets taken down with a double drop toe hold. Xavier and Wentz hit standing moonsaults for a two count. Wentz keeps control on Miguel on the mat with a front chancery but isn’t able to get a submission. Wentz forearms Miguel but Miguel comes back with a neckbreaker.

Xavier and Wolf get tags with Wolf dropkicking Wentz on the floor. Wolf puts Xavier over the middle rope to hit a 619 and kicks Wentz from the apron. Wolf hits a crossbody on Xavier but doesn’t go for a cover. Xavier rolls to the floor and Wolf takes Xavier out with a crossbody. Wentz delivers a savant kick on the floor and takes Wolf out with a somersault dive! Miguel springboards off the middle rope to take Wentz out with a dive, too! Miguel goes to the top and delivers a double knee strike to Xavier for a two count. Xavier is met with stereo kicks and Wentz comes in to deliver knee strikes on both Miguel and Wolf. Wentz knee strikes Wolf and Xavier delivers a blow before Wentz gets a two count with a running dropkick. Wolf avoids a standing moonsault from Wentz. They begin to sequence of fast strikes with Xavier hitting a handspring kick on Wolf causing all four men to be laid out. Air Buds avoid a slingshot double stomp. Xavier is kicked and met with a roll of the dice for a near fall. Air Buds miss a double team spot. Wentz splashes both men in the corner followed by a double stomp on Miguel for a near fall. Wentz hits a push moonsault for the win. (***. If you like fast highspots then you’d like this match. They all worked well and it’s an enjoyable bout. There’s no story to it and it’s just four guys displaying their abilities.)

Backstage, Marty DeRosa interviews AAW Tag Team Champions Besties In The World, Colt Cabana and Scarlett. Cabana is standing on a couch and wants to be addressed as a big enforcer. They’ll be in six man tag action later tonight. It’s mentioned that Scarlett knows Conor Braxton pretty well. Fitchett mentions that Scarlett was banging Conor Braxton and that leads to some high school chatter. Davey Vega says they have the advantage tonight. They are all doing a blow job motion with their hands and its kind of funny.

Third Contest: DJ Z vs. Myron Reed: Early on, they keep a slow pace to the match with mat wrestling and Z plays to the crowd. Reed does the same thing and taunts but doesn’t get the horn that Z gets. Z regains control with several strikes and dumps Reed to the apron. Reed sunset flips into the ring and dropkicks Z to the floor. Reed goes to the apron and boots Z but gets yanked down to the apron. Z elbows Reed and delivers an overhand strike. Reed sends Z into the guard railing back first but gets backdropped into the crowd. Reed hits a springboard somersault off the railing onto Z on the floor. Reed rolls Z into the ring and goes to the apron and knee strikes Z. Reed gets dropped over the top rope and Z plays to the crowd, but is booed. Z clotheslines Reed in the corner and controls Reed with wrist control. Z and Reed begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Z puts a head scissors on Reed and then switches to an Indian death lock and gets the horn. Reed stops Z on the mat and punches Z to break free from the hold. Z elbows Reed but Reed gets a two count with a rollup. Reed forearms Z a few times until Z hits a reverse hurricanrana!

Z tries a rolling DDT but Reed stops him with a standing Spanish Fly. They get up and begin to trade strikes. Reed slides to the floor and returns to deliver a knee strike. Z elbows Reed but misses a springboard moonsault. Reed hits a springboard uppercut for a two count. Z delivers a jawbreaker but Reed stops Z with a stunner. Z stumbles to the stage to the left of the ring. Reed jumps over the top and plants Z with a cutter on the stage!

Z rolls into the ring and Reed heads to the top attempting a somersault but Z catches him in midair with a sit down powerbomb! Z gets shoved away and Reed gets the surprise win with a rollup! (***. Another really solid match with some good highspots to keep your interest. It does annoy me that Reed briefly sold the knee work from Z. Regardless of that, they did very well in there and Reed appears to be another guy that AAW is going to invest in.)

