CWA TV 1/11/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 1/11/1986
From: Memphis, TN

They are having some audio difficulties to begin the show. Lance Russell and Dave Brown were at the commentary table likely just letting us know what’s in store for the program. Luckily, the audio issue is resolved before the first match.

Opening Contest: Rick Casey vs. Benny Trailer: Casey has the early advantage working over Benny’s arm and hits a back suplex. Casey displays with a running shoulder block. Casey decks Trailer with a right hand followed by a chop. Casey wins the match following a running bulldog. (1/2*. Casey doesn’t do a whole lot in his squash matches.)

Randy Hales promotes a Tag Team Championship tournament that will be a one night tournament. Rick Casey comes into the scene and is interviewed, eventually. Casey will be teaming with Koko Ware and he’s excited about winning the titles with him as his partner. They will be wrestling the Sheepherders. He suggests that the Sheepherders don’t take them likely. The Fantastics enter the scene and they hype up their spot in the tournament. They plan on winning the tag titles, as well.

Koko Ware comes out and he is the Mid-American Champion. Russell thinks that Koko is underrated and Koko has a big challenge coming his way. Koko talks about being nervous wrestling Harley Race and he isn’t scared anymore. He puts over Buddy Landell for being an international star. Koko fought hard for the title and he’s not going to lose it, at all.

Lance Russell mentions Jerry Lawler having lost his match to Bill Dundee and he won’t be on the program. But, don’t you worry. You can buy his VHS tape. Remember, it’s only $35. Lawler is singing the song to the video, which is kind of funny.

Second Contest: Buddy Landell vs. David Haskins: Landell tosses Haskins to the floor early on and delivers a chop before returning to the ring. Landell controls Haskins on the mat and rubs his face on the mat. Landell hits a dropkick and goes back to working over the left arm. Landell asks, “Who is the Nature Boy?” and the fans are saying Ric Flair. Landell delivers a scoop slam, and elbow drop. Landell finishes Haskins off with the figure four for the victory. (1/2*. This is Landell’s return since he was fired from JCP. I’ve liked Buddy’s work so it will be cool to see him competing in Memphis.)

Buddy Landell is interviewed and he says that his figure four is best version of it. Landell doesn’t want Lance Russell to try and intimidate him. Buddy will be challenging for Koko Ware’s Mid-American Championship. Landell says that any time he wins a title he has to prove himself in Memphis. Buddy gave up everything in wrestling so he can prove himself in Memphis. Landell thinks the women are starved for a real man in Memphis. Landell mentions that Jerry Lawler is unemployed and he gives the thumbs up to Bill Dundee.

Randy Hales is back to promote the AWA Southern Tag Team Championship tournament, which will be taking place soon. It takes place in Evansville on Wednesday.

Third Contest: The Bladerunners (Steve Borden & Jim Hellwig) vs. David Johnson & Jim Jamison: Yes, the Bladerunners are in fact Sting and the Ultimate Warrior going by their real names. They are gassed to the gills, especially Hellwig. Borden scoop slams Johnson and continues to beat on him with a clothesline. Borden went for an elbow, but Johnson was going to move, so Borden had to put him back in position before delivering the elbow. Hellwig tags in and beats on both men. Borden comes back into the ring as Hellwig clotheslines Jamison. They deliver stereo press slams and win the match. (1/2*. Borden and Hellwig are incredibly green and come across rather unsafe. Luckily, the match went less than two minutes.)

Steve Keirn comes over and is interviewed by Lance Russell. Keirn has been watching a lot of things and says it seems like Bill Dundee is king of the mountain. Keirn says it’s time for a role reversal and he’s coming to look for Dundee. He mentions that he tagged with Dundee before he realized who he was three years ago. Keirn is out here to challenge Dundee to any match with any stipulation. Keirn wants to be the guy to knock Dundee off the mountain. He finds Dundee to be coward and wants to see Dundee back out of the challenge. Russell points out that the last time Keirn and Dundee wrestled in a loser leaves town match that Dundee was gone for two years.

