AAW Never Say Die 4/13/2018

AAW Tag Team Champions Besties In The World defend against OI4K. Ace Romero takes on MJF in a grudge match. Three teams square off in a ladder match to determine new number one contenders to the tag team titles. Teddy Hart battles protege Penta El Zero M. In the main event, AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH defends against Rey Fenix.

AAW presents Never Say Die
Date: 4/13/2018
From: Merrionette Park, IL

Tyler Volz and Marty DeRosa are in the ring to promote what we’ll see on the show.

Opening Contest: Paco vs. Pat Monix: This Monix’s debut in AAW. He’s an up and comer in the Midwest, according to Volz. Paco head scissors Monix early on. Monix arm drags Paco after a springboard but misses a dropkick attempt. Paco dropkicks Monix for a two count. Monix works over Paco with a running high knee and a rolling neck snap. Monix gets a two count after a seated dropkick. Paco stops Monix with a back elbow and a kick in the corner. Paco continues with a few running forearms in the corner. Monix springboards off the middle rope but is met with a superkick and Paco hits the Cradle Shock for the win. (*1/2. It went less than three minutes and seemed to be used as a way to give Paco momentum leading into his title shot on May 5th.)

Paco is interviewed in the ring following his victory about his upcoming title match against AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee on May 5th. Paco says this is what he has wanted since he came into AAW. He gets cut off by David Starr, Jeff Cobb and Eddie Kingston. Starr notes that it is Paco’s birthday and that he is going to stutter and struggle through an interview. He wants everyone to sing happy birthday to Paco and they do. Kingston is chatting with Paco trying to cool the situation and Starr tells him to stop. Starr says that Trevor Lee is going to embarrass Paco on May 5th and will allow Paco to avoid being embarrassed tonight. Paco doesn’t seem interested in leaving but does eventually leave. Starr says they run shit in AAW. Starr makes sure to mention that Kingston is on a winning streak when he’s around, but when he’s not around Kingston screws up. Starr tells Kingston that he can’t be embarrassing him anymore. Starr is going to make Kingston quit again.

Second Contest: WRSTLING (David Starr, Eddie Kingston & Jeff Cobb) vs. Dezmond Xavier, Keith Lee & Zachary Wentz: Starr and Xavier start the match trading a few counters and they have a standoff. Starr takes Xavier down with a Thez Press but gets kicked away moments later. Xavier connects with a dropkick and the fans appreciate his skills. Wentz tags in and delivers a running high knee followed by a roundhouse kick and a standing moonsault for a one count. Xavier comes back in but Starr breaks free and tags in Cobb. Cobb is able to slam both Xavier and Wentz down to the mat with one arm. Lee gets tagged in and slowly enters to confront Cobb. They are impressive with some fast face roll throughs and counters. Safe to say you wouldn’t expect that from these two. Lee takes Cobb down with a standing hurricanrana! Lee splashes Cobb in the corner but misses a double overhand chop. Kingston is tagged in but gets yanked in by Lee. Xavier tags into the match but Kingston delivers a forearm strike. Xavier plants Kingston with a cutter and tags in Wentz.

Kingston gets kicked by Xavier on the apron and Wentz hits a bronco buster. Starr sends Xavier into the guard railing while Kingston took Wentz over with a belly to belly suplex. Starr legally enters the match to elbow drop Wentz. Cobb pulls Wentz up out of the corner to hit a swinging back suplex. Starr tags back in and Cobb holds Wentz to allow Starr to deliver a series of superkicks before tossing him to the mat. Starr taunts his opponents by mocking Wentz trying to tag in his partners. Kingston enters to hit a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Wentz and Kingston trade strikes in the middle of the ring with Kingston getting the better of the exchange. Kingston pummels Wentz with chops in the corner. Cobb drives Wentz down with a couple of backbreakers and then tosses Wentz over his head to the mat. Wentz fires back with strikes on Kingston but can’t tag out. The referee was distracted by Starr when Xavier got tagged in. Wentz gets dragged to the wrong corner and is beaten on by Cobb.

