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ECW House Show 2/11/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling House Show
Date: 2/11/2000
From: Washington, DC

Opening Contest: The Dupps (Bo & Stan) vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill: Doring and Stan start the match with the fans telling the Dupps they suck dick. Stan stops Doring with a knee lift and strikes. Doring comes back with a clothesline off the ropes to stagger Stan a few times. Doring plants Stan with the G-Spot. Bo tags in and the fans make it known they want Roadkill. Bo shoulder blocks Roadkill, but Roadkill gets control with a headlock until a jawbreaker stops his momentum. Bo stomps away on Roadkill and is met with a hip toss. Bo gets slammed by Roadkill. Doring tags in sends Roadkill into the corner to splash Bo. Doring hits the Bareback on Bo and Roadkill side slams Stan. Bo goes after Electra, but Doring saves her only for Stan to hit Doring from behind. Doring comes off the ropes and is chopped by the Dupps. Bo almost pins Doring after a middle rope splash. Bo continues with a snap suplex. Bo picks his butt and rubs his hand into Danny’s face. Stan tags in and keeps Doring on the mat with a shoulder block. Stan powerslams Doring for a two count. Doring plants Stan with a double arm DDT. Bo and Roadkill get tags with Roadkill cleaning house. Roadkill side slams Bo and hits a TKO on Stan. Doring gets low blowed and powerbombed out of the corner by Stan for a near fall. Roadkill hits a springboard clothesline to take the Dupps out. Roadkill dumps Stan over the top to the floor. Roadkill has Bo in a wheelbarrow and Doring hit a leg drop of the top for the win. (**. There was some decent action there with Doring and Roadkill looking pretty good. I remember a time when fans would shit on Roadkill and now he’s one of the most over acts in the company. Dupps weren’t bad in there. The focus and idea was to get Doring and Roadkill over.)

Second Contest: Tom Marquez vs. Mikey Whipwreck: Marquez attacks Whipwreck before the bell for the cheap advantage. Whipwreck forearms Marquez a few times. Marquez counters a DDT attempt with a slam. They are having some timing issues. Whipwreck superkicks Marquez followed by an atomic drop and clotheslines. Whipwreck misses a leg drop on the apron. Marquez sends Whipwreck into the guard railing and delivers a few more overhand strikes. Marquez takes Whipwreck over with an overhead suplex. Marquez tosses Whipwreck with a release German suplex. Whipwreck comes back with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Whipwreck comes off the ropes to hit a Fame-Asser for a two count. Mikey goes to top missing a diving headbutt. Marquez comes off the top but is met with a stunner in midair. (1/2*. Marquez is not very good and his timing was off throughout the match. It seemed like Whipwreck was annoyed by that when he left the ring.)

Third Contest: Simon Diamond, Bill Wiles & CW Anderson vs. Kid Kash, Nova & Chris Chetti: Diamond and Kash kickoff the match with Diamond getting arm control with a wrist lock. Diamond arm drags Kash a few times but Kash comes back with a few of his own. Kash hits a hurricanrana and Nova tags in. Nova hammers away on Wiles and they mistime a spot in the corner thanks to Wiles going too slow. Naturally, they re-do the spot with Nova hitting a middle rope clothesline to Wiles back. CW and Chetti enter the ring with Chetti hitting a scissors kick to send CW to the floor. Nova takes CW out with a dive and Kash does the same to Diamond. Anderson takes Chetti down with a hammerlock slam before tagging in Diamond. Diamond clotheslines Chetti for a two count. Diamond argues with the referee and is almost pinned by Chetti. Diamond goes back to arguing with the referee before sending Chetti into the corner. Wiles tags in and keeps control of Chetti on the mat with an eye rake. Wiles and Anderson hit a double team back suplex on Chetti for a two count.

