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PWF Lockdown In Pottstown 6/9/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

Premier Wrestling Federation presents Lockdown In Pottstown
Date: 6/9/2002
From: Pottstown, PA

Rob Dimension is in the ring and introduces the ten wrestlers that will be in the Ultimate Rumble match. Once every wrestler involved gets in the ring they choose a number from a hat to determine when they will enter the bout. Quiet Storm and Amazing Red are the first two men to be involved in the match.

Nova is with Joey Matthews and Christian York for their upcoming two out of three falls match. Nova ripped on the fans for a brief moment.

Opening Contest: PWF Universal Tag Team Champions The SAT vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews in a best two out of three falls match: Jose and Matthews start the match and Jose cleanly breaks away in the corner a few times. Nova gets on the apron puts grease on Matthews to “make it a fair fight.” Matthews shoulder blocks Jose and then taunts the fans who respond by asking “who are you?” They trade a few pin attempts and have a standoff before Matthews slaps Jose. Matthews tackles Jose and Joel comes in to spear York and all four men are going at it. Joel head scissors and dropkicks York to the floor. Matthews gets backdropped by Joel and York comes back in looking for a Code Red, but Jose is able to deliver a neckbreaker instead. SAT have Matthews on the top rope for a Spanish Fly, but Nova trips them. Joel gets driven down with a double Torture Rack slam to win the first fall. York & Matthews: 1 – SAT – 0

Matthews dumps Jose to the floor and York continues to beat on him while Matthews focuses on Joel. York sends Jose face first into the post, but it looked weak. York clotheslines Jose in the corner and keeps control by choking him in the corner. The crowd seems to be kinda racist calling the SAT “Mexicans” and the general tone. Matthews does a moonwalk and there is a fan continually calling Nova a “faggot” for wearing orange. York gets in the ring and beats on the SAT. York delivers a senton splash and nearly wins the match. Jose boots York and connects with a tornado DDT. Joel gets tagged in and Matthews gets the tag as well. Joel cleans house with strikes. Joel takes Matthews over with a hurricanrana and a powerslam on York for a two count. Matthews low blows Joel, but Joel comes back with a German suplex to win the second fall. Matthews & York: 1 – SAT: 1

York works over Joel in the corner with a few stomps and pulls him out for a snapmare and a boot scrape. York stands on Joel’s hair and pulls him up by his arms. Joel stops York with a sit down powerbomb and they are both on the mat. Matthews and Jose get tagged in and Jose hammers away on Matthews with right hands. Jose is sent to the apron but punches Matthews away and comes off the top, but is stopped and almost met with a Torture Rack slam again. Instead, SAT work together and deliver kicks followed by a double bulldog on Matthews. York gets crotched on the top rope after Nova gets knocked off the apron. SAT hit the Spanish Fly on York and win the match. SAT: 2 – Matthews & York: 1. (***. A rather solid opening match and they told a decent story. From all the PWF stuff I’ve seen, to this point, this is the most crowd reaction I’ve seen out of anything they’ve put on. Good action and the ideal clean finish.)

Second Contest: Billy Bax vs. Big Slam: Slam gets in the face of a fan and he looks like a mixture of Vader and Bastion Booger this time around. Bax isn’t hiding his fear and he’s keeping away from Slam at all costs. Well, then he gets in Slam’s face saying he cost him a lot of money. The fans are behind Slam, who decks Bax with a clothesline and an elbow strike. Bax rolls to the floor to regroup. Bax tries attempts a scoop slam, but gets beaten down by Slam instead. Slam scoop slams Bax a couple of times. Slam comes off the ropes but misses an elbow drop, which was badly timed as Bax had rolled out of the way too early. Bax keeps Slam on the mat to maintain control of the match for a few moments. Bax uses his wrist tape to choke Slam and then focuses his attack on Slam’s left knee. Slam catches Bax and delivers a chokeslam but pulls Bax up at two. Bax low blows Slam before hitting a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Slam chokeslams Bax and wins the match this time. (1/2*. Big Slam appears to be over with half the crowd. The match isn’t all that special and they should probably just present Slam as a dominating monster.) After the match, Slam delivers another chokeslam to Bax.

