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NWA Cyberspace Superbrawl Saturday III 2/5/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Cyberspace presents Superbrawl Saturday III
Date: 2/5/2005
From: Wayne, NJ

Frankie Kazarian is interviewed by Tara and he forgets that a camera is there. Kazarian says that he is the coolest and is a serving of the future. Traci Brooks enters the scene and drags him out of the scene. Kazarian was looking at her chest before being pulled away.

Opening Contest: Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Candido: Kazarian gets a rollup on Candido for a two count within the first twenty-seconds of the match. They trade some arm work and they exchange arm drags. Kazarian gets another two count with a rollup and keeps Candido on the mat with control of his left arm. Candido pokes Kazarian in the eyes and soon hits a snap powerslam. Candido works over Kazarian with chops in the corner and does a strut. Kazarian fights back with chops of his own followed by a backdrop. Candido delivers a cheap shot in the corner and drops Kazarian with a throat thrust. Candido continues his offense with a delayed vertical suplex. Candido hits a middle rope leg drop and thinks that is it, but Kazarian kicks out at two. Kazarian rolls through to dropkick Candido, but Candido quickly regains control after a clothesline. Kazarian gets out of a sleeper and tries for a sunset flip and pulls Candido’s tights down for a two count. Candido clotheslines Kazarian with his butt exposed. Candido goes to the top rope but Kazarian delivers a press slam, clothesline and dropkick. Kazarian splashes Candido in the corner followed by another dropkick. Candido gets his boot on the bottom rope.

Candido pulls his trunks up and boots Kazaeian. Candido falls flat on his face after the move. Candido heads to the top rope and connects with a diving headbutt for a two count. Candido goes to the top again but Traci Brooks crotches him and hits a superplex. Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future for the win. (**. A decent match that had a standard amount of action. They didn’t do anything crazy, and they really didn’t need to. Candido entertained the crowd as his exposed butt gimmick got over. If I hadn’t known, I would have figured that Candido was the face, but that wasn’t the case, apparently.) After the match, Kazarian wants to shake hands but Candido leaves the ring.

Backstage, Dan Barry is confronted by some chick with a whip and she tells him to not let her down.

Backstage, there are two interviewers trying to get an interview with Mason Raige, but Raige ignores them and Raige says that Dan Barry has made this personal. This is all Barry’s fault and he’s going to finish it.

Dan Barry comes out and says he’s not going to be wrestling tonight since his right arm is in a sling. His manager says that Barry must wrestle to prove himself to the group.

Second Contest: Dan Barry vs. Mason Raige: Barry bails to the floor after delivering a few strikes. Raige gets distracted by Barry’s manager and is attacked but Barry can’t get much of any offense going in his favor. Raige gets choked with a whip and Barry tells her to do it more. Mana comes out and attacks Raige’s manager as he was attacking the female manager. Raige shoves Mana away and the brawling isn’t really doing much of anything. Billy Firehawk comes out and threatens to suspend and fine people. Barry backs into Raige in the ring and he knows he’s in trouble. Barry is working the match with his arm in a damn sling. Barry nearly wins with a spinning heel kick to a seated Raige. Raige almost wins following a powerslam. Raige tosses Barry across the ring. Barry counters a powerbomb with right hands and hit a shining wizard. Barry misses a middle rope leg drop and Raige hits a military press slam for the win. (1/4*. Raige is a big guy and he had trouble beating a guy in a damn sling. I don’t think I’d buy into anything involving him moving forward.) After the match, Raige confronts Mana on the floor and shoes him. Crazy Ivan is attacking Barry in the ring. Mana gets in the ring and helps attack Barry some more. Barry has been kicked out of the Foreign Exchange. Tara, who has been an interviewer checks on Barry. Ken Scampi comes down as well and helps Barry.

Backstage, Chris Candido is interviewed and is pissed about being screwed already. Everywhere he goes they all try to keep him down and he begins to lay on the ground and everyone thought he was done. He is just starting and he’s going to be taking all the belts he deserved. He takes the interviewers gear.

Backstage, Cindy Rogers is talking with her manager. Rogers doesn’t say a word and is coming for the Women’s Champion.

Backstage, Tara interviews Traci Brooks and Brooks says that Trinity isn’t here because she’s doing stunt work for the Seabiscuit movie. She basically calls her a horse.

