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Inside The Magazine Volume #38: The Wrestler June 1993

Lets take a look inside The Wrestler June 1993 magazine… (now featuring magazine scans)


Anne from Pittsburgh thought it was interesting that in the April 1993 magazine that the writers thought that Tatanka would be successful while Razor Ramon would be a failure. She credits them for having knowledge since Tatanka pinned Ramon on house shows. Fred from Texas thinks that John Hawk is the best kept secret in wrestling and he’s glad that the magazine gave him an article in the April 1993 magazine. He thinks that John Hawk could be a champion for a major federation. Marc from New Jersey thinks that British bulldog should be working for WCW because it’s a win/win situation. Bulldog works for a company he’s never been in and WCW gets to use his wrestling talent.

Ken from Ohio wants them to make up their minds and stick to it. That’s in reference to Dave Rosenbaum complaining that there was only one Survivor Series style match at the PPV when last year the magazine wanted the format they did in ’92. Rita from Chicago is glad that Vince McMahon got a thumbs down in the April magazine because the Doink character is poisoning the minds of children. Tonya from Kentucky wants Harvey Wippleman to be shot in the street for what he and Giant Gonzalez did to the Undertaker.

Dave from Binghamton, NY is frustrated with Gorilla Monsoon on commentary because he either exaggerates the truth or flat out lies. His prime example comes from the 1993 Royal Rumble where Monsoon said that Carlos Colon was a youngster. Dave notes that Colon has been wrestling for 27-years and is in his late 40s. Stuff like that makes him say “gimme a break.” Richards from Mississippi doesn’t understand why the announcers are focusing so much on Bob Backlund’s age considering a lot of wrestlers are in the same age range. Rich would take the veterans over guys like Bagwell, Watts, Dustin Rhodes and Scotty Flamingo. Dale from Mississippi shares his thoughts on the passing of Andre the Giant and how sad he was to hear the news.

WHAT’S HAPPENING: written by: Bill Apter

Hulk Hogan has returned to the WWF and he’s on a mission to help Brutus Beefcake take out Money Inc. Hogan made his return on February 22nd after a 10-month absence. Jimmy Hart is quoted as saying he dreamed of someday wearing the red and yellow as he’s now managing the Mega Maniacs. Hogan’s new movie Mr. Nanny should be out in the summer, which he filmed while away from the WWF.

Over in WCW, WCW World Champion Vader was able to defeat Sting in a brutal White Castle Of Fear strap match. The title wasn’t on the line and Vader was rushed to the hospital due to symptoms similar to what a concussion would be. Ric Flair also returned at Superbrawl III and appears more interested in challenging for the NWA Championship, which is held by Barry Windham. Davey Boy Smith also made his debut at Superbrawl III and he’s ready for any challenge in WCW.

Lex Luger appeared on a USWA show where he teamed with Brian Christopher on February 22nd. They took on Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett. Luger and Christopher won by disqualification when Lawler tried to hit Luger with a fireball, but instead hit Christopher with it. Moondogs regained the tag team titles from the Harris Brothers on the same show.

Doug and Eddie Gilbert are feuding in USWA because Doug was mad with Eddie missing a recent show. Eddie claimed that he missed a flight and wanted to talk in private. That led to Doug attacking Eddie from behind. Eddie won by count-out on February 22nd.

Road Warrior Hawk and Kensuke Sasaki are still the IWGP tag team champions having defeated Tony Halme and Rambo. The show also featured Jushin Liger and Ultimo Dragon taking on Hiro Sato and Noboru Honaga. Debbie Malenko won the Women’s Championship from Kuaro Ito.

NO HOLDS BARRED: written by: Dave Rosenbaum

In Memphis, fans are talking about the Doug Gilbert vs. Eddie Gilbert feud and all the WWF wrestlers that have been entering the area. Jeff Jarrett credits Jerry Lawler for opening the door, but he doesn’t trust the WWF because they usually have a hidden motive. Fans have been talking about Mr. Perfect, Lex Luger and Randy Savage wrestling in Memphis, and now wrestling in Memphis is happening again. Jeff Gaylord says that you can feel the electricity and it’s a good place to be.

Over in WCW, fans are talking about how it’s the 80s again as the Rock N’ Roll Express has been wrestling the Heavenly Bodies (similar to Midnight Express). Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton comprise the team and are managed by Jim Cornette. There is excitement for the matches and Ricky Morton says that it gets his blood rushing as it’s a rivalry that’s been going on for awhile. Morton respects them, but Eaton doesn’t respect the Rock N’ Roll’s because they are old and never had much talent.

In Texas, fans are talking about the tragedy that saw Kerry Von Erich commit suicide. The family’s respect is gone and the family has self-destructed.

