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BTW Wrestling 10/21/2017

Written by: Bob Colling

BTW Wrestling
Date: 10/21/2017
From: Farmingdale, NY

Opening Contest: Danny Miles vs. Kid Curry: Early on, Curry stalls a bit taunting the crowd. Curry backs Miles into a corner and pie faces Miles before running away to another corner to stall some more. Miles gets control with an arm drag and scoop slam for a two count. Miles monkey flips Curry out of the corner followed by a big splash. Curry sends Miles shoulder first into the ring post and kicks Miles to the floor. Curry keeps control in the ring choking Miles over the ropes and in the corner. Curry drives Miles shoulder first into the corner before dumping Miles to the outside. Curry taunts the fans some more while the referee counts. Curry drops Miles over the top rope and Danny falls to the floor. Curry baseball slides Miles chest first into the guard railing. Curry steals a water from a kid, who throws the water back at Curry. Curry pretends to slip on the water a few times. Miles fights back with a few running clotheslines and a heel kick for a two count. Miles uppercuts Curry in the corner. Miles counters being sent into the post again and wins the match with a rollup. (*. Honestly, this was rather boring. Curry did a good job with his heel work to get a reaction from the crowd. However, Curry is clearly not seasoned as an in-ring performer. This felt like a match for a student on his first show.)

BTW Heavyweight Champion Flex Armstrong cuts a promo on Tommy Dreamer. Armstrong says that Dreamer has no name or identity when he comes for his gold. Adding ECW style stipulations will not help Dreamer. Armstrong made a name for himself on the streets and Dreamer will know who put him in the hospital tonight.

Matt Striker comes out and cuts a promo insulting USA and Farmingdale. He notes that Queens, NY is better than the area and is better than the USA. Striker believes nobody could say otherwise, which leads to the Patriot coming out. Patriot reminds Striker where he is and tells the music guy to keep playing his music. Patriot is handing out mini flags to fans and it’s easily twenty flags. He takes way too long to actually get into the ring.

Second Contest: The Patriot vs. Matt Striker: There is a young fan in the crowd that has been standing up to Striker and he’s probably more over than Patriot for this match. Striker hammers away on Patriot in the corner with strikes. Striker tries to chop Patriot, but that hurts him more instead. Patriot proceeds to beat on Striker a few times with strikes. Patriot pulls Striker to the corner trying to wrap Striker’s leg on the post. The referee takes Striker’s manager down in the ring. Patriot rams Striker groin first into the ring post. Striker takes the comedy approach to sell that. Patriot does the same thing to Striker’s manager. Patriot rams Striker face first onto the railing. Striker low blows Patriot but misses a chop and hits the post instead. Patriot grabs Striker’s hand and walks around the ring to allow fans to hit his hand. Well, they go into the crowd to let the bleacher fans to hit Striker’s hand. Striker sends Patriot into the post face first. Patriot has a sunset flip, but the referee is distracted leading to a near fall. Striker has a golf club, but Patriot avoids it. Patriot chokes Striker with the club. Striker strikes his manager on accident and Patriot almost wins with a rollup. Striker has the club and decks Patriot with it. Striker pins Patriot. (DUD. This match felt like it went on for twenty minutes. They literally did zero moves. That has to be a record. All the heel work and Striker actually wins the match. The booking of this match confuses me. I couldn’t have been happier when the match ended.)

Third Contest: Tommy Dreamer vs. BTW Heavyweight Champion Flex Armstrong in a stretcher match: Of course, the fans chant ECW as soon as the bell sounds. Armstrong stalls for a few moments by doing pushups and walking outside the ring. Dreamer responds by doing pushups as well. Armstrong shoulder blocks Dreamer after controlling his arm for a few moments. Armstrong doesn’t budge following a shoulder block attempt by Dreamer. Dreamer jabs Armstrong a few times but gets met with a low blow. Dreamer hits an elbow strike and spits water into Armstrong’s face on the floor. Dreamer uses a fans cane to low blow Flex. Dreamer decks Armstrong with a water bottle. Dreamer holds Armstrong to allow a fan to chop the champ. The fan that got crap from Striker comes over and chops Armstrong. That fan gets the biggest pop of the night. Dreamer grabs a huge trash can tosses it into Armstrong. Dreamer puts the trash can over Armstrong and tips the champ upside down into the trash can. Dreamer eats some cotton candy and tosses a chair into the ring. Dreamer misses a chop and hits the post.

Armstrong keeps control in the ring with a few strikes before taunting the fans. Armstrong uses a chair on Dreamer’s injured hand. Armstrong scoop slams Dreamer and poses for the crowd. Armstrong spits some water onto Dreamer and whips the water bottle into the crowd. Dreamer avoids a top rope elbow drop by rolling out of the way. Dreamer boots Armstrong followed by a clothesline. Dreamer bites Armstrong’s forehead in the corner. Dreamer plants Armstrong with a cutter. Dreamer puts Armstrong on the stretcher but Armstrong holds onto the railing before kicking Dreamer to stop his momentum. Armstrong gets control in the ring with a forearm drop and taunts the crowd before setting a chair up. Armstrong drop toe holds Dreamer onto the chair. Armstrong puts Dreamer onto the stretcher but several young fans hold onto Tommy to save the match. Dreamer gets the ring bell and smashes the bell over Armstrong’s groin. Flex chops Dreamer several times in the corner, but Dreamer sends Armstrong back first into a chair. Dreamer plants Armstrong with a DDT!