Third Contest: Traci Brooks vs. Cindy Rogers: I’m not going to give this an in-depth coverage. I couldn’t possibly tell you who the hell Rogers even is. Rogers controlled for several moments working over Traci’s knees. However, Brooks fought back with a face buster off the middle rope. Rogers delivers a face buster over her knee for a two count. Brooks wins the match with a closed fist punch. (1/4*. I didn’t care for any of this and they weren’t going to win me over.) After the match, Jazz makes her way out. Jazz wasn’t impressed at all with what Traci did. Jazz suggests that at another time she’ll show her how its done. Traci seems to challenge Jazz and Jazz says she doesn’t backdown from anybody. However, she doesn’t get in the ring. Well, actually, Jazz does get in the ring. Jazz knee lifts Brooks and delivers a few strikes. Rogers gets back in the ring and they double team Brooks. Jazz lifts Brooks up with a double chicken wing and drops her to the mat. April Hunter runs into the ring and makes the save. Hunter takes out Brooks and then hammers away on Jazz. Jazz is able to bail to the floor.

Backstage, Jazz cuts a promo saying that she’s back and she is going to prove that the women can’t compete against her.

Backstage, John Shane is all over the damn place. He is with the Solution and says they will win the tag titles from AMW tonight. Havok says their luck runs out and the titles will come home with them tonight. Papadon says he is greatness and they are going to win the belts and take their girls. Are they not aware that the microphones don’t actually work?

Bill Apter comes out for an interview segment and says his original guest was supposed to be NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett, but Jarrett decided he didn’t want to come out. Apter calls out Billy Firehawk for an interview instead. Firehawk asks the fans if this is Cyberspace or TNA and the fans chant for Cyberspace. There are people in the crowd throwing shirts and nobody is paying attention to the ring. Apter mentions that Jarrett will be getting a Cyberspace Heavyweight Championship shot within 2005. Firehawk respects Jarrett, but Slyck Wagner Brown is the Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion. Firehawk thinks that Jarrett is going to lose the title to Kevin Nash, anyway. Firehawk insists it is his decision for when Jarrett gets the Cyberspace Heavyweight Championship match and if he doesn’t like it then he can stroke “this”.

Fourth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Internet Title number one contender battle royal: Battle royals are usually the same old stuff. So, I’m not going to go in-depth but rather just do a simple rundown.

Entrant #1: Mo Sexton
Entrant #2: Danny Jaxx
Entrant #3: Nick Berk
Berk and Jaxx work over Sexton and is nearly eliminated. Sexton dropkicks them from behind and almost eliminates both men.
Entrant #4: Mana
Elimination #1: Mo Sexton by Mana
Elimination #2: Danny Jaxx by Mana
Elimination #3: Nick Berk by Mana
Entrant #5: Ken Scampi
Elimination #4: Ken Scampi by himself as a result of diving onto everyone on the floor.
Entrant #6: Josh Daniels
Entrant #7: Chris Hamrick
Entrant #8: Julio Dinero
Entrant #9: Crazy Ivan
Elimination #5: Crazy Ivan by Julio Dinero
Entrant #10: Grim Reefer
Entrant #11: Crowbar
Entrant #12: Mike Kruel
Elimination #6: Grim Reefer by Mike Kruel
Elimination #7: Chris Hamrick by Julio Dinero
Elimination #8: Julio Dinero by Josh Daniels
Mana is getting worked over by Kruel, Daniels and Crowbar. Crowbar turns on Kruel quickly delivering several strikes. Daniels and Kruel dump Crowbar to the apron and eliminate him.
Elimination #9: Crowbar by Daniels & Kruel
Daniels and Kruel decide to team up and try to take out Mana, but Mana is able to fight them off at first. Mana splashes both men in opposite corners. Mana clotheslines Kruel and tosses Daniels with a gut wrench slam. Mana tries to eliminate Daniels, but Kruel makes the save. Mana tries to toss Kruel out of the ring, but Daniels makes the save with a dropkick. Daniels clotheslines Kruel over the top to the floor!
Elimination #10: Mike Kruel by Josh Daniels
Mana drives Daniels into the corner but misses a splash. Daniels comes off the middle rope and is met with a low blow. Mana spikes Daniels with a double under hook piledriver. Mana tries to eliminate Daniels, but Daniels holds onto the ropes and Mana is eliminated.
Elimination #11: Mana by Josh Daniels
Thus, Josh Daniels will get a shot at Mike Tobin for the Internet Championship.

Backstage, Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper cut a promo saying that AMW are on their minds and it doesn’t matter who the champions are they are coming for them.

Backstage, Ken Scampi is annoying Dan Barry saying he thinks they are friends now and that Barry will be sleeping over and they are friends. They are a New York Wrestling Connection, and they look over to the camera breaking the fourth wall for some reason.