Third Contest: Rapid Fire Maldonado vs. Julio Dinero: Rapid starts off dropping Dinero with an elbow strike but Dinero comes firing back with a clothesline and swinging neckbreaker. Dinero hits a springboard spinning kick causing Rapid to bail to the floor. Dinero goes to the floor and attacks Rapid to prevent him from leaving the area. Rapid is rolled back into the ring and hammers away on Dinero. Rapid elbows a charging Dinero in the corner but Dinero rams Rapid back first into the corner. Dinero is met with another elbow and hits a superkick. Dinero places Rapid in the tree of woe in the corner. Dinero stands on Rapid’s groin and continues with an atomic drop. Dinero hits a spinning kick right on Rapid’s jaw for a two count. Rapid is sent chest first into the corner and then face first into the middle turnbuckle for a near fall. Dinero is sent through the middle rope to the floor. Rapid follows with an overhand strike and right hands outside the ring. The crowd isn’t liking the action as they chant “boring”. Rapid plants Dinero with a powerslam for a two count. Dinero fights back with a series of jabs but runs into a swinging side slam, which gets Rapid a two count. Dinero nearly wins with a sunset flip. They trade more strikes with Rapid getting the better of the exchange. Dinero hits an STO for a two count. Rapid misses a clothesline and Dinero delivers a bicycle kick. Dinero hits a full nelson slam causing Rapid to roll to the floor. Dinero dives over the top to take out Rapid. Dinero gets met with a knee lift and a kick to the back of his head allowing Rapid to win the match. (1/2*. Well, this went way too long and the crowd was never bought into the action. I like Dinero and I feel like he’d be better in the ring with a stronger opponent than Rapid. Rapid is coming across as someone who is getting pushed for no real reason. He’s not engaging in the ring and I haven’t been impressed by his work, at all.)

Rob Dimension brings out some guy to Rapid Fire and wants him to apologize to him for attacking him two months ago. Rapid Fire shakes his hand and then drops him with a right hand. Dimension tries to pull him off but fails and a few officials come out trying to help as well. Rapid Fire continues to pummel the poor guy.

Fourth Contest: Mike Preston vs. Matt Vandal: Preston starts off delivering several strikes on Vandal but Vandal comes back with an arm drag and scoop slam. Vandal atomic drops Preston a couple of times followed by a clothesline for a two count. Preston drives Vandal down with a neckbreaker. Preston uppercuts Vandal backing him into a corner to deliver more strikes. Preston nails Vandal with a standing dropkick for a two count. Preston drives Vandal down to the mat with a vertical suplex for another near fall. Vandal is able to plant Preston with a DDT. Vandal takes Preston over with an overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Vandal connects with a powerslam for a two count. Preston delivers a side Russian leg sweep/clothesline combo for a near fall. Preston counters a vertical suplex attempt with an inside cradle for the win. (*. It felt like a basic match between two guys training to be wrestlers. I was glad it didn’t go too long.)

Fifth Contest: The Damned (Draven & Mad Dog) vs. Biggie Biggs & Lance Erikson: I couldn’t tell you who these four guys are. I believe Biggie Biggs had some success in ECWA and I’ve seen the other guys compete but nothing memorable. I think it was Draven that springboards off a chair to take out Biggs and Erikson with a somersault dive on the floor. That appeared to be the only highlight spot for the match. Draven fights back with a DDT onto both men by countering a suplex. Erikson is powerbombed and finished off with a top rope splash. (1/2*. I didn’t care for this and nothing was going on that connected with me. Judging by how the crowd reacted, they didn’t care all that much either.) After the match, The Damned demand that they get a microphone and they cut a promo. They were tag champions just a few months ago and lost their focus causing them to lose the tag titles. They tried to get over with the dumb “smarks” and they get zero credit. They turn their attention to the Cowboy hat guy and insult him. They consider themselves to be the hardest hitting tag team on the planet. That comment brings out Da Hit Squad, Monsta Mack and Mafia (Dan Maff). They storm the ring and take out the Damned. Mafia attempts the Burning Hammer on Draven, but Mad Dog is able to make the save by pulling his partner to safety. They issue a challenge to the Damned and promise to kick their ass.

