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SMW TV 6/10/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Tennessee

There weren’t any original matches on the program.

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.) Like last week, we see footage of the scaffold match, but they tease it before Snow fell down. I know that because they showed the footage last week so we’re just being redundant with the footage now.

2.) The main focus is on the feud between the Rock N’ Roll Express and the team of Unabomb and Al Snow. We see footage of Snow and Unabomb dressing up as the Express to taunt them wearing wigs. That led to a singles match between Morton and Snow, but everyone got involved. Morton got a loaded glove from Snow and knocked him out with it leading to a pin. Everyone brawls with Unabomb hitting a power bomb on Gibson and Morton. They brawled some more afterward. Footage from a recent event is shown between the two teams. The match with a coal miners glove on a pole match. Morton got the glove and nailed Unabomb with it, but Unabomb got up quickly and clotheslined Morton. This allowed Snow to pin Gibson and win the tag titles. At a following show, Snow hit a couple of piledrivers on Morton, which was sold as being the end of Morton’s career. Snow hit another one onto a steel chair and put the glove on Unabomb to win the match. Another segment saw Snow claim that Morton was a tranny. Robert Gibson came out but was overwhelmed and put in a casket.

Ricky Morton’s career was in jeopardy but he wanted a match with Snow and know that he wouldn’t have any interference. Andrea, Morton’s girlfriend, charged after Snow but was held back. Andrea attacked Snow during a match with Robert Gibson. It was announced that Morton and Snow would wrestle in a scaffold match, which freaked Snow out. We see footage of a steel cage match that was between Morton and Snow in Johnson City. Morton got some level of revenge hitting a piledriver on Snow. Unabomb came out from under the ring and attacked Morton. There was another Unabomb dressed outside the ring to trick everyone. Unabomb power bombs Morton while Gibson has been handcuffed at ringside. Snow and Unabomb prevent anyone from getting into the ring. Now we get to the scaffold match and we see Morton winning the match knocking Snow off the scaffold. Snow and Unabomb ended up hanging Morton to get their heat back.

3.) Ricky Morton cut a promo saying they are still here and they are going to out last Snow and Unabomb. They are the best tag team going today.

4.) The next tag feud to touch on is the feud between the THUGS, Gangstas and USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13. We hear from each team but it’s the same promo that we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks.

5.) We get an advertisement from Al Snow, which was paid by Snow. Snow claims that somebody stole something from their locker room and they know who took it. They want the possession back next week. If they don’t get it returned they will take them out in one way or another. All hell is going to break loose if they don’t get it back.

Final Thoughts:
I’m just excited to get through the highlight stuff and back to original programming.

Thanks for reading.

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