Rebooking The WWF: Week 9, 1994

Here’s a new week of re-booking the WWF.

WWF RAW 2/28/1994 (Poughkeepsie, NY)
1. Men On A Mission defeated Leo Krueger & Jason David in 3:14 when Mabel pinned David.
2. Lex Luger/Undertaker Confrontation: Vince McMahon introduces the WWF World Champion Lex Luger for an interview regarding his upcoming match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Luger is rather happy and wipes sweat off his forehead towards the direction of McMahon. McMahon puts Luger over as a dominate champion having beaten Bret Hart at SummerSlam and fighting off the challenge of Mr. Perfect. However, at WrestleMania he is going up against a man who is superhuman. McMahon notes that the Undertaker has taken some remarkable beatings and continues to comeback for more. What is Luger going to do to beat the Undertaker and hold onto his championship? Luger tells McMahon that Taker has never had to compete against a specimen like himself. The strength he has is unmatched in the World Wrestling Federation and come WrestleMania X…. just then the Undertaker’s music hits and he is led to the ring by Paul Bearer. Bearer starts by telling Luger that he better keep a tight grip on the WWF World Championship because it is slipping through his fingers as we speak. “WrestleMania X will not be the end of the Deadman, it will be the end of you, Lex Luger, ohhhh yesss.” Taker steps up to the microphone and looks Luger dead in the face, which causes Luger to step off to the apron in apparent fear. Taker tells Luger he will simply Rest In Peace at WrestleMania X. The lights go out and Taker goes to leave. Luger acts like he is going to hit Taker with the WWF World Championship, but Taker spins around and Luger falls on his butt before bailing to the floor and heads to the backstage area quickly.
3. Jeff Jarrett defeated Steven Rogers in 2:52 following a jumping DDT.
4. Chris Benoit defeated Scott Cruz in 3:06 following a German suplex. During the bout, Owen Hart shared some comments telling us that he wants to get revenge on Benoit on the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania X! Hart says Benoit may have hurt his shoulder, but he isn’t going to lay down and cry about it. He is going to come after Benoit and prove that the Hart Family is the toughest family in the wrestling world.
5. British Bulldog Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the British Bulldog, who recently made his return to the WWF. Ross goes to ask Bulldog what he has in store for the WWF but he is cut off by Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton. Jarrett tells Bulldog that he isn’t impressed by his muscles or anything. He puts over his bodyguard Scott Norton for having the largest arms in the WWF and being an unstoppable force in the WWF. Jarrett believes that Norton has more strength in on finger than Bulldog does in his whole body, considering Norton is a former arm wrestling champion. Bulldog chimes in to tell Jarrett that if he doesn’t shut his trap, he is going to knock his teeth out. Bulldog turns his attention to Norton telling him if he wants to make a name for himself to challenge him already. Jarrett doesn’t let Norton speak, and he says that at WrestleMania X Bulldog should have an arm wrestling contest with Norton. Bulldog laughs at the suggestion, but accepts. Norton grins in approval before leaving with Jarrett.
6. Doink The Clown defeated The Kamikaze Kid in 6:06 after the Whoopee Cushion.
7. Piper’s Pit: Roddy Piper makes his way down to the ring as the crowd gives him a nice ovation. Piper grabs the microphone and says it’s great to be back in the WWF! It doesn’t take long for him to bring up the “low life scum” known as Jerry Lawler. Piper says that Lawler runs his mouth way too much for his liking and one of these days he is going to break his jaw so that Lawler will be forced to shut his mouth. Jerry Lawler is heard as he makes his way down to the ring to cut Piper off. Lawler is livid because Piper is taking his segment away from him. Lawler mentions that Piper screwed him over at the Royal Rumble and he will be damned if he gets screwed over again by Piper. Lawler makes it clear that he hates Piper. Lawler continues by saying that there would be no better feeling than to step in the ring with Piper and prove that he is better than Piper. Piper chuckles at Lawler before asking him what Lawler has done in the WWF to even suggest that he is in his league! Lawler goes to speak but instead jabs Piper with a left hand and they begin to brawl! Security runs down to break things up with both men yelling at each other as RAW comes to an end!

