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CWA TV 5/10/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 5/10/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome everyone to the show. We have two title matches on the program. AWA Southern Tag Team Championships and the AWA International Championship will be defended. They believe this to be the first time they have had two title matches on the program. Russell mentions that Bill Dundee regained the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship in Jacksonville, Tennessee. The crowd lets out a noticeable groan.

A video recapping the recent situation between JD Costello and Dutch Mantell from last week is shown. As you’ll recall, Mantell has stolen $440 from Costello after turning down his offer to join Costello’s Dynasty group.

Lance Russell talks about Lawler losing the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship to Dundee and there is some controversy involving the situation. Jesse Allen, the referee, has been suspended.

JD Costello makes his way out for an interview. Costello asked Russell to not show the footage of the situation between himself and Mantell. He has made a horrible mistake in regard to putting his Dynasty together. He started from the bottom towards the top, but he realizes you need to start right at the top. Costello mentions that he’s been talking with Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell to join his group. He sent fire into Joe LeDuc’s face to save them from getting tossed over the top to the floor. Costello was kicked out of the locker room and spat on. Costello says they will not be part of his Dynasty. He is going right to the top and is staying right to the top. Costello is going to get Jerry Lawler to join his Dynasty. He has a scouting report and wrestling history on Jerry Lawler. Costello notes that Lawler is most successful when he has a manager by his side. Costello has a briefcase full of cash. The briefcase has $100,000 and that will be the offer to Lawler. Costello will also include a $500 briefcase.

Jerry Lawler makes his way out to see what’s going on. Lawler seems to be thinking about the idea of joining Costello. JD promises Lawler that he can help him regain the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. Lawler wants Costello to listen to what he’s got to say. Lawler knows that Costello and Dundee are thieves. Lawler knows that Costello was working with Dundee to handcuff him and shoot fire into Joe LeDuc. Costello says that he wasn’t going after Lawler, but rather going after Joe LeDuc. Lawler knows that Costello would make sure that Dundee wouldn’t have to deal with Lawler. Lawler considers Costello to be a leech like Jimmy Hart was. Lawler says JD is a wimp. Lawler felt bad for Jimmy Hart and brought in because they went to the same high school. Hart became a leech, just like Costello. Lawler brings up Sam Bass and says he was proud to have him as a manager and his best friend. He talks about how Bass worked his way up in the business and deserved to be a manager. However, Costello doesn’t deserve to mention Bass. Costello decides to slap Lawler and then runs into the ring. Lawler catches Costello and rips Costello’s pants off. Costello is wearing women tights before running away.

Lance Russell promotes local cards. Joe LeDuc is there to cut a promo on Buddy Landell. LeDuc talks about Buddy trying to break chairs over his head and trying to burn him. He wonders what Landell is thinking to accomplish in a singles match. AWA International Champion Billy Travis cuts a promo on Bill Dundee knowing that he’s taking him lightly but he’s going to keep the championship. Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell share pre-tape comments with Dundee saying that Travis is an up and coming star, but if they blink they’ll miss this match. Landell says that LeDuc doesn’t have anyone to hide behind and he’s going to take him out. Plus, Dutch Mantell and Jerry Lawler will be in tag action against the AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Mod Squad.

Opening Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. Abdul Gaddafi: Tony Falk is at ringside to support Gaddafi. Gaddafi takes Lawler down with a scoop slam but misses an elbow drop. Gaddafi backs Lawler into a corner but is met with a right hand. Gaddafi keeps control of the arm but is met with another right hand and Gaddafi is angry about it. Lawler continues to deliver jabs and grabs Falk on the apron. Gaddafi misses a right hand and hits Falk on accident. Lawler sends them into each other and delivers several right hands on the mat. The Mod Squad slide into the ring and attack Lawler. Lawler is laid on the mat and held. Spike shoots fire into Lawler’s face! Dutch Mantell slides into the ring to make the save but he’s too late. (NR. Well, this was mostly just an angle and it was nicely done. Costello and the Dynasty are becoming a big heel act and I’m enjoying the angle now focused on Dutch and Lawler.)

Lance Russell promotes local cards in Evansville. Joe LeDuc takes on Buddy Landell. Bill Dundee goes after Billy Travis for the AWA International Championship. The Mod Squad takes on Jerry Lawler and Dutch Mantell.

