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WWF Smackdown 12/2/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Shane is freaking out because Vince wants to beat HHH to death. Shane warns him about prison.

After the intro, Stephanie comes out to a chorus of boos and she wants her dad and brother to come out. They are still in the back and someone tells them that Steph needs them. She is wallowing in her own filth and misery. She takes all the blame and should not have drank and partied. She apologizes to everyone. HHH will get his. They come out and Steph wants to handle this and she has been coddled her whole life. Shane agrees and he has to persuade Vince to do the same….

Kane and Viscera start brawling in the back.

Match 1: Kane v. Viscera

The brawl heads to the ring where Kane owns him but he is squashed with a belly to belly. Kane rises up and hammers him only to get dumped over the top rope. Viscera goes to grab him but gets his throat bounced off the top rope. Kane goes up top and nails him with a lariat. He goozles him and Pac is on the mic and he laughs that it was intentional in kicking Tori. Viscera wins via countout. Kane heads back to the ring and takes out his angst on Viscera and chokeslams him!

** Not a bad, brief brawl.

Al is screaming at Manking about the Rock and how he will take his hide apart.

After the break Mankind is looking for him. He is calling his name out and telling a clerk how great the Rock is. He is in some building, don’t think it is the arena…..

Match 2: Dudley Boyz v. Edge and Christian

Sorry, distracted. This has not been too bad. They have gone back and forth and both look fairly strong. Devon is hammering Christian and places him up top. Christian kicks him off and then spikes him with a Tornado DDT. Edge gets the hot tag and unloads on Devon. He slams him and Bubba runs in and clotheslines his brother. But he recovers and Samoan drops Edge. He goes up top and Edge decks him and strikes with a Frankensteiner. But he cannot get up as he clutches his knee. Edge sells the knee and Devon finishes him off.

*** This was pretty good.

Dudleys beat on the knee after the match and the Acolytes chase him off.

They are working on the knee….

D’Lo has the mic and he is the only four time European champ. I honestly had no idea. He is the best and the only person to bring prestige to it. He wants Bulldog to bring his jacked up butt so he can stick his foot in it.

Match 3: D’Lo Brown v. Bulldog (c) for WWF European Title

Posse is told to beat it. Brown wastes no time. He powerslams him and then whips him into the corner. He goes for a powerbomb but Bulldog ducks and Brown flips over top of him. Bulldog works him over but he is dumped to the floor. Bulldog holds his back and Val runs down and attacks him. He also attacks D’lo and the match is tossed out. Bulldog leaves and Brown beats up Val….

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Steph has been waiting for Test in the back. HHH arrives and he says “Honey, I am home!”

X Pac brags that he is going to humiliate Kane in front of his girl and even rip off his mask. Gunn brags that they are the greatest tag champs ever. They are facing the Connection at the PPV. Outlaws will show them why they suck. Road Dogg concurs and then introduces their leader and out comes HHH in a Vince mask. He is all happy about his plot coming together. DX is giving him gifts like toasters and family portraits! Road Dogg gives him a front row ticket to the PPV for Steph so she can watch HHH beat his ass in a no DQ anything goes match.

Mankind is talking to the Rock about Al Snow and how crazy Al is. Rock has no fear for a guy named Al. Al assaults him from behind.

Steph is anxiously waiting for Test.

Jericho comes out and makes fun of Mankind and his book. He knows everyone hoped he died at the end of it. Tonight will be remembered for Jericho starting a chapter in his own book. Mankind wants him right now and the fight is on.

Match 4: Chris Jericho v. Mankind

Mankind is displeased and displays it by hammering the shit out of Jericho. Jericho gets in a brief flurry but it does not last as he tossed to the floor. Mankind has a chair and Jericho kicks it back into his face. Back in the ring Jericho hammers him but runs into an elbow. However he is able to take him down and they both counter their finisher. Jericho whips him into the ropes but lowers his head and is crushed with a piledriver. Mankind pulls him up and whips him into the ropes and Jericho ducks and they both collide.Here comes fucking Chyna and Kitty. Chyna wallops Jericho with the IC belt. But for some unknown reason Kitty stands on the apron and gets bumped by Mankind who checks on her and Jericho rolls him up for the win.

**1/2 Good match. Chyna sucks.

Test asks where Stephanie is.

Match 5: Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman v. Headbangers

He talks about all his accomplishments and will give Blackman a chance to work with him. Mosh comes out and takes charge as Angle is knocked around. Angle escapes and tags in Blackman who punishes Mosh with a backbreaker and he flies from the top rope and gets two. Mosh fights back and Blackman is side slammed. Both men make the tag and Thrasher is tearing into both men. He powerslams Angle who kicks out. Angle comes back and finishes off Thrasher.

** Angle!

Blackman is not happy as he did kick Thrasher first and then the Angle Slam.

Steph in her usual shitty fucking acting is whining about what happened to Test. She was drugged and loves him. Test leaves and Steph sobs.

Now Vince and Shane are comforting her.

Match 6: Crash Holly v. Rikishi

Rikishi absolutely obliterates Crash. He sits on him for the win.


Too Cool dances.Fans love it. Really not sure why.

Rock is pacing in the back.

Match 7: Rock v. Al Snow

Rock has the mic and he has the footage shown of Al attacking him. He is not happy about that and in 90 seconds Al’s crappy music will play and he will basically get his ass kicked.

As Al comes down Rock charges up the ramp and lays waste to him. He rolls him back into the ring but Al greets him with some stomps only to get decleated by a short-armed clothesline. Rock pounds on him in the corner. Al avoids a blow and connects with a jawbreaker. Al lowers his head and is nailed with a swinging neckbreaker and clotheslined to the floor. Al’s head is bashed into the announce table. The ref is down and Al has a chair and annihilates the Rock with it. He rolls him back into the ring and gets a two count. Al hits a moonsault and gets two. Now the Rock takes charge with some blows and a Samoan Drop. Al returns the favor with knee shots and punches but he is caught and given a spinebuster. Elbow time! It connects and it is over.

*** Poor Al but it was a good match.

After the match, Al is not done and stomps a hole in the Rock. Outlaws run down and lend a hand. Mankind races down and DX clears out. He has a chair and backs up Al and takes a swipe at him.

Match 8: DX v. Hardy Boyz and Big Show

Ass and Matt start off. They go back and forth. Now Jeff and Road Dogg do the same. Jeff is tossed to the floor and pummeled by X Pac. He is tossed back into the ring and here comes Pac who stomps away. Jeff finally escapes from Gunn and tags in Show who takes out all DX members. The Hardys are flying around the ring and Jeff leaps off of Show and gets two because Pac interferes. But Pac is rolled up by Matt and it is over.

** Ok.

Bossman comes down with the nightstick and beats the faces and DX act the vultures after the match. Here comes the Rock and he cleans house.

***1/2 Once again, nothing spectacular but the slow burn, the build, to something down the road is compelling. They are slowly building up new talent and they have slightly shifted focus to more wrestling. I have documented all the problems that I have. They are seemingly schizo on giving wins one week and then losses the next. But hopefully things are settling down. Jericho seems to be back in the saddle and Angle is great. Dudleys and Hardys and Acolytes are getting minor pushes. Show is still pointless as a champ.


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