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2CW The Big Event II 7/13/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents The Big Event II
Date: 7/13/2012
From: Watertown, NY

Opening Contest: Pete D. Order, Dick Justice & The Beast vs. Killer Steves & Kage: Steves start the match brawling with Order and Justice. Beast enters to deliver a clothesline to the Steves to give the upper hand. Kage eventually runs into the ring to help his partners. The heels continue to call Kage “Sloth” and that he should love chunk. Justice and Kage legally start the match with Justice trying to avoid Kage as best as he can before they lockup. Justice tries for a nerve hold, but Kage isn’t impacted by it. Order tags in and tries his luck with McKenzie, who takes Order down with a drop toe hold. McKenzie goes for a sunset flip and Kruz delivers a clothesline for a two count. Order is met with a double elbow strike for a two count. Order hits a seated crossbody onto Kruz and Justice got a two count. Justice misses an elbow drop coming off the ropes and is kicked by McKenzie. Justice stops McKenzie with a strike and Order connects with a scissors kick. Order shoulder blocks McKenzie for another two count. Beast tags into the match and works over McKenzie with strikes in the corner. McKenzie continues to get worked over and tries for a crossbody but just bounces off of Beast. Beast splashes McKenzie in the corner and tags in Justice.

Justice works over McKenzie with strikes to back him into the corner and rams him head first into the corner. Justice splashes McKenzie in the corner and McKenzie drops to the mat as Order gets involved hitting a middle rope elbow drop. Justice runs into an elbow in the corner and McKenzie drops Justice with a big boot. Kage gets the hot tag and cleans house with clotheslines and right hands. Kage clotheslines Beast a few times while the other guys brawl on the floor. Kage barely scoop slams Beast and wins the match. (*1/4. It wasn’t as bad as they usually are. The action was mostly subpar, though Order had a few decent moves that kept my interest. They kept to a formula match for the most part.)

Ted DiBiase comes out and cuts a promo for the crowd. He is out here for a fifteen pushup challenge. Matt Milan comes out to answer the challenge. If he does the pushups then he gets a match tonight. It sounds like DiBiase switches it to one-hundred pushups, but it might have been twenty-five. He gets two twenty-four and DiBiase puts his foot on his back to stop him. It turns out that he’s going to get a match anyway.

Second Contest: Loca Vida vs. Colin Delaney vs. Cheech vs. Matt Milan: Cheech and Vida legally start the match, which has tag rules. They trade headlcoks early on with neither man getting a clear advantage. Vida arm drags Cheech followed by an overhand chop. Vida comes off the top with another arm drag and a springboard back splash off the middle rope. Cheech catapults Vida chest first into the corner and taunts the fans. Vida monkey flips Cheech out of the corner and sends him to the floor. Milan enters to nail Vida with a clothesline. Vida battles back with right hands on Milan. Milan hits a belly to belly suplex sending him to the floor. Colin tries for a top rope move, but Milan hip tosses him instead. Delaney comes off the middle rope with an arm drag and head scissors Milan to the floor. Delaney gets pulled down by Cheech and Cheech hits a slingshot senton for a two count. Cheech chokes Delaney over the middle rope and delivers a running dropkick. Cheech drives Delaney down to the mat with a back suplex. Milan tags himself in and keeps control on Delaney with strikes. Delaney knee strikes Milan and dumps him to the floor. Delaney takes Milan out with a suicide dive. Vida tries a dive but Cheech dropkicks him and takes Delaney out with a slingshot crossbody.

Vida goes to the top rope and hits a somersault dive to take Delaney and Cheech out on the floor. Milan decides to go to the top rope, but gets stopped by Vida. Cheech goes to the middle rope but Milan shoves him off. Delaney gets knocked off the middle rope, too. Milan gets footing on the top rope but Vida is sent into the ropes to crotch Milan. All three men grab Milan, but Vida hits a hurricanrana on Milan sending everyone to the mat! Vida spikes Cheech with a tornado DDT off the middle rope. Cheech blocks a Code Red to drive Vida chest first to the mat. Cheech follows up with a face buster. Delaney delivers a knee strike and a middle rope cutter to drop Cheech. Milan runs into a boot but blocks a cutter by Delaney to hit a German suplex. Milan hits a vertical suplex into a Rikishi Driver for the win. (***1/4. That was an enjoyable four way match. The spot by Vida in the corner involving all four men was something I can’t recall ever seeing and it looked pretty good. The action was paced pretty well and held my interest. Milan gets a good win over three 2CW regulars and it should be interesting to see where he goes from there.)