Backstage, NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted cut a promo about the Solution bragging about beating them before. Chris Harris says the NWA is something the Solution has never stepped foot in. James Storm says they are both the NWA and Cyberspace tag team titles. They have made a name for making other people famous.

Backstage, Mike Kruel thinks it is ridiculous he keeps on getting screwed. Chris Candido just happens to be there too and pie faces Kruel telling him to not be a crying bitch about it. They are held back by a few wrestlers.

Last year, the Solution pulled off an upset victory in the same venue in the same ring against America’s Most Wanted.

Fifth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Champ[ions America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) vs. The Solution (Havok & Papadon): Papadon goes up the aisle but Harris follows him until Papadon begs off. Storm and Papdon are starting the match off. Storm shoulder blocks Papadon and they both attempt dropkicks, but we get a standoff instead. Papadon slaps Storm to fake out a handshake. Storm kicks Papadon to the floor and Papadon takes a timeout. Storm tags in Harris and Harris nearly wins after an atomic drop/side Russian leg sweep combo. Papadon crawls to his corner and has his head near Havok’s groin leading to a chant. Havok legally tags in to try his luck against Harris. Havok and Harris trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Harris hits a leaping clothesline and Havok goes to the floor. Harris follows to the floor to deliver a clothesline. Storm works over Papadon on the other side. Harris drops Havok throat first over the guard railing and Storm sends Papadon into the crowd. Storm rams Papadon face first on the merchandise table. They are brawling all over the arena. Storm whacks Papadon over the head with a trash can. Storm decks Havok as they are making their way towards each other in the crowd. Papadon and Harris trade strikes now, too. Harris leaps over a table to dive onto Papadon before delivering more right hands. Storm uses a chair on Havok and Papadon tosses Harris over the table before delivering an elbow strike.

Havok drives Storm back first into the wall from a Samoan Drop position. Harris nails Papadon with a steel chair and Papadon gets stuck in a trash can. Harris gently hits the trash can with a chair and Havok gets met with another trash can shot. Havok whacks Harris over the head with a trash can. They head back towards ringside and continue to brawl. Papadon is sent into the railing and Havok is sent into the ring steps. Harris comes off the middle rope double axe handle for a two count on Papadon. Solution are sent into the corner, with Papadon in a tree of woe. AMW make it into a 69 position and the crowd finds that to be hilarious. Storm spins Papadon down to the mat and almost gets a three count. Papadon gets control and begins to work over the left leg of Storm. Storm tries to fight out of the wrong corner, but Solution keep control of the match. Storm stops Papadon with a neckbreaker. Harris gets the hot tag and cleans house with left hands. Harris plants Havok with a spine buster for a two count. Papadon drops Harris with a slam, but gets stopped on the middle rope. Harris hits a top rope hurricanrana. Harris comes off the top rope with an elbow drop, but Papadon kicks out at two.

Harris plants Havok with the Catatonic, but John Shane stops the referee. Papadon decks Harris from behind and Storm backdrops Papadon to the apron. Storm turns around and is met with a spear from Havok. Papadon can’t get a three count. Harris sends the Solution into each other and almost pins Papadon. Harris gets a sharpshooter locked in on Havok. Papadon tries to use the title and is met with a superkick by Storm! Christopher Daniels comes out and distracts AMW. Elix Skipper has a tag title and he decks Harris! Havok is put on top of Harris and gets a three count! (***1/4. I was relieved that they decided to make this a brawl and didn’t work a twenty-minute standard tag team match. It’s examples like this where those brawls can be executed well and keep interest in the action. It also served a purpose since they have a history dating back to the previous year. The finish was done well, too. It gives the Solution a big title win, and keeps AMW strong while advancing their feud with XXX. Best match on the show, thus far.)

Bill Apter talks to Daniels and Skipper outside the ring. Daniels says that Jeff Jarrett gave them the chance to screw over AMW. Daniels says they may not be able to tag in TNA, but they can tag anywhere else. Skipper says this is the remix and it feels so good. AMW leave the ring and stalk towards XXX.

Bill Apter interviews NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett to talk about his match against Ron Killings. Jarrett puts over how he has traveled all over Europe and doesn’t care who he has to wrestle. He’s going to walk in as champion and leave as champion. Jarrett has a good contact in Cyberspace and thus will get a Cyberspace Heavyweight Championship match at some point in 2005. Jarrett has all the stroke and when he wants a title shot he’ll take it.

