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CWA TV 2/22/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 2/22/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown promote the show, which will feature the in-ring return of Austin Idol.

Buddy Landell comes out and is interviewed by Lance Russell. Landell says he is the only heartthrob and the women actually agree. He puts over his figure four leg lock and then walks off.

Opening Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions The Fantastics vs. The Undertakers: These two teams wrestled a couple of weeks ago. Last week, the Undertakers didn’t get an offensive move on their opponents. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise how this will likely go. Rogers and Fulton keep control for most of the match. Fulton tries to remove the mask, but isn’t able to do so. Rogers comes off the middle rope with a missile dropkick for the win. (1/2*. The Fantastics are almost on every TV show, but I enjoy their segments.)

Lance Russell and Dave Brown promote the Thunder Dome match. We hear from some guys involved in the matches. Rick Casey says that these matches have happened all the time in Texas he’ll be using his cowbell. Dirty Rhodes chimes in and says he’s taking the money. Thunderbolt Hamilton is looking forward to winning $10,000. Tojo Yamamoto is going to be using his shoe as a weapon. Frank Morell and Billy Travis talk about being partners and they’re going to win the match, too. Morell isn’t going to say what he’s bringing because he’d be an idiot to do that.

Bill Dundee cuts a promo saying he’s not scared of Austin Idol’s big arms and he’s going to retain the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. He’s going to prove he knows who the Midnight Rider is too. Mantell cuts a promo saying that himself and Landell are going to get their titles back. Landell brings Dundee back into the promo. They just put themselves over some more.

Austin Idol comes out and cuts a promo saying that he’ll be opening a new business in the Memphis area. Idol plays to the crowd and apologizes for being late. Idol is going to go get his gear, but Tony Falk comes over and says he knows how to get out of Idol’s leg lock. Faulk doesn’t want to wait for Idol to get his clothes on. Idol decides he’s going to wrestle Falk right now.

Second Contest: Austin Idol vs. Tony Falk: Idol is attacked by Falk with right hands as Landell comes back out. Idol decks Falk right hand and scoop slam. Landell is cutting a promo during the match saying he’s beaten Flair, Magnum TA and the Rock N’ Roll Express with the move. Idol has been being Falk up with slams at this point. Idol finishes Falk off with a figure four leg lock to win the match. (1/2*. I’m for sure interested in an Idol/Buddy feud.)

Lance Russell hypes up some local matches in some markets. Midnight Rider will be in action in a six man tag match at the Coliseum. So, Lawler lasted about two months from being away.

Third Contest: Ken Prince vs. The Raider: This appears to be the debut of Ken Prince. He came to the ring looking like a dominatrix with chains over his chest and it took him several moments to take off all his gear. The right side of his face has black face paint. Prince clotheslines Raider a few times but misses a sunset flip. Raider misses a second elbow drop attempt. Prince comes off the middle rope with a twisting crossbody for the win. (1/4. Kind of an awkward performance by Prince for his debut. Hopefully he can manage to take his gear off quicker since it was kind of funny how long it took for the match to start.)

Fourth Contest: Buddy Landell vs. Lionel Green: Landell controls the action with a scoop slam, an elbow drop and easily wins the match with the figure four leg lock. After the match, Buddy won’t let go of the hold even with Idol in the ring. Idol whips Landell with his belt and decks Dundee. Dundee accidentally punches Landell from the apron. Idol chokes Dundee with his belt but Buddy drops Idol with a strike. Dundee chokes Idol with the belt and Landell locks in the figure four. Idol is screaming in agony. Idol is able to turn Landell over and Buddy is freaking out. Dundee comes in with a chair and jabs Idol. Dundee and Landell leave when Frank Morell and Billy Travis come out along with Thunderbolt Hamilton. (1/4*. The aftermath was really good and should ideally get people into the arena for the match between Idol and Dundee.)

The Mod Squad and JD Costello sent in a pre-tape promo. Costello says that they are coming and wants grandma and grandpa to stop eating and listen. He thinks they will get the keys to the city. Costello talks about the Fantastics. Spike and Basher aren’t happy about them being champions and they just awkwardly flex and stick their tongues out. Spike and Basher are coming for the AWA Southern Tag Team Championships. Costello didn’t realize it would be so easy until he learned about the Fantastics. Costello reveals a towel that has a bunny and says “The End” which will be the careers of the Fantastics.

Fifth Contest: AWA International Champion Rick Casey vs. Pat Rose: They trade some mat wrestling until Rose goes to the ropes to break the hold. Casey comes off the ropes and hip tosses Rose followed by a dropkick. The announcers mention how Pat’s tag partner and girlfriend both left at the same time last year. That was Tom Prichard and Sherri Martel. Rose tries to cheat by using Casey’s tights but the referee saw that. Rose works over Casey and it looks like the ropes are very loose. Rose drives Casey down to the mat with a vertical for a two count. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Casey hits a weak looking bulldog, though Rose has his feet on the ropes. (*1/4. A far more competitive match than I was expecting. The finish wasn’t executed very well, though.)

AWA Southern Tag Team Champions The Fantastics cut a promo saying that Gaddah and Pat Rose will lose to them. Fulton is growing a beard. Rick Casey comes in and promises to retain the tile. Dirty Rhodes enters the scene and they talk about their cattle prod on a pole match. They are going to use that prod on Wednesday night. Austin Idol comes in and says he doesn’t need a steel chair but rather just his hands. Idol wants everyone who hates Dundee to come out on Wednesday to see what Dundee is going to get what belongs to him.

Main Event: AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantell vs. Frank Morell & Billy Travis: Mantell and Travis kickoff the tag main event with Dutch getting brief control before tagging in Dundee. Travis backdrops Dundee coming out of the corner. Travis wrenches Dundee’s arm and tags out to Morell. Morell keeps control yanking Dundee down by his hair. Travis splashes down onto Dundee’s arm. Dundee backdrops Travis over the top to the floor where Mantell sends Travis into the post head first. Dundee has a chain around his fist and decks Travis to the mat. Travis has been busted wide open. Dutch slams Travis and delivers a two count following an elbow drop. Dundee has wrapped the chain around his fist again and clotheslines Travis with it. Mantell slams Travis but misses a knee drop. Morell gets the hot tag and cleans house with right hands. Morell tosses Mantell out of the corner but Dundee throws powder into Morell’s face and that calls for a disqualification. (*1/2. I was kind of hoping that Dundee and Dutch would just win the match cleanly. I don’t get the vibe that Morell or Travis needs to be protected.)

After the match, Midnight Rider comes out and attacks Dundee and Dutch to make the save. Rider had a cattle prod with him to run the heels from the ring.

Final Thoughts:
It is great that Austin Idol has returned and gives the company another big name guy. The show was solid again, though a few feuds have certainly been dragged on for far too long.

Thanks for reading.

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