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A Journey Through Memphis: January & February 1986

For quite sometime I’ve wanted to review and learn about Memphis wrestling. Recently, I began that journey starting in 1986 with the CWA. I decided to start with 1986 because, for my personal taste, that’s the earliest time I find myself interested in professional wrestling. I actually ventured out and obtained every television show from 1986 to 1995. I may go back and get earlier seasons, but that seemed like a good enough backlog for this series.

From what I looked up, there is a large amount of footage on YouTube, especially for the 80s CWA. If you have any insight on what was going at that time, that would be neat to here. I’ll likely post one months worth of TV reviews at a time.

CWA TV January 4th, 1986
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee’s rivalry is heating up as Dundee is so desperate to end Lawler that he’ll put his wife Beverly’s hair on the line. Tony Falk tries to earn his first win in the CWA against Lawler.

CWA TV January 11th, 1986
A tag team title tournament is being created and a lot of people think they’re going to win it. Did Dundee’s wife lose her hair, or is Lawler gone for six months? The Blade Runners compete in tag action. Steve Keirn returns to CWA with his eyes set on the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. The Fantastics take on Dutch Mantell and Tony Falk in tag team action. Big Red Reese returns to CWA and he’s coming after Dundee.

CWA TV January 18th, 1986
Did Dundee survive the challenge of Big Red Reese? The Spoiler spoils the recent attack by the Bladerunners on Phil Hickerson, his former partner. The Fantastics begin a competition for two lucky ladies to win a date with them, but one CWA wrestler takes exception to that. An eight man tag team main event takes place.

CWA TV January 25th, 1986
We’ve got new AWA Southern Tag Team Champions as the Fantastics defend against Pat Rose and Tony Falk. Buddy Landell, Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantell are determined to take over the CWA with Lawler gone. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee takes on Tracy Smothers in a singles match.

CWA TV February 1st, 1986
Koko Ware looks to get revenge on Bill Dundee. Austin Idol is returning and he’s coming for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. AWA Mid-American Champion Buddy Landell teams with Dutch Mantell to take on Tracy Smothers and Billy Travis in a tag team main event.

CWA TV February 8th, 1986
Abdul Gaddafi makes his debut for the CWA and it’s clear that he’s not going to be liked. JD Costello, a new manager in CWA, is coming in and he’s got to make his mother proud at any cost. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee teams with Dutch Mantell to take on Dirty Rhodes and Tracy Smothers in the main event, which leads to a crazy aftermath. The Spoiler unmasks and reveals his identity.

CWA TV February 15th, 1986
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee is hell bent on proving he knows who the Midnight Rider is. Everyone is preparing for the Thunder Dome.

CWA TV February 22nd, 1986
Austin Idol makes his in-ring return for the CWA when he takes on the loud mouth, Tony Falk. AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee teams with Dutch Mantell to take on Billy Travis and Frank Morrell in the main event.

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