AAW/FCP/Revolver Pancakes & Piledrivers II 4/7/2018

AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH defends against AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee. Lucha Brothers take on Jack Evans & Teddy Hart. AAW Tag Team Champions Besties In The World defend the titles against Aussie Open and the Rascalz in a ladder match. Plus, David Arquette makes an appearance.

AAW/FCP/REVOLVER presents Pancakes & Piledrivers II – The Indy Summit
Date: 4/7/2018
From: New Orleans, LA

Matt Striker comes out to start the show likely to welcome everyone to the show. Striker hypes up three promotions working together to put on the show. Striker asks the fans if they are ready. Striker is also the ring announcer.

Opening Contest: Shane Strickland vs. Jeff Cobb: Strickland comes off the ropes attempting a clothesline but Cobb doesn’t budge. Cobb grabs Strickland by the throat and tosses him into the corner. Strickland delivers a 619 to the midsection in the corner to drop Cobb. Strickland attempts a top rope crossbody, but is caught by Cobb. Cobb switches to a vertical suplex but Strickland gets out of it. Cobb leg sweeps Strickland and hits a swinging back suplex. Cobb works over Strickland with chops in the corner. They trade chops with Strickland being knocked down to the mat. Cobb continues his offense with a headbutt. Strickland comes back with a knee strike on the apron and comes back in with a German suplex. Shane continues with a kick to the face and a jumping kick for a two count. Cobb elbows Strickland into the corner but is met with a few strikes. Strickland comes off the top with a double knee strike for a two count. They begin to trade chops in the middle of the ring. Strickland misses a knee and Cobb tries for a German but Strickland counters. Cobb nails Strickland with a leaping uppercut. Strickland staggers Cobb with a knee strike but Cobb connects with a headbutt. Cobb plants Strickland with the Tour of the Islands for the win. (**1/4. There wasn’t much going on to start the show. The action was decent, but relatively basic.) After the match, Cobb checks on Strickland. That’s kind of weird considering Cobb is a heel in AAW. Perhaps this isn’t focusing on the storyline and character in that company.

Second Contest: Joey Ryan & Martina vs. Colt Cabana & Marty DeRosa: Ryan and Cabana kick off the match with Ryan demanding that Cabana touch his penis. Colt is able to avoid touching it at the start of the match. DeRosa tags in and decides he wants to touch Joey’s penis, but Cabana stops him. Ryan tags out to Martina and says that Marty will touch her vagina. Cabana tags back in and wants to touch her vagina, but is stopped by Marty and the referee. Martina grinds on Cabana’a groin during a hammerlock and Ryan tags into the match. Colt and Ryan run the ropes until Cabana slaps Ryan in the face. Martina tags back in as does Marty. DeRosa hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Martina chops DeRosa a few times but DeRosa stops her with a slap to the face. Cabana, Ryan and the referee are angry with Marty for doing that. Martina splashes DeRosa in the corner and Cabana gets sent to the floor. Martina hits a bronco buster on Marty in the corner. Colt stops Ryan from using a blow pop. DeRosa plants Martina with a stunner and Cabana strikes Ryan several times. Colt and DeRosa deliver double biotic elbows. Cabana hits a flying asshole on Ryan in the corner.

DeRosa goes to the middle rope wanting to do a hurricanrana on Ryan and hits the move! DeRosa has the cover but Ryan kicks out! DeRosa locks in a figure four leg lock. Cabana grabs Martina and puts her in the Billy Goat’s Curse. Martina puts her face in Marty’s face and then rides her vagina on Marty’s face. Colt and DeRosa yell at both of them. At this point, some music plays and that leads to DeRosa and Martina flirting in the middle of the ring. Martina tricks DeRosa and he touches Ryan’s penis. Martina makes Colt touch her vagina. They proceed to do a double somersault flip. Ryan gets another blow pop and shoves it in DeRosa’s face. Ryan and Martina win following stereo superkicks. (**1/4. Comedy wise, this was one of the better attempts at humor I’ve seen. DeRosa was rather impressive for his first ever wrestling match.) After the match, I just realized that Martina shoved a condom into Colt’s face prior to the finish.