In the WWF, fans are wondering if Yokozuna can be stopped. People are wondering what kind of man does what Yoko did to Jim Duggan. One WWF fan doesn’t think that Yokozuna deserves to be WWF World Champion and that’s why everyone is supporting Bret Hart. If Yoko were to win, he could have a Bruno or Hogan sized title reign, Dave predicts. Dave also wouldn’t mind seeing Hulk Hogan battle Yokozuna because those times over the past decade were rather fun.

Dave recalls seeing that it’s been 15-years since Backlund won the WWF World Championship from Billy Graham. He thinks that Backlund could win the title again since he has the skill and determination to do so. Rosenbaum would like to see a Backlund vs. Hogan match since it’s the one match we’ve never seen. Wrestling history won’t be complete until they meet.

BLINDSIDED: written by: Bob Smith

Bob believes that professional wrestling is fun again and it’s because Monday Night RAW is being taped at the Manhattan Center in NYC. He was there when Hogan returned and the roof felt like it was going to pop off. He also puts over the Superbrawl III pay per view and suggests that fans check out the video tape, most notably for the Cactus Jack vs. Paul Orndorff match. He needs to see Hogan in-ring a few times before forming an opinion on his return,.

He wants to know what is up with wrestlers having ridiculous hometowns. Among the people he’s referencing is Damien Demento, Maxx Payne and The Cream Team. The last one being “every woman’s fantasy.”

Sting has taken his loss to Vader with dignity and class knowing that if he loses the fans aren’t going to bail on him. He also says that Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura are the best commentary team since Jack Reynolds and Tex Mckenzie.

Bob notes that he’s been busting his butt for five years and gets a donut while Eddie Ellner doesn’t care about anything and gets his own magazine, Wrestling 93: Rulebreaker.

He thinks that eventually someone will notice that Terry Taylor is one hell of a wrestler. Bob thinks that Vader is the best wrestler going until Rick Rude returns to action, at least.


Thumbs Up:
2 Cold Scorpio: He had a great twenty-minute match with Chris Benoit at Superbrawl III.

Bob Backlund: He’s setting his sights on the WWF Intercontinental Championship currently held by Shawn Michaels and his second run in the WWF could be successful.

Randy Savage: Savage arrived to the USWA to wrestle against Jerry Lawler and has delivered. It sends a good message to other wrestlers to return to their roots.

Barry Windham: They don’t like what Windham has become, but anything Windham can do to prevent Ric Flair from having a lot of power in wrestling can only be a good thing.

Thumbs Down:
Yokozuna: His disgusting attack on Jim Duggan has left many people sick thinking Yokozuna could be a future WWF World Champion. Yoko should have served a suspension for his actions.

Missy Hyatt: There’s not much Missy Hyatt is capable of doing, aside from looking good at ringside. Nobody is sure about what she can possibly provide for a guy like the Barbarian moving forward.

Doug Gilbert: There is no excuse for Doug to be feuding with his brother, Eddie. Family issues should be left privately and not be brought out into public.

Cactus Jack: Just because he hit Paul Orndorff with a shovel doesn’t make him a good guy. It makes him popular. They are both bad men and neither one is better than the other with their recent actions.


Boston, MA: Bob Backlund challenged Shawn Michaels for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. They battled back and forth with Michaels not wrestling fair. Backlund thought that he had won the title, but he was informed that the time limit had expired.

Shenandoah, VA: SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy took on Tracy Smothers in a non-title match. They brawled throughout the match, and White Boy seemed to have won the match, but the referee saw him using the ropes. That led to Smothers scoring a pin fall moments later.

Memphis, TN: USWA Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler took on Southern Heavyweight Champion Brian Christopher. Christopher lost the match because Jeff Jarrett came out alongside The Rock N’ Roll Phantom to cause a distraction.


Nick Bockwinkel is asked if he finds it ironic that Hulk Hogan left the AWA after losing to Bockwinkel and then went made a lot of money in the WWF leading to the AWA to go bankrupt. Nick doesn’t think the fan is wrong, but also says that nobody knew just what Hogan would become in professional wrestling. Bockwinkel believes that Hogan’s popularity was only one of many reasons that caused AWA to go under.

Bill Apter is asked what it would take for WCW and WWF to have a joint show. Apter thinks that we aren’t far away from it happening, but there would have to a lot of cooperation in regard to title matches and neither company would want to look inferior.

Ken Patera answers who he won his first tag team title with. He won it in 1979 in the Mid-Atlantic region with Big John Stuff and considers him to be a good partner and they had a good team.

Hell Raider Hawk is asked why he chose to team with Kensuke Sasaki after saying he didn’t want to team with anyone other than Animal. He says that he wasn’t expecting to miss wrestling and that Animal was teaming with Crush at that point. He didn’t want to disrupt that and decided to team with Sasaki since they would be getting a tag title shot. Luckily, Animal doesn’t hold it against him since he would have done the same thing.

