OVW TV 2/2/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 2/2/2002
From: Louisville, KY

1.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Leviathan defeated Mr. Black in a non-title match
2.) Prototype defeated Ron Waterman
3.) Flash defeated Bull Buchanan in a street fight
4.) Damien & Payne defeated Redd Dogg & Shelton Benjamin in a dog collar match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Mr. Black demanded the match with Leviathan to prove to Bolin Services that he is more valuable than Sean O’Haire. Leviathan starts the match pummeling Black with several overhand strikes. Leviathan nails Black with a clothesline followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. Leviathan hit a full nelson slam and gets distracted by Black’s manager. This allows Black to hit a sidewalk slam and Black keeps control of the match. Black drops Leviathan with a cobra clutch slam before choking Leviathan over the middle rope. Leviathan battles back with a few right hands but Black regains momentum with a Samoan Drop. Black heads to the top rope hitting a big splash but Leviathan powers out at two! Black gets an illegal object and whacks Leviathan with it. Black’s on top but still can’t keep Leviathan down on the cover. Leviathan finishes Black off with a spear. (*1/2. This was a decent little match between these two. Black isn’t an experienced wrestler by any means, but he can hit some power moves pretty well, it seems like.)

2.) OVW announced a partnership with Six Flags in the area and WWF wrestlers will be attending the events. The first event will take place on April 5th. There will be a total of six events throughout the spring and summer. A season pass costs $44.95.

3.) We get a reminder of Damaja deciding to join the Revolution with Doug Basham and Victoria. Jim Cornette was NOT thrilled about this.

4.) OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore come out for an interview. Conway has finally gotten a hold of Jim Cornette and was told they couldn’t have Doug Basham and the Damaja. The reasoning is that Cornette doesn’t want Basham to get his hands on another championship. Dinsmore threatens to go on strike unless they get the match that they want. Cornette is hesitant because he doesn’t want to deal with Basham as a champion, again. Conway wants a thirty minute Iron Man match with Damaja and Basham. They want the match to prove that they are the best OVW has ever had. Cornette has confidence that Conway and Dinsmore can win the match. So, Cornette agrees to book the match next week on television.

That announcement brings out Damaja and Doug Basham to confront the tag champions. Damaja smells some kind of screw job and they have stipulations as well. They want the match to be no disqualification. Also, if one of the champions don’t show up, then the titles come to the Revolution anyway. They agree to the match and after Damaja spits at Dinsmore that leads to a brawl. This leads to everyone brawling in the ring. Victoria also gets involved as she slaps a female referee. Damaja grabs the female referee and hit a sit out spine buster known as Brain Damage! The locker room empties causing the Revolution to bail to the floor. That was an effective segment to promote the big match next week.

5.) Waterman takes Prototype down to the canvas at the start before also hitting a clothesline and dropkick. Waterman drops Prototype with a back elbow for a two count. Waterman clotheslines Prototype in the corner a few times followed by a scoop slam for a two count. Prototype eye rakes Waterman but Waterman takes him down and nearly gets a leg lock submission. Prototype drops Waterman throat first across the top rope to gain control of the match. Prototype tosses Waterman to the floor but just rolls him back in. Prototype hit a clothesline out of the corner for a near fall. Waterman ducks a clothesline and drops Prototype with a series of strikes. Waterman power slams Prototype before getting the ankle lock. Prototype is tapping out but the referee didn’t see it. Waterman decks Bolin off the apron and Prototype hit the ProtoPlex for the win. (*1/4. There were a few sloppy moments, but Prototype plays the cocky heel very well. I’m kind of surprised this character didn’t make WWE television.)

6.) We see someone in a car watching someone else arriving at a CVS. Oh, it’s actually Bull Buchanan watching Flash. Buchanan says you have to take care of your care and if you don’t then bad things will happen. It was noted before that Flash had a traffic accident that prevented a match from taking place last week. In this video, Bull shreds the brakes of Flash’s car. That can’t be good.

7.) Flash comes out of nowhere and tosses powder into Bull’s eyes. Flash leg sweeps Bull and delivered a dropkick causing Bull to get tangled in the ropes. Flash has a steel chair but Bull blocks it and clotheslines Flash. Bull attempts a slam but Flash trips Bull face first onto the chair. Flash has a ladder and rams Bull in the midsection a few times. Bull lays Flash across the ladder before delivering a few more right hands. Flash backdrops Bull over the top to the floor. Bull catapults the ladder into the face of Flash from the floor. Bull clotheslines Flash out of the chair. Bull works over Flash in the corner with several body shots. Bull drops Flash with a spinning elbow strike and continues to stomp on Flash on the canvas. Bull hits a spine buster and a top rope leg drop but Flash kicks out at two. Bull has a pair of brass knuckles but is distracted by Trailer Park Trash. Flash hits Bull with a beer can and wins the match. (*1/2. Bull has a great top rope leg drop, I tell you. I was glad they used some weapons. The whole ordeal could have been a little more violent considering Bull sabotaged Flash’s car for a car crash to occur.)

8.) Footage of Nidia competing on Tough Enough and her goal of being a WWF wrestler is shown. She’s interviewed by Jim Cornette regarding what happened last week. She didn’t have the intention to get involved last week and she couldn’t just sit there and allow Synn to spray something into Ray Ramsey’s eyes. She knows that she’s really young in the business having only competed for five months. She makes it very clear that she isn’t afraid of Synn. Cornette notes that Nidia will be watching the match from the backstage area.

9.) Ray Ramsey wants to be the referee for the Iron Man match next week and feels that he should referee the rematch. Briscoe comes over and he’s annoyed with Ramsey trying to go over his head. Briscoe admits that he made a mistake. Ramsey wants to know if Briscoe fined himself like he fined Ramsey. Ramsey decides not to referee the dog collar match and that leaves Briscoe to referee the match.

10.) There are two referees for the main event dog collar match. Benjamin and Dogg hit clotheslines at the start of the match followed by chain assisted low blows. Dogg is working over Payne while Benjamin works over Damien. Payne is busted wide open thanks to several chain shots to the forehead. Damien is busted open as well. Damien and Payne are getting destroyed and bleeding quite a bit. Benjamin gets a two count following a suplex on Damien. Payne hit Dogg with the chain and decks Benjamin from behind to give them the advantage. Payne scoop slams Dogg and gets choked with the chain. Damien clotheslines Benjamin with the chain for a two count. Dogg gets clotheslined by Payne with the chain for another near fall. Dogg and Benjamin block middle rope splashes with strikes to the midsection. Benjamin chokes Damien with the chain over the top. The referee is knocked down and Synn punches Benjamin. Shelton decks Synn and chokes her with the chain. Damien comes in with a steel chair to whack Benjamin over the back. Damien has the cover and pins Benjamin since Dogg had sent Payne over the top and couldn’t reach the cover to break the pin. (*1/2. It’s mostly just a simple brawl, but the blood added to the match in a positive way.) After the match, Dogg cleans house with power slams.

Final Thoughts:
A decent program this week as Cornette continues to have each segment serve a purpose, similar to what he did in SMW. The feud between Bull/Flash is a little odd and doesn’t seem to connect with me. However, the tag feud involving the Damaja/Basham/Conway/Dinsmore has me excited for the Iron Man match next week.

Thanks for reading.

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