Sixth Contest: Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch: Storm attacks Fleisch from behind but that offense is short-lived as Jody comes back with a spinning kick to send Storm to the floor. Storm returns and ducks a few strikes and they have a standoff after kipping up. The fans show their appreciation for the nice sequence of action. Fleisch snapmares Storm a few times, but Storm keeps a hammerlock on. Fleisch superkicks Storm over the top to the floor and hits a springboard shooting star to the floor! Fleisch runs the ropes but is met with a low blow. Storm hits a top rope spinning heel kick and taunts the fans. Storm drives Jody to the mat gut first for a near fall. Storm has Fleish setup in a Torture Rack before hitting a spinning neckbreaker and proclaims he’s the best. Storm gets distracted by the fans and is almost pinned with a rollup but delivers a dropkick to regain control. Storm spikes Fleisch with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Fleisch drives Storm down with a wheelbarrow bulldog and hits a spinning hurricanrana, though he lands directly on his neck and it looked painful. Storm connects with a slingshot German suplex and a dropkick to send Fleisch to the floor. Storm takes Fleisch out with a double springboard senton dive. Storm rams Fleisch face first onto the commentary table and smashes a chair over Jody’s head.

Back in the ring, they trade several rollups but neither man is able to get a three count. They both come off the ropes and collide with clotheslines in the middle of the ring. Storm is able to fight back with a middle rope reverse hurricanrana! Storm goes for the cover but Fleisch kicks out at two. Fleisch kicks Storm on the apron but on a springboard attempt Storm hits a sit down powerbomb for a two count! Fleisch drives Storm face first into the middle turnbuckle and plants Storm with a tornado DDT for another two count. Fleisch kicks Storm while on the apron and hits a springboard tornado DDT for another near fall. Storm counters another DDT attempt and is able to win the match following a middle rope springboard hurricanrana! (****. So, compared to anything else on this show, and actually anything else from the PWF that I’ve covered, this was incredible. Yes, there were a few sloppy moments, but the constant action and the highspots made this a really fun match. They won over the crowd, which is never easy especially the PWF crowd from what I’ve noticed. The only negative is that this match will shed light on how far behind all the other guys are and could hurt drawing for future shows. Hopefully Fleisch and Storm make more appearances because this was a lot of fun.) After the match, they shake hands and show respect for each other as the fans are giving them a standing ovation.

Seventh Contest: Rockin’ Rebel vs. Danny Rose: Naturally, we follow that match with Rockin’ Rebel. He rips on the fans and gets some heat. This goes on for several minutes and he’s able to keep them engaged. Rebel hammers away on Rose with right hands and tosses Rose back first into the corner. Rebel clotheslines Rose leading to a near fall. Rose plants Rebel with a flapjack. Rose takes Rebel over with a snap suplex and kicks Rebel between the legs followed by another clothesline for a two count. Rebel nearly wins with a rollup out of the corner and delivers another clothesline. Rebel goes to the apron and gets decked with a clothesline knocking him to the floor. Rose brawls with Rebel in the crowd before sending Rebel shoulder first into the ring post. Rebel actually knocked the Hat Guy out of his seat! Rebel shoulder rams Rose on the apron before hitting a sunset flip. Rose cuts Rebel off with a clothesline. Rebel takes Rose down with swinging neckbreaker. Rebel plants Rose with a spinebuster. Rebel hammers away on Rose in the corner a few times. Rebel clotheslines Rose coming off the ropes. Rebel dropkicks Rose for another two count. Rose drives Rebel down with a Death Valley Driver for the win. (*. They kept a fine pace and didn’t kill the crowd with rest holds or anything, which is what I was expecting. I was honestly shocked to see Rebel take the pin loss, as well.)

Eighth Contest: PWF Junior Heavyweight Champion Amazing Red vs. Adam Flash vs. Chi Chi Cruz vs. Chris Divine vs. Gino Giovanni vs. Jack Miller vs. Jay Briscoe vs. Quiet Storm vs. Rob Eckos vs. Striker in a ten man Ultimate Rumble elimination match:
Amazing Red and Quiet Storm start the match. They shake hands to show respect for each other. Storm arm drags Red, but Red comes back with a head scissors. They have a standoff moments later, and the fans show their support. Red takes Storm down to the mat but Storm gets a front face lock for a moment. Some music begins to play…

Adam Flash is next out to continue the action. Flash is double teamed against the ropes upon his entry and knocked down to the mat with double elbow strikes. Flash clotheslines Storm and plants Red with a running sit down powerbomb after countering a hurricanrana. Flash hits a spinebuster on Storm for a two count. Flash takes Red down with a vertical suplex for a two count and another entrant comes out.

Chi Chi Cruz comes out and hammers away on Red. Red delivers a hurricanrana and is dropped over the top turnbuckle by Cruz. Cruz delivers a rolling German suplex while Flash hammered away on Storm. Red is driven to the mat gut first by Cruz and Flash. Storm clotheslines Flash and Cruz over the top to the floor and baseball slides Flash into Cruz. Red takes them all out with a somersault dive.

