CWA TV 5/3/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 5/3/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the show and rundown what will be on the program.

Paul Diamond is interviewed by Lance Russell. Russell puts over Diamond following his comeback. Diamond feels great and thinks he’d like to have a title match. Diamond is concerned by Rip Rogers. They recently had a time limit draw. The match went five minutes longer and they couldn’t finish what they started. Diamond promises to finish what has been started the next time they meet. Diamond came here to wrestle but he’ll fight if that is what Rogers wants to do.

Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell come out and say that nobody cares about Diamond. Dundee says they are out here for a challenge. Dundee says that the referee screwed him out of the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. Dundee wants a rematch and says that every time Lawler asked for one he gave him one. Dundee wants to wrestle Lawler on television so the whole world can see him win the title. Dundee can’t wait for tomorrow because they keep getting better looking everyday.

Opening Contest: Paul Diamond vs. The Undertaker: This is the other member of the Undertaker team. He’s taller but not as big as the Undertaker from last week. Diamond delivers a spinning elbow strike and a scoop slam takes Undertaker down. Diamond delivers a superkick and wins the match. (*. Nothing overly impressive but it would appear that Michael Lee is gone and it’s time for Diamond to get that push I had suspected.)

Lance Russell promote some local cards. Jerry Lawler and Joe LeDuc are interviewed regarding their tag match against Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell. Their previous match saw LeDuc and Jeff Jarrett get handcuffed to the ropes and bloodied, which doesn’t sit well with Lawler. Lawler wants to show some film of what LeDuc can do. Lawler shows footage of himself getting press slammed out of the ring and landed on the commentary table. Lawler was out for months recovering from that moment. Lawler asks LeDuc to do the same to either one of them opponents. LeDuc says he’s more than capable of doing that . Perhaps he’ll throw two of them at a time and toss them out of the ring.

Rip Rogers is interviewed by Lance Russell. Rogers cuts a promo on Paul Diamond saying nobody has heard of him. He laughs at the thought of Diamond having a drug problem and overcoming it. Rogers believes he is the man in this area. Rogers says that Diamond is a liar. Rogers claims that Diamond can’t wrestle or fight.

Second Contest: Rip Rogers vs. David Haskins: Rogers beats on Haskins early on driving him head first into the turnbuckles a few times. Rogers delivers several elbow drops and taunts the crowd. Rogers dumps Haskins to the floor and says he’s going to help him back in but delivers a strike to his upper back instead. Rogers chokes Haskins over the top rope for a few moments. Rogers back scratches Haskins to drop him to the mat. Rogers dumps Haskins to the floor again. Rogers atomic drops Haskins on the floor. Rogers comes off the middle rope to deliver a double axe handle. Rogers is asking where Paul Diamond is at throughout the match. Rogers delivers a slam and locks in the Boston Crab for the victory. (*. The action was enjoyable and Rogers is really good at getting the crowd to hate him.)

Lance Russell and Dave Brown talk about Jeff Jarrett and he had some thoughts to express. Jarrett had a pre-tape promo at home and says that he thanks the fans for supporting him despite knowing that he’ll likely lose matches. Jarrett focuses on Bill Dundee and says that he’s not going to let them lose because of him. There’s going to be a day when he’s older and he’ll ask Dundee for a match. It could be three months, six months or year.

Lance Russell promotes some local cards coming up. He promotes the same card from earlier in the evening. Joe LeDuc has promised to toss one or both Dundee and Landell over the top to the floor.

JD Costello and the AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Mod Squad are interviewed. Russell says that he’s sorry to hear about Costello’s mother dying. Costello says that Russell doesn’t care nor do the fans. Costello considers himself to be one of the richest men as a result. Costello demands that Russell read a letter that his mother had left for him. Russell reads the letter saying that JD is inheriting the entire Costello estate. His mother said that JD is above his siblings. Costello is thrilled to be the ownership of the estate. It’s roughly worth 20 million dollars. Costello wants to be the most powerful man in the business. He says that the Costello Dynasty has been formed. He says that nobody has been able to touch the belts since they won them. He introduces other members of his dynasty. Tony Falk is brought out and Russell reminds Costello of Falk’s record in wrestling. Costello believes that Falk will have victories. Costello is going to be the brain for Falk’s career. Abdul Gaddafi is brought out as well. Costello is proud to have him in America. Pat Rose is brought out as well. Costello has been around Rose for three months and considers him to be underrated. Costello promises that Rose will see championships and more money than he ever thought possible. JD mentions that there is one wrestler that he hasn’t been able to get in contact with. He’s been trying to talk to Dutch Mantell and wants to bring him out. Costello is ready to offer a lucrative offer.