Third Contest: Juice Robinson vs. Eddie Kingston: They start off with some basic holds and counters. Robinson drops Kingston with a leg lariat and a clothesline in the corner. Robinson hits a cannonball splash in the corner. Juice heads to the top rope hitting a crossbody for a two count. Juice tries for the Un-Prettier but Kingston counters. Kingston hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Robinson bails to the floor and Kingston takes Juice out with a suicide dive. Kingston continues to work over Robinson with chops on the floor. Robinson comes back with a clothesline on the floor. Robinson tries for a powerbomb on the floor but Kingston counters hitting a backdrop instead. Kingston sends Robinson hard shoulder first into the guard railing. Kingston keeps Robinson on the mat with a bear hug. Robinson reaches the ropes and the hold is broken. Kingston ties Robinson in the ropes and continues to deliver chops. Robinson fights back with jabs and chops in the corner. They continue to exchange blows in the corner for a few moments. Robinson comes out of the corner with a running lariat. Robinson plants Kingston with a jackhammer for a two count. Robinson plants Kingston with a powerbomb for a two count.

Kingston clotheslines Robinson for a near fall of his own. Kingston takes Robinson over with a back suplex for another two count. Kingston pulls down his straps and begins to exchange chops with Robinson. They begin to trade more strikes. Robinson avoids a back fist and plants Kingston with the Pulp Friction for the win. (**. It wasn’t holding my interest and the action was rather slow and boring for me. Robinson is an enjoyable talent, but Kingston is a guy that needs relaxed rules and keep to simply brawling.)

Matt Striker announces that the FCP Women’s Championship is on the line in the next match.

Fourth Contest: FCP Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura vs. Kimber Lee vs. AAW Women’s Champion Jessicka Havok: I believe this is one of, it not the first, appearances for Kimber Lee following her release from WWE. As expected, all three women start off trading strikes and knocking each other down. Havok misses a splash in the corner and is met with running blows by her opponents. Havok continues to be worked over with kicks by both women. She bails to the floor to regroup. Lee and Satomura trade blows with Satomura kicking Lee on the canvas. Lee takes Satomura over with a German suplex but Havok breaks up the cover. Havok tosses Lee across the ring by her hair. Havok has a full nelson but settles for a backbreaker and a quick clothesline for a two count. Havok beats on Lee with boots in the corner. Havok delivers a running face wash to Lee a few times in the corner. Satomura strikes Havok from the apron and continues to deliver forearm strikes. Satomura attempts a snap suplex but Havok counters with one of her own. Lee kicks Havok in the corner and goes to the top rope hitting a hurricanrana for a two count, but Satomura breaks up the pin attempt. Satomura plants Havok with a DDT and a handstand kick but Lee comes over and delivers a few forearms.

Satomura uppercuts Lee and spikes her with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Lee stops Satomura with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Satomura drops Lee with a Pele kick and delivers a Scorpion Rising kick for the pin on Lee. (**. I don’t know why Havok wasn’t around for the finish for the last several minutes. The action was okay, but nothing great. Lee taking the fall makes the most sense.)

Prior to the next match, AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee is pissed about the show taking place at 11am, but the announcers note that Lee doesn’t know how to tell time. Lee promises to be the AAW Heavyweight Champion. Lee calls ACH a loser who can’t get booked on any other shows during WrestleMania weekend. ACH kicks Lee from the apron.

Fifth Contest: AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH vs. AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee: ACH rolls Lee into the ring and heads to the top rope and misses a 450 splash. Lee puts the referee in his way and kicks ACH. ACH leg sweeps Lee followed by a double stomp and dropkick to a kneeling Lee. ACH clotheslines Lee in the corner but Lee nearly wins with a rollup. ACH superkicks Lee and hits the brain buster for the win. (DUD. Wait, what? I can appreciate the attempt to having a surprisingly fast match, but damn. Lee has been booked strongly in AAW and is on the rise as a heel champion with their top secondary championship. The quit match kind of knocks Lee down a peg for me.) After the match, Lee gets on the microphone and says he’s still the Heritage Champion.

Sixth Contest: OI4K (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Dave Crist) vs. AR Fox, Brian Cage & Joey Janela in a tornado six man tag match: Jake takes all three guys out with two dives and that leads to all six men brawling on the floor. Callihan drops Fox over the apron with a back suplex. The brawling aspect is likely going to be heavy in this match. Fox plants Jake with a neckbreaker and goes after Dave misses a clothesline. Dave spikes Fox with a Flatliner turned DDT and Janela hits a to rope crossbody followed by a superkick. Sami enters the match and gets met with a kick to the midsection. Sami clotheslines Janela and taunts the crowd. Cage enters and met with spit from Sami. Cage decks Sami with a discus lariat and a superkick on Jake. Jake fights back with a series of kicks to send Cage to the floor. Jake comes off the ropes but is caught on the floor on a suicide dive and Cage drives him down with a vertical suplex. Sami nails Cage with a springboard clothesline on the apron. Sami takes Cage out with a suicide dive but Fox springboards off the post to moonsault Callihan.

