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SMW TV 7/29/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/29/1995
From: Jellico, TN

1.) Brad Armstrong defeated D’Lo Brown
2.) Tommy Rich defeated Boo Bradley
3.) The Headbangers defeated SMW Tag Team Champions Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Brown cheap shots Armstrong in the corner to get the early advantage as the referee was out of position. Brown sends Brad hard back first into the corner but they trade strikes shortly afterward. Armstrong quickly hits a side Russian leg sweep and wins the match. I’m not sure if D’Lo should be used primarily as a job guy at this point, really.

2.) Brad Armstrong is interviewed regarding his match with USWA Heavyweight Champion Billy Jack Haynes. Armstrong promises he will take the championship from Haynes. Then, he will go to Fire on the Mountain and take the SMW Heavyweight Championship from Buddy Landell.

3.) Jim Cornette cuts a promo with Unabomb by his side to hype the upcoming match against the Undertaker. Cornette puts over Unabomb as being an undefeated monster. Unabomb rules the dark side and Taker will be tormented for the rest of his life.

4.) Paul Bearer and the Undertaker cut a promo on Unabomb regarding the upcoming match. Taker says that Cornette has a shallow soul. Actually, this is the same promo from last week.

5.) Bob Armstrong and The Wolfman are interviewed by Les Thatcher. Wolfman had wanted a first blood match against Jim Cornette for his dream match. However, Wolfman is hurt due to training. Bob Armstrong reveals that he’s replacing Wolfman and he’ll be fighting Cornette instead. Jim Cornette comes out with Punisher and he’s pissed. Armstrong is excited to be facing Cornette, but Jim is less than thrilled. Cornette suggests that Armstrong get in the ring with Punisher at Superbowl of Wrestling. Then, Cornette wouldn’t even have to worry about the first blood match. Armstrong accepts the match with Punisher.

6.) Jim Cornette and his militia cut a promo about Mongolian Stomper not being able to help Boo Bradley. This is also the same promo from the other week as Gordy stated the word stupid many times and just comes across awkward.

7.) Bradley goes to the floor and leaves Rich in the ring to run the ropes like a dope. Bradley sat in the crowd for a moment before returning to the match. Bradley fakes out Rich for a test of strength and laughs at him. Rich cheap shots Bradley with an eye rake and gets control with a back suplex. Rich works over Bradley with basic strikes. Boo fights back with strikes in the corner and misses a splash in the corner crashing to the mat. Rich rams Bradley face first into the corner but Bradley shakes it off and superkicks Rich to the floor. Bradley tries to suplex Rich back into the ring but gets tripped by Punisher and is pinned. (*. Mostly just an advancement of the feud as this wasn’t going to be a classic match.) After the match, Bradley continues to be worked over by Punisher, Gordy, Rich and Cornette. Bob Armstrong and Brad Armstrong make their way out but the Punisher doesn’t runaway. Bob had a baseball bat with him. Punisher is brought out of the ring by Cornette.

8.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels cuts a promo about how ten years ago Buddy Landell was somebody and he was a nobody. Two years ago, Buddy became a nobody and he became somebody. Now, Buddy is making his way back up the ranks. Michaels doesn’t think Buddy is going to be having the crowd on his side. Michaels is staying a somebody and will remain a somebody. He’s going to knock Landell back to nobody level.

9.) Jim Cornette and Buddy Landell cut a promo after a Shawn Michaels music video. Landell tells Jim Cornette that he’s not going to be interfering in the match. Cornette is confused. Landell gives a brief autobiography on his career. He mentions that he was born in Nashville, Tennessee. It took him five or six years to reach the top of the business and wrestling Ric Flair. By that time, Landell was introduced to drugs and alcohol. He was a drug addict and alcoholic and lost out on a million dollar career. For the last ten years he’s been jumping around from promotion to promotion. He would be driving to towns while other guys would be flying out. Buddy finally got down on his knees and asked for help. He defeated his own worst enemy in the past year and now he’s back on top. Buddy notes that when he had money everyone was there but when the money ran out they all left. His family stood by him. He loves Nashville and says he’s in the best shape of his career. He wants Shawn Michaels to be in tip top condition because he promises to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship. That was honestly a great promo by Buddy and should move him into a face role.

10.) Smothers and Mosh kick off the main event. Mosh works over Smothers with strikes and shoulder rams in the corner. Smothers backdrops Mosh followed by a dropkick and the same for Thrasher. Thrasher tags into the match and White Boy does as well. Thrasher is tossed over with a double hip toss. Smothers tags back in and gets a two count after White drove Thrasher down to the mat. Thrasher works over White Boy with a scoop slam but misses an elbow drop. Mosh and Smothers get tagged in. Smothers nails Mosh with an elbow. All four men are brawling as Thrasher plants White Boy with a DDT. Rock N’ Roll Express get in the ring and they attack Thrasher to prevent usage of a chair. That gives the Headbangers a victory by disqualification. (*. Well, that was just another angle advancement with the action mostly being an afterthought.) After the match, Ricky and Robert leave the ring without much of a confrontation.

11.) To close the show, Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers are pissed. Smothers tries to tell White Boy about the chair, but he doesn’t care. Rock N’ Roll Express don’t believe they can beat guys wearing dresses. Smothers puts over the Headbangers and reminds Morton they beat Al Snow and Unabomb in one night when it took them four months and couldn’t do it. Gibson says they won’t be there next time for them.

Final Thoughts:
Aside from Buddy Landell’s great promo, this show didn’t have much going on it, really. Superbowl of Wrestling is probably the biggest event in SMW history. I’m looking forward to that.

Thanks for reading.

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