SMW TV 6/3/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Tennessee

There weren’t any new matches or original programming for that matter.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The show opens with Jim Cornette tossing a fireball into Bob Armstrong’s face and thus turning heel after six months aligning himself with Armstrong.

2.) Similar to last week, there will not be original programming but rather just interviews and angle progression coming out of the Volunteer Slam.

3.) Jim Cornette, SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell and a large man (Bull Buchanan) are outside of a hospital to be interviewed. Cornette has a story to tell and wants everyone to hear. They’ll tell their story in a hotel suite. Landell says this is a private tour of their life. Landell puts over their lifestyle as spoiled rich people. Cornette is ready to talk about his six month planning to get revenge on Bob Armstrong. The large man is named the Punisher. He got even with The Gangstas, Bob Armstrong and managed the SMW Heavyweight Champion. We get a refresher of the past between Cornette and the Gangstas when he tried to recruit them. Plus, he got revenge on the Rock N’ Roll Express because he helped them win the titles and without his help they wouldn’t win the titles. Cornette didn’t get everything his way since he did get destroyed by the Gangstas on Christmas Day in 1994.

We see highlights of the Gangstas attempting to break legs but not being able to accomplish the feat. Cornette is really proud of his actions to screw over Bob Armstrong, which took him six months to do it. Footage of Bluegrass Brawl where the Gangstas painted a black X on Bob. Cornette says that Armstrong trusted him 75% and was so angry he couldn’t even think of the other 25%. There is a phone call and Cornette says “it’s Pamela Anderson, she found out Diesel is a lousy kisser!” and gives the phone to Buddy. This is literally just looking at every piece of the feud as if we were new viewers.

2.) In other happenings, Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy won the USWA Tag Team Championships defeating PG-13. However, the referee sees that a hubcap was used and the decision is reversed. This eventually led to Smothers and White Boy brawling with PG-13 backstage. Oh, and the Gangstas were involved in the brawl, too.

3.) New Jack and Mustafa cut a promo saying that having a stretcher match with them is a death wish. They are going to show how bad a thug they are. Jack says that neither THUGS or PG-13 will get in their way of winning $10,000.

4.) PG-13 and Randy Hales cut a promo about their being a lot shady business taking place. Hales defends all that he did was tell the referee what happened and the referee reversed the decision. They would bash their mother with a hubcap for $10,000. They are bringing back $10,000 back to the hood.

5.) Of course, we also get words from Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers. They are confident about their chance to go through PG-13 and The Gangstas to win $10,000.

6.) Footage of the scaffold match is aired, too. It was between Al Snow and Ricky Morton, but of course their partners got involved. Morton was able to punch Snow off the scaffold and Snow crashed to the canvas to give Morton the victory. However, Snow and Unabomb attacked Gibson and Morton after the match. Snow put a rope around Morton’s neck and Unabomb tied the rope to the scaffold to essentially hang Morton in the ring.

7.) Jim Cornette says he isn’t done yet and is actually just getting started. Cornette is starting to form an army. Actually, he’s starting his own militia. He’s going to overthrow the old and bring in the new.

8.) Next week will be another highlight show focusing on the tag team feud between the Rock N’ Roll Express and the team of Al Snow & Unabomb.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a highlight show. I’m really only covering it to be a complete review of the SMW series.

Thanks for reading.

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