Backstage, AAW Women’s Champion Jessicka Havok cuts a promo about defending her title for the fourth time. She has Hudson Envy tonight. She has had her eye on Envy. She knows what Envy is capable of and knows it will be a fight. Havok will prove that she is women’s wrestling. She insists that the championship means everything to her and she can’t wait for her next victim.

Fourth Contest: Colt Cabana & AAW Tag Team Champions The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. Connor Braxton, Curt Stallion & Jake Something: Something works over Vega to start the bout with stomps in the corner. Vega gets out of the ring and tags in Cabana. Cabana comes off the ropes with a few shoulder blocks but Something doesn’t budge. Cabana stops Something for a wrist lock. Cabana boots Something in the corner and gets a rollup for a near fall. Stallion gets into the match to try his luck with Cabana and stumbles away to avoid an elbow strike from Cabana. Stallion avoids another elbow and drops Colt face first into the corner before trying for Colt’s diving rollup, but Colt avoids it. Cabana works over Stallion with chops in the corner. Braxton tags in and gets chopped by Colt. Vega gets tagged in and hammers away on Braxton several times. Braxton gets worked over with a Flatliner and a standing moonsault from Fitchett. Fitchett continues his offense with a dropkick on Braxton. Fitchett nearly wins with a hurricanrana on Braxton. Stallion double stomps Fitchett for a two count.

Stallion takes Fitchett over with a snap suplex and a knee drop. Stallion continues to stomp on Fitchett after striking Cabana on the apron. Something drives Fitchett down with a backbreaker for a two count. Something decks Fitchett with a right hand. Braxton sends Fitchett hard back first into the corner for a near fall. Something tags into the match and works over Fitchet with a strike to the ribs. Fitchett delivers a kick and tags in Cabana, which bothers Vega. Cabana jabs Braxton a few times and elbow strikes Braxton. Something misses a clothesline and Cabana takes both Braxton and Something out with a springboard moonsault. Cabana tries for a back splash but Something catches Colt. Braxton hits the flying asshole on Something on accident. Cabana head scissors Braxton to the floor and Vega tags himself into the match. Stallion misses a clothesline and Vega connects with a kick. Vega kicks Stallion after a sunset flip but only gets a two count on the cover attempt. Vega kicks Something but Something sends Vega into Fitchett in the corner. Something attempted a slam but Cabana delivers an elbow from the apron. That leads to everyone delivering quick shots with Stallion knocking Fitchett down with a headbutt. Stallion takes everyone out with a twisting dive over the top to the floor.

Stallion goes to the top rope but Vega tosses him with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Scarlett gets involved coming off the top to hit a Doomsday Device on Stallion and the crowd loves that. Braxton grabs Scarlett but is kicked by Vega. Something plants Vega with a Black Hole Slam and Stallion pins Vega! (**1/2. A decent six man tag match and the victory likely sets up a tag match between the Besties and the duo of Stallion and Something. I’ve been getting a feeling that Stallion and Something will be the next tag team champions. I can’t say I hate the idea.)

Backstage, Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier are happy to be back. They did lose the tag titles and lost to Strickland and Lee. However, tonight they won the match and they are coming back for the titles. Wentz wants to win all the titles. They might need someone else to hangout with them if they acquire all the gold.

Fifth Contest: AAW Women’s Champion Jessicka Havok vs. Hudson Envy: I couldn’t tell you if I’ve ever watched Envy in action. This is her AAW debut. They have a standoff before trading forearm strikes. It feels like they are trying to make this come across like a big deal, but I’m not buying into that. Havok cuts off Envy with a kick in the corner. Envy avoids a clothesline and superkicks Havok. Envy dropkicks Havok and comes off the ropes with a knee strike for a two count. Havok comes back with a few short arm elbow strikes. Envy avoids a clothesline and forearms Havok followed by a rolling kick to send the champ to the floor. Envy comes off the apron looking for a penalty kick but Havok counters to drop Envy over the apron face first. Havok continues sending Envy into the railing. Envy drives Havok into a wooden pole on the floor followed by kicks. Envy misses a running knee and collides with the wooden pole. Havok misses a leg drop in the ring and Envy delivers a kick. Envy continues with a double knee strike, and is not selling the knee. Envy connects with knee lifts, but Havok counters a suplex. Envy avoids a clothesline but Havok picks her up to hit the tombstone for the win. (*1/2. The match made zero sense to me. Envy hits the wooden pole with her knee and proceeds to essentially no sells the spot and uses her knees for a good portion of her offense. Stuff like that bugs me. I’m not sure who will be considered a threat to Havok’s title.)