Barry Windham is asked if he’s going to focus on a singles championship now that Dustin Rhodes, Brian Pillman and Steve Austin all have gold or are focusing on tag gold. Windham says nobody will remember Dustin’s reign as US champ when he wins the NWA World Championship from Great Muta.



Duncum is another wrestler who turned to the sport after suffering an injury that ended his football career. Wrestling has always been in his family as his father, Bob Duncum, was a top heel in the 70s and 80s. Bobby uses a lariat as a finisher, while his father used a bulldog, but otherwise they are very similar. Bobby played for Texas until a torn groin muscle. He met his wrestling tag team partner, John Hawk, while playing for the San Antonio Riders. Bobby won the GWF tag titles with John and they lost them to Awesome Kong and Kongo Kong. He has hope to join a major federation and would like to get there alongside John Hawk. Duncum was hit hard with the death of Kerry Von Erich and he’s going to miss him, as will everyone in Dallas.


Bob Smith conducted the interview with Ric Flair, who has recently returned to WCW. Flair considers his loss to Mr. Perfect in WWF to be ancient history and says that his shoulder was up. Plus, the WWF was out to get him because he arrived to the company and instantly dominated. Flair says he was at Superbrawl III to make sure that they had been taking care of “his baby”, the NWA World Championship. It’s the championship that he never lost. Flair thinks that Windham needs to learn a lot more, despite being a veteran. Flair confirms that he will challenge for the NWA World Championship, whomever the champion may be. Flair also wants the WCW World Championship, but the NWA Championship is his belt, and it’s the belt he never lost. Flair knows that he’d have a great match with Windham. Flair thinks that he brings something to the table that nobody else brings when it comes to fighting Vader. Flair says he has nothing to prove. He’d have to go in there and fight like a wild animal. He is still the dirtiest player in the game.

Flair says that Harley Race being Vader’s manager is added incentive since they are both tied at seven title reigns. He knows that Race isn’t going to let him leap over for most title reigns without a fight. Flair claims that he hasn’t thought about reforming the Four Horsemen. He would be tempted if such a group could dominate for five years, but all the stables these days crash and burn rather quickly. Flair doesn’t want to hear anything about retirement because he’s been winning even to this point. He’s going to head back to the top and dominate like never before.


So, the article is supposed to be about Kevin Sullivan, but they published responses on Paul Orndorff. WHOOPS.

Capt. Lou Albano: He’s never seen Paul Orndorff become so vicious in his career as he has become recently. Albano doesn’t think that the kind of viciousness should be allowed in wrestling.

Killer Kowalski: Killer isn’t surprised by Orndorff’s actions and thinks that Orndorff is a man who has something to prove.

Dory Funk Jr.: Dory can relate to Orndorff because he use to do the same things. Thus, he can’t complain about Orndorff’s actions.

Nick Bockwinkel: Orndorff is a guy who has a great look and an even better mind. His superior mind makes him someone who is above everyone else.

Lou Thesz: Lou compares Orndorff to Mike Tyson, who said that every move Orndorff throws have bad intentions similar to every punch that Tyson would throw in his fights.

Jim Ross: Ross thinks that Orndorff is a borderline HOF guy and that this year could be a big year for Mr. Wonderful.


Esteban Aguilar was at home relaxing after coming home from his supervisor job. He was flipping through the channels and stopped on Monday Night RAW and he was excited to see his good friend Jorge Gonzales compete after a one-year hiatus. Aguilar would often times brag to people about being friends with Jorge. Upon watching the show, Aguilar lost his appetite for dinner after seeing Jorge dressed as Giant Gonzalez. He was shocked to see that Jorge had been turned into a monster. He was confused to see it because he had often told Jorge that he’s too nice to be a professional wrestler. Jorge took a year off after a family death and then secretly signed a contract with Harvey Wippleman. Aguilar had never seen Jorge do what he did at the Royal Rumble in his entire life. This could all be tied to Harvey Wippleman and having him be a manipulator. Aguilar hasn’t talked to Jorge since Christmas. They had previously talked once a month for ten years. Aguilar believes that Wippleman has brainwashed Jorge and he’ll never understand professional wrestling.



Vegas was sitting in the locker room in shock that he lost to Erik Watts of all people. Diamond Dallas Page doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with Vegas and he’s just learning the ropes, and when he does he’ll be great. Harley Race thinks that Vegas is not focused. Tony Schiavone thinks that Vegas is mostly a brawler and you can’t be successful if that’s all you are. A 15-year old fan from Atlanta thinks that Vegas sucks and wears an awful suit. Plus, he loses to people that he shouldn’t lose to. Vinnie has a poor win/loss record and hasn’t been able to contend for any titles.

