WCW Saturday Night 8/27/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Ricky Steamboat defeated Tom Burton
2.) Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck defeated Joey Maggs & Todd Morton
3.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal fought Johnny B. Badd a ten-minute draw to retain the title
4.) Steve Austin defeated Chris Michaels
5.) Sting defeated John Faulkner
6.) Harlem Heat defeated Buddy Wayne & Barry Houston
7.) Vader defeated Chris Nelson
8.) WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful defeated The Nasty Boys to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Nasty Boys have earned a title shot against the WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful. Plus, Johnny B. Badd challenges WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal! This could be a good one.

2.) There’s a trucker looking guy who’s yelling at Ricky Steamboat during his entrance. The camera focuses on the guy, so it’s obviously a work.

3.) Col. Robert Parker, Bunkhouse Buck, Arn Anderson Terry Funk and Meng are interviewed regarding what happened at the Clash of the Champions. We see highlights of Dusty breaking a wooden chair over Meng’s head and Meng attacking Dusty putting a nerve hold on Dusty. For some reason enhancement talent Frankie Lancaster tried to help and was demolished. Anyway, back to the arena. They will be competing in War Games at Fall Brawl. Parker says that the Rhodes family haven’t been able to find anyone to compete in the match. Apparently, Meng will be competing in the War Games. Anderson chimes in and says that everyone thinks he is out of his mind but he isn’t. Anderson doesn’t believe Dustin Rhodes will have any friends to join them in War Games. Bunkhouse Buck says they are all bad and nobody is going to sign the dotted line to meet them. Terry Funk chimes in and says he feels sorry for Dustin Rhodes because everyone hates Dusty Rhodes. Funk loathes Dusty Rhodes.

4.) Badd backs Regal into the corner but doesn’t deliver any offense. Badd does it a second time and delivered a body shot. Badd takes Regal down with a fireman’s carry and controls Regal’s arm again briefly until Regal reaches the ropes. Badd goes back to controlling the arm of Regal with a wrist lock. Regal rolls through and yanks Badd down by his hair. Regal denies using the hair while being a coward in the corner to avoid Badd’s fury. Regal yanks Badd down by his hair a second time make that three times actually it’s now four times yanking the hair. Badd battles back with punches knocking Regal into the corner. Regal knee lifts Badd and delivers more uppercuts. Badd avoids another attempt and walks his back. Regal attempts a backslide but Badd nearly wins with an inside cradle. The ring announcer announces that five minutes remain in the match. This likely means a draw is coming our way.

Badd comes of the ropes with a shoulder block but misses a cross body hitting the ropes chest first. Regal gets a near fall on a cover attempt. Regal drives Badd down to the canvas with a vertical suplex for another two count. Regal has a cobra clutch on Badd, but Johnny gets loose and attempted a full nelson but Regal delivered a few uppercuts and forearm shots in the corner. Regal nails Badd with an elbow shot and a double knee shot. Badd hammers away on Regal with right hands backing the champ against the ropes. Regal blocks a boot and elbows Badd for a two count. Regal goes back to a cobra clutch as there is only one minute remaining in the match. Badd fights back with a series of strikes and a backdrop. Badd knee lifts Regal but can’t get a three count. There is only fifteen seconds left in the match. Badd takes Regal over with a suplex for another near fall. Regal rolls to the floor and the match is deemed a draw. After the match, Badd sends Regal into the ring post face first. Badd proceeds to knock out Sir William with a left hook. (**. It’s the same old formula for these TV matches involving Regal. I’d say Johnny is ready to have some gold.)

5.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal and Sir William are interviewed. Regal is livid that this would happen to a defenseless man like Sir William. Regal demands justice and wants Johnny B. Badd in the ring at Fall Brawl. Regal is going to show that this country needs a new leader. Regal says if Bockwinkel doesn’t make it happen he will go to the embassy.

6.) Cactus Jack is interviewed by Mean Gene. Gene wonders where Kevin Sullivan has been. Cactus says that Kevin will no longer be by his side anymore. Cactus gives us a history lesson involving himself and Kevin. In ’89 he wrestled in countries he didn’t even know but then Kevin made him a household name. He didn’t do anything because he owed a debt. Cactus says the proper thing to do is to forgive and forget, but that’s just not what he does. He says they will go their own way and there isn’t going to be any hard feelings. Dave Sullivan comes over and tries to talk some reason into Cactus. Cactus wants Dave to take a walk and he’ll explain things later. Dave doesn’t want Cactus to talk about his brother because he’ll beat him up. Cactus warns Dave to get away from him. Dave puts his hands on Cactus and gets slapped for doing so. Cactus plants Dave with a DDT on the concrete floor! Jack was going to attack the injured knee but Gene talked him out of it. Cactus leaves the scene while Dave gets checked on by enhancement talents.

