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SMW TV 7/22/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/22/1995
From: Jellico, TN

1.) Terry Gordy defeated Jason Arndt
2.) The Headbangers defeated Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy
3.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Killer Kyle & D’Lo Brown

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Terry Gordy has no problem in his enhancement match managing to win the match with a powerbomb.

2.) Footage from Summer Blast, I believe at least, is shown as Boo Bradley battled Tommy Rich in a singles match. Bradley attempted a top rope diving headbutt. However, Rich moved out of the way and grabbed a pair of brass knuckles to knock Bradley out and won the match. Bradley grabs the object, but Terry Gordy enters and works over Bradley with Rich. Gordy and Rich spike Boo with a piledriver.

3.) Boo Bradley cuts a promo saying he’s got his dream partner to take on Terry Gory and Tommy Rich in a falls count anywhere match. Bradley is excited about the match and threatens Jim Cornette.

4.) Jim Cornette cuts a promo with Terry Gordy and Tommy Rich saying that Boo Bradley would never win. Gordy cuts a promo really just repeating that Boo Bradley is stupid. Tommy Rich chimes in and calls everyone rednecks. Rich considers the Bradley and Stomper team as being a “blind leading the blind” situation.

5.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed by Les Thatcher. They aren’t happy about SMW not waiting for them last week and now Thugs are the SMW Tag Team Champions. Rick Morton believes they should have gotten the tag title match. That brings out Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers who aren’t so sure that the Rock N’ Roll Express would have won the titles, too. They are arguing over the titles. Smothers is more levelheaded and White Boy seems to be more aggressive. Bob Armstrong comes into the scene and wants to resolve the situation. Bob decides there will be a tag title match at Superbowl of Wrestling.

6.) Headbangers cut a promo about how none of the tag teams like each other. They like that because they don’t like anyone either. They might like the Steiner Brothers ramming their heads.

7.) Matt Hardy takes Mosh out with a springboard top rope moonsault for a near fall, but the offense is short-lived. Headbangers win the match following a powerbomb/top rope leg drop combo on Matt.

8.) Les Thatcher is in the ring with the babyface roster and they all have envelopes. If there is a paper in their envelope they will get their dream match. Rock N’ Roll Express, The Wolfman, Dirty White Boy, Boo Bradley and Brad Armstrong will have their dream matches.

9.) Les Thatcher is back in the ring with the heel roster with the same rules. Buddy Landell, Tommy Rich, Al Snow, the Headbangers and the Punisher have the papers. Jim Cornette cuts a promo saying that the Fire on the Mountain is going to be great. Buddy doesn’t care who the WWF Intercontinental Champion is because he’s going to win the title. The Wolfman comes out during the promo and says he wants his dream match to be against Jim Cornette. Cornette thinks that is hilarious. Cornette decides to accept the match, but he’s not taking it seriously at all. Cornette also puts over Unabomb as being bigger and badder than the Undertaker.

10.) Paul Bearer and Undertaker cut a promo saying that Jim Cornette doesn’t fool anyone. Taker understands that the Unabomb is a promising young wrestler but is being thrown into the lions. Taker says the end is in hand and there’s nothing anyone can do for him.

11.) USWA Heavyweight Champion Billy Jack Haynes cuts a promo about wrestling Brad Armstrong at the Superbowl of Wrestling. He knows that Brad Armstrong is a tough kid, but he rules the USWA and he’s not going to let a punk like Armstrong beat him. Haynes doesn’t think Armstrong can carry his jockstrap.

12.) Brad Armstrong is interviewed regarding his match with Haynes and says that Haynes is standing in his way and he’s going to take him down. He wants a match with Buddy Landell and have lumberjacks around the ring with tennis rackets.

13.) Al Snow cuts a promo with Unabomb by his side. His dream match is taking place at Fire on the Mountain and he’s going to get the tag titles back. Jim Cornette will be the special referee when they fight the Thugs.

14.) Ricky Morton and D’Lo Brown start the match with both men trading strikes. Morton gets the better of the exchange. Brown and Kyle bail to the floor. Gibson nails Brown with a kick to the side of his head. Gibson knee lifts Kyle out of the corner for a near fall. Morton tags in and delivers another knee lift on Kyle. Kyle gets control with strikes in the corner. The referee is distracted by Gibson as Morton is double teamed in the corner. Morton misses a splash in the corner as Kyle side stepped him. Kyle side slams Morton and Brown misses a top rope splash. Gibson gets the hot tag and he cleans house on the opponents. Brown is sent into Kyle and is met with a double dropkick to finish him off. (1/2*. I guess it’s good that the partnership between Kyle and Brown hasn’t been forgotten due to the Gangstas leaving. This wasn’t a competitive match and just puts over the Express since they are involved in the tag title scene.)

15.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed to end the program. He talks about the Punisher, who does anything that Jim Cornette tells him to do. We see footage of a match between Punisher and Steve Armstrong that took place recently. Punisher won the match cleanly following a top rope leg drop. Bob promises to find out more facts about the Punisher.

16.) Boo Bradley battles Tommy Rick and the SMW Tag Team Champions Thugs will battle the Headbangers next week.

Final Thoughts:
I’m taking this show as if the Rock N’ Roll Express will be turning heel soon in their feud with Thugs. I believe it is long overdue for their characters to turn heel. That should make for fun matches, too. I have to think that Punisher is also going to be a top heel in the future and judging by his skill, or at least what has been shown, he might do well in that role.

Thanks for reading.

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