Starr enters and dropkicks a seated Wentz in the corner for a two count. Wentz chops Starr several times and tries to tag out but is driven into the corner back first. Kingston tosses Wentz with an overhead suplex for a two count. Starr is berating Kingston from the apron. Wentz avoids a back fist and delivers a handspring knee strike. Wentz delivers a snapmare driver to stop Kingston and manages to tag in Lee. Starr gets tagged in and is ran over by Lee. Lee tosses Starr across the ring out of the corner. Lee tosses Starr into Kingston. Cobb gets tagged in and Lee continues to chop Cobb. Lee tosses Cobb out of the corner. Cobb is worked over by all three men with kicks. Lee powerbombs Wentz onto Cobb for a two count. Starr and Kingston rushed into the ring to break the count. Starr runs into a right hand from Lee. Lee runs through Kingston with a POUNCE. Xavier and Wentz hit stereo somersault dives to the floor. Starr stops them with DDTs over the middle rope on the apron. Lee backdrops Starr from the apron into the ring but Starr stops Lee with an elbow strike. Starr tries to hip toss Lee, but that doesn’t work. Lee instead tosses Starr over the top onto everyone on the floor.

Lee runs the ropes and takes everyone out with a somersault dive to the floor. Lee grabs Starr for a powerbomb, but Kingston enters to deliver a backfist. Starr delivers a strike and Cobb hits the Tour Of The Islands for the win. (***. I felt that the match kind of dragged a bit, but the action was solid and enjoyable. Lee taking the clean loss to the heel stable is the right direction. WRSTLING has continued to be pushed very strongly and I’m on the bandwagon.)

Backstage, AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH and AAW Tag Team Champions Besties In The World are interviewed. ACH cuts a promo saying that he had the most gruesome match in history. Of course, he’s joking since his match with Trevor Lee was incredibly short. ACH says he’s the Bill Goldberg in AAW. Mat Fitchett says he’s friends with Goldberg. Davey Vega doesn’t like the story and has just heard the story seventeen times. Vega says no matter how gruesome the wresting and travel was, they are still the champions and still the A-Team.

Third Contest: DJ Z vs. Joey Janela vs. Sami Callihan: Janela was added to this match because Trevor Lee couldn’t defend the title tonight. They start off with a triple headlock. Z and Callihan trade shoulder blocks. Z stops Sami with a jawbreaker and a springboard back elbow. Sami dumps Z to the apron and clotheslines Janela after a springboard. Z takes both men out with a somersault dive to the floor. Z sends Sami over the railing into the crowd and dumps Joey into the crowd on the other side. Z takes Sami out with a leaping dive and does the same to Janela on the other side. Sami throws something at Z to stop his momentum. Janela leaps off a chair to somersault onto both men in the crowd. Z drops Janela over the apron back first. Janela lands on his feet on an attempted huricanrana. Janela kicks Z a few times in a tree of woe. Z drops Janela with a reverse neckbreaker. Z goes to the top rope and Janela shoves Z into the crowd. Sami gets in the ring and jabs Janela with a chair. Sami drops Janela back first onto the chair but Z is able to break the count at two. Z elbows Janela and Sami in the corner and hits a double crossbody to knock both men off their feet.

Z continues to jab both men and plays to the crowd. Z delivers a neckbreaker on Janela, who then hit a DDT on Sami. Z tries for a double DDT but is met with a double boot. Sami spikes Janela with a piledriver, but Janela then no sells it and superkicks Sami. Janela takes Sami out with a suicide dive and does the same to Z. Janela plants Z with a package piledriver, but Sami breaks up the cover by running into the referee. Janela and Sami trade running blows in the corner. Sami flips Janela into the corner and tosses Z over with an overhead suplex onto Janela. Janela gets up and superkicks Sami, but Sami superkicks Joey. They all begin to trade strikes leading to Z hitting a DDT on Sami for a two count. That looked like the kick out was mistimed by Sami, though. Z springboards off the top to take Sami out on the apron. Z comes off the top to hit a DDT on Joey for another two count. Z heads to the top rope missing a frog splash on Janela. Sami shoves Janela off the top rope and drops Z with a shoulder breaker for the win. (***. A good triple threat match that went ten minutes, which seems to be the ideal amount of time for me in this style of match. I’m not sure where they are going to Sami in AAW, though.)

Backstage, Paco is interviewed. He’ll get a shot at AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee. He has been working towards this his whole career. He knows it isn’t going to be easy. He’s just repeating his promo. He suggests that Lee shouldn’t take him lightly. He’s determined to walk out as the champion.

