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SMW TV 7/15/1995

Date: 7/15/1995
From: Jellico, TN

1.) USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13 defeated Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy
2.) Buddy Landell defeated The Wolfman
3.) Tommy Rich defeated Jason Arndt
4.) Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy defeated SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow & Unabomb to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This show aired the same day as Summer Blast, so we’ll have to wait a week before we find out anything that happened at the big event.

2.) Les Thatcher and Chip Kessler promote the show and what’s going on in SMW. Tonight, the Rock N’ Roll Express will get a rematch against Al Snow and Unabomb for the SMW Tag Team Championships.

3.) I believe PG-13 is using the same theme thong that Public Enemy uses in ECW. Hardy Boys are actually able to knock PG-13 to the floor early on. Jeff Hardy tried a few dropkicks but none of them looked very good. PG-13 wins the match following a bulldog on Jeff.

4.) USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13 are interviewed following their match and they are looking around but can’t find any competition. They aren’t worried about the Rock N’ Roll Express or the Thugs. They are disgusted with how Randy Hales has been treated. Hales has gotten a lawyer, who we will hear from soon.

5.) A video highlighting the SMW Heavyweight Championship being vacated due to a match between Brad Armstrong and Buddy Landell. They’ll be battling at Summer Blast to determine a champion.

6.) Bob Armstrong and Brad Armstrong talked to Les Thatcher for an interview. Bob mentions that Buddy will get the WWF Intercontinental Championship shot at Suoer Bowl of Wrestling. Brad will get a shot against USWA Heavyweight Champion Billy Jack Haynes, though. Oh, and Unabomb will be wrestling the Undertaker!

7.) We get a pre-tape promo from Paul Bearer and the Undertaker. Bearer says they are coming back to SMW to get revenge on Unabomb. Taker chimes in says that the undefeated Unabomb made a mistake getting in the ring with him if he bases his life around wins and losses. Taker says that Unabomb will be cost his life and promising career for his association with Jim Cornette.

8.) Brad Armstrong cuts a promo on USWA Heavyweight Champion Billy Jack Haynes and says he’s on a mission to take the title. He’s disappointed about not getting a WWF Intercontinental Championship match. He’ll also go after Buddy to win the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Brad is going to do what he promises to the people in regard to Jim Cornette’s militia. He knows that he’s a champion.

9.) Buddy Landell doesn’t have much of a problem with Wolfman as he wins with a figure four leg lock. It’s mentioned during the match that the Rock N’ Roll Express haven’t made it to the arena yet for their title match.

10.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett cuts a promo about defending against Buddy Landell. Jarrett is going to pin Shawn Michaels and then sing afterward. He’ll head to the Super Bowl of Wrestling and finish Buddy off with a figure four. Everyone will say that he’s great. We also hear from Shawn Michaels who says he’ll be coming to Super Bowl of Wrestling to defend the championship. Michaels is confident and he knows that he’ll be wrestling Buddy Landell. Michaels already considers himself the champion. Ten years ago, Buddy did something to him that he’ll never forget and things have changed.

11.) Jim Cornette, Buddy Lanell and the Punisher cut a promo. Cornette doesn’t care who the champion is because Buddy’s destiny has come and he’ll fulfill his dream of being the WWF Intercontinental Champion. Landell doesn’t care if its Jeff Jarrett or Shawn Michaels at the Super Bowl of Wrestling. Buddy is confident he’ll win the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

12.) Footage of Billy Jack Haynes in action for the USWA is shown. Remember, he’s the USWA Heavyweight Champion. They show a German suplex and press slam. They are showing a squash match against Scott Studd.

13.) The Steiner Brothers will be coming to the Super Bowl of Wrestling to wrestle the Headbangers. We see a music video of their match against the Heavenly Bodies from SummerSlam 1993. They recycled the same video from two years ago!

14.) Boo Bradley is interviewed by Les Thatcher. He talks about Terry Gordy ripping apart his bear. Bradley talked to Bob Armstrong and says that the Mongolian Stomper will be his tag partner against Tommy Rich and Terry Gordy. That will be taking place at the Superbowl of Wrestling.

15.) This is the SMW debut for Tommy Rich. Arndt tried a top rope moonsault but missed the move as Rich avoided it. Rich won the match following a DDT.

16.) Tommy Rich, Terry Gordy and Jim Cornette are interviewed. Tommy Rich hates all the rednecks in the South. Alongside Terry Gordy they are going to take out Boo Bradley and Mongolian Stomper. Terry Gordy is here to stay and not to play.

17.) SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow and Unabomb are with Jim Cornette to be interviewed. They are thrilled about the Rock N’ Roll Express not being at the arena. Bob Armstrong comes over and says there will be a title match. He’ll send the challengers in a moment to the ring. It ends up being Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy!

18.) Smothers and Unabomb kick off the title match with Unabomb delivering a scoop slam and coming off the ropes missing an elbow drop. Smothers delivers a standing kick to get a near fall. Snow tags into the match as does Dirty White Boy. Snow works over White Boy with right hands but is sent to the floor with a back elbow. Snow somersaults into the ring but is met with a chokeslam and White Boy nearly wins. Smothers tags in and drops Snow with a double axe handle for a near fall. Unabomb pulls down the top rope and Smothers crashes to the floor. Snow springboards off the top and takes Smothers out with a crossbody! Snow chokes Smothers over the bottom rope and drops Smothers over the top rope. Unabomb comes off the top with a leg drop to keep Smothers on the mat. That was impressive for a big man. Unabomb lifts Smothers up by his throat and slams him down to the mat. Snow and Unabomb clothesline Smothers to keep control of the match. Snow taunts White Boy after slamming Smothers and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Unabomb returns to the match and clotheslines Smothers in the corner. Snow leaps off Unabomb’s back to elbow strike Smothers! Snow misses another splash in the corner after jumping off Unabomb’s back. White Boy gets the hot tag and cleans house with right hands. White Boy continues to hammer away on Unabomb while Smothers is sent to the floor by Snow. Snow misses a superkick hitting Unabomb on accident. Smothers gets a rollup on Snow and wins the match! (**. It was a decent match for television, but I was expecting something a little better between these two teams. It felt like Snow and Unabomb weren’t really given much of a shine since they are both on the way out. Regardless, the action was solid enough and is the first main event in several weeks that held my interest. Smothers and White Boy as tag champions is fresher than the Rock N’ Roll Express in that role.)

19.) Backstage, Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers are celebrating their tag team title victory with Bob Armstrong and Brad Armstrong. They were happy to get the opportunity and they put over Snow and Unabomb. Rock N’ Roll Express enter the scene and they find out that the tag titles have changed hands. They aren’t happy about not getting their shots. Ricky Morton questions their friendship to steal their title match. Dirty White Boy says they weren’t about to say no to a title shot. Tracy Smothers notes they couldn’t help they were a half hour late. I can get behind a tag feud here.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the episode this week as they focused on all the major guys and put plenty of focus on the top feuds. I can get behind a feud between Thugs and Rock N’ Roll Express over the tag titles. I’m pretty sure we’re near the end of Snow and Unabomb in SMW, which is a bummer since they were a great heel act in the company. Hopefully Cornette can find an entertaining replacement, but I fear that might be the Headbangers.

Superbowl of Wrestling is scheduled to be a huge event and I look forward to that.

Thanks for reading.

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