Matt Striker comes out and covers Cruz in the ring for a two count. Red is kicking Storm on the floor before being met with forearm strikes. Red sits down in the front row and is met with an uppercut moments later. Striker comes off the apron to strike Red on the floor.

Rob Eckos is the sixth entrant for the match. Striker sends Storm face first into the post while Cruz and Eckos brawled outside the ring. Flash comes off the top with a crossbody to take Striker out. Flash drives Striker face first onto a steel chair. Red dropkicks Storm chest first in the corner. Flash chops Eckos against the apron to control him. Flash dropkicks Red in the corner for a two count. Eckos eye rakes Striker on the floor followed by a right hand.

Jack Miller comes out and hammers away on Eckos followed by a kick. Flash nearly pins Storm in the ring following a kick. Red and Eckos battle on the floor for a few moments. Striker plants Storm with a DDT for a two count and Red punches Flash from the apron. Flash comes off the ropes and spears Red on the floor! Striker slams Eckos for a two count.

Gino Giovanni is the eight entrant for the match. Flash gets dropkicked on a press slam attempt and is pinned by a few guys for the first elimination. Gino and Red trade chops in the corner. Red gets a sleeper hold on Eckos and forces him to submit. Well, I guess it was a choke hold. Red kicks Storm on the floor while Miller delivers a handspring kick to Cruz. Cruz gets met with a superkick from Striker. Storm sends Red spinning into the ring post.

Chris Divine is the ninth entrant and checks on Storm. Striker has pinned Miller in the ring. Storm forearms Gino several times and knocks him to the floor. Storm works over Gino’s left knee with kicks outside the ring. Cruz plants Divine with a sit out spine buster for a two count. Red and Storm traded strikes outside the ring. Gino gets beaten up by Red, Storm and Striker.

Jay Briscoe is the final entrant for the match. Briscoe hammers away on Gino before they all return to the ring. Striker hits a bulldog on Gino for a two count. Storm and Red brawl on the floor. Striker forced Gino to submit in the ring. Red and Storm trade kicks on the floor until Storm decks Red with a forearm strike. Striker comes off the top to dive onto Jay and Red decks Gino from behind as he was leaving the ringside area. Mark Briscoe is helping his brother with cheap shots on the floor. Red kicks Striker before getting back in the ring. Red arm drags Divine out of the corner and they botch a hurricanrana attempt. Striker has a half Boston Crab on Storm outside the ring. Divine takes Jay down with a sunset flip and they trade rollups. Jay takes Divine over with a German suplex several times for a three count.

Striker and Red seem to be teaming up as are Jay and Storm. Storm and Jay get dropkicked leading to a two count by Striker on Jay. Striker gets decked by Storm as he saves Jay from a face plant. Red and Storm go over the top to the floor. Striker shoulder blocks Jay for another near fall. Jay rolls through a backslide and proceeds to plant Striker with a dangerous looking Jay Driller for a three count. Jay takes Storm over with a snap suplex several times. Storm forearms Jay and they trade standing holds. Storm has Jay on his back and Red hits a blockbuster off the ropes for a two count. Jay plants Red with a Muscle Buster out of the corner but only gets a two count. Red spinning heel kicks Jay in the corner and hits a Code Red off the middle rope for a three count.

That leaves Storm and Red the original two guys to start the match. They proceed to forearm each other until Storm runs into a boot coming off the ropes. Red drops Storm with a spinning heel kick. Red kicks Storm several times to the mat. Red almost wins following a shining wizard. Storm accidentally knocks the referee down after lifting Red up. Red misses a dropkick and hits the referee. Allison Danger gets in the ring to check on the referee. Another muscle woman gets in the ring and takes Danger over with an overhead suplex. Red kicks the woman and gets caught by Storm with an elevated DDT and a dragon suplex for a two count. Red drops Storm on his head for another two count. Red goes to the top and misses a corkscrew dive. Storm delivers a roaring elbow for another near fall. Storm signals for the Storm Cradle Driver. Red misses a standing shooting star press. Red kicks Storm but Storm hits the Storm Cradle Driver to win the match and is the new champion. (***. It’s a fine match that went on for a half-hour. There were moments where it felt like it was taking forever but in general there was some good action. Quiet Storm is one of my least favorite guys to watch and I didn’t think he was going to win the match. Considering the segment between Briscoe and Striker, I’d have to think they’d have a program in the future. Red might be moving on to a bigger role in the promotion, which should happen considering his popularity.)