Second Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions The Mod Squad vs. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka: Spike and Diamond kick off the tag title match with Spike delivering a shoulder block. Diamond hits a crossbody off the ropes for a one count. Diamond keeps Spike on the mat working over his left arm. Diamond delivers a leg drop to the arm. Tanaka tags in and it gets a little sloppy with Tanaka falling down and Diamond stumbling. Tanaka blocks a backdrop attempt and chops Spike to the mat. Basher tags in to try his luck against Tanaka. Tanaka tags in Diamond and Diamond comes off the middle rope to deliver an axe handle. Spike clubs Diamond from the apron and Basher continues the offense with a scoop slam and leg drop. Basher gets a two count following an elbow strike. Basher connects with a clothesline and an elbow drop. Diamond nearly wins with an inside cradle. Diamond gets his head rammed into the corner several times. Diamond counters by doing the same to Basher but gets worked over some more. Diamond tries to make the tag to Tanaka, but is stopped with boots. Spike gets tagged back in and shoulder blocks Diamond to the mat.

Spike delivers a knee lift in the corner but Diamond sends him hard back first into the corner. Basher gets tagged back in and Diamond continues to be worked over. Basher drives Diamond to the mat with a powerslam. We see Jerry Lawler getting checked on by officials backstage. Diamond drops Basher with a clothesline. Diamond tries to tag in Tanaka but is stopped by an elbow drop. Diamond drives Basher down to the mat with a back suplex. Diamond tags in Tanaka and Tanaka cleans house with chops. All four men are in the ring brawling. Tanaka has a rollup on Basher. JD Costello whacks Tanaka with the rulebook and they steal the match. (**. A decent title match and the finish probably leads to these teams wrestling on the live events. I’ve been focusing a lot on Diamond and his push as he continues to be protected. A good victory for the Mod Squad as the Dynasty is ramping up its momentum.)

The cameras go backstage again to see Jerry Lawler getting checked on. Lance Russell says that Lawler is badly burned from the fire shot earlier.

Eddie Marlin and Dutch Mantell come out and they are interviewed. Jerry Lawler isn’t going to be able to wrestle this week. Instead, Phil Hickerson will replace Lawler and team with Dutch. Mantell thinks that JD Costello needs to be taken care of because he’s a leech. Jerry Lawler enters the scene and says nobody is taking him out. Lawler isn’t going to let a girl like Costello keep a man like himself down. Lawler assures Costello that they will play with fire if that’s what Costello wants to do.

Main Event: AWA International Champion Billy Travis vs. Rip Rogers: Rogers works over Travis with knee lifts against the ropes and a boot to the chest to avoid a backdrop. The fans are supportive of Billy chanting “Go Billy Go!” Rogers sends Travis chest first into the corner and chokes Travis on the mat for a moment. Rogers scoop slams Travis and delivers an elbow drop for a one count. Travis leaps off the middle rope to hit a twisting crossbody for a two count. Rogers dumps Travis to the floor to keep control of the match. Rogers follows to the floor and atomic drops Travis. Travis goes for a sunset flip but Rogers held the ropes until the referee kicked him off. Billy manages to get a one count on the pin attempt. Rogers keeps control with several strikes and chokes Travis on the mat. Travis gets an inside cradle on Rogers for a two count. Travis fights back with a series of right hands and Rogers bails to the floor. Rogers gets back into the ring and begs off from Travis. Billy atomic drops Rogers followed by a superkick for a two count as Rogers gets his boot on the bottom rope. Rogers sends Travis into the referee in the corner. Rogers takes the referees belt off and wraps it around his fist. Rogers decks Travis with the belt and chokes Travis with the belt. Travis flips over and hammers away on Rogers. However, the referee has called for a disqualification. (*1/2. I didn’t expect there to be any kind of conclusive ending here. Could we eventually get a strap match between these two or something? I feel like there’s been a few instances of using the referees belt.)

Lance Russell interviews JD Costello and the Mod Squad to promote a card in Evansville. Costello is offended when Russell suggests that the Mod Squad would lose to Lawler and Dutch. Costello says nobody declines his money offer and then strip him of his clothing. Costello claims that they will light Lawler on fire. Costello wants the fans to come out and support Lawler as he gets set on fire. Costello says they won the titles through hard work and nobody is going to take them away.

Lance Russell interviews AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell at the arena. Dundee says they are class and wouldn’t hangout with a guy like Costello. Dundee says they hangout with Jerry Lee Lewis. There’s a fight going on backstage and the camera has caught it. It would appear it’s Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantell and the Mod Squad brawling. Dundee and Landell left the interview to get involved. Dundee and Landell return to the interview saying they’d never do that. Dundee says Billy Travis is going to lose his belt and Dundee will have two of them. Landell says they hangout with Hollywood stars and then walk off.

Final Thoughts:

Probably the best episode thus far for CWA that I’ve watched. They add some fire to the angle between Lawler and Costello. That has become the top angle as Dundee is kind of taking a backseat, at the moment. The feature matches were mostly just used to advance the storylines and they were all entertaining.

Thanks for reading.

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