Janela takes a few guys out with a top rope senton dive. Dave Crist gets on the top rope but Penelope Ford kicks him. Ford hooks Dave and hits a superplex to the floor onto everyone! Ford gets on the middle rope and plays to the crowd. Sami Callihan gets on the apron and grabs Ford after blocking a slap. Sami powerbombs her off the apron onto everyone. Sami taunts the fans and sends Fox back into the ring. Sami sits Fox on the top turnbuckle but Cage comes over putting Sami on his shoulders. This leads to everyone delivering kicks and Fox plants Sami with a middle rope Codebreaker. Cage clotheslines Dave and everyone is laid out. They trade superkicks leaving Fox in the ring with Callihan to hit a middle rope Spanish Fly. Fox hits a 450 splash and nearly pins Sami. Dave plants Fox with a Death Valley Driver. Fox gets planted with the Killing Spree but kicks out at one and begins to hulk up.

That leads to all six men trading right hands in the middle of the ring. Cage, Fox and Janela hit Death Valley Drivers for a stereo two count. Sami traps Fox in the corner trying to deliver a kick, but Fox avoids it. Fox comes off the top rope and Jake hits an ace crusher in midair for the win. (***. It’s a fun match for the most part and it flew by since there were zero rules involved. The finish by Jake is an impressive move, but the guy who takes the move looks like an idiot for not noticing Jake in the corner next to him before performing the move.)

Seventh Contest: PWR Scramble Title Open Invitational: Matt Palmer is the champion. Ace Romero, Caleb Konley, Clint Margera, Connor Braxton, Curt Stallion, Jake Manning, Jason Cade, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Myron Reed, Omari, and Trey Miguel are also involved in the match. They all come out to the ring as it’s going to be a lot of people involved. I can honestly say I don’t have a lot of interest to review this in-depth. Scramble matches are usually entertaining, but one of my least favorite matches. MJF and Palmer eye poke and low blow each other and then shake hands as they dropped to their knees. As you’d expect in these matches, there are several dives to the floor. Romero took everyone out with a suicide dive to the floor. Tower of Doom spot out of the corner with several guys involved in the match. Braxton impressively scoop slammed Romero after Stallion delivered a headbutt strike. Looks like towards the end of the match everyone gets their best move in. Palmer wins the match with a rollup and handful of tights on MJF, who was cockily covering Miguel (**. Literally like every other scramble match you’d ever see.)

Eighth Contest: The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix) vs. Jack Evans & Teddy Hart: Evans and Fenix start the match with Evans wanting to do a test of strength but settles for a few strikes to start the match. Fenix and Evans trade a few counters and have a standoff, which the fans appreciate. Hart gets tagged into the match and Penta tags into the match. Hart pie faces Penta and then shoves him a few times. Hart and Penta talk some smack. Penta kicks Hart in the midsection and runs the ropes. Evans distracts Penta allowing Hart to deliver a backstabber and Evans delivers a corkscrew kick on Fenix. Hart hits a piledriver and DDT on Penta and Fenix over the middle rope. Fenix is sent into the corner and Evans does a handspring before just gouging Rey’s eyes. Hart gets on Rey’s back and hits a Destroyer for a two count. Evans comes off the top for a 450 splash and Hart continues with a moonsault. Penta gets into the ring and chops both opponents. Penta gets kicked by Evans into the corner. Hart has Penta over his knees and Evans hits a moonsault landing butt first on Penta for a two count.

Hart and Fenix trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Evans beats on Fenix with strikes. Fenix gets up and hammers away on Evans with strikes. Penta kicks Evans from behind and decks Hart on the apron. Hart clotheslines Fenix in the corner but Lucha Brothers come back with clotheslines of their own. Penta puts Evans on the top and Fenix double stomps Evans into Hart in the corner. Penta sends Fenix into Hart and Evans in the corner. Penta wheelbarrow slams Fenix onto both Hart and Evans for a two count. Fenix and Penta perform a double surfboard on Evans but Hart makes the save. Hart spikes Fenix with a DDT. Penta hits a slingblade on Hart and comes off the top hitting a Destroyer. Evans slips off the middle rope but still kicks Penta and hits a springboard corkscrew splash for a two count as Fenix breaks up the cover. Fenix plants Evans with a rolling cutter for a two count.

Hart plants Fenix with a double knee backbreaker out of a powerbomb. Evans hits a 630 senton on Fenix but only manages a near fall on the cover. Penta kicks Hart on the top turnbuckle and powerbombs Evans over his knees. Fenix forearms Hart on the top turnbuckle and hits a Cradle Shock while Penta hits the Pentagon Driver for the win. (**1/2. Evans was rather sloppy in the match and there wasn’t much structure to the match or anything. It just felt like guys doing moves just to do them. Which, I guess for WrestleMania weekend, is a fine direction to go in.)