Dutch Mantell makes his way out smoking a cigar and the crowd erupts. Costello says he’s ready to offer a lot of money to Mantell. Dutch is wondering what Costello is talking about. Dutch asks how much money JD is talking about. Costello will give Dutch as much money he made last year as a signing bonus. Costello will give Dutch a 50% pay raise. Costello wants him part of the group because he’s a great wrestler. Dutch repeats the offer to make sure he understands it. Costello will make sure that Dutch will be a World Champion. Dutch looks at the crew and thinks he’s worth a lot of money. Mantell thinks that Costello is probably walking around with $3-4,000 on him. Costello can’t walk around with cash because he’ll get jumped. Costello takes out some money and counts his money. Costello has $400 cash and Dutch wants the cash. Dutch tells Costello he has a deal and takes the money. Costello says they probably need to sign a contract. Costello is mad that Dutch took his money and left. Russell thinks that it might have been a situation where he paid to just talk to Dutch. Costello is fired up and is angry. His stable did absolutely nothing.

Third Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. The Patriot: Bill Dundee is at the commentary table saying that he’s never made any excuses if he’s ever lost a match. Dundee discredits Jarrett’s basketball career because he played only in college. Meanwhile, Jarrett is just working over the arm in the ring. Jarrett wins the match with an inside cradle. (1/4*. The trend is that Jarrett wins via fluke. Is this leading to a really slow build to a Jarrett/Dundee match?) After the match, Dundee never went to school and he’s going to take Jarrett out.

Fourth Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions The Mod Squad vs. Jim Jamison & David Johnson: JD Costello says that he’s ceasing any relationship with Dutch Mantell. Apparently, Mantell took $440 instead of $400. Costello is determined to take Dutch out of wrestling now. Mod Squad works over Johnson early on with slams and clothesline. Costello says he’s having Dutch’s face plastered onto milk cartons because he’s going to be missing very soon. They win the match following a powerslam on Johnson. (*. A simple match and a dominating victory for the champions, which is what they should be getting on TV.)

Lance Russell promotes local cards. Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell enter the scene to be interviewed. Dundee doesn’t understand why everyone is mad when they pinned Jeff Jarrett. Dundee doesn’t think it is fair for Lawler wanting LeDuc to toss them to the floor. Dundee says he’s smart and he’s going to think of something to prevent LeDuc from tossing them over the top to the floor. Landell says that just because LeDuc tossed Lawler to the floor doesn’t mean it is going to happen to them. Landell says it’s no secret that Lawler stole the belt from Dundee. Landell says they are taking Lawler and LeDuc out on Wednesday.

Main Event: Tony Falk & Keith Eric vs. Dutch Mantell & Pat Tanaka: Early on, Tanaka takes Falk over with a couple of arm drags. Falk backs Tanaka back into the corner and delivers a few strikes. Tanaka comes back with a chop to send Falk into the corner. Tanaka shoulder blocks Falk and drops Falk with a chop after a leap frog. Eric gets tagged in and gets chopped to the mat, as well. Dutch gets tagged in and keeps control of Eric with a right hand. Falk gets tagged in and wants a piece of Dutch. Mantell avoids a backdrop with a boot to the chest and drives Falk into the corner face first. Eric gets tagged in and gets taken down to the mat quickly. Dutch keeps Eric on the mat with a top wrist lock control. Tanaka drops Eric with a forearm shot and delivers several more chops in the corner followed by a headbutt. Dutch gets tagged back in and drives Eric down with a backbreaker for a two count. Falk returns to the match and gets decked by Dutch with a right hand. Dutch boots Falk in the midsection before tagging Tanaka back into the match. Tanaka drops Falk with a chop and a backdrop. Tanaka drops Falk with a savant kick. Eric tags in but Tanaka backs him into a corner and Dutch enters.

The bell sounds because JD Costello rings the bell. Costello is pissed saying that Dutch messed with the wrong person. Dutch pins Eric with a rollup. Costello wants to get in the ring with Dutch. Costello says nobody steals from him. Costello wants Dutch Mantell by himself. (*. I’m liking the way that Tanaka has been presented with his chops being pushed hard on commentary and the crowd seems to be sold on them, too. It was rather clear this was all setting up an angle.)

Costello is fired up and takes off his shirt to reveal a similarly hairy body to Dutch. Dutch blocks a strike and Costello rolls to the floor to runaway. Dutch gets a hold of Costello in the ring and pie faces him a few times. That leads to the Dynasty coming out and attacking Dutch. Gaddafi is waiting for anyone to come out and save. Rose comes off the top to deliver an elbow strike. The locker room empties as they try to get in the ring. This leads to a brawl with the heels bailing from the ring. Dutch is checked on by several wrestlers.

Final Thoughts:
The program certainly needed another strong angle to go along with the Dundee/Lawler issues. I can get behind the Costello/Mantell angle, but Costello is going to need a strong singles wrestler to really make the group a credible against the rest of CWA. I thought it was a productive episode and I hope the Costello Dynasty gets stronger.

Thanks for reading.

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