Vinnie has been wrestling for only three years and when he made his debut at the Clash of the Champions XVII on November 19th, 1991, Vegas was able to win the match over Tommy Rich in 56-seconds. He failed to win the US Tag Team Titles and his once promising career has turned into him being an overrated oaf. His career has been similar to that of Razor Ramon. With Ramon now earning success in the WWF. Vegas may just need a different image to lead him to success in WCW. Vegas notes that when Vader won the title, Harley forgot about him and Mr. Hughes. If his career doesn’t improve by mid-1993, he might stuck in the prelims for the rest of his career. He needs to start by beating guys like Erik Watts.


Hogan has made it clear that he’s back in the WWF to help Brutus Beefcake avenge the attack he suffered by Money Inc. However, Andy is wondering if it’s the whole story or only part of the story. Hogan isn’t just returning to help his friend. Hogan recently made a comment to the Rockford Register-Star where he said that he didn’t want to just return and wrestle. He wanted to be the champion. Hogan believed that he could beat Bret Hart with his eyes closed and that Hart couldn’t lace up his boots. Ken Patera believes that Hogan would never settle for anything other than the top, because then he’d be admitting he’s slipped. Hogan isn’t going to settle for the tag titles and wants a piece of Bret Hart and the top belt.

Andy predicts that we could see something where Hogan teams with Beefcake for several matches and then beats Hart for the title before returning to semi-retirement. Ken Patera wouldn’t take Hogan’s comments lightly if he were Bret Hart. Hogan could even disregard Beefcake’s issues and go after personal gold instead. Hogan would probably prefer to win the belt from someone he despises instead of Hart. Money Inc., for the time being, is just target practice.



Kerry took his life on February 18th at the age of 33 after shooing himself in the chest. He is the fifth Von Erich to take his life. The day prior to his death, Kerry was indicted on cocaine possession. He had been on probation for a drug conviction in 1992. According to Gary Pierson of The Dallas Morning News, Kerry never felt he’d get through the grief of losing his brothers. Steve Plkanamenta, a WWF spokesperson, said they tried to help as much as they could, but it was very difficult for Kerry to overcome. Kerry was found a quarter mile away from his fathers house.

Kerry had his biggest victory on May 6th, 1984 where he defeated Ric Flair to win the NWA World Championship. Kerry got in a serious motorcycle accident on June 4th, 1986 and nearly died. His ankle was badly injured and it led to his addiction to prescription pills. Kerry continued to wrestle winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam 1990, though he lost it back to Mr. Perfect three months later.

On October 1st, 1992, Kerry was sentenced to 10 years probation and fined $6,000. He was charged with forgery in relation to trying to obtain Valium and Vicodin illegally. He entered a rehabd center after the arrest and soon left the WWF. He was arrested again for cocaine possession on January 13th and would have faced serving two to twenty years in prison. Kerry was quoted as saying “There’s a lot of drugs in our business… There’s a lot of hiding feelings and a lot of hiding pain. And there are drugs, more so than probably anyone could even come close to imagining.”



There are usually two groups of wrestlers as there are mat wrestlers and then there are brawlers. However, in the WWF there is one man who is looking to improve his mat wresting to go along with his strength, and that man is Tatanka. Marty Jannetty thinks he is someone to take seriously and he’s improving each time out. Tatanka has grown in the ring since his debut over a year ago and he made good progress when he defeated Rick Martel at WrestleMania VIII. Tatanka has mostly wrestled against other brawlers and his scientific side hasn’t been up to the same level. In late January ’93, Tatanka pinned WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels in a non-title match.

He has since been in a feud with Damien Demento, which he has dominated. He’s also pinned Razor Ramon two nights in a row showing that his wins are no fluke. Tatanka could have trouble with guys like Bob Backlund and Mr. Perfect, though. Jannetty says that Tatanka isn’t lazy and has beaten worthy challengers. Winning the IC Title could make Tatanka look better in the ring, along with making him better in the ring.


Barry Windham wants the Four Horsemen to return, but he wants his own version of the group where he gets all the success similar to what Ric Flair had. When Flair returned at Superbrawl, Windham remembered their battles and their alliance. Flair was always the man in charge and there was never any doubt about that. Windham is the man now and Flair might have to do things he wouldn’t want to do in order to get a shot at the NWA World Championship. Windham had to have been upset with the “We Want Flair” chants and the signs promoting the Four Horsemen. Arn Anderson wouldn’t be someone to take orders from Windham because Flair will always be the man in his mind. Windham helped Anderson get his contract situated, but Anderson hasn’t revealed where his loyalty is at since he returned to WCW. Windham would likely pick Sid Justice to be his fourth member since he did do Sid a favor at Havoc ’90 when he dressed like Sting in an attempt to steal the WCW World Championship, which failed. Flair could possibly want to reform the group for his own personal gain. But, if Windham were to become the leader he’d be the most powerful guy in WCW. Regardless, no matter the situation, Windham is going to have to defend the title against Flair.

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