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AAW Day Of Defiance 5/5/2018

AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee defends against AAW resident underdog, Paco. Trey Miguel attempts to earn the biggest win of his career against Rey Fenix. AAW Tag Team Champions Besties In The World defend against Myron Reed & AR Fox. AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH teams with Kongo Kong to take on Eddie Kingston and Jeff Cobb in the main event.

AAW presents Day Of Defiance
Date: 5/5/2018
From: LaSalle, IL

Opening Contest: Curt Stallion vs. Hakim Zane vs. Mike Hartenbower vs. Space Monkey vs. Buck Nasty: Zane and Stallion attack Monkey in the corner with running boots in the corner to start the match. Nasty hits a cannonball splash on Hartenbower over the middle rope. Stallion bites Monkey’s tail. Monkey boots Zane in the corner and elbows Stallion before hitting a springboard moonsault to take them both out. Monkey makes Zane slip on a banana peel and hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor to take out Hartenbower and Stallion. Zane is able to stop Monkey with a knee strike for a two count as Nasty got involved. Nasty leg sweeps Zane followed by a running knee strike to Zane. Hartenbower hits the Slump Buster, but Stallion enters to hit a double stomp. Stallion plants Hartenbower with a German suplex. Stallion tries for a slam on Hartenbower, but can’t execute it. The referee helps out on a trifecta snap suplex to take Nasty, Zane and Stallion over. Monkey and Hartenbower trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Zane forearms Monkey in the corner followed by a running kick and cannonball. Hartenbower delivers a gut buster and spinebuster to Zane. Hartenbower spears Zane for a two count. Nasty cheap shots Hartenbower but Monkey takes them both out with a springboard somersault dive. Stallion decks Monkey with a headbutt for the win. (**. It went less than six minutes but it was a solid start to the event. Stallion going over is the logical move considering he’s been getting a decent push in AAW as of late. Zane looked good in there, too.) After the match, Stallion acts out like he’s pooping on Monkey.

Second Contest: DJ Z vs. Laredo Kid: They start off with some reversals while standing up with Z trying for a submission with a standing modified head scissors. They also trade a couple of rollups for two counts. Z nearly wins with a standing hurricanrana. Kid takes Z to the floor with a head scissors takedown. They run the ropes and proceed to have a standoff. Kid sends Z to the floor and takes him out with a springboard moonsault! Kid hits a springboard elbow drop for a two count back in the ring. Kid kicks Z from the apron but Z is able to hit a reverse DDT. Z clotheslines Kid in the corner and keeps control on the mat. They begin to trade overhand chops in the middle of the ring. Kid forearms Z and they trade kicks. Kid is able to knock Z down to the mat following a kick to the head. Kid misses a spear in the corner and hits the post before falling to the floor. Z dropkicks Kid over the railing into the crowd before coming off the guard railing to hit a hurricanrana on the floor. Z hits a slingshot splash into the ring and attempts a springboard moonsault, but Kid got his knees up. Kid forearms Z in the corner followed by a few boots and a standing moonsault for a two count.

Kid slams Z and heads to the top rope, but Z comes over and forearms Kid. Kid stands on the middle rope and Z is able to hit a hurricanrana for a two count. Kid backdrops Z to the middle rope and Kid is able to hit a springboard cutter for a near fall. Kid runs into a boot from Z in the corner and Z connects with a powerbomb followed by a tornado DDT. Z plants Kid with a rolling DDT for the win. (***. I enjoyed the action and the constant moves they performed,. Z is one of the more underrated talents on the independent scene. Laredo Kid is someone you should probably keep an eye on through 2018.)

Backstage, Curt Stallion, Jake Something, Conor Braxton and Brubaker cut a promo. Stallion brags about winning the match earlier like he said he would. Stallion says they are a faction or stable. Thus, they need a good name. He proceeds to say Evolution, but the other guys don’t agree.

Third Contest: Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Shotzi Blackheart: Bordeaux attacked before the bell and nearly wins with a running knee strike within thirty-seconds of the match starting. Blackheart gets control and goes for a Indian death lock while driving her head into Bordeaux’s upper back. Blackheart connects with a rolling Codebreaker and delivers a splash before hitting a cannonball. Bordeaux shoves Blackheart off the top rope sending her to the floor. Bordeaux sends Blackheart into the guard railing face first. Bordeaux hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Bordeaux heads to the top rope hitting a crossbody for a two count. Blackheart hits two jawbreakers and a Codebreaker. Blackheart drives Bordeaux down with a slingblade. Blackheart continues with a DDT and a jumping elbow drop for a two count. Blackheart hits a top rope senton for a near fall. Davey Vega gets in the ring to check on Bordeaux and gets kicked to the floor. Bordeaux plants Blackheart with a backpack driver for the win. (*1/2. Bordeaux looked much better in the ring here compared to one of her other showings where she looked like she wasn’t ready to be wrestling. There was some good action throughout and for a five minute match it didn’t overstay its welcome.)

