CWA TV 2/15/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 2/15/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Dave Brown is by himself this week as Lance Russell has taken the day off. He runs down what will be on the program.

We see footage of action involving Austin Idol, who will be returning very soon.

Opening Contest: Abdul Gaddan vs. Jim Jamison: Gaddan is relentless on his attack to start the match not allowing Jamison to get any momentum. Jamison avoids a splash in the corner but he runs into a powerslam that ends the match. (1/2*. I find myself enjoying Abdul largely because he just continually overwhelms his opponents with his attack.)

Austin Idol shared his pre-tape comments saying that everyone wants a piece of Austin Idol and thinks that fans want to kiss him on the cheek. He doesn’t care who he is wrestling because he is the universal heartthrob. He’ll be there.

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee, Buddy Landell and Dutch Mantell cut a promo with Dundee saying that the Midnight Rider is Jerry Lawler and he’s pissed about it. Dundee is going to takeout Idol and take the hood off. Landell chimes in and says they are showing the difference between the major leagues and the minor leagues. Mantell says they are putting Casey and Rhodes in a union to pay dues owed to them. This was during the localized promo segments.

To continue the promotion for Austin Idol, there is now a music video promoting him. The video just consists of various moves and poses for Idol.

Second Contest: Larry Hamilton vs. Keith Eric: They seem to awkwardly perform a leapfrog where Eric just runs into Hamilton’s groin. Hamilton does a slow bridging fallaway slam and rolls over for a near fall. That’s something I’ve never seen before. Hamilton hits a belly to belly suplex for the win. (1/4*. It didn’t really hold my interest for the most part.)

Dave Brown has an update on Jerry Lawler. We get a pre-tape promo with Lawler sitting on a throne. Lawler is here to give an update. He is still very much alive and is sure that Bill Dundee is upset by that. Lawler says that Dundee will be the first person he comes after. Lawler says it will be sometime in June before he is able to return. He’s going to other areas of the country to make a living wrestling. He’d much rather compete in Memphis for the fans. He wants to be back in the arenas for the best wrestling fans in the world.

The Mod Squad and JD Costello cut a promo saying they are certain to be a dominating force. Costello has to be successful so that his inheritance doesn’t go away. They are Spike and Basher. Costello says this has to work or his mother is going to be really angry and they’d have to get common jobs.

Third Contest: AWA Mid-American Champion Buddy Landell & Dutch Mantell vs. Jerry Garmen & Benny Traylor: I’m thinking Dave Brown doesn’t know which guy is German and which one is Traylor. Landell and Mantell are just destroying these guys with strikes and kicks. They aren’t allowing them to get any moment of rest. Bill Dundee is at ringside and rooting on his men. Landell locks in the figure four and wins the match. (1/2*. It was fine for what it was. Landell and Mantell are enjoyable in their role.) After the match, Dundee strikes down the enhancement guys.

A reminder of the attack on Tracy Smothers from last week is shown. I’m thinking this might be a way to get Smothers some attention. But, more than likely just a remainder to give the heels more heat.

A reminder about the Fantastics Date is mentioned and then we get a music video to put them over some more.

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee cuts a promo about the Thunder Dome matches. Dundee says there are no rules and anyone can bring whatever they want. Dundee explains the match, but makes it sound more confusing than it needs to be. Basically, two people who win the most matches in the series square off. Dundee believes he’ll win the whole thing.

Rick Casey gets a music video promotion. They sure picked a sad sounding song.

Main Event: AWA International Champion Rick Casey & Dirty Rhodes vs. The Undertakers: Casey is in possession of the championship so it looks like he had defeated Dutch Mantell in that no disqualification match to win the belt. Dirty hits a belly to belly suplex but lets go of the pin attempt. Casey tags in and backdrops one of the Undertakers for a two count. Rhodes hits a Samoan Drop and Casey comes back in to deliver a hip toss. Rhodes and Casey hit a double backdrop for a two count. Rhodes delivers an elbow strike and a swinging neckbreaker for the win. There is going to be another fall for the match. Because, it’s an expiration of time match.

Dirty Rhodes and Rick Casey provided pre-tape comments during the local promo ads. Rhodes says that no matter the combination they will beat Dundee, Landell and Mantell. Rhodes hypes up the Midnight Rider who will be there. He comically tries to cover that it isn’t Lawler. Casey chimes in and says that two devils will be on them.

Back to the match, Rhodes and Casey continue to dominate the action. Casey scoop slams his opponent followed by an elbow drop. Rhodes delivers an elbow strike and Casey wins the match with a running bulldog out of the corner. (1/4*. I feel bad for the Undertakers having to wrestle two falls and get virtually zero offense in.)

AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee gets a video package. Dundee used a chain on his fist to beat down Keirn in their loser leaves town match. They have to do a better job of explaining what happened.

Final Thoughts:
They are really promoting the return of Austin Idol and it was almost too much within in a ten minute period of the program. There’s nothing really going on this week, but CWA is holding my interest.

Thanks for reading.

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