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SMW TV 7/1/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/1/1995
From: Sevierville, TN

1.) The Headbangers defeated The Wolfman & Mike Mason
2.) Brad Armstrong defeated Larry Santo
3.) Terry Gordy defeated Boo Bradley

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Headbangers win the opening match following a powerbomb/top rope leg drop combo on Wolfman in a rather quick encounter.

2.) The Headbangers are interviewed following their victory by Les Thatcher. Mosh seems to be lost on the promo and Thrasher takes over saying that they can’t tell the fans what they spent their money on. Mosh took Thatcher’s glasses and threatens that he’ll return them when he’s done. Mosh doesn’t know what year it is and dares Thatcher to lick his spit off the ground. Mosh decides to lick it himself with his finger. Mosh doesn’t consider Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy to be all that tough. They will be wrestling at Summer Blast.

3.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed and they have another tape recorder. They say that Al Snow and Unabomb knew what they were going to do and they know there was another force behind them. They play the recorder and it is Jim Cornette’s voice. It turns out that Jim Cornette was out to get them out of the company yet again despite managing them at the same time! Jim Cornette makes his way out and enters the ring. He cuts a promo about July 15th and if the Express lose their match they are gone from SMW. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson get into the ring and Cornette begs off in the corner. Al Snow and Unabomb enter the ring from behind and attack Gibson and Morton. Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy slide into the ring to help their buddies. It appears that Al Snow and Unabomb have joined Jim Cornette’s militia.

4.) Footage of Brad Armstrong making his SMW debut against Buddy Landell is shown.

5.) Brad Armstrong competed in singles action this week as well. Armstrong doesn’t have much trouble with Santo managing to win with a side Russian leg sweep.

6.) Brad Armstrong is interviewed following his match and cuts a promo on SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell. He’s going to take every single butt pirate that Jim Cornette has and he’s going to get his hands on Jim Cornette. The winner of the match between Armstrong and Landell will get a shot at the WWF Intercontinental Champion.

7.) NWA World Champion Dan Severn had a pre-tape promo as he’ll be appearing at Night of Legends. He’ll also be competing on the UFC pay per view later on in July. Severn goes through his history in pro wrestling and we see a few highlights from his UFC fights. Severn explains the difference between the UFC and wrestling. He’ll be fighting Ken Shamrock at UFC VI. Severn talks about some of his toughest opponents in UFC, as well. Severn has been in the longest and bloodiest fights in UFC, though none of the blood was his. This was oddly a promo promoting his UFC fight instead of anything SMW related.

8.) Tommy Rich cuts a promo and is fired up yelling the entire time. Rich was told about Jim Cornette starting a militia and he cut all ties with the South when they lost to the North. Rich is sure they will march on.

9.) Mark Curtis cuts a promo about USWA referee Randy Hales. He has a skeleton with him and says it’s Randy Hales. He thinks the skeleton weighs a little more than Hales. Curtis mentions that he worked out at a camp where several wrestlers came out from. He wasn’t big enough to be a wrestler but he was used as a dummy for the wrestlers. He’s had everything possible done to him. He’s going to get even in Knoxville.

10.) We see footage from the tag match between Thugs and PG-13 that saw Randy Hales and Mark Curtis argue as Hales tried to help PG-13 win the match. Curtis was able to count the pin for Smothers and White Boy to win the match, though. After the match, Hales cut a promo saying that PG-13 won the match and it led to Curtis decking Hales after being shoved. PG-13 backdropped Curtis, who dangerously landed on his feet and was driven down with combo side slam/elbow drop.

11.) Randy Hales cut a promo saying that Mark Curtis is dumb for accepting a match against him in Knoxville despite hearing he’s a walking weapon and his karate background.

12.) Jim Cornette and his militia are interviewed by Les Thatcher. He has Tommy Rich, SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell, the Punisher and SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow and Unabomb. Oh, and Terry Gordy who is wrestling later on. Snow and Unabomb will be wrestling Rock N’ Roll Express in a cage match and Cornette goes over the rules about guys being handcuffed but there is a key hanging from the ceiling. Snow wants the Express to remember what happened inside a steel cage and then notes how he has dangerous guys by his side, too. It’s called a Thunder Dome cage match. SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell defends against Brad Armstrong and he’ll be wresting Shawn Michaels for the WWF Intercontinental Championship when he beats Armstrong. Landell puts over Armstrong as being a fine athlete, but he’s the premiere athlete in SMW. Buddy says nobody is going to stop him from reaching success. Buddy likes the idea of getting money and titles from both WWF and SMW.

13.) Boo Bradley cuts a promo from the backstage area with his bear. He doesn’t know much about freebirds other than being big and ugly. He notes that he’s a big guy and doesn’t think that Gordy could bully him around.

14.) Bradley goes right after Gordy and they trade right hands with Bradley getting the better of the exchange. Bradley sends Gordy into the corner and ends up in the tree of woe where Boo gets several shots in leading to a near fall. Gordy slams Bradley but misses an elbow drop. Bradley comes off the ropes and goes over the top to the floor. Gordy follows and pulls Boo up by his hair and rams Boo back first into the post. Gordy continues to work over Boo in the ring with stomps. Gordy attempts a suplex back in the ring and drives Boo down to the mat. Gordy clotheslines Boo in the corner a few times leading to another near fall. Boo fights back with a backdrop as Gordy comes out of the corner. Bradley scoop slams Gordy and heads to the top rope but Punisher provides a distraction. Boo misses a top rope splash as Gordy rolled out of the way. Gordy powerbombs Boo, but just drops Bradley on his neck for the win. (*. Goodness gracious did Gordy look awful in there. He didn’t seem to have the proper strength to do the power moves and just didn’t look like he should be wrestling.) After the match Bradley is attacked and his stuffed bear is ripped apart. Brad Armstrong comes down to the ring and cleans house.

15.) The Armstrong Family is interviewed regarding Summer Blast. Bob Armstrong asks Brad Armstrong to lead the attack on Jim Cornette. Brad accepts the mission and says they will all fall. Next week, Brad will be in action against Killer Kyle.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a weird time for SMW as their stars aren’t really coming across as stars to me, at least the newer additions like the Headbangers and Punisher. Plus, Terry Gordy just looks bad. I’m not really sold on the idea of a feud between Armstrong and Landell, either. The most interesting feud is the Express vs. Snow/Unabomb, but that’s even on its last legs, really. This episode was okay, nothing really going on. They are just promoting Summer Blast, which isn’t coming across like a major event.

Thanks for reading.

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