Backstage, Keith Lee is interviewed. Lee corrects Sarah saying that he is limitless. Sarah says she’s impressed to be standing with a guy like Lee. Lee puts over himself and his opponent, Moose. Moose enters the scene and says tonight will be epic. Moose calls himself the cream of the crop. Moose believes everyone will be chanting his name. Lee doesn’t like that.

David Starr comes out before the next match and demands Eddie Kingston come out to the correct music and wear the WRSTLING t-shirt. Kingston, who has his career owned by Starr, follows the direction.

Sixth Contest: Eddie Kingston vs. Sami Callihan: Sami flips off Kingston and they begin to trade forearm strikes in the middle of the ring. Neither man is backing down as they are firing away on each other. Kingston knocks Sami to the floor with a discus forearm followed by a suicide dive! Kingston sends Callihan into the post face first. Callihan comes off the apron with a kick to stagger Kingston. Sami looks under the ring a few times to find a weapon but settles on a chair from a fan to jab Kingston with it. Kingston drives Sami face first onto the apron and taunts Sami calling him unprofessional. They begin to trade slaps on the apron but Kingston spikes Sami with a reverse DDT on the apron. Kingston grabs a kendo stick from under the ring as Callihan has rolled back into the ring. Sami decides to bail to the floor when Kingston returns to the ring. Sami goes under the ring and there’s a box where he has a metal baseball bat. Kingston whacks Sami a few times with a kendo stick to get control and rolls to the floor. Eddie goes under the ring and tosses a few chairs into the ring.

Kingston puts a chair on Sami’s chest and picks up the baseball bat. Sami smashes Kingston with the chair and whacks Kingston with a kendo stick on the legs. Callihan whacks Kingston over the head with a kendo stick shot. Sami and Kingston fight over the kendo stick until Kingston breaks the stick over his knee. Kingston drives Sami down with an STO. Sami drops Kingston over the chair with a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Sami sets two chairs up and looks for a piledriver but Kingston counters and ends up powerbombing Sami onto the chairs for a two count. Kingston is met with a baseball bat shot and Sami wins following a double under hook shoulder breaker. After the match, Sami attempts to smash Kingston with a baseball bat similar to what he did to Edwards. Kingston rolls to the floor and taunts Sami calling him a twat. (**1/2. A better Kingston match than I’ve been seeing in recent years. Kingston’s run with WRSTLING has been fairly decent and seems to have lit a fire under him. This was a fine brawl.)

Backstage, Curt Stallion and Jake Something are interviewed regarding their tag title shot on March 31st. Stallion doesn’t like being stuck in a closet to cut a promo. They are confident that they’ll have the same result as today. Stallion says they have an edge, which the Besties don’t. Stallion cuts a promo on Scarlett smelling and nice and it is good that she showers. Stallion proclaims they are coming for the tag team championships.

Prior to the next match, fans toss toilet paper into the ring to piss off MJF. MJF cuts his usual promo calling the fans deaf, dumb, stupid and poor. MJF says that the fans cheer for Paco because he reminds them of themselves. MJF puts down Paco for his lack of talent and thinks the fans are jealous of him. MJF hands Paco a $20 in Canadian and says Paco just has to leave the ring when the bell rings.

