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WWF House Show 2/11/1989

Written by: Brian Bayless

February 11, 1989

From the Philadelphia Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA (This is the last Spectrum house show televised on the PRISM Network)

Dick Graham is your host.

Tonight, we will see Hulk Hogan vs. Big Bossman, Ted DiBiase vs. Brutus Beefcake, Demolition vs. Powers of Pain for the WWF Tag Team Titles, and Hercules vs. King Haku

Brooklyn Brawler vs. Red Rooster

Rooster is sporting the red streak in his hair now. Brawler attacks Rooster while he was entering the ring. Rooster avoids and elbow drop and fights back but gets kicked after lowering his head. Brawler hits a slam then works a chinlock for a bit as Graham runs down the rest of the card. Brawler switches to a side headlock when Rooster nearly escaped as this match slows right down. Rooster fights out and kicks Brawler in the corner but gets raked in the eyes then Brawler sends him to the floor with a forearm smash. Rooster slingshots back in with a sunset flip for two then follows with a small package for another nearfall. Brawler sends Rooster back down and chokes him out with his foot in the corner. Brawler goes back to a chinlock after a few nearfalls as Graham once again runs down the card for tonight as the fans are getting restless. Rooster breaks up a headlock with a back suplex as both men are down. Rooster tries for a slam but Brawler falls on top for a two count. Rooster hits a clothesline then hammers away. He hits a backdrop then a jumping clothesline, or a “flying neck tie” if you are Dick Graham. They have a reversal sequence after that and Rooster gets the win with a backslide (10:53) *1/2.

Thoughts: A dull but inoffensive match. Graham was alone here on commentary and spent half of this match running down the rest of the matches on the show. You’d figure since this feud was actually getting a lot of TV time he would talk about it but its Dick Graham, who we should lucky that he can remember what day of the week it is, let alone be up to date on current TV feuds.

Slick comes out to the ring. He addresses Hulk Hogan and tells him that tonight all of the “mentally retarded people” in the crowd are going to see him get his ass kicked. He then says everytime time he looks at Hogan’s ugly face he sees why birth control is necessary as he vows that Hulkamania will end tonight. This was some heeling by Slick here, who left the ring and started yelling at the crowd before joining Graham on commentary. Slick really tried his hardest to piss of this crowd.

Barry Horowitz vs. Sam Houston

Slick puts over both guys for being great technical wrestlers. Neither man can gain an advantage to start. Houston breaks out of a side headlock then hip tosses Horowitz after an Irish whip sequence. He then hits a dropkick and an armdrag as Horowitz rolls outside for a breather. Houston slingshots Horowitz back inside then works an armbar. Houston goes back to the arm after a slam as Slick says there are a lot of ugly women here tonight in the crowd. Horowitz takes control as he yanks Houston into the corner by the tights. Horowitz pats himself on the back then targets the neck. Horowitz drops a knee after a gutwrench suplex as that gets two. Houston fights back and knocks Horowitz down. He hits a sling blade then uses a leapfrog and hits the bulldog for the win (10:26) **1/2.

Thoughts: Much better than their house show match in Los Angeles two weeks prior. These two were really good in the ring at this point and its a fine bottom of the card match.

“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

These to taunt each other to start. The women in the crowd then scream when Beefcake takes off his vest. Virgil then mixes it up with Beefcake to allow DiBiase to attack from behind. DiBiase chops Beefcake in the corner but Beefcake no-sells a few turnbuckle smashes. Beefcake hits DiBiase with ten turnbuckle smashes then struts as the crowd goes wild. Beefcake hits a pair of atomic drops as DiBiase bounces over the top rope. DiBiase heads back in as Beefcake takes control. DiBiase rolls outside then calls for a timeout. DiBiase huddles with Virgil on the apron as Beefcake uses a double noggin-knocker. Virgil trips up Beefcake as that allows DiBiase to finally take control. DiBiase beats on Beefcake in the corner then gets two with an elbow drop. DiBiase uses a chinlock as Slick tells us that Hogan is afraid of the Big Bossman. Beefcake fights out but DiBiase yanks him down by the hair. Beefcake gets out of a side headlock and hits DiBiase with a backdrop. Beefcake follows with a high knee but Virgil grabs his leg after that. Beefcake drags Virgil up on the apron and DiBiase tries to hit Beefcake from behind but ends up hitting Virgil then Beefcake rolls up DiBiase for the win (10:54) **1/4.

Thoughts: The work in this match was mediocre but the crowd was really invested in this and DiBiase did a great job in his role. It also says something to see that DiBiase lost here as he is on the way down the card while Beefcake is on his way up.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

Graham is alone on commentary. Neidhart beats on Hammer in the corner. Valentine bails after Neidhart went after his leg as he comes in and attacks Neidhart. He misses a charge as Neidhart takes control. Valentine gets Neidhart to chase him around then kicks him between the ropes as he takes control. Valentine hits a flying forearm to the back then works a chinlock. He cuts off Neidhart with a knee smash then starts working the leg. He tries for the figure for but Neidhart pushes him into the post. Neidhart then avoids an elbow drop and hammers away. He even bites Valentine before getting two with a shoulder tackle. Neidhart hits a clothesline then yanks off the shinguard. The referee tries to take it away and that allows Valentine to roll him up and grab the tights for the win (6:35) *.