Third Contest: 2CW Tag Team Champions Super Smash Brothers (Uno & Dos) vs. First Class (Kevin Graham & Brute Van Slyke): Uno and Graham start the title match with Uno controlling with a headlock. Graham stomps on Uno’s foot to get control with a headlock. Graham is spun around on Uno’s shoulders for a few moments and Graham falls to the mat for a two count. Dos gets tagged in and Uno scoop slams Graham before posing with his partner. Dos comes off the ropes with a shot to the head for a two count. Uno returns to the match and Graham is met with a double forearm and an assisted standing moonsault for a two count. Brute tags in and hammers away on Uno and attempts a suplex, but Dos enters to hit a double suplex to take Brute down to the mat. Dos chops Brute against the ropes and dumps Brute over the top to the floor. Graham gets chased by Dos on the floor, but Brute delivers a shot on the floor to stop Dos. Although, that looked like it was mistimed. Brute yanks Dos off the apron causing Dos to hit the apron face first. Dos tries to fight back on Brute in the ring, but is met with an overhand strike. Graham scoop slams Dos and spits at Uno allowing for Brute to slam Graham onto Dos. Brute keeps Dos in the corner and distracts the referee to allow Graham to cheap shot the champ.

Brute delivers a kick to the midsection and a gut wrench slam for a two count. Graham elbow drops Dos a few times for a two count. Dos avoids a double clothesline and delivers a double Pele kick to drop the challengers. Uno gets the tag and cleans house with clotheslines and strikes. Uno hits a running knee strike in the corner followed by a DDT/neckbreaker on the challengers. Super Smash Brothers hit a side slam/springboard strike on Graham, but Brute gets involved. Brute drops Dos with a side suplex and keeps control on Uno as Graham hits a Flatliner for a two count. Uno fights off both Brute and Graham for a moment. Uno misses Graham in the corner and is splashed by Brute. Brute almost wins with a fisherman suplex but Graham is shoved onto him by Dos to break the cover. Dos takes Graham over with a vertical suplex and a springboard kick. Uno spears Brute on the apron! Graham boots Dos, and is met with kicks. Dos dives onto Brute while Uno holds Graham on his back and they hit a somersault cutter for the win. (**1/2. A decent tag match where they didn’t go over the top with anything. It felt like an old school tag match and it was something that the fans enjoyed. I liked that there weren’t many dead spots in the match and the action was mostly consistent.)

Fourth Contest: Sean Carr vs. Slyck Wagner Brown: Early on, Carr keeps control of Brown by keeping him on the mat with wrist control. Brown comes off the ropes to shoulder block Carr but is met with a heel kick and an atomic drop. Carr connects with a step-up kick for a one count. Carr forearms Brown in the corner and comes off the middle rope, but Brown catches him and drops him over the top rope and delivers a strike to knock Carr down to the mat. Carr fights back with strikes but Brown stops him with an elbow strike for a two count. Brown keeps Carr on the mat with a sleeper hold. Carr takes Brown over with a snap powerslam as Brown came off the ropes. Carr drives Brown down with a reverse DDT for a two count. Carr nails Brown with a spinning kick and a rolling fireman’s carry. Carr comes off the middle rope with a moonsault for a two count. They begin to trade pin attempts with both men getting near falls. Carr goes to the apron and delivers a shoulder strike and they continue to trade pin attempts. Brown stops Carr with a leg lariat for a two count. Brown heads to the top rope as Carr staggers to his feet and stops Brown with a strike on the top turnbuckle. Brown slaps Carr away but is met with a kick a few times. Carr takes Brown over with a top rope hurricanrana. Car accidentally splashes the referee as Brown pulled the referee in the way. Brown tries for the Appreciation Bomb, but Carr wiggles free and hits a superkick, but the referee isn’t awake for the count. Carr grabs Brown and is met with a low blow. Brown places Carr on the top turnbuckle. Brown slaps Carr’s back before hitting the Appreciation Bomb and wins the match. (**. It was okay but I think I was hoping for more from these guys. Of course, it would be a few years until Carr really hit his stride in 2CW, anyway. I’m not sure if anyone really bought into Carr beating Brown here, at all. For a rather short match, it did a fine enough job to be a positive segment on the show.)