Fourth Contest: AAW Tag Team Champions Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. OI4K (Dave & Jake Crist): Fitchett gets decked by the challengers and a double wheelbarrow slam. Jake continues with a leg lariat and Vega comes in only to be met with kicks, too. Vega stops Dave with a forearm but not Jake on a suicide dive attempt. Jake hits a somersault dive onto the champs and plays to the crowd. Vega and Dave are brawling on the floor with forearm shots. Jake drops Fitchett back first onto the apron with a back suplex. Dave kicks Vega on the stage and hits Vega with a can. Fitchett continues to be worked over with chops on the floor. Vega hits a somersault dive off the stage and over the post onto everyone on the floor. Vega realizes he hit Fitchett and checks on him before rolling Jake into the ring and the champs hit a double running strike in the corner. The champs hit a double team suplex/kick driver on Dave and Vega hits a Falcon Arrow on Jake. Fitchett spears Jake for a two count.

Vega continues to beat on Jake with stomps and chokes Jake on the apron. Fitchett drives Jake down with a vertical suplex but Jake fights back with strikes and a German suplex for a two count. Jake sits Fitchett on the top turnbuckle but Vega enters and forearms Jake after a backbreaker. Vega screams out for the Stinger Splash but Jake moves out of the way. Dave comes off the top with a double knee strike on Vega and then hits a superpex/powerbomb combo on Fitchett for a near fall. Crist Brothers hit a tombstone/double stomp on Fitchett. Vega, the legal man, rolls up Dave and wins the match. Jake had a pin on Fitchett, but wasn’t the legal man. (**3/4. A solid tag match but it appears that this isn’t going to be the last time we see these guys wrestling. The double pin should lead to a rematch at some point. Or, it’s just a way to protect the Crist Brothers for whatever reason. The finish did feel a bit flat.)

Backstage, Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix are interviewed. Fenix says that tonight is never say die. Fenix says he is lucha libre, but his promo makes no sense to me. Penta cuts a promo on Teddy Hart and I couldn’t tell you what they were trying to accomplish. I understood the words, they just didn’t make a lot of sense.

Fifth Contest: Curt Stallion & Jake Something vs. The Air Buds (Stephen Wolf & Trey Miguel) vs. AR Fox & Myron Reed in a number one contenders ladder match: Fox and Reed take Something out at the start, but then Air Buds take out Reed and Fox with suicide dives to the floor. They are brawling on the floor as Something lawn darted himself to drive Wolf into the guard railing. Reed sends Stallion into the guard railing. Fox is on the bar with Miguel but the camera isn’t close to the action at all. Miguel and Fox are trading forearms on the bar. Miguel hits a Spanish Fly off the bar through a table! The camera was luckily in the right place for that spot to be seen. Stallion kicks Wolf on the floor and grabs a table with Something. Wolf pummels Something with strikes as Fox rolls Stallion into the ring with a chair and table. Fox smashes Stallion with the chair. Fox places the chair on Stallion in the corner and proceeds to hit a coast to coast dropkick sending the chair into Curt’s face! Something tosses the chair over the top rope into Fox. Reed tries a springboard and is met with a ladder shot from Something. Something clotheslines the ladder onto Wolf and Miguel to keep control of the match. Something dives over the top to the floor to take everyone out with a dive.

Wolf kicks Something off the apron and hits a twisting dive to the floor. Miguel gets the crowd behind him and takes everyone out with a corkscrew dive to the outside. Fox proceeds to take everyone out with a somersault dive over the ring post to the floor. A ladder has been placed over the railing and apron as Fox goes to the middle rope and hooks Wolf. Fox gets a chair smashed into his face by Wolf and lays over the ladder. Stallion gets a ladder dropkicked into him and falls in the corner. Something knocks Wolf down with a body strike and powerbombs Wolf onto a ladder in the corner. Reed kicks Something from the apron and climbs to the top rope. Reed splashes a ladder onto Something. Stallion takes Reed over with a German suplex. Stallion spikes Reed with a piledriver for a two count as Miguel broke up the cover. Miguel hits Stallion with a steel chair to avoid a headbutt strike. Stallion gets the chair kicked into his face and falls to the floor. Fox smashes Miguel with a chair and delivers a bicycle kick. Fox plants Miguel with a package piledriver for a two count.