Thoughts: Well, they looked less hungover than they did in their match in Los Angeles two weeks ago but this was still not very good. These two are feuding as a singles and part of a tag team feud too.

Big Bossman w/ Slick vs. Hulk Hogan

Hogan lands a bunch of shots on Bossman but cannot knock him down. Slick runs in to jump on Hogan’s back and gets dumped before knocking Bossman down. Hogan then picks up the handcuffs and goes outside to cuff Slick to the ropes. Bossman tries to come out but Hogan yanks him out and smashes his head off of the table. Hogan hits Bossman with a chair then they head inside where he catches Bossman with a charging elbow smash. Bossman pulls up on a backdrop then clotheslines Hogan down. He gets two with a piledriver then hammers away as he uncuffs Slick. He chokes out Hogan with his foot but Hogan comes back and sends Bossman to the floor. Slick tries to drag Hogan outside and gets shoved away. Hogan runs back in and caught with a spinebuster but immediately starts hulking up. Bossman dumps Hogan outside and handcuffs him as he then sends Hogan into the post. Back inside, Bossman inflicts more punishment but misses a corner splash. Hogan hulks up again then rips apart the handcuffs as he hits an elbow then drops the leg for a win (9:09) **1/4. After the match, Hogan poses while wearing Slick’s hat.

These two have had much better matches. Hogan really looked bad here at times and his offense looked extremely weak. Bossman was an excellent big man though and did a fine job. This match had a lot of heat.

WWF Women’s Championship Match: Sensational Sherri vs. Rockin’ Robin (c)

Kal Rudman is on commentary. Sherri fails to attack Robin and gets rammed into the corner. Robin toys with Sherri, who is now irate. Sherri offers a handshake but Robin declines and starts working the arm. They both miss elbow drops but Robin fakes Sherri out before finally connecting then goes back to the arm. Robin hits Sherri with a bell clap after a leapfrog but gets backed into the corner. Sherri misses a thump but is able to cut off Robin with a knee smash as she finally takes control of the match. Robin gets dumped outside then some guy hops the guardrail and is immediately swarmed by officials and dragged away off camera. Robin pulls the ropes down on Sherri from the apron then two with a clothesline. Robin gets kicked after going for a backdrop then they brawl in the corner as the ref steps in between. Sherri fights off the ref and that allows Robin to come off the top with a sunset flip for the win (9:22) *3/4.

Sherri had an off night here but Robin was game. Anyway, this feud got a little bit of TV time but the women were poorly promoted and it never got over much at all.

King Haku vs. Hercules

Hercules clears the ring by swinging his chain. These two start off by fighting over a lockup. Hercules wins that battle and starts firing away as the crowd is dead. Hercules gets two with an atomic drop but Haku hits him low in the corner and pulls him through the ropes by the tights. Haku suplexes Hercules back inside then works a chinlock as this crowd is not invested into this match in the slightest. Graham tells us that WrestleMania is on April 5th but in reality it was on April 2nd. Graham should at least get credit for remembering the correct month. Back to the match as Haku hits an inverted atomic drop then works a bearhug. Hercules eventually escapes then they slug it out until Haku hits a slam. Hercules is able to get his knees up on a splash as both men are down. Hercules avoids a charge then fires away. Hercules is able to put on the full nelson but Haku puts his feet up in the corner and pushes back as they both are down. Haku picks up the chain in the corner and Hercules stops him but Haku shoves the referee then hits Hercules for the DQ (13:22) *1/2. After the match, Hercules grabs the chain and chases Haku away.

Man, the crowd was dead for this one. Technically, it was alright but a very long and plodding match. The one highlight was Graham not being able to correctly tell us the correct date of WrestleMania V.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Powers of Pain w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Demolition (c)

Demolition starts off by beating down the Barbarian. The match breaks down as the Powers of Pain are the ones in control as they work over Ax in their corner. They now target Ax’s back, mainly using bearhugs. Ax clotheslines Warlord then makes the tag as Smash cleans house but the crowd does not care at all. Barbarian breaks up a pin attempt as he joins the Warlord in working over Smash. They hit Smash with a Doomsday Device as Ax breaks that up as the match breaks down again. Barbarian is beating on Smash with the cane then Ax comes in and takes it away as he breaks it over the Warlord’s head as the referee rules this a countout in favor of Demolition (7:29) *.

Thoughts: Bad match. Way too many restholds and the end was a mess. These teams just did not click in the ring and there long feud was quite underwhelming.

Final Thoughts: Hogan vs. Bossman was a great feud but this show was a stinker. Plus, there are so many other Bossman vs. Hogan matches that are better than what we saw tonight. This was the last televised house show on PRISM as the WWF blamed the fact house show attendance was low in Philly due to the fact they were being televised. Looking at the house show numbers, that did not figure much at all in an attendance increase at the shows (They had higher attendances at a few shows but seemed more likely due to Hogan vs. Savage as the main event that anything else). Also, they were putting out some bad cards in Philly at this time. Overall, skip this show as it was not good at all.


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