Fifth Contest: Jay Freddie vs. Masada: Early on, Freddie is backed into a corner but Masada cleanly breaks away. Freddie arm drags Masada and they have standoff. Freddie monkey flips Masada and plays to the crowd as they chant his name. They have another standoff as neither man is able to get a clear cut advantage. Freddie dumps Masada to the floor to get out of a go-behind position and Masada is a little frustrated. Masada shoves Freddie upon his return and they trade forearm strikes with Masada getting control of the match. Freddie dropkicks Masada and keeps him on the mat working over the left arm. Freddie arm drags Masada a few times. Masada sends Freddie to the apron and delivers an uppercut. Freddie kicks Masada to knock him off the apron. Freddie goes for a suicide dive, but Masada cuts him off with a strike and Freddie crashes to the floor. Masada sends Freddie into the guard railing. Masada drops Freddie throat first over the railing. Masada brings the action back to the ring and keeps Freddie on the mat. Freddie fights out but is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Masada tries for a submission with a camel clutch, but Freddie isn’t giving in. Masada splashes down onto Freddie and follows up with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a near fall. They trade chops with Masada dropping Freddie to the mat and keeps control on the mat.

Freddie almost wins with a crucifix pin and continues to beat on Masada with strikes before being sent hard back first into the corner. Masada scoop slams Freddie before heading to the top rope. Freddie forearms Masada on the top rope followed by a headbutt. Freddie hooks Masada but gets shoved off the ropes. Freddie comes back a second time to hit a suplex. Freddie goes for a cover but Masada kicks out at two. Freddie takes Masada out with a suicide dive on the floor. Freddie gets the crowd behind him as he rolls Masada into the ring. Freddie comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Freddie clotheslines Masada in the corner but Masada stops Freddie on the top with a slam to the mat. Freddie boots Masada to avoid a splash and hits a diamond dust and a suplex. Masada doesn’t sell it and is met with a few chops. Masada elbows Freddie followed by a clothesline for a two count. Masada takes Freddie over with a suplex, but Freddie lands on his feet and acts like he’s Hogan. They begin to trade shots with Freddie staggering Masada. Freddie takes Masada over with a suplex and a forearm strike for a two count. Freddie spikes Masada with a tombstone for a two count. Freddie dives off the top but misses a diving headbutt. Masada spikes Freddie with a brainbuster for a two count. Masada powerbombs Freddie and argues with the referee. Freddie counters a powerbomb with a rollup and gets the pin. (**1/4. I have a tough time buying into Freddie with the strong style of wrestling, especially against someone bigger than him. The action wasn’t bad, but it didn’t reach anything past seemingly the first level. The rollup finish is also rather anti-climatic for me, as well.)

Sixth Contest: Jason Axe vs. Isys Ephex in a Jefferson County bullrope match: They start off hammering away on each other until Ephex connects with a few clotheslines and a dropkick. Ephex pulls Axe into the ring with the rope and connects with a hip toss. The crowd is chanting that they want blood. Ephex pulls Axe face first into the ring post on the floor. Axe has been busted ope from that as Ephex sends him chest first into the railing a few times. Ephex uses the cowbell to make Axe bleed some more. Ephex brings the action back into the ring and Axe is able to stop Ephex with a spine buster and pummels Ephex with right hands. Axe taunts the crowd as he touches the corners. Axe decks Ephex with the cowbell moments later. Ephex has been busted wide open and appears to be bleeding badly. Axe uses the cowbell on Ephex some more. Axe boots Ephex against the ropes and chokes him over the top rope. Axe continues to hammer away on Ephex. There’s several puddles of blood on the mat. Axe keeps Ephex on the mat with a sleeper hold. Ephex gets out of the hold and briefly has a headlock on Axe until a back suplex breaks the hold. At this point, the screen goes to a small corner, which is either a production mess up or done to avoid seeing the blood too much. Ephex drops Axe with a suplex. Axe drives Ephex down with a gut buster and then places Ephex on the apron where Axe chokes Ephex with the bullrope.

Axe begins to touch the corners and reaches the third corner. The screen is for sure shrank when Ephex is focused on. Ephex tosses Axe with an overhead suplex. Ephex begins to touch the corners but is stopped after three. Ephex plants Axe with the Cop Killa and touches the forth corner to win the match. (**. I feel like these kind of matches are incredibly difficult to pull off and have them be entertaining or memorable. For the most part, there wasn’t much going on here and the only thing that is memorable is the amount of blood that Ephex loss in the match.)