Seventh Contest: MJF vs. Paco: The bell rings and Paco throws the money back at MJF. Paco nearly wins with a rollup. Paco beats on MJF with chops and a head scissors. Paco hits a middle rope crossbody for a near fall. MJF pulls the referee in front of him and then slams Paco into the corner to keep the advantage. MJF stomps on Paco’s left arm followed by an arm lock. Paco kicks MJF in the corner and comes off the rope with a forearm strike. MJF stops Paco with an eye poke and is met with a superkick. Paco goes to the top but MJF shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch Paco. Paco punches MJF on the middle rope and hits a middle rope Code Red for a near fall. MJF bails to the floor and Paco misses a slingshot crossbody hitting the floor. MJF spikes Paco with a Package Piledriver on the floor and gets the win in the ring! (**. It went less than four minutes, but I thought it did a fine job of putting over MJF with a clean victory and protecting Paco with a big move on the floor finishing him off after a failed risk.) After the match, MJF claims he is the future of the company. He is the biggest, baddest man in the company. That brings out Ace Romero, whom MJF has been having issues with everywhere. MJF begs off and wants everyone to relax. MJF wants to leave because they are cool. He decides to then spit on Romero and is slapped. Romero tosses MJF into the ropes and MJF drops to the mat. Romero hits a Canadian Destroyer and MJF falls to the floor. Romero comes off the ropes and looks for a dive but MJF bails to the stage and gets away.

Backstage, AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee and David Starr are interviewed regarding their tag match later tonight against Jushin Liger and AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH. Lee says tonight is a special night. Lee acts like Steve Austin because it is 3/16. Lee was ten years old when the company started, just learning to wipe his butt. Lee thinks the fans should be marking out like crazy that he’s champion. Starr says that Liger is desperate for headlines and that’s why he’s getting in the ring with them. Lee thinks that if Starr pins ACH that he’d be the number one contender. Starr says they are going to remove Liger’s mask tonight. Starr is going to follow the rules because that is what wrestlers do. So, they will rip off Liger’s mask.

Eighth Contest: Teddy Hart & Joey Janela vs. OI4K (Dave & Jake Crist): Jake and Dave hit dives to the floor onto Hart and Janela for the early advantage. Janela comes off the ropes to hit a suicide dives onto the Crist Brothers. Hart hits a top rope moonsault to the floor. Janela and Jake trade chops on the floor. Jake crotches Janela over the barrier and kicks Joey into the crowd. Hart hits a snap suplex on Dave on the floor. Janela superkicks Jake against the railing and Hart delivers a kick. Hart hits a piledriver/DDT on the Crist Brothers from the apron into the ring. Hart hits a split legged moonsault on Dave for a near fall. Jake elbows Janela and Hart hits a nice Code Red out of the corner. Janela plants Jake with a Package Piledriver and Hart spikes Jake with a double knee backbreaker. Dave stops Janela with a jaw breaker and tosses Hart with an overhead suplex. Dave spikes Janela with a spinning Flatliner for a two count. Janela is slammed to the mat and sent hard into the corner. Jake delivers a kick and a superkick to Janela. Dave puts Janela on the top turnbuckle. Dave hits a superplex and Jake plants Joey with a sit down powerbomb in midair for a two count.

Jake kicks Hart on the top turnbuckle but Hart hits a blockbuster on Dave leading to a near fall. Hart with a Destroyer on Jake from the top and has him on his shoulders to hit a backstabber and Janela comes off the top with a double stomp for a two count. Janela takes Dave out with a suicide dive. Hart goes to the top rope with help from Janela but Jake comes off the top to kind of hit a cutter for a near fall. Janela sends Dave into the crowd while brawling with Jake on the floor. Janela sends Jake over the railing into the crowd. Janela takes both Dave and Jake out with a somersault dive into the crowd. Teddy has been brought backstage seemingly due to an ankle injury, at least that’s what the announcers say. They are brawling in the crowd but the cameras miss most of what was going on. Teddy is actually on the balcony and takes everyone out with a moonsault in the crowd. I wasn’t expecting that, nice job commentary guys.

