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OVW TV 2/9/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 2/9/2002
From: Louisville, KY

1.) Damaja & Danny Basham defeated OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match to win the tag titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The issues between these two teams started three months ago when Conway lost a controversial match to the Prototype and was attacked by the Bolin Service group. Nick Dinsmore and Damaja came down to the make the save but Damaja got hit over the head with a chair from Prototype. Damaja suffered a concussion causing Conway to replace Damaja to team with Dinsmore to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. Doug Basham was fired by Jim Cornette at the same time of this happening. However, Basham revealed to have a contract to have a contract in OVW for life. Basham owns 25% perfect on the company for $25,000. Danny Davis came out and confronted Basham and decked him with a right hand. Davis says that Basham will never own one cent of OVW as long as he is living. Damaja was a little bitter about Conway and Dinsmore winning the tag titles without him. Damaja feels that he hasn’t been getting any respect that he deserves. He wouldn’t get it by sucking up to Danny Davis or the WWF.

Damaja would save Dinsmore and Conway but hit them with a steel chair to officially turn on his former friends. Basham threatened a lawsuit regarding not getting 25% of the company. He settled for a tag team title match with any member of the Revolution was his partner. Danny Davis says he’ll spend any amount of money to prevent Basham from getting any ownership of the company. Damaja is revealed as the newest member of the Revolution. Damaja was promised half of Doug’s stock in the company. Conway decked Basham with a chain, which Basham had brought into the ring and Conway took out the referee with a right hand. Conway and Dinsmore were laid out by the Revolution. Jim Cornette actually got involved hitting Basham during the post match but was nailed by Damaja with the Brain Damage.

Then, last week they brawled after Damaja spat on Dinsmore and the tag champs were beaten down by the Revolution. Damaja attacked the female referee named Donna hitting the Brain Damage. This was a really good way to remind fans everything that has happened to prepare for the big match.

2.) The Iron Man match has no disqualifications so this could be a little wild. Dinsmore and Basham kick off the title match but all four men are in the ring for a standoff. They want to shake hands with the champs, but the fans don’t want them to do it. Dinsmore and Conway hit stereo suplexs and they pin both challengers to go up 1-0 very quickly. Conway and Dinsmore bring them back into the ring and they hammer away on the challengers hitting atomic drops. Damaja is clotheslined over the top to the floor. Basham is in the ring getting chopped where Conway hit a spine buster and Dinsmore nearly wins with a senton splash. Conway clotheslines both challengers and Dinsmore hit a top rope cross body for a near fall. Basham knee lifts Dinsmore on the apron but Dinsmore still slams Damaja and sends him into Basham nearly leading to a rollup pin. Conway tags in and elbow drops Damaja for a two count. Conway takes Damaja down to the canvas with a headlock but isn’t getting a submission. Basham tags in and stomps away on Conway in the corner. Basham clotheslines Conway for a two count. Basham runs the ropes and Dinsmore nails him with an elbow and super kick. Conway is brawling with Damaja on the floor briefly. Basham chops Dinsmore in the corner and avoids a spear in the corner before locking the Cross face on Dinsmore. Dinsmore rolls over and nearly wins with a rollup. Dinsmore reverses the hold locking Basham in the Crossface but Damaja made the save. Dinsmore drives Basham down with a bulldog and Conway tags in to maintain control of the match.

Conway works over Basham in the corner and boots Basham to avoid a charging attack. Basham gets out of a rollup but Conway takes Doug over with a head scissors. Damaja rams Conway head first into the corner but misses a springboard cross body. Conway hits a cross body for a two count. Dinsmore tags in and double teams Damaja for a two count. Damaja gets out of a wrist lock and is choking Dinsmore in the middle of the ring with a chin lock. Dinsmore gets out and arm drags Damaja. Dinsmore hits a missile dropkick but Basham breaks up the cover attempt. Basham gets a blind tag as Dinsmore backdropped Damaja. Basham and Damaja hit a leg trip/clothesline combo and Basham is able to pin Dinsmore to tie the match 1-1.

Basham focuses his attack on the left knee of Dinsmore. Basham has kept control of Dinsmore as the show goes to commercial. Basham continues to work over the left knee but Dinsmore tries to fight back with strikes. Dinsmore gets tangled up in the ropes with his knee caught. Basham knocks Dinsmore off the apron to the floor where Damaja rams Dinsmore’s knee onto the ground. Danny and Damaja prevent Dinsmore from tagging out continuing to focus on the knee. Damaja locks in a modified STF but Dinsmore reaches the ropes to break the hold. Damaja slams Dinsmore out of the corner for another near fall. Basham hits a dragon screw leg whip to continue the punishment on the injured knee of Dinsmore. Dinsmore knocks Basham down with a kick to the head and tries to the make the tag, but Damaja distracts the referee. Considering this is no disqualifications, I don’t understand why there are rules.

Basham heads to the top rope but misses a diving head butt as Dinsmore rolled out of the way. Conway gets the hot tag and cleans house on the challengers. Damaja gets tied up in the ropes but Victoria frees him and Damaja hit the Brain Damage on Conway for a near fall. Damaja holds Conway to allow Basham to hit a top rope diving head butt to get a 2-1 advantage. Dinsmore was just late on breaking up the pin attempt. Conway is worked over in the corner by the challengers as the show goes to commercial. Conway fights is way out of a bear hug that Damaja had on him, but Damaja gets the hold locked in again. Basham knocks Dinsmore off the apron and Conway tried to tag out but Dinsmore wasn’t there. Conway continues to be worked over in the corner as Basham hit a dropkick. Damaja tags back in and scoop slams Conway followed by a forearm drop for a two count. Dinsmore crotches Basham on the to rope and Conway hit a hurricanrana off the top to pin Basham and tie the match at 2-2.

Dinsmore gets the hot tag and cleans house on Damaja hitting a spinning heel kick. Dinsmore hits a sit out power bomb and goes for a German suplex on Basham but is sent to the floor instead. Damaja rams Dinsmore into the ring post and hit a backdrop on the floor. Dinsmore gets his foot on the bottom rope as Basham went for the cover. Damaja tags in and Dinsmore is taken down with a double vertical suplex. Basham plants Dinsmore with a spine buster for another two count as one minute remains in the match. Dinsmore is driven down to the mat with a double flapjack for another near fall. Basham comes off the top to hit Dinsmore with a forearm for a near fall. The bell sounds as the match ends in a draw. However, there must be a winner and the match continues. Basham stomps on Dinsmore in the corner followed by right hands.

Dinsmore misses a cross body and takes out the referee on accident. Conway gets in the ring and cleans house with right hands. Ray Ramsey is in the ring as Conway hit a neck breaker on Damaja for a two count. Dinsmore and Basham go to the floor as the referees are arguing. Victoria low blows Conway and Damaja hit the Brain Damage off the middle rope for the win! After the match, Dinsmore decks both referees. (***. It’s the right direction to go in as the heels now have a lot of power and TV should be fun the next few months. The match is solid, but didn’t reach expectations I was hoping for. The No DQ rule didn’t have much impact because they worked a standard match that involved distracting the referee. I enjoyed the action.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a good show since it focused only on the tag title feud and having the feud get a recap at the start made the match feel a little more important.

Thanks for reading.


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