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WCW Main Event 5/31/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event

1.) Scotty Flamingo defeated Joey Maggs
2.) Steve Williams & Terry Gordy defeated Brian Carr & Joe Cruz
3.) Ricky Steamboat defeated Cactus Jack
4.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Terrance Taylor
5.) Vader fought Nikita Koloff to a double count out
6.) The Fabulous Freebirds defeated Diamond Dallas Page & Ricky Morton
7.) Vinnie Vegas defeated Randy Starr
8.) Big Josh defeated Tracy Smothers
9.) Ron Simmons defeated Greg Valentine

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) As you might have guessed, this was another special two hour edition of WCW Main Event.

2.) Cactus knee lifts Steamboat in the opening moment of the match to get control. Steamboat rams Jack face first into the corner a few times and plants Cactus with a DDT. Steamboat takes Cactus over with a sunset flip for a two count. Cactus stops Steamboat with an elbow shot but runs into an arm drag. Cactus avoids an arm drag but not a dropkick. Cactus takes Steamboat over the top with a clothesline causing both men to crash to the floor. Jack slams Ricky back into the ring from the apron for a two count. Cactus delivers a leg drop and rakes the eyes of Steamboat. Ricky nearly pins Cactus with a rollup and Jack gets up to clothesline Steamboat. Steamboat takes Cactus over with a back suplex. Ricky is met with a boot to the chest and Cactus misses a spear hitting the ring post. Steamboat hits a top rope cross body for the win. (*1/2. It didn’t seem like they meshed very well here. Again, this was never a doubt as to who was going over.)

3.) WCW United States Champion Rick Rude cuts a promo saying that Ricky Steamboat isn’t liked by the upper WCW management team for booking him in a 30-minute Iron Man match at Beach Blast. Rude is very confident that he’ll prevail at Beach Blast.

4.) Ricky Steamboat cuts a promo about the 30-minute Iron Man match saying it’s the kind of match he’s wanted for a long time. Steamboat wonders if Rude can handle tasting his own blood and asks if Rude can handle him for thirty minutes.

5.) Dusty Rhodes is with Nikita Koloff for the match against Vader. Race and Dusty waste no time going at it on the floor and they brawl towards the backstage area. Koloff went to the floor and gets attacked by Vader from behind. Vader sends Koloff into the railing chest first. Vader drops Koloff with a clothesline after a few more strikes. Vader puts the Sharpshooter on Koloff but isn’t able to get a submission with the hold as Koloff reached the bottom rope. Vader nails Nikita with a short arm clothesline and sends Koloff to the floor. Koloff rams Vader into the railing head first a few times to get momentum in his favor. Koloff decks Vader in the corner a few more times with right hands. Koloff shows off his strength by power slamming Vader! Koloff attempts a dropkick but Vader holds onto the ropes and hits a big splash for a two count. Vader nails Koloff with a running big splash in the corner. Vader slams Koloff but again only gets a near fall. Vader clubs away on Koloff a few times but Koloff has a second wind. Koloff pummels Vader with right hands in the corner. Koloff delivers a running elbow strike in the corner and clotheslines Vader over the top to the floor. They go to the floor where they trade strikes and are both counted out. (**. They had a fine brawling match and the finish will allow these two to meet more in the future. I would have liked Dusty sticking around ringside, but whatever.) After the match, Vader attempts a clothesline but misses and hits the ring post face first. Harley Race is in the ring and tries to attack Koloff, but that doesn’t work. Vader is in the ring and attacks Kolof from behind. Vader clotheslines Koloff again and delivers a big splash to end the segment.

Final Thoughts:

We are getting towards the end of the Rude/Steamboat feud, which has been stellar. Vader/Koloff was fine for what it was, but there wasn’t anything all that entertaining on the episode.

Thanks for reading.

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