Fox heads to the top and gets met with kicks from Wolf. This leads to a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner. Something is the last guy to come over and finishes the move. Fox landed right on a chair. Fox and Miguel begin to trade forearm strikes. Fox superkicks Miguel and this just leads to everyone delivering quick strikes. Stallion slaps Reed several times into the corner and Something plants Miguel with a swinging side slam. Stallion comes off the top with a headbutt for a two count. Something grabs a table and sets it up. Wolf whacks Something with a chair over the back and lays him onto the table. Wolf sets up a ladder instead of going to the top rope. Fox tries to stop Wolf and is met with strikes. Wolf leaps off the top of the ladder with a frog splash to put Something through the table for a two count. Miguel stops Reed with a neckbreaker and wedges a chair in the corner. Miguel traps Reed’s head in the corner and hits a 619 into a chair. Miguel delivers a double knee strike but Stallion makes the save with a running headbutt strike. Wolf hits a Codebreaker on Stallion but is met with a cutter from Reed. Fox hits a swanton on Wolf from the top rope. Reed and Fox lay a ladder onto two chairs and put Wolf on the ladder. Fox hits a 450 splash onto the ladder and that’s good enough for a three count. (****. I mean, that was just loads of fun. The only part I didn’t like is the quick hitting strikes when everyone was staggering around. To me, that just doesn’t fit well in the ladder match formula and is a played out spot in multi-man matches. Reed and Fox as new contenders is fine with me. If they win the titles they’ll likely have incredible highspot matches in the future.)

Outside, Joey Janela says he’s only been home for 30 hours over the past month. He says he does everything he can every time he performs. Every time he competes in AAW he walks around like a glorified loser. He says that everyone put over Keith Lee and now he walks in as a loser. He promotes June 23rd and how he’s going to change that. He’s turning the tables.

Prior to the next match, MJF cuts a promo by insulting the fans. He says he was watching my 500lbs life and knows that people like Romero aren’t expected to live very long. MJF wants to show some respect to Romero and even sideshow freaks deserve respect. MJF calls him turkey tits after accepting the handshake.

Sixth Contest: MJF vs. Ace Romero: Romero holds onto his hand and tosses MJF onto the stage and then hip tosses him onto the ropes a few times. MJF delivers a codebreaker to Romero’s left arm and delivers several strikes in the corner. MJF chokes Romero over the top rope and taunts the fans while in control. MJF does a strut and taunts the fans. MJF eye pokes Romero and delivers an arm breaker for a two count. Romero elbows MJF in the corner and MJF has Romero on the top turnbuckle controlling his wrist. Romero hits a middle rope crossbody. Romero continues with clotheslines to drop MJF. Ace slams MJF for a two count. Romero runs into an elbow in the corner and MJF delivers a double stomp off the middle rope. MJF nails Romero with a forearm and spits on Romero. Ace misses a clothesline and blocks an eye poke. Romero slaps MJF several times and runs into a superkick. Romero plants MJF with a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. MJF kicks the middle rope to low blow Romero. Romero is tied up in the ropes and MJF spikes Ace with a piledriver for a two count. MJF delivers a discus clothesline but Romero doesn’t budge. Romero hits a Destroyer and MJF falls to the floor. Romero takes MJF out with a suicide dive! MJF staggers to his feet and Romero delivers a discus clothesline for the three count. (**1/2. They did a good job to get the crowd invested after a great ladder match. Romero continues to improve and impress in the ring. I can see him being a top contender for the Heritage Championship sooner rather than later.) After the match, MJF doesn’t take the loss very well and destroys Romero with a steel chair. He then walks backstage.

Backstage, AAW Tag Team Champions Besties In The World and Scarlett are interviewed regarding their victory and their match on May 5th. Fitchett feels awful considering their recent matches. They talk that Scarlett tried to poison Fitchett’s water, but Vega says that can’t be proven. Vega hates AR Fox and Fitchett recalls Fox beating Vega twice and beating him once, but that was Vega’s fault. Vega is concerned about what could happen since they used tables, ladders and chairs. Fitchett doesn’t believe their match will involve those. Fitchett says that Scarlett looks as good as the trash can. Vega says they are walking out champions as they usually do. Fitchett notes that the trash can is plastic, just like Scarlett.

Seventh Contest: Teddy Hart vs. Penta El Zero M: Hart wants to shake hands with Penta and they show respect until Penta delivers a forearm strike. They trade shots in the middle of the ring and in the corner. Penta works over Hart with an overhand chop but Hart doesn’t seem to be all that hurt by it. Hart fights back with strikes in the corner. Penta rips Teddy’s shirt and delivers an overhand chop, and that one seems to have bothered Hart. Teddy takes Penta down to the mat and gets an ankle lock on his protege. Hart hits a Code Red out of the corner after standing on Penta’s back for a two count. Penta goes to the floor and Hart hits a slingshot moonsault. Hart demands the crowd stand and chant, but they settle for just chanting and not standing up. Teddy grabs Penta and delivers a few kicks over the middle rope. Hart spikes Penta with a piledriver over the middle rope for a two count. Penta comes off the ropes to hit a slingblade, but Hart reaches the ropes to break the pin attempt. Penta continues to beat on Hart with a kick in the corner. Hart drops Penta over the top rope and connects with a tornado DDT.