Prior to the match, Mat Fitchett cuts a promo saying they want tables and chairs. Davey Vega doesn’t have the same opinion on that one.

Main Event: AAW Tag Team Champions Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) in a ladder match: It doesn’t take long for the wrestlers to slide ladders, plywood and chairs into the ring. Fitchett is excited about the weapons and Vega isn’t as excited. Wentz dropkicks Fitchett through a table. Xavier is backdropped onto a ladder. Wentz hits a corkscrew crossbody and Vega decides to setup a ladder and go grab the tag titles. Vega gets halfway up and the challengers stop him which he’s not thrilled about. The ladder gets tipped over and Vega is sent through another table in the corner. Rascalz and Aussie Open trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Xavier dropkicks Aussie Open and gets the ladder setup. Fitchett stops Xavier from getting the belt and delivers a superkick. Davis decks Fitchett to stop his momentum. Wentz whacks Davis with a chair to stop him. Wentz is shoved off the ladder but hits a springboard cutter on Fletcher! Wentz takes everyone out with a dive over the ropes to the floor. Fitchett takes everyone out with a twisting dive to the floor. Vega has setup several chairs on the floor. Davis decides to hit a split legged moonsault to the floor onto everyone. Xavier is in the ring and climbs the ladder to perform a move to the floor instead of grabbing the titles. Xavier plays to the crowd and hits a shooting star press to the outside onto everyone! Vega lays a piece of plywood onto six chairs on the floor. Wentz is stopped by Vega on the middle rope.

Vega thinks he’s hardcore and comes off the middle rope with a superplex to put Wentz and himself through the plywood with a superplex! Xavier boots Fitchett, but is met with a hurricanrana and a running kick. Davis plants Fitchett with a reverse Angle Slam. Fletcher double stomps Fitchett and Davis sends Fitchett into the corner with a German suplex. Davis decks Xavier with a running forearm in the corner. Xavier fights back with strikes on Aussie Open and Fletcher hits a sit out spinebuster causing Xavier to roll to the floor. Davis and Fletcher climb the ladder but Vega stops them. Vega kicks both Fletcher and Davis to keep control of the match. Vega sandwiches Aussie Open between two ladders. Fitchett and Vega splash the team in the corner. Wentz dumps Vega to the floor and Fitchett gets double teamed with several kicks from Rascalz. Xavier catapults Vega into Wentz, who kicks a chair into his face followed by a double stomp. Xavier climbs the ladder but Davis prevents Xavier from reaching the titles. Davis powerombs Xavier with one arm but Wentz delivers a kick to send Davis to the floor. This leads to them trading fast pace kicks and everyone is laid out.

Davis stops Xavier on the ladder and hits a powerslam/top rope cutter combo with Fletcher on Xavier. Wentz fires back with chops on Aussie Open but is met with a double boot after playing to the crowd. Wentz is dropped onto a ladder setup in the corner, which dents the ladder. Davis has Fletcher on his shoulders and Fitchett kicks Davis leading to a Doomsday Device by Vega. Fitchett Pele kicks Xavier and the champs hit a piledriver/tombstone on Xavier and Wentz. Vega and Fitchett climb the ladder and retrieve the titles to win the match. (***1/2. The finish was kind of anti-climatic, but it was an enjoyable ladder match with some really brutal looking spots. It’s rather difficult to make a ladder match unenjoyable. They delivered in the main event spot.)

Mat Fitchett gets on the microphone and calls out David Arquette. Well, Arquette is actually in the crowd and he rolls into the ring. Arquette mentions that he’s wrestled with Jeff Jarrett, DDP, Randy Orton and Eric Bischoff. Arquette reveals a shirt that says he’s never been pinned. By the sound of it, he has challenged them to a match. The fans chant for All In. That was a bizarre closing segment.

Final Thoughts:
Really, aside from the main event ladder match, the show wasn’t that good. The crowd felt like it was burnt out or not overly interested in the action. I have no idea why Arquette was involved in the final five minutes. If that leads to a match at All In, I’ll be surprised. The show mostly had average wrestling on it. The ladder match is fun to see, but I wouldn’t say must-see. Thus, I can’t recommend this show.

I almost didn’t review the show since it isn’t basing off any AAW angles, but since there were title matches and whatnot involving AAW, I figured to be a completist and just do it.

Thanks for reading.

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