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SMW TV 7/8/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/8/1995
From: Sevierville, TN

1.) Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy defeated D’Lo Brown & Larry Santo
2.) The Punisher defeated Mike Mason
3.) Brad Armstrong defeated Killer Kyle
4.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated SMW Tag Team Champions Unabomb & Al Snow by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We see footage from night one of Summer Blast where Brad Armstrong battled SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell. Armstrong hit a side Russian leg seep and had the cover, but Jim Cornette ran the bell and then rolled under the ring. Unabomb gave Buddy brass knuckles and Landell decks Armstrong to retain the title. Tracy Smothers came out and told the referee what happened. The referee agrees with the fans and Armstrong wins the match and title following a side Russian leg sweep.

2.) We hear from the ring announcer, who is Kenny Bolin, and Mark Curtis who tell us what happened to explain why the match was restarted several times. Tracy Smothers shared his thoughts on the matter too. He was wearing a 1993 Royal Rumble t-shirt. Jim Cornette and Buddy Landell are pissed off about the match being restarted. Buddy is angry and wants his property back. SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong describes what he felt and says he is the champion as far as he is concerend. He says that Landell will have to come and get it.

3.) Bob Armstrong cuts a promo from backstage and says that the SMW Heavyweight Championship is currently vacant. There will be a rematch between Landell and Brad Armstrong. If Brad Armstrong beats Landell then he’ll get a shot at the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

4.) The Headbangers cut a promo thanking the fans for spitting on them and kicking them. They believe they are the team of the 90s. They don’t care about nothing.

5.) Randy Hales is on commentary during the opening tag match and says he can’t waste his time coming to SMW and insults the fans of the area. Smothers and White Boy won the match following a top rope uppercut from Smothers as White Boy held Santo.

6.) Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy are interviewed regarding their match with PG-13 for the USWA Tag Team Championships. Smothers calls them wannabe Vanilla Ice. White Boy says they are going to take the titles from PG-13. They spell out what Thugs is all about. They are quite confident.

7.) This is the in-ring debut of the Punisher, who’d go on to be known as Bull Buchanan. Punisher wins the match with an impressive top rope leg drop.

8.) Boo Bradley is with his ripped apart stuffed bear backstage. He mentions how his kitten was murdered by Chris Candido and that his bear was given to him by Cactus Jack. Terry Gordy beat Bradley but also killed his friend. Boo is going to find a guy to help him fight off the guys that did this to him. He’s going to rip the stuffing out of them.

9.) Jim Cornette, Buddy Landell and the Punisher cut a promo about the SMW Heavyweight Championship scene. Cornette says that Tommy Rich will keep Boo Bradley busy. Punisher will be in action against Steve Armstrong. Cornette has been behind Al Snow and Unabomb since they arrived in SMW and his cover was blown by the Rock N’ Roll Express. He again explains the Thunder Dome cage. Cornette believes that Landell will get a shot at the WWF Intercontinental Championship in August. Landell says he’s come too far to not win. He’s got bigger fish to fry than Brad Armstrong. Buddy believes he’s going to hold two titles come August. Cornette believes he has put together the greatest militia.

10.) Brad Armstrong provides comments on the situation with Buddy Landell and Jim Cornette. Brad says that his father getting beaten like he had might have been the best thing for himself. They chopped up the interview as Armstrong tells a story about teaming with Bob at the Omni against Roddy Piper. He also talks about fighting Ric Flair for the NWA World Championship. Brad talks about making good money but losing the desire. He’s heard people say that he was good when he was young. He is the champion that he says he is and will take out the militia.

11.) Kyle backs Armstrong into a corner but backs away cleanly. Armstrong knocks Kyle down to the mat and Kyle recovers in the corner. Armstrong goes for a backslide but Kyle is able to avoid it. Armstrong still connects with a clothesline but is met with an elbow strike in the corner. Kyle drives Armstrong down to the mat with a side slam. Kyle puts a bear hug on Armstrong in the middle of the ring but Armstrong bites his way free. Kyle plants Armstrong with a powerslam for a near fall. Kyle locks in a bear hug but that doesn’t last very long. Kyle drives Armstrong down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Armstrong head scissors Kyle and delivers a strike to the midsection. Armstrong knee lifts Kyle to the mat. Armstrong is able to finish Kyle off with the side Russian leg sweep. (1/2*. I kind of feel bad for Kyle since he is stuck in the state of nowhere since the Gangstas have left the company. This was just an extended match to give Brad some momentum.)

12.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed regarding the tag team title match between the Rock N’ Roll Express and the champions Al Snow and Unabomb. The Rock N’ Roll Express have put their careers on the line. There must be a winner int he match.

13.) Jim Cornete’s militia make their way out for the SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow and Unabomb match. Cornette decides to put the tag titles on the line against the enhancement team. However, the enhancement team is switched out with the Rock N’ Roll Express. So, the Express have snuck their way into a title match.

14.) Gibson head scissors Snow out of the corner and Morton works over Snow and Unabomb with strikes. Unabomb gets tagged in and runs the ropes with Morton. Unabomb and Snow are both backdropped by the challengers. Gibson head scissors Snow again for a near fall. Unabomb works over Morton in the corner but is met with a moonsault from Morton for a two count. Gibson knee lifts Unabomb and delivers a scoop slam. Snow comes in and that leads to all four men in the ring brawling. Snow dumps Morton to the floor causing a disqualification.

Final Thoughts:
I just can’t buy into Cornette and his militia idea. The guys involved are all fairly stale. SMW hasn’t been able to bring fresh blood to make the TV any better in recent months and it’s showing now. SMW is trying to get me to care about Summer Blast, but it’s just not happening.

Thanks for reading.

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