Prior to the main event, Guillotine LeGrande and Jack Victory cut a promo promoting the cage match. He says they will be throwing feces, like monkeys, tonight. Steve Corino has a microphone and one of the regular fans is yelling at him, which is hilarious. Corino recently turned face and clearly that guy is not buying into it. So, Corino cuts a heel promo on the old man. Corino puts over his great friend Lou E. Dangerously for returning to the promotion. He’s been doing commentary for the show. CW Anderson credits Lou for helping him in ECW. CW thanks Lou for the opportunity he was given in ECW.

Main Event: Guillotine LeGrande & Jack Victory vs. Chris Hamrick & Dylan Night vs. Steve Corino & PWF Universal Champion CW Anderson in a steel cage elimination match: Corino and Night brawl on the floor with Corino getting sent into the cage. Hamrick drops him with a right hand. Hamrick low blows Corino followed by a superkick. Hamrick and Corino enter the cage where Victory works over Corino with several elbow strikes and right hands. Hamrick sends LeGrande into the cage a few times. Anderson kicks Night on the mat while Corino punches back on Victory. LeGrande and Hamrick are trading strikes in the cage, as well. LeGrande sends Hamrick face first into the cage. Anderson gets a two count on Hamrick after a snap suplex and tosses him into the cage face first. Hamrick is busted open as his face is pressed into the cage by Anderson. Corino and Victory are going at it on the top rope with Corino choking Victory over the cage. Victory sends Corino face first into the cage. Corino has been busted open as well after being sent into the cage several times. Hamrick is backdropped into the cage! Night spikes Corino with a piledriver. Hamrick and Night have been eliminated as it appears that Night was pinned, but the camera didn’t catch it. Wait, only Night has been eliminated.

Corino, as per usual, is busted open pretty bad. Anderson decks LeGrande with a left hand in the corner. Anderson sends LeGrande into the cage face first. Corino is working over Victory with right hands and sends him face first into the cage. LeGrande beats on Corino with strikes in the corner. LeGrande backdrops Hamrick. Hamrick superkicks LeGrande and comes off the top with a leg drop to eliminate LeGrande.

Victory tries to drive Anderson into the cage, but isn’t able to do so. Hamrick hammers away on Corino knocking him to the mat. Hamrick decides to go to the top of the cage and leaps off hitting a leg drop onto Corino! Anderson takes Hamrick down with a suplex and a spinebuster to eliminate Hamrick.

Victory spikes Anderson with a piledriver to eliminate the champion. That leaves Victory and Corino as the final two for the match. Corino hammers away on Victory and tosses him into the cage. Corino is stopped by Victory with a low blow. Victory clotheslines Corino for a two count. Victory puts a sleeper hold on the bloodied Corino but isn’t going to get a submission. Corino plants Victory with a DDT and wins the match. (**1/4. Well, the match was mostly brawling and there were a few good spots, most notably the leg drop by Hamrick. There just seems to be a disconnect with Corino as a face. He’s much better served to be a top heel in the company. The fans want to boo him. They enjoy heckling him. There wasn’t much to this cage match and felt rather flat.)

Lou E. Dangerously gets in the ring and is confronted by Hamrick and Anderson. Well, that’s until Hamrick decks Anderson. Lou uses his belt to whip Corino and Victory gets a few shots in as well. Lou cuts a promo saying he carried Corino’s ass for three years in ECW. Lou also cuts a promo on CW for being a rising star in ECW. Hamrick hits a stunner on CW. Lou states they didn’t need anything from him so they lost touch. Lou promotes the show coming up on July 13th. Some wrestlers try to get in the cage, but the door is locked. Lou makes a match where Hamrick will face Anderson and Corino will take on Victory. Dylan Night got decked with a chair before the heel group left the area. Several wrestlers get in the ring to check on Corino and Anderson. Anderson grabs a microphone and says that he knows why he dropped Hamrick and he’ll get a shot at the gold. Corino gets up and challenges Victory to a lumberjack match and the lumberjacks have belts. Corino wants to pick three fans to be lumberjacks, as well. I’m guessing Hat Guy and the old man that hates Corino will be picked.

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a solid show overall. The matches you’d want to deliver entertainment did just that. Fleisch/Storm over delivering and is probably the best thing that PWF has put on that I’ve ever seen. I do think it’s misguided to have Corino playing the face role. Everyone there wants to boo and heckle him. Next months show, Big Impact, is up next.

Thanks for reading.

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