Matt Striker says he has his reasons for helping Slyck Wagner Brown retain the NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Championship. He also says Michael Shane is afraid of him and that’s why he’s not here. Striker tells Tara at the commentary table that he’s done with her and she needs to wipe her chin and leave.

Sixth Contest: The Amazing Red & SAT (Joel & Jose Maximo) vs. Danny Jaxx, Matt Striker, & Nick Berk: SAT take out Jaxx and Berk sending them to the floor and dives to the floor. Striker works over Red in the corner with right hands. Red backdrops Striker over the top to the floor, and Striker hits the ring steps face first. Jaxx and Joel enter the ring and Jose enters to deliver a kick followed by a dropkick by Red. Jose drop toe holds Striker and the SAT put Jaxx and Striker in a chin lock/Boston Crab combo. Red delivers a step-up kick to drop Striker to the mat. Striker and Joel are legally involved in the match as Joel hit a hurricanrana and Striker came back with a head scissors. Joel comes off the ropes to hit a reverse neck snap. Jaxx tries for a suplex, but Joel counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Joel head scissors Jaxx and Jose sends Striker face first into the ring post. Joel superkicks Jaxx and Red enters hammering away on Berk. Red plants Berk with a tornado DDT and a dropkick. Red head scissors Berk out of the corner but Berk stops Red with a sit out powerbomb. Striker drops Red over his knee followed by a running boot. Striker gets worked over by Red as they traded chops in the corner. Striker gets the advantage with a series of strikes. Striker splashes Red in the corner followed by a running yakuza kick.

Red gets tripled teamed and Berk drives Red down to the mat with a vertical suplex. Red boots Striker in the corner and comes off the middle rope to hit a swinging face buster. Joel gets the hot tag and cleans house with clotheslines. Joel nearly pins Berk with a rollup. Striker holds Joel and Berk goes to the top but is kicked by Jose. Jose is dropkicked by Striker from behind and Striker does an awkward double team move with Jaxx. The fans booed that awful attempt. Red hits an ace cutter on Striker and kicks Jaxx. Striker hits a backstabber on Red. Joel chops Striker a few times but Berk comes over to eat a kick. Jose comes off the top to hit a DDT on Striker, who was on Joel’s shoulders. Berk rolls Jose on the mat several times and then goes to the top rope. Red slaps Berk and the SAT hit the Spanish Fly! Red hits a standing shooting star press and pins Berk. (**1/4. The kept a decent pace and the action was fine for what it was. There were a few botches, though. I like that Striker is being a focus in the company and appears to be one of the top heels.) After the match, Red is attacked by SAT. Red is driven down with a brainbuster and a powerbomb. Joel says he is sick and tired of Red taking credit for stuff that he doesn’t do.

Backstage, The Solution celebrate their NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Championship victory with John Shane. Shane says that he has all the gold and he’s thrilled about it. Cindy Rogers is incredibly awkward. Shane says that anybody can come after the titles. They have the gold and thus make the rules.

Backstage, NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion Slyck Wagner Brown is interviewed about Matt Striker saying he has a secret about April Hunter. Brown isn’t worried about Striker right now because he has to defend against Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper. Brown wants Jarrett to come after him straight up if he wants the gold. Brown isn’t stressing it because he’s the World Champion and he’s going to prove to everyone why he is the Underground King when he retains tonight.

Backstage, America’s Most Wanted enter their locker room to see that Triple X has taped X’s on their lockers. They know they are up next and they leave the room seemingly teasing involvement.

The idea behind the next match is that NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett is attempting to weaken the NWA Cyberspace Champion before their eventual title match.

Seventh Contest: NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Elix Skipper: Brown and Daniels start off with Skipper standing in the corner just watching them trade wrist locks. Daniels drop toe holds Brown but Brown comes back with a few arm drags and a dropkick. Skipper tries to get involved, but is met with a dropkick, too. Skipper tries his luck with Brown, but Brown gets control on the mat. Brown takes Skipper over with a head scissors. Brown continues with a nice hurricanrana for a two count as Daniels got involved. Brown is slammed to the mat by Skipper and Daniels delivers strikes while Skipper holds the champ. Brown dumps Skipper over the top to the floor and almost pins Daniels with a rollup. Daniels nails Brown with a heel kick to regain control of the match. Brown elbows Daniels in the corner and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker moments later. Brown connects with a full nelson turned into a backbreaker for a two count as Skipper breaks up the cover. Skipper works over Brown with strikes to keep Brown on the mat. Skipper lifts Brown into the air leading to Daniels hitting a Flatliner. Skipper clotheslines Brown after Daniels leapfrogged Brown. Skipper lifts Daniels up to deliver an elbow drop. Skipper has Brown over his shoulder and Daniels comes off the middle rope to deliver an elbow strike. Daniels stops the cover attempt and reminds Skipper that this is for Jarrett and not for them. Skipper shoves Daniels a few times and Daniels tries to talk some sense into him.

