ECW Hardcore TV 3/8/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer defeated ECW World Champion Raven & Brian Lee
2.) Chris Chetti defeated Little Guido
3.) The Dudley Boys defeated The Gangstas

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Again, the matches from this show were part of the Cyberslam event, which can be read HERE.

2.) Terry Funk does a stretcher job during the tag match. Raven plants Lori with a DDT in a shocking moment. We see Tommy Dreamer come back into the match to make the save, who was brought out by Tyler. Dreamer gets planted with a choke slam by Lee. The Sandman appears with Tyler on his shoulders and Tyler holding a cane. It would appear they have been reunited. Sandman ended up pinning Raven and he’ll likely be a numbed one contender sooner rather than later.

3.) Brian Lee is backstage and keeps on saying “show me the money” and says he is a bulldozer for hire. If you stand in his way and you stand in the way of his money. He’s the first bounty hunter in ECW. His attack on Terry Funk with a trash can has cost Funk his comeback.

4.) ECW World Champion Raven is backstage sitting on the floor cutting a promo. Raven says Funk wasn’t man enough to finish the match. Raven is insulting Raven for not being able to finish the match. Terry Funk enters the scene and tells Raven to standup to talk to him but Raven doesn’t standup. Raven says if he stands up than he will leave Funk in a condition that would prevent Funk from seeing him wrestle someone else on April 13th. Funk is tired of Raven’s bullshit. Funk is tired of Brian Lee and says he has a concussion. Terry demands Raven to standup, but again Raven refuses to give up. Funk thinks Raven doesn’t have the guts to stand up. Funk gets down to Raven’s level and gets right in his face. Funk calls Raven a jerk and a fool. Funk can’t help that Raven’s father was an idiot. Funk calls Raven an idiot just like his father. Terry warns Raven what he says about him. Funk wants Raven to say something to his face but Raven is remaining silence. Funk tells Raven if he gets him in the ring on April 13th he will beat the shit out of Raven.

Final Thoughts:
That promo with Funk and Raven sets their match up very well. The segment involving the first match was nicely done and ended the long story between Sandman and Raven regarding his son. So, this accomplished a lot.

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