Next week on RAW: Ric Flair will be on the program. Also, a huge six man tag match will take place when WWF World Tag Team Champions the Steiner Brothers team up with Ron Simmons to take on Shawn Michaels, Diesel and WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel in a possible WrestleMania preview match!

WWF Superstars 3/5/1994
1. The Smoking Gunns defeated Frank Thompson & Mike Sharpe in 3:47 when Billy pinned Sharpe
2. Ron Simmons Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Ron Simmons. Ross notes that we are inching closer to WrestleMania X and Simmons has the chance to become the WWF Intercontinental Champion. Simmons says that Rick Martel thinks he is better than everyone else, but the reality is he is only champion because of that witch, Tamara. Simmons says he is going to have eyes on the back of his head to make sure he has his WrestleMania moment as he is ready to take the gold away from the Model! Simmons finishes off by saying that at the end of the night Martel is going to be picking up pieces of his face off the mat!
3. Razor Ramon defeated Richard Youlen in 3:39 following the Razors Edge. After the match, Jim Ross tries to conduct an interview with Ramon about Bam-Bam Bigelow. Ramon says he hasn’t heard from Bigelow regarding his challenge and feels that Bigelow must be scared of him.
4. Marty Jannetty defeated Will Purple in 2:02 following the Rocker Dropper.
5. WrestleMania X Report: Todd Pettengill runs down the card announced thus far for WrestleMania X. We are only fifteen days away from the big show, folks!
6. Diesel defeated Tim Jones, Ronald Kazel & Scott Perry in 3:11 when Diesel pinned Jones.
7. WWF World Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers defeated The Headshrinkers in a 8:21 when Rick pinned Samu. During the match, Jack Tunney calls in to say that if Diesel and Shawn Michaels win their match next week on Superstars against the Smoking Gunns, they will be given their shot at the WWF World Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania X!

Next week on Superstars:
Owen Hart competes in singles action against IRS. Also, Shawn Michaels & Diesel square off against the Smoking Gunns!

WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/6/1994
1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Duane Gill in 3:35 with the Boston Crab.
2. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Bam-Bam Bigelow about his war of words with Razor Ramon. Bigelow tells McMahon that he isn’t afraid of Ramon and feels that the coward Ramon is trying to deflect the fact that he isn’t tough onto him. So, Bigelow is going to accept Ramon’s challenge for a match at WrestleMania X. However, there is one condition. He doesn’t want this to be a regular match. No, Bigelow wants this to be a New York City street fight. Bigelow wants to know who the real tough man. Jim Ross closes the segment by saying the ball is in Ramon’s court now.
3. Tatanka defeated PJ Walker in 2:15 following a Samoan Drop.
4. Jim Cornette Interview: Jim Ross conducted a brief interview with Jim Cornette regarding WrestleMania. Cornette assured Ross that he isn’t afraid of being fired from the WWF because he has all the confidence in Yokozuna, Borga and Crush to take care of business at WrestleMania and to rid Randy Savage from the WWF once and for all!
5. The Quebecers defeated Paul Erickson & Isaac Lee in 2:46 when Pierre pinned Lee.
6. Bret Hart defeated Rick Solak in 3:38 with the Sharpshooter. During the match, Ted DiBiase called in and said that he was eating a steak dinner while Stu Hart shined his shoes. DiBiase laughed because at WrestleMania, the Hart Family will be forced to do whatever he wants because their son Bret Hart will not get the job done against him!

Next week on Wrestling Challenge: Razor Ramon will square off against Chris Benoit in singles action. Also, Jerry Lawler and Mr. Perfect will be in singles action.

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