Backstage, Paco cuts a promo saying that tonight is the night he’s been working his whole career for. He earned his spot tonight by winning the rumble and doesn’t think that Trevor Lee knows what he’s capable of.

Fourth Contest: Brubaker, Conor Braxton & Jake Something vs. Marcos Leon, Sage Cainan & Stephen Wolf: All six men are brawling around ringside to start the match. Wolf and Leon hit dives to the floor and the match officially begins. Cainan chops Brubaker a few times followed by a standing moonsault elbow. Leon hits a top rope Spiral Tap for a near fall. Brubaker decks Leon but gets met with right hands. Something blocks a springboard back elbow by just using his large body to knock him down. Braxton sends Leon hard into the corner back first. Something drives Leon to the mat with a back suplex for a near fall. Brubaker enters to take Leon over with a snap suplex for a two count. Braxton spits at Cainan on the apron and Leon continues to be worked over. Braxton plants Leon with a spinebuster for a two count. Leon kicks Something and tags in Wolf. Wolf drops Braxton over the middle rope to hit 619. Wolf jumps onto Something on the floor before hitting a top rope crossbody on Braxton. Wolf plants Brubaker with a gut buster. Cainan kicks Something and Leon hits a top rope kick on Braxton. Brubaker delivers a release German on Leon. Wolf drops Brubaker over his knee and Braxton nails Wolf with a big boot. Cainan gets caught on a moonsault attempt to the floor. Leon helps his partner out with a dive. Curt Stallion gets carried to the backstage area by Ryan Boz. Wolf pins Braxton after a spinning sit out slam. (**1/4. I was quite surprised to see that as the finish. I wasn’t thinking for a minute that they’d win the match. The match was okay, but nothing all that good or memorable. Kind of felt like a filler match before we get into the big matches on the remainder of the show.)

Backstage, DJ Z cuts a promo on Laredo Kid and puts him over. He hasn’t gotten over losing the AAW Heritage Championship to Trevor Lee. He was partying last night and he got lucky tonight against Laredo Kid. He needs to be better athlete to regain the title from Trevor Lee.

Fifth Contest: AAW Heritage Champion Trevor Lee vs. Paco: Lee backs Paco into a corner and then taunts the fans. Lee controls Paco on the mat and lifts Paco up by his arm. Paco is able to avoid any further punishment and they go for a test of strength where Lee delivers a boot to the midsection. Lee controls Pace on the mat working over his right arm. Paco gets control of the match but Lee gets to his feet. Lee beats on Paco with an uppercut in the corner. Paco head scissors Lee and comes off the middle rope to hit a hurricanrana. Lee rolls to the apron and goes to the floor. Paco follows and continues to beat on Lee with strikes and chops. Lee misses a quick elbow drop back in the ring. Paco forearms Lee to drop the champ to the mat. Lee drops Paco throat first over the top rope and plays to the crowd. Lee stands on the middle rope taunting the fans for a few more moments before going to the floor. Lee uppercuts Paco on the apron and has greatly slowed the match down with his constant taunting to the fans. Lee drives Paco down to the mat with a vertical suplex for a two count. Paco fights back with chops but is placed on the top turnbuckle. Lee drives Paco down with a back suplex for a two count. Lee wants the microphone and behind the referees back he gouges Paco’s eyes. Lee says he has changed his mind and does have something to say.