Dreamer misses a chair shot on the floor and Armstrong sends Dreamer into the post face first.Dreamer falls onto the stretcher and Armstrong pulls the stretcher. Armstrong decks Dreamer with the championship on the stretcher and Armstrong pushes the stretcher over the line to retain the title. (**. Well, it wasn’t too bad of a match, really. Armstrong is a good heel act and they worked a basic match, but it was effective. I’m glad they went with a definitive victory for Armstrong.)

Fourth Contest: Thomas Santell vs. Jack Gallow: Gallow knocks Santell’s glasses off and misses a splash in the corner. Santell stomps away on Gallow and he’s fired up. Santell plays the role of a nerd, but gets fired up in the ring and plays a heel. Gallow arm drags Santell followed by a dropkick. Santell avoids a suplex attempt and rolls to the apron. Santell drops Gallow over the top rope and sends Gallow face first into the post for a near fall. Santell continues to have control of the match with several knee lifts and a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Santell controls Gallow with some mat wrestling and overhand strikes. Gallow tries for a tornado DDT, but Santell avoids it and hits a German suplex for a two count. Santell goes to the top rope but is met with a strike in midair. Gallow begins to no sell uppercuts and gets a second wind. Gallow clotheslines Santell a few times. Gallow drives Santell back first into the corner and hits a spear in the corner followed by a knee strike and an overhead suplex for a near fall. Santell hits a snap powerslam but can’t keep Gallow down on the cover attempt. Gallow counters a suplex with a rollup for a near fall. Gallow knee strikes Santell followed by a modified cutter for the win. (*1/2. I found this to be rather boring and by the books. The Santell character has a lot of possible things you could do with it. Gallow seems to be a promising wrestler with a solid finisher.)

Fifth Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Adam Rose: Brown attacks Rose from behind for the cheap advantage. Brown taunts the fans by doing Adam’s arm taunt. Rose gets choked over the middle rope by Brown’s manager. Rose hammers away on Brown with strikes and a clothesline. Brown avoids getting a lollipop shoved into his mouth by Rose. Brown pulls Rose to the floor, but Rose decks Brown with a right hand. Rose rams Brown chest first into the guard railing. Rose chops Brown after lifting his shirt up. Rose rolls Brown back into the ring but gets held by Brown’s manager. Slyck is able to dropkick Rose to gain the advantage. Brown slams Rose face first onto a plastic chair and drops Rose chest first over the railing. Brown keeps Rose on the mat with a headlock for a few moments. Rose breaks free with s back suplex. Rose clotheslines Brown, but a kick to the head stops him. Brown yanks Rose out of the corner to hit a backbreaker followed by a full nelson bomb. Rose fights back with a superkick.

Brown misses a running attack allowing Rose to hit a tornado DDT out of the corner. Brown’s manager gets on the apron and Rose teases a punch. Rose settles for a slap to cause the manager to roll into the ring. Rose grabs a lollipop and shoves it up his putt before putting it into his mouth. Brown nearly wins with a rollup. Rose plants Brown with a Rock Bottom for the win. (*1/4. The finish was just an attempt at comedy and was rather awful. Rose seems like he’s a capable wrestler but for some reason relies on silly humor. I’d consider this a disappointing match.)

Matt Striker, Kid Curry and Mr. TA come out to tell the Steiner Brothers and Nasty Boys that nobody wants to see them wrestle. This looks like a bait and switch to me. Kevin Gill says he didn’t fly 3,000 miles to be treated wit disrespect. Brian Knobbs says they will now team together to take out four dudes. Oh boy, Road Warrior Animal makes his way out too.

Main Event: The Steiner Brothers & The Nasty Boys vs. Matt Striker, Mr. TA, Earl Cooter and Kid Curry in a no holds barred match: Scott Steiner is the only guy on his team wearing actual gear. Striker gets shoved face first into everyone’s armpit. Rick bites Striker’s butt from the apron. Scott Steiner gets worked over by Cooter and TA for a few moments with strikes. Scott tosses Cooter with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Cooter gets worked over by all four men in the corner. Sags spanks Cooter. Scott chops Cooter in the corner a few times. Sags gets beaten up outside the ring by four heels. Striker hits Cooter with a golf club on accident. Saga clotheslines Striker and Scott Steiner gets tagged in. Scott cleans house with clotheslines. Knobbs has a chair and hits TA over the back. Cooter superkicks Scott while everyone else brawls on the floor. Scott hits Cooter with a Flatliner and wins the match with the Steiner Recliner. (1/2*. Well, the bait and switch was disappointing. This wasn’t very good, at all.)

Final Thoughts:
I’m not going to lie, I was most interested to see how the Steiner Brothers and Nasty Boys would wrestle in 2017. Of course, the match doesn’t even happen. This does not get a recommendation from me. Don’t watch this if someone even pays you.

Thanks for reading.


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