Tony Falk talks to Lance Russell saying that people asked for his autograph and he signed his name but then people got mad and wanted to beat him up. Apparently, they thought he was Ric Flair. Dutch Mantell will team with Falk in an attempt to end Falk’s defeated streak.

Fourth Contest: The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) vs. Dutch Mantell & Tony Falk: Fulton and Mantell kickoff the tag match with Fulton controlling Mantell on the mat for a moment. Fulton hip tosses Mantell to maintain control of the contest. Falk enters the match but is met with a backdrop from Fulton. Rogers dropkicks Falk and the crowd is fired up for the Fantastics. Rogers keeps control on Flak on the mat with a wrist lock. Rogers scoop slams Falk and Fulton tags in to strike Falk over the left arm. Mantell gets tagged in and Fulton backs away. Mantell eye rakes Rogers and keeps control with an elbow strike. Falk gets tagged in and Rogers is prepared for any offense. Fulton tags in and splashes onto Falk’s left arm. Fulton dropkicks Falk and tags in Rogers who delivers a splash. Falk slams Rogers and Mantell tags in but is met with strikes. Fulton comes off the middle rope to elbow strike Mantell. Mantell cuts off Fulton with a knee lift. Mantell takes Fulton over with a snap suplex. Falk tags in and hammers away on Fulton followed by a clothesline. Falk drives Fulton down with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Fulton knee lifts Falk and Rogers tags in to deliver dropkicks. Mantell pulls down the top rope and that catches Rogers and they brawl on the floor. Dutch tries to use a chair on Rogers, but Rick Casey comes out with a cowbell and brawls with Dutch to the backstage area. Rogers comes off the top and pins Falk with a sunset flip. (**. A solid enough tag match, actually. Falk and Mantell got a few moments to shine and there wasn’t many dead parts to the match. Plus, there is some advancement for Dutch vs. Casey.)

Randy Hales promotes the AWA Southern Tag Team Championship tournament yet again. Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantell enter the scene and have a moment of silence for Lawler. They are going to be the new Southern Tag Team Champions. They are taking on the Fantastics in the tournament. Mantell says they are going to get the belts back. They are brilliant minds in wrestling. They are confident they will take out the Fantastics.

Lance Russell talks about Jerry Lawler being gone. Bill Dundee is with the entire heel side of the company celebrating the victory over Jerry Lawler. Remember, Dundee is now the AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion. Dundee is going to play the tape of him beating Lawler every night to all his friends. Dundee brings up Steve Keirn and says he might not want to wrestle him. Dundee goes to the ringside area and taunts fans. Dutch Mantell is happy that Lawler isn’t showing his face on television anymore. Dundee hopes that Lawler sells a lot of tapes so he doesn’t starve. They are drinking some champagne and eating cake. Dundee accomplished something he wanted to do that took him ten years. He’s going to win the World Championship. Dundee puts over Buddy Wayne for eating cake like a champion.

Fifth Contest: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee vs. Jerry Garvin: Dundee decks Garvin with a clothesline. Dundee finishes Garvin off with a snap powerslam. After the match, Big Red Reese enters the ring and takes Dundee over with a backdrop and an elbow drop. Big Red hammers away on Dundee followed by a headbutt. Dutch Mantell slides into the ring and is sent into Dundee. Reed sends both Dundee and Mantell into the corner. Reed slips on a splash attempt, but then splashes them both.

Tony Falk comes out and he wants to issue an open challenge to get his first win in the company. Rick Casey comes out in street clothing to open the challenge. Casey just got out of the shower and slides into the ring.

Main Event: Rick Casey vs. Tony Falk: Falk works over Casey with a few strikes in the corner but Casey comes back with a hip toss and armdrag. Falk gets control again with a few strikes and a back elbow. Falk comes off the ropes with a knee drop for a two count. Casey counters a hip toss attempt hitting a bulldog for the win. (1/2*. Casey seems to be getting a lot of focus on TV lately. I’m curious to see what they have planned for him.)

Final Thoughts:
Bill Dundee is an easy guy to hate and plays his role very well. He can carry this feud with Jerry Lawler not being on TV and the blowoff will likely be huge.

Thanks for reading.

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