Lee taunts the fans and talk trash about Paco while casually beating on Paco. Paco tries to fight back but Lee delivers a knee life only to miss a splash in the corner. Paco kicks Lee in the corner and goes to the top rope. Paco hits a missile dropkick and both men are down. Paco forearms Lee a few times in the middle of the ring. Paco nearly wins with a backslide. Paco forearms Lee into the corner several times and tries for a tornado DDT but settles for a superkick in midair for a two count. Lee tries for a suplex but Paco counters but Lee hits a bridging German suplex for a two count. Lee is getting frustrated that Paco won’t stay down. Lee slaps Paco but Paco fights back with several strikes. Lee kicks Paco but Paco counters a powerbomb with a rollup for a near fall. Paco goes to the top rope but Lee sends the referee into the ropes to cause Paco to crotch himself. Lee hits a superplex but Paco nearly wins with a rollup. Lee tries to use a handful of tights, but the referee sees it. Paco gets kicked by Lee and then a one foot stomp for a two count. Lee brings a steel chair into the match and hits the ropes sending the chair into his face. Paco plants Lee with a tornado DDT and goes to the top rope. Paco goes for a frog splash, but Lee got his knees up and pins Paco with an inside cradle. (***1/4. I really wasn’t expecting this match to go nearly twenty minutes. Lee is one of the best heels going in AAW and again makes me wonder why he was so boring and uninteresting to me when I was watching Impact Wrestling. Going into this, I thought Paco was going to walk out as the winner. It felt like a good time to give Paco that chance, but he’s playing the role of underdog and that might be the ideal spot. I hope that the loss doesn’t hurt any of Paco’s reaction with the fans. He’s a fun guy to watch and plays the underdog role really well.)

Backstage, Trey Miguel is interviewed regarding his match against Rey Fenix. It’s the biggest match of his career and he’s nervous. He warns that Fenix to not take him too lightly because he might end up bowing to him.

Sixth Contest: AAW Tag Team Champions Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. Fiyah Fox (Myron Reed & AR Fox): Fitchett and Fox kickoff the tag match and shake hands showing respect. Vega decks Fox from behind but Fox beats on Vega until Fitchett comes over and takes Fox over with a running hurricanrana. Fitchett kicks Fox to the mat followed by a Pele kick for a near fall. Fox atomic drops Fitchett and Red delivers kick followed by a double dropkick by the challengers. Reed boots Fitchett in the corner and hits a missile dropkick. Vega enters to senton splash Reed on the canvas. Vega decks Reed with a forearm strike and tags in Fitchett. Fitchett takes Reed down with a vertical suplex and locks in a chin lock. Reed fights out of the hold with blows to the midsection and is driven into the corner. Vega stomps on Reed in the corner. Vega takes Reed over with a snap suplex for another two count. Reed hits a stunner on Fitchett and Vega. Fox gets the hot tag and cleans house with slingblades. Fox drops Vega with a spinning kick. Fox kicks Fitchett over the middle rope and hits a baseball slide splash, which also takes out Scarlett Bordeaux on the floor! Fox misses a swanton bomb.

Vega pummels Fox with right hands on the mat. Fitchett scoop slams Fox followed by a knee drop for a two count. Fitchett controls Fox with an abdominal stretch on the mat. Fox fights out of the corner with a right hand on Vega on the apron. Fox takes Vega down with a neckbreaker, who then DDTs Fitchett since Fox had sent Fitchett into Vega. Reed gets the tag, but the referee didn’t see it. Reed chases Vega on the floor but Vega gets in the ring and they almost win after Vega hit a Flatliner on Fox. Fox stops Vega with a jawbreaker and Fitchett enters to drive Fox down with a back suplex for a two count. Reed gets the tag and cleans house with forearms. Vega avoids a springboard cutter, but moments later Reed is able to hit the move for a two count. Fox hits a spinning Flatliner, with help from Reed, for a two count. Fox dropkicks Fitchett and the tag champs are both down on the mat. The challengers miss stereo 450 splash attempts. The champs hit stereo tombstone piledrivers for near falls. The champs hit double Last Rides, but the challengers kick out at one. The champs try for double chokeslams, but they get kicked instead. The challengers go to the top rope and hit stereo 450 splashes for a near fall. Reed takes Fitchett out with a dive to the floor. Vega gets kicked on the top by Fox. Scarlett holds Vega on the middle rope to avoid a Spanish Fly from Fox and Vega is able to get a cheap pin for the win. (***. It was a fine tag title match but it wasn’t overly exciting to me. I was bothered by the lack of selling by Fox and Reed for a few moments and then they lose by a cheap pin in the corner. That stuff has always bugged me.)

Backstage, Saige and Leon cut a promo saying that they belong in AAW and will continue to win until they get the tag titles. They are then attacked by Braxton, Stalllion, Something and Brubaker. Stallion wants to use a cinderblock but the other guys have to tell him not to do that. Stallion warns that Stephen Wolf is next.