Janela is in the ring trying to fight out of a tombstone but he suffers that and a double stomp but out comes David Starr to breakup the pin. Starr attacks the Crist Brothers but gets superkicked by Jake. Janela almost pins Jake with an inside cradle. Janela is met with a double knee from Dave over Jake’s knees for a two count. Jake kicks Hart off the apron onto the stage. Crist Brothers deliver a double stomp/tombstone combo for the three count. (***. A solid enough tag match that didn’t have any real structure or anything. The interaction with Starr continues that feud with WRSTLING, as well. I think the Crist Brothers are finally growing on me as a tag team.)

Backstage, AAW Women’s Champion Jessica Havoc cuts a promo about her victory. She credits Envy for showing her worth. She’ll be wrestling Ivelisse, who was in the finals to for the women’s championship. Havoc knows that she’s tough. They will meet on March 31st. She’s confident that her reign will continue.

Ninth Contest: Moose vs. Keith Lee: They have a standoff at the start of the match doing their respected taunts. They charge at each other for shoulder blocks but neither man budges. Moose chops Lee a few times but has no impact. Lee misses a standing spin kick and does an awkward looking head scissors. Moose kips up and they get a standing ovation. They begin to trade chops in the middle of the ring. Lee fires away on Moose with chops. Lee boots Moose in the corner but Moose dropkicks Lee off the top turnbuckle to the floor. They are on the floor where Moose sends Lee into the guard railing. Moose delivers a running bicycle kick to keep control on Lee. Lee backdrops Moose over the railing into the crowd and lands on a few chairs. Lee grabs Moose and delivers a forearm strike. Lee tosses Moose over the railing flying into the crowd. They roll back into the ring to continue the action.

Moose counters a hip toss out of the corner with chops but Lee comes back with a running Pounce! Lee is able to toss Moose out of the corner. Moose is welcoming more strikes from Lee on the mat. Lee continues to strike Moose but Moose comes back with a headbutt. Moose comes off the ropes with a dropkick in the corner. Moose hits a delayed dropkick in the corner. Lee elbows Moose in the corner but Moose grabs Lee off the middle rope for a sit out chokeslam for a two count. Lee plants Moose with a spine buster for a two count. They both get to their feet and begin to trade forearm strikes. Moose takes his glove off to chop Lee several times and kicks Lee. Moose decks Lee with a discus clothesline. Lee delivers another Pounce! Both men are laid out on the mat trying to recover from the action.

Moose forearms Lee several times followed by an uppercut. Lee catches Moose coming off the ropes and hits the Spirit Bomb, but Moose kicks out at one. Lee hits a running lariat followed by a fireman carry jackhammer for the win. (**1/2. It was an okay match between these two. I noticed the crowd was really into the action, so I might not have been connected to the action as most of the audience live. It’s not a bad match, but compared to other things on the show, it wasn’t as entertaining. If this match is on a lesser independent show, it probably comes across better.)

Backstage, Penelope is giving Davey Vega a massage and Mat Fitchett tosses handcuffs away. He says that Penelope is a banana laffy taffy and hates her. Vega needs them to be a unit for him. They both say they’d do anything for Vega. Vega talks about Something and Stallion bum rushing them recently. They always end up on top.

Trevor Lee gets on a microphone and says he’s not happy about the lack of reaction he got when he came out. He thinks he should have a bigger pop. Lee says that he is a superstar and Starr doesn’t know if Liger is understanding what Lee is saying. Lee says that Liger’s name in AAW means shit. Liger should be honored to be in the same ring as them. Lee says that Liger’s biggest accomplishment will be when he lays down and is beaten by Lee. Lee suggests that Liger just lay down and get the pin fall. Liger cuts Lee off with a stunner as Lee was talking about Steve Austin. ACH chimes in saying, “That’s the bottom line because Liger said so.”