Bin Hamin makes his way out for an apparent promo segment. Hamin is going to give the fans a chance to be humble. Or, he’s talking to the ring announcer. The ring announcer is declining to bow down to Hamin. Hamin proceeds to hit the ring announcer with his flag. Bob Foley, the original 2CW ring announcer, comes in and confronting Hamin. Foley says he will give it his best shot against Hamin and is met with a flag shot over the back as Foley checked on Bombshell Billy. ZSIII comes into the ring and runs Hamin from the ring. Springate wants Hamin right now but he doesn’t get the match.

Seventh Contest: Chuck Taylor vs. Eddie Edwards: Edwards controls Taylor on the mat with wrist control but Taylor is able to counter with a few elbow strikes. They trade a few arm drags with Taylor rolling to the floor and taunts the fans. Taylor yells at a few kids threatening that he’d kill them. The fans chant “little weenie” towards Taylor, who puts a water bottle in his tights before working over Edwards with strikes in the corner. Taylor uses the water bottle on Edwards in the corner. Edwards fights back with a kick and a running knee strike for a two count. Edwards dumps Taylor to the floor and chops Taylor against the railing. A few fans hold Taylor against the railing as he continues to be chopped. Back in the ring, Taylor hits an overhead suplex and taunts the fans. Taylor keeps Edwards on the mat with a head scissors. Taylor keeps control with a standing dropkick. Edwards battles back but is met with a boot to the chest. Edwards knocks Taylor off the apron with a boot and a suicide dive to the floor. Edwards hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Taylor delivers Eat Defeat and then does a Tatanka taunt. Edwards drops Taylor down to the mat gut first for a two count. Edwards kicks Taylor but is met with a knee strike in the corner. Taylor hits a middle rope blockbuster for a near fall.

Edwards superkicks Taylor but is slammed by Taylor and met with a kick. Taylor hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Taylor goes to the top rope but misses a moonsault. Taylor knee strikes Edwards and is met with an elbow in the corner. Edwards nearly wins after a middle rope Codebreaker. Edwards gets a half Boston Crab locked in but Taylor doesn’t submit. Edwards keeps Taylor down on the mat with a rollup for the win. (**1/2. I don’t know why, but it would appear that 2CW loves to use rollup finishes in attraction matches. Taylor is entertaining as a heel and his interactions with a few kids at ringside were comical. The action was solid enough, but nothing to really care about.)

Eighth Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Kevin Steen vs. Sami Callihan: Steen attacks Callihan from behind during his entrance. Callihan tosses sand into Steen’s face but is sent into the cage. They brawl some more on the outside with Sami also throwing a water bottle at Steen. Sami hits Steen on the ass and Kevin says “ahh, my ass!”. That was kinda funny. Steen uses a viking helmet to jab Sami up the ass. Steen poses with Sami for a picture but Sami puts his hands in his mouth, until Steen bites down for a moment. Steen sends Sami face first into the ring post and Steen taunts a child for flipping him off. Steen drives Callihan groin first into the ring post. Steen grabs a sign from a fan and destroys it against the ring post. Sami comes over and boots Steen and shoves the sign into Steen’s mouth. Callihan and Steen trade chops on the floor and Steen goes to the apron but is tripped by Sami. The bell officially rings and the match is finally underway.

Sami keeps Steen on the mat delivering several forearm shots and gets a two count. Steen chops Sami over the bottom rope and delivers a clothesline to drop Sami to the mat. Steen taunts the fans for not having a sign anymore since he ruined it. Sami goes for a scoop slam but Steen weighs too much and the champ lands on top for a two count. Steen chokes Sami over the middle rope and Sami bites Steen for a moment. Steen low blows Sami, but claims it was his thigh. Sami is sent hard chest first into the corner and Steen taunts the fans again. Sami comes charging out of the corner but can’t drop Steen with clotheslines. Sami has Steen on his shoulders, but Steen weighs too much and Sami collapses leading to another two count. Sami gets up to fight his way out of a full nelson and strikes Steen a few times. Sami nails Steen with a kick to the back of his head in the corner and Sami connects with a running knee strike. Sami delivers another running boot strike. Steen tries for a clothesline but is kicked away. Sami drops Steen over the top rope and Sami hits a springboard clothesline to drop Steen to the floor. Steen plants Sami with a popup powerbomb Upton returning to the ring for a two count.