Seventh Contest: Trey Miguel vs. Rey Fenix: They shake hands to show respect but Miguel tries for a standing Spanish Fly, but Fenix avoids it. Miguel hits a standing hurricanrana and Fenix comes back with an arm drag. They deliver kicks at the same time and trade shots. They trade overhand chops in the ring for a few moments. Miguel head scissors Fenix to the floor and hits a springboard somersault dive to the floor. Miguel misses a double stomp and is met with a dropkick. Fenix dives off the top to hit a crossbody on Miguel. Fenix hits a springboard swanton for a two count. Fenix continues with a missile dropkick for another near fall. Fenix dropkicks a kneeling Miguel for a two count. Fenix works over Miguel in the corner to keep control of the match. Fenix has Miguel set for a Muscle Buster, but Miguel counters and almost wins with a rollup. Miguel delivers a double stomp and nearly wins the match again. Miguel gets dropkicked while on the middle rope. Fenix misses a handspring lariat allowing Miguel to hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Miguel hits a middle rope cutter but Fenix is able to kick out at two. Fenix kicks Miguel a few times and they trade a few kicks until Miguel delivers a tornado kick causing both men to be laid out in the middle of the ring.

Miguel traps Fenix’s head in the corner to deliver a 619 and delivers a double knee strike for a two count. Fenix hits a Canadian Destroyer, but Miguel no sells it to hit a double knee strike for another near fall. Fenix strikes Miguel on the middle rope and hits a sit down piledriver for a near fall. Fenix takes Miguel over with a German suplex a couple of times. Miguel is able to fight back with a reverse hurricanrana. Fenix superkicks Miguel followed by a splash in the corner. Fenix hits the One Winged Angel for the win. (***. I never had a feeling that Miguel was going to prevail and win the biggest match of his AAW career. The action was solid and it was enjoyable coming out of the intermission. I was kind of bothered by some no selling that didn’t fit the match. I feel like no selling should be saved for dramatic and intense feud ending matches. I literally was shaking my head at some of the stuff going on here.)

Backstage, Davey Vega asks if someone is okay, but it’s not Mat Fitchett with ice on his neck. No, he is instead checking on Scarlett Bordeaux.

Eighth Contest: Ace Romero vs. MJF in a dog collar match: MJF stalls for a moment before the dog collar is attached to his neck. MJF works over Romero after an eye rake. Romero yanks on the dog collar to prevent MJF from running the ropes. Romero whips MJF with the dog collar over the back. MJF is screaming in agony after every blow with the dog collar. MJF uses the dog collar to low blow Romero. MJF uses the dog collar on Romero’s face. Romero is laid out on the mat and MJF taunts the fans. Romero slaps MJF and continues with chops. MJF knocks Romero off the apron, but Romero yanks MJF over the top to the floor. Romero smashes MJF with a chair shot to his face. Romero delivers another chair shot to MJF’s face. MJF is laid over the apron and Romero goes to the middle rope. MJF rolls off and pulls on the dog collar to cause Romero to flip off the middle rope and hit the apron back first. MJF recovers and stomps on Romero on the floor. MJF sends Romero face first into the ring post. MJF uses the dog collar to whip Romero on the back. Romero has been busted wide open. Romero begins to get a second wind as MJF delivers strikes with the chain. Romero misses a clothesline and is met with a forearm shot. Romero decks MJF with a clothesline for a two count.

Romero brings a few chairs into the ring. MJF kicks Romero while on the middle rope but gets crotched. Romero has MJF on his shoulders and hits a fallaway slam onto three chairs but MJF kicks out at two. MJF gets pulled onto the apron and Romero is choking MJF with the chain but lets go. MJF goes under the ring to get the ring bell and smashes Romero over the head with it. MJF rolls in and covers Romero for a two count. MJF gets the chain wrapped around Romero’s forehead and then mouth looking for a submission. MJF is able to hold onto it and Romero passes out. (**3/4. That didn’t feel like a seventeen minute match, but apparently it went that long. These kind of matches are difficult to pull off because you’re restricted by the dog collar. However, they had enough spots in there to keep the match interesting. I was quite surprised to see MJF win the match. I still think Romero is going to be a top face for AAW, but they seem to focusing on making MJF a star, too.)

Backstage, Rey Fenix cuts a promo putting over Trey Miguel. Fenix wants a rematch and knows that Miguel isn’t easy.