Main Event: AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH & Jushin Liger vs. WRSTLING (David Starr & AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee): Liger takes Starr down to the mat putting a surfboard on Starr for a few moments. ACH gets tagged in and twists Starr’s nipples. ACH holds onto the ropes and Starr flips him off. ACH dropkicks Starr and Liger baseball slides Starr into the guard railing. Liger continues to beat on Lee with forearm and elbow strikes. Lee forearms Liger from the apron allowing Starr to deliver a clothesline for a two count. Liger continues to be worked over in the corner by Starr. Starr slams Liger for a two count as the fans are chanting “Fuck TNA” directed towards Lee. Starr takes some time to pose for the crowd and is chopped by Liger a few times. Starr continues to beat on Liger with strikes in the corner. Liger is sent hard back first into the corner and Lee gets a two count. Liger avoids a double clothesline and palm strikes Lee to the mat. Liger tags in ACH.

ACH ducks a clothesline from Starr and hits Lee with a suicide dive to the floor. ACH leg sweeps Starr followed by a double stomp and a seated dropkick. ACH dropkicks Lee off the apron. ACH nails Starr with a discus clothesline in the corner and hits a top rope frog splash for a two count. Liger and ACH strike Starr in the corner followed by a tilt a whirl backbreaker from Liger. ACH hits a 450 splash but Lee breaks up the cover attempt. Lee clotheslines Liger and Starr dropkicks ACH to the floor where Lee hits a kick and Starr dives onto ACH. Lee hits a suplex turned into a powerbomb on ACH for a near fall. Lee backs Liger into a corner but is met with a palm strike. Starr tries for a rollup but is sent into Liger for a Liger Bomb. ACH spikes Starr with a brainbuster for the win. (**. Liger can’t be expected to deliver in the ring anymore, and nobody should expect him to deliver huge matches. The match felt like a nostalgia trip, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I might have avoided having the top heel faction taking the pin, but oh well. I want to see ACH vs. Starr and I think the heat attached to that would be great if done correctly.)

Backstage, Teddy Hart talks about Pentagon and Rey Fenix saying the torch will be passed. He knows they learned a lot by watching him in Mexico. Hart is proud that they are his students. Teddy is still the Underground King. He questions why he isn’t a WWE wrestler and the amount of money he has lost. He continues to compete because of the fans and their support. The match will be on April 13th.

Backstage, David Starr wants Eddie Kingston to take his Yankees hat. Starr is pissed because Kingston wasn’t at the ring with him. Starr taunts Kingston about being back there drinking and Kingston warns him not to, but Starr doesn’t care. Starr thinks he might have actually broke Eddie and wants to know where the two-time AAW Heavyweight Champion is at. He thinks that Kingston needs another hard earn lesson. Starr is going to talk to AAW management and put Kingston in a match with someone. Starr says that Kingston will wrestle Joey Janela.

Backstage, Keith Lee cuts a promo saying that his match with Moose was epic. Lee says that he has left an AAW show and not know he had a broken nose for three weeks. He has a goal in AAW and he is targeting AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH. Lee will not fail or fall. Lee will be damn sure that he shows why they call him limitless.

Backstage, Joey Janela cuts a promo in assuming the bathroom. He says every time he wrestles in AAW something wrong happens and he loses his match. Janela mentions that David Starr was the cause tonight and that Starr stuck his nose in something that he didn’t belong to be involved in. He has been defeated in AAW for a year and a half now. Janela asks if Starr has a slave boy in Eddie Kingston. He puts over Kingston as being a tough badass who knocked people out with a back fist. Janela didn’t see that Kingston tonight and calls Kingston a bitch. He’ll be wrestling Kingston on April 13th. Janela is sending Kingston straight to hell.

Backstage, AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH cuts a promo about being the top guy of a promotion. Some people call him a playful guy, or an underdog. How can that be when he’s the champion? He’ll be defending against Keith Lee on March 31st. He is looking to prove he is championship material and not an underdog.

Final Thoughts:
AAW continues to deliver overall quality shows and have produced compelling angles to keep me coming back to followup on their events. This comes in just under three hours, and I’m going to recommend it.

Thanks for reading.

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