Hart seems to be bothered by his left arm but grabs Penta looking for a piledriver. Penta attempts Fear Factor but stops it and realizes that Hart is hurt. Penta backs off and Hart gets in his face. Penta drops Hart with a kick to the head and then snaps back the right arm causing Teddy to bail to the floor. Penta hits the Fear Factor and wins the match. (**1/2. It appeared that Hart suffered a bicep injury at some point as he was favoring his left arm late in the match. I’m inclined to think they just went home so that he didn’t hurt it even worse. The action was solid, as expected.) After the match, Penta apologizes about Teddy’s arm and says he wants a rematch. Hart asks the crowd if a rematch should happen and Penta insists he’s not a winner. Penta speaks in Spanish saying they’d tie in the ring to make people happy. He says that tonight was an accident and they are prone to accidents. He wants a do-over next time in AAW. Teddy shakes his hand before grabbing the microphone. Hart puts over the fans for working hard and then spending money on his merchandise or Penta’s mask. I can’t really hear what he’s saying, but it sounds passionate. He found Penta on the streets in Mexico and puts over Penta’s fame. He wants the fans to keep supporting Penta. Teddy says, “meh” when saying PWG is the best independent promotion and puts over AAW.

Backstage, AR Fox and Myron Reed are interviewed regarding their title match on May 5th. They will be getting a tag team title match against the Besties In The World. Myron says that he’s very confident and they have won every match they’ve been in together. Fox is more laid back about it and doesn’t know if anyone can stop them. Fox says they will win tag team gold if he is going to miss his wife’s favorite holiday.

Eighth Contest: AAW Women’s Champion Jessicka Havok, Kimber Lee & Su Yung vs. Hudson Envy, Samantha Heights & Tenille Dashwood: Lee and Dashwood start the match trading some counters and basic holds. Lee shoulder blocks Dashwood but gets tripped up. Dashwood shoulder blocks Lee and then trips Lee running the ropes. They slap each other until Dashwood makes Lee do a split. They aren’t really doing anything offensively and just avoiding strikes. Yung and Envy get tagged into the match with Yung wanting to use her kendo stick, but the referee stops that from happening. Envy avoids a clothesline and a mist attempt tagging in Heights. Heights arm drags Yung but the second attempt gets countered into a side slam. Havok gets tagged in and blocks a kick from Heights. Havok whips Height down by her hair and comes down with a leg drop for a two count. Lee gets tagged back in is kicked by Heights, who forearms Havok, too. Havok accidentally clotheslines Lee and Lee gets triple teamed. Dashwood works over Lee with stomps in the corner. Envy dropkicks a seated Lee.

Dashwood gets tagged back in and beats on Lee with strikes for a one count. Dashwood stands on Lee’s hair and then taunts her opponents on the apron. Dashwood keeps Lee on the mat with an abdominal stretch. Lee delivers a jawbreaker and tags in Yung who goes for a pin on Heights for a two count. Yung takes her shirt off and slaps Heights with a glove. Yung does a mandible claw but Yung is driven into the wrong corner and Dashwood delivers strikes to keep control of the match. Dashwood and Envy hit a double suplex on Yung for a two count. Yung continues to be worked over by Dashwood in a tree of woe as Tenille pulled her hair. Envy dropkicks Yung and Heights delivers a kick from the apron. Havok awkwardly enters to breakup a cover, which wasn’t needed. Yung sends Envy into the corner with a German suplex. Havok and Heights get tagged in but Havok cleans house with clotheslines and splashes. Heights tries for a crossbody but gets tossed into Envy. Havok misses a spear hitting the post as Dashwood sidestepped her. Havok tries to tag in Lee, but Lee drops down and holds up the AAW Women’s Championship. Havok gets kicked by Envy and Yung tags in. Yung strikes Envy and sends her face first into the top turnbuckle. Yung hits a Cradle Shock on Heights. Dashwood kicks Yung and Envy hits a backpack driver for the win. (*1/2. I mean, this didn’t need to go thirteen minutes. It took forever to get through and felt like a cooler match before the main event. They at least told a story between Lee and Havok for their eventual showdown. So, at least something was accomplished.)