Steen punches Sami on the top turnbuckle and they trade a few shots. Steen hooks Sami for a suplex to the mat, but Sami fights Steen off and tries for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Steen avoids it. Callihan superkicks Steen’s left knee and Steen crashes to the mat. Steen lands on top to counter a back suplex attempt for a two count. Sami tries again and takes Steen over with a side suplex. Sami comes off the ropes with a running forearm strike for a two count. Sami goes to the top rope and tries for a splash, but Steen gets his knees up. Steen hits a stunner and a chokeslam for a two count. Steen says that works for Kane every time. Sami battles back with a quick kick. Steen low blows Sami after sending him into the referee. Steen spikes Sami with the Package Piledriver to win the match. (***. The match was mostly a comedy match, but it wasn’t bad comedy. They worked a good match and spiced the comedy in there in an effective manner. If you go into this hoping for a twenty-minute classic of a hard hitting action you’ll be disappointed. Just take it as two guys having a good time and being entertaining.)

Ted DiBiase comes out to address the crowd and thank them for coming out. Eventually, Muscle Marcos and this will likely play out like it did in Binghamton back in 2011. Marcos brings up that day and how DiBiase knocked him out. He got a one dollar bill shoved into his mouth and says that DiBiase owes him. Marcos thinks that DiBiase could only afford the one dollar and claims that DiBiase is broke. I can’t really tell what is being said since the microphone isn’t very good. Marcos says that DiBiase is washed up and says DiBiase is going to feel the power of the muscle. DiBiase lets Marcos hit him, but he blocks it and decks Marcos with a right hand. Ted locks in the Million Dollar Dream and then actually does a side Russian leg sweep to drop Marcos to the mat! DiBiase grabs another dollar bill and puts it in Marcos mouth again.

Main Event: Mickie James vs. Rachel Summerlyn: Neither woman is able to get a clear advantage in the opening minute of the match. They lockup and keep it locked in for several moments and roll to the floor before pulling apart and slowly returning to the ring. James arm drags Summerlyn and keeps control of her left arm. James keeps a hammerlock on Summerlyn but isn’t able to get a submission. James keeps control with a top wrist lock and switches to a headlock. The first several minutes of the match has been rather slow and uninteresting. Summerlyn comes off the ropes with a shoulder block and hip tosses Mickie to the mat. Summerlyn scoop slams James. James delivers a few shoulder rams in the corner, but Summerlyn fights back with a few shoulder rams of her own. James comes out of the corner to drop Rachel with a forearm strike. James kicks Summerlyn in the corner and comes off the ropes to deliver a leg strike for a two count. James beats on Summerlyn in the ropes with forearm strikes. Summerlyn delivers a boot but James hits a flapjack and takes her belt off. The referee prevents her from using it, though. James puts a top wrist lock on Summerlyn and keeps her on the mat for a few moments. Summerlyn fights her way free of James and ducks a clothesline. Summerlyn clotheslines James a few times and delivers a knee strike.

Summerlyn hits a swinging neckbreaker but James kicks out at two. James kicks Summerlyn a few times but gets splashed in the corner. Summerlyn takes James over with a suplex and locks in a front face lock. James fights out of the hold and stomps Summerlyn several times followed by an elbow drop. James gets dumped to the apron but is grabbed by Summerlny. James drops her over the top rope and goes to the top missing a diving attack. Summerlyn tries for a move, but James counters looking for a DDT, but Summerlyn nails James with a running knee strike after breaking free and gets a three count. After the match, Summerlyn has to remind a young fan that she won a tournament in February. That also helped remind me of that. (*. Well, that was just a bad wrestling match. It was clunky and just came across like a complete mess of a match. I was shocked to see James take a pin fall loss here. I’m not sure if I would have done that, and I’m normally a guy that prefers local talent or lesser known names go over people brought in.)

Final Thoughts:
I had high expectations coming into the show because, on paper, this seemed like it was a really strong show. However, most of the big matches didn’t really connect with me and I wasn’t overly entertained. It wasn’t a complete waste of time by any means, but I felt a little disappointed by the overall show. Thus, I can’t give it a recommendation and will give it an average show rating. There’s nothing must see on the event.

Thanks for reading.

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