Ninth Contest: Moose vs. Brody King: Apparently, Moose has not earned a win in AAW. They collide on attempted shoulder blocks and neither man goes down. King drops Moose with a shoulder block, but Moose kips up and does the same but misses a senton. King misses a senton as well. They begin to exchange chops in the middle of the ring. King elbows Moose but gets dropkicked off the middle rope. Moose uppercuts King and grabs a steel chair. They trade kicks on the floor until Moose sits King down on a chair. Moose runs around ringside and kicks King over the railing into the crowd. Moose runs around again but King tosses Moose over the railing onto several chairs. King hammers away on Moose and sends him chest first into the guard railing. King charges and delivers a running boot to knock Moose to the floor. King hits a running cannonball splash against the railing. King slams Moose followed by a senton splash. King forearms Moose several times but Moose flips him off and connects with a headbutt. Moose nails King with a running dropkick and a hesitation dropkick. Moose takes King off the middle rope with the Sky High! Moose isn’t able to get a three count on the cover.

King uppercuts Moose on the middle rope and takes him down with a superplex. They begin to trade chops and Moose takes his glove off. King boots Moose but Moose delivers one of his own. King forearms Moose and delivers a clothesline. Moose fights back with a clothesline of his own. Moose forearms King several times but King hits a deadlift German for a two count., King spikes Moose with a piledriver for a near fall. Moose comes off the ropes and soon takes King down with a discus clothesline. Moose hits the rolling spear and wins the match. (**1/4. The finish was rather anti-climatic. The action was decent, but I’ve seen much better from King. They weren’t really put in a good spot to deliver considering what else has been on the show.)

Main Event: AAW Heavyweight Champion ACH & Kongo Kong vs. WRSTLING (Eddie Kingston & Jeff Cobb): Kingston and ACH kickoff the match. Kingston controls ACH with a wrist lock but that’s short lived. Neither man is able to get a clear advantage. Cobb is tagged in to try his luck against the champ. Cobb drives ACH into the corner and delivers several strikes. ACH avoids Cobb and delivers a chop before coming off the ropes. ACH tries for a powerslam, but Cobb lands on top. Kingston nearly wins with a northern lights suplex on ACH. Cobb works over ACH with strikes to keep the champ on the mat. Kingston tags back in and keeps ACH on the mat working over the left arm. Cobb comes back in and delivers more strikes. ACH is kept in the corner and continues to be worked over by the challengers. ACH fights out of the corner with strikes and tries to tag in Kong, but is met with a spinebuster by Kingston. Kingston and ACH trade a few strikes until ACH absorbs a boot and decks Kingston with a lariat. ACH tags in Kong and Kong drops Kingston with strikes. Kong splashes Kingston in the corner and drops him over his knee for a two count. Kong nails Kingston with a cannonball splash in the corner for a two count as Kingston reaches the ropes. Kingston avoids a cannonball splash and tags in Cobb. ACH gets tagged in as well and chops Cobb a few times. ACH double stomps and dropkicks Cobb for a near fall.

ACH tosses Cobb down and takes Kingston over with a backbreaker and German suplex. Cobb drops ACH with a back suplex. Kong enters the ring and confronts Cobb. They begin to trade strikes until Kong delivers a splash and belly to belly suplex. Kingston takes ACH down with a suplex. Kong catches Eddie on a suicide dive attempt but is sent into the post face first. Cobb twirls ACH with a gut wrench, but ACH counters with a hurricanrana. ACH kicks Cobb from the apron and plants Kingston face first down to the mat. ACH takes Cobb down with a vertical suplex. Kingston delivers a few shots to ACH followed by a back fist. Kingston isn’t the legal man and Kong splashes Kingston. Cobb plants Kong with a pumphandle suplex. Cobb plants ACH with the Tour of the Island and wins the match. (**1/2. Well, that should make Cobb the number one contender, I’d imagine. The match was average, but nothing all that great took place. ACH didn’t do a whole lot in there and his time as champion continues to be a major flop for me. I wonder if Cobb getting a pin over ACH leads to any kind of friction with group leader David Starr?)

Backstage, MJF cuts a promo on Ace Romero bragging about winning the dog collar match, which Romero had wanted. He’s better than Romero and now he knows it.

Backstage, Jeff Cobb says that WRSTLING would be proud of them. Cobb says they are one more step closer to dominating AAW. Eddie Kingston is hurting and he’s got to go think about something. Cobb doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Cobb says “wrestlers don’t think, they act.”

Final Thoughts:
I’d consider this a good overall show, but not on par with other shows that AAW has put on. There isn’t a match that you’d have to see. A few matches were entertaining and it wasn’t a complete waste of nearly three hours.

Thanks for reading.

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