Brown gets up and hammers away on both men but an eye rake by Daniels stops his momentum. Brown comes off the ropes to deliver a double dropkick. Brown backdrops Skipper but Daniels hits a running STO. Daniels goes for Angels Wings but Brown counters and hits a seated dropkick for a two count as Skipper breaks the cover. Skipper drops Brown with a roundhouse kick. Brown plants Skipper with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Daniels stops Brown on the top turnbuckle and Brown is powerbombed off the top by both challengers. Daniels hits a top rope hurricanrana and Skipper walks the ropes for hitting a leg drop. America’s Most Wanted come down to ringside to distract the challengers. James Storm super kicks Daniels and Brown is able to get a rollup on Skipper for the win. (*1/2. The match was mostly used to tell a story leading into Brown/Jarrett on a future show. Since they focused so much on the 2vs1 aspect of the match, the action wasn’t all that great nor was it overly interesting. The finish wasn’t creative and felt flat.)

Backstage, Ron Killings is interviewed regarding the main event. Killings says he has a lot of history with Jarrett and he says he will win the NWA World Championship tonight.

Main Event: NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings: Jarrett attacks from behind with strikes and stomps before choking the challenger on the mat. Killings comes back with a top rope missile dropkick. Killings hip tosses Jarrett and clotheslines the champ to the floor. Jarrett decides he’s had enough and begins to walk up the aisle. Killings follows and they proceed to brawl through the crowd. Jarrett jabs Killings a few times with a steel chair. Jarrett slams Killings face onto a merchandise table but Killings fights back with strikes. Jarrett stops Killings with a trash can shot a few times. Killings gets the advantage in the crowd and holds the NWA World Championship playing to the crowd. Killings argues with the referee and tries to get back in the ring, but Jarrett uses the middle rope to low blow Killings. Jarrett splashes onto Killings over the middle rope. Jarrett locks in a sleeper hold and drops Killings to the mat. Killings breaks free and comes off the ropes but collides with Jarrett causing both men to be down. Killings connects with a spinning forearm smash and ducks a clothesline before hitting a spinning heel kick for a two count. Jarrett sends Killings into the referee, who has a delayed sell of the collision. Jarrett smashes Killings with the championship and Jarrett goes for the cover, but Billy Firehawk pops up and tells Jarrett that the match isn’t going to end like that. Firehawk says that Jarrett is going to earn his wins. The referee asks if Jarrett used the championship and the match continues.

Firehawk punches Jarrett a few times and tosses Jarrett into the ring leading to Killings nearly winning the match. Killings delivers a powerslam for a two count. Jarrett low blows Killings and hits the Stroke for a three count. (*1/4. Well, that felt like a cheap main event and was a mostly disappointing match. I can’t say I’m surprised by that, though.)

Jeff Jarrett stays in the ring and talks some smack causing Billy Firehawk to enter the ring and he is met with stomps by Jarrett. Jarrett wants a Cyberspace championship match and gets knocked to the floor by Killings., Slyck Wagner Brown comes down and that causes Jarrett to jump into the crowd and then escapes. Firehawk grabs a microphone and announces that Slyck will fight Jarrett on April 30th.

Backstage, Ms. Asia teases that she’s bringing in someone from Uganda.

Backstage, Slyck Wagner Brown opens an envelope that has women’s lingerie in it. She slams it down and then leaves the room.

Backstage, John Shane celebrates the tag title victory and they are looking to leave, but they get cut off by Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper. Daniels says that they did what they did because they dislike AMW. However, they are interested in the tag titles.

Backstage, Ms. Asia is talking to two guys and gives them an envelope that has a lot of cash in it.

Backstage, Slyck Wagner Brown is met by Ron Killings and Killings says Brown never beat him for the Cyberspace Heavyweight Championship. Brown will give him a shot whenever he wants it and they shake hands.

Final Thoughts:
Well, I can’t possibly recommend this show as it was a mostly boring and disappointing show. I will say that Solution/AMW was far better than I was ever expecting it to be, though. So, at least there was at least one bright spot on a rather dull show.

Thanks for reading.


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