7.) Dusty Rhodes went on a search to find partners for the upcoming War Games match with the Stud Stable at Fall Brawl. Dusty arrived at the baddest bar around to find partners. I’m pretty sure they are using the Nasty Boys theme music in the background kind of telling you the direction they are going in. The bar name is Scrap Bar. Dusty enters the bar and people poke fun at his cowboy appearance asking about his horse. Dusty walks up to the Nasty Boys competing in some arm wrestling and winning. They wonder what Dusty is doing here and they want to know where the punk kid is. Dusty is there to give them an opportunity. Dusty has an opportunity for pay per view and War Games. He’s looking for guys who are bad. He doesn’t know if the Nasty Boys are nasty enough or bad enough. That triggers the Nasty Boys to beat up some people at the bar. Dusty says nobody is closer than family. Dusty puts his fist out for them to join him and they agree to join Dusty and Dustin for War Games!

8.) Harlem Heat is interviewed by Mean Gene following their squash victory. Booker wants to talk about Pretty Wonderful saying they have come up with a master plan. They are here to stay and they’ll be taking the championships soon enough. Stevie Ray says they don’t need to say who is on the phone with them. They are going straight to the top when their guy comes in. Booker says they haven’t been getting the right respect since they aren’t signed for Fall Brawl. They are going to take the respect they deserve and not ask anymore.

9.) We see footage from the Clash where a masked man attacked Hulk Hogan causing a knee injury, but Ric Flair still wasn’t able to win the WCW World Championship. Nick Bockwinkel said that Sherri Martel was fined $25,000, which was paid by Flair allowing Sherri to continue to be a manager. Bockwinkel announces that Sherri and Flair have crossed a line and says that Flair has been suspended indefinitely and that applies to Sherri Martel. This suspension applies to the USA. That’s notable since WCW has an overseas tour coming up. Bockwinkel regrets the decision he made but he can’t allow this to continue.

10.) Sags and Orndorff kick off the main event. Schiavone says they were the first company to be fan interactive while other companies claim to be it, they were the first to do it. Orndorff cheap shots Sags out of the corner with several strikes and stomps in the corner. Sags runs over Orndorff with a clothesline and tags in Knobbs. Sags and Knobbs clobber Orndorff with strikes causing Paul to bail to the floor to regroup. Roma tags in to try his luck with Knobbs. Roma backs Knobbs into the corner and slaps him. Knobbs comes back with a series of strikes. Roma avoids Knobbs in the corner but is met with a right hand. Nasty Boys take Roma down with a shoulder block. Sags works over Orndorff with a few strikes. Roma knee lifts Sags from the apron but gets yanked into the ring. Sags fights off the champions but misses a clothesline and Orndorff decks Sags with a clothesline. Sags gets tossed over the top to the floor but the referee was distracted. Knobbs goes over to check on his partner but can’t do much of anything. Roma rams Sags back first into the ring apron and Orndorff pulls Sags to the apron to drop Sags throat first across the top rope. Orndorff chokes Sags with his knee and tags in Roma.

Roma continues to work over Sags with forearms to the lower back. Roma scoop slams Sags and goes to the top rope hitting an elbow drop for a two count. Roma argues with the referee before tagging in Orndorff who keeps control on Sags with a boot scrape. Orndorff gets a two count and locks in a chin lock. Sags ducks a clothesline and puts a sleeper on Orndorff but Roma gets tagged in and comes off the top with an axe handle to get control. Roma attempts a scoop slam but Sags counters with a slam of his own only to miss an elbow drop. Roma leaps off the top rope but Sags catches him in midair connecting with a power slam. Sags tries to tag but gets knee lifted to the floor, but Knobbs got the tag. Knobbs yanks Orndorff down by the hair and clotheslines Roma and Orndorff. Knobbs is cleaning house on the champions. Knobbs power slams Orndorff and plays to the crowd. On the floor, Roma sends Sags into the ring post. Knobbs tosses Roma over the top to the floor and that causes a disqualification. Knobbs signals for the end but here comes Bunkhouse Buck coming off the top nailing Knobbs with a boot. Arn Anderson planted Sags with a DDT on the floor! Terry Funk comes out and delivers a spike piledriver on Knobbs with help from Buck! (**1/4. Not too bad as I had been expecting, honestly. The DQ finish makes a lot of sense and keeps the Nasty Boys a viable contender following Fall Brawl, I’d imagine. The aftermath was nicely done to add purpose to the War Games showdown.)

11.) The Stud Stable is interviewed to close the program once again. Parker says the Nasty Boys just got a little taste of what they’re going to get at War Games. Arn Anderson chimes in considers that the wakeup call for the Nasty Boys. Anderson heard Knobbs say that he quit. Buck wants to know who is bad now and says that the Stud Stable are bad. Buck is looking forward to War Games. Funk says that Dustin Rhodes has two butt heads and one old man as partners. Funk calls Dusty an egg sucking dog.

Final Thoughts:
A good episode for WCW this week as their progressions of the stories are continuing nicely. Their TV has been pretty good, at least on Saturday Night.

Thanks for reading.

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