Backstage, Ace Romero is interviewed regarding what happened. He is pissed off because MJF keeps slipping away from him and calls MJF a scumbag. On May 5th, he’ll be wrestling MJF in a dog collar match. Romero likes that.

Main Event: AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH vs. Rey Fenix: Fenix delivers a running yakuza kick for a two count within the first five-seconds of the match. Fenix kicks ACH a few times and gets double stomped by ACH. ACH dropkicks Fenix to the floor and hits a suicide dive. ACH goes to the top rope missing a 450 splash and Fenix dropkicks the champ to the floor. Fenix springboards and takes ACH out with a crossbody. Fenix hits a springboard swanton bomb in the ring for another near fall. ACH has Fenix on his shoulders looking for a slam but Fenix breaks free and kicks the champ. ACH stops Fenix with a backbreaker and a German suplex for a two count. Fenix springboards to deliver a kick and a rolling cutter out of the corner for a two count. ACH fights back with chops but Fenix comes back with chops of his own. ACH kicks Fenix but Fenix comes back with a kick of his own and they are both laid out. ACH crotches Fenix on the top rope a few times. ACH clubs away on Fenix looking for a back suplex but Fenix knocks ACH to the mat with an elbow. ACH hits a moonsault kick and nearly wins. ACH heads to the top rope hitting a frog splash for another two count. ACH kicks Fenix to the stage and stomps on his foot. Fenix kicks ACH from the apron and delivers a shoulder ram. Fenix sends ACH into the corner face first and hits a double stomp back into the ring for a two count.

Fenix waits and splashes ACH in the corner. Fenix sits ACH on the top turnbuckle and hits a Cradle Shock for a two count. Fenix goes to the top rope and hammers away on ACH. Fenix avoids another moonsault kick and ACH hits the mat gut first. Fenix gets stopped by a superplex and ACH spikes Fenix with a brainbuster for the win. (**1/4. They didn’t go ten minutes and it never really felt like it went past the first gear. The title reign for ACH is kind of feeling like a letdown and the crowd hasn’t been receptive to his wins since he won the title. They had a few good moments, but it wasn’t a good match.)

Apparently, ACH knows this and grabs a microphone asking that the fans aren’t happy because it went eight minutes. ACH found out the worse news of his life, but he’s still here. ACH calls a fan a prick, despite coming to all the shows and supporting them. ACH tells him to finish his cheap beer and sleep alone at home. He thanks the fans for coming and leaves the ring.

Backstage, Kimber Lee cuts a promo on AAW Women’s Champion Jessicka Havok. She knows that Havok is asking why Lee did what she did tonight. She only cares about herself these days. Lee blames Havok for her getting hurt and she’s coming for the championship. She may have been gone for a while, but she hasn’t lost her fire. She promises to be the next AAW Women’s Champion.

Backstage, Sami Callihan as the camera focus on his black eye and he’s pissed. He respects Zema Ion for giving him everything he has. Sami says that professional wrestling isn’t fake to him. It’s okay to be a professional wrestling fan. Sami will not stand for people saying he’s unsafe and deserves this. Sami wants another match with Zema Ion. He has to prove it to himself and Ion that he is the draw of AAW.

Backstage, MJF is interviewed but he cuts off the interviewer. He thinks that he destroyed Ace Romero tonight and thinks he is the future of AAW and not Romero. He’s in denial that he lost and believes the fans were chanting his name. MJF is informed that he’ll be wrestling Romero on May 5th in a dog collar match. MJF leaves pissed off hearing that news.

Backstage, David Starr and Jeff Cobb walkup to Eddie Kingston and they are pissed that Kingston has been smoking cigarettes. Kingston accepts some water and drinks it all which they didn’t want to have happen. Starr thinks that Eddie is starting to feel the vibe of WRSTLING and they believe that Kingston is becoming great again.

Final Thoughts:
A slightly above average show this time around for AAW. The reign for ACH has been kind of a bummer for me as I’ve hoped for better showings from him. Hopefully that turns around. MJF/Romero feud in AAW is entertaining and the dog collar match is something I’m looking forward to. AAW, as an all around company, is probably the best independent wrestling company going today.

Thanks for reading.

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