Chetti gets distracted by Lou E. Dangerously and Anderson delivers an arm breaker. Chetti drops CW with a standing side kick. Diamond and Nova get tagged into the match with Nova hammering away on Wiles and clotheslines Diamond. Nova splashes Diamond and Wiles in opposite corner. That leads to ten count punches in opposite corners. Kash boots Wiles but is caught and superkicked by Anderson on a catapult for a near fall. Nova plants CW with a tornado DDT outside the ring. Nova hits a swinging neckbreaker on Diamond, but Simon’s manager enters only for Jazz to hit a facebuster. Jazz knocks Dangerously off the apron. Kash comes off the top to strike Wiles on the groin for the win. (**. Not too bad of a six man tag match as they went in the right direction with the fast pace, no real direction of a match. The catapult into a superkick got a great reaction from the crowd. The right trio went over, as well.)

Fourth Contest: Super Crazy vs. Little Guido: Early on, they have a standoff. Guido takes Crazy down by his arm but isn’t able to get a submission and delivers several stomps. Crazy head scissors Guido into a corner. Guido elbows Crazy, but Crazy powerslams Guido followed by ten punches in the corner. Guido powerbombs Crazy out of the corner but misses a slingshot crossbody and crashes to the floor. Crazy sends Guido into the wooden stage. Guido sends Crazy back first into the guard railing before returning to the ring. Crazy misses a springboard crossbody. Guido hits a middle rope leg drop for a two count. Guido drives Crazy down with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Crazy hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Guido gets his knees up to block another moonsault attempt. Crazy spikes Guido with a brainbuster and wins the match. (**. They barely went five minutes and it was still a decent showing for these two.)

Fifth Contest: ECW World Champion Mike Awesome vs. Angel: Awesome runs over Angel with a shoulder block and an overhead belly to belly suplex. Awesome splashes Angel in the corner. They go to the floor where Awesome sends Angel over the railing into the crowd. Awesome gets a running star and dives onto Angel in the crowd. DeVito hits Awesome from behind with a chair to help Angel get control. Awesome continues to be beaten up by Angel and DeVito. Awesome hits a release German suplex on Angel. Awesome plants Angel with a double leg slam. Judge Jeff Jones gets a table for Awesome to use in the ring. Awesome tries for a powerbomb, but DeVito saves his partner. Awesome spears both DeVito and Angel. Awesome powerbombs Angel through the table and wins the match. (1/2*. I’m not sure they could have picked a worse challenger for Awesome. Awesome comes across like a star for ECW and it should be no surprise he’s the World Champion for the company.)

Sixth Contest: Vic Grimes vs. Julio Fantastico: Man, I thought it couldn’t get much worse after an Angel match and they follow that up with Vic Grimes. Fantastico starts off with some fast pace offense, but Grimes stops him with a sit out gut buster. Grimes leg drops Fantastico followed by strikes in the corner. Grimes comes off the apron to clotheslines Fantastico on the floor. Grimes leaps off the apron to elbow drop Fantastico. Fantastico takes Grimes out with a somersault dive off the railing into the crowd. Julio sends Grimes into the post. Grimes splashes Fantastico in the corner and taunts the crowd. Grimes splashes Fantastico in the corner and comes off the middle rope to hit a splash. Grimes misses a top rope twisting senton. Fantastico hits a swinging neckbreaker and a leaping kick for a two count. Fantastico sends Grimes face first into the middle turnbuckle for a near fall. Julio leg sweeps Grimes and goes to the top but is caught in midair and powerbombed. Grimes gets the win. (*1/4. Fantastico is someone that has some good offense and would likely have good matches with a guy closer to his style. Grimes tried his best to win the crowd over, but it was just never going to happen here.)

Prior to the next match, Dawn Marie taunts Francine about her being injured. Francine storms the ring, but Marie gets away.

Seventh Contest: ECW Tag Team Champion Lance Storm vs. Raven: Storm tries to attack Raven from behind, but Raven avoids it and pummels Storm with right hands. Raven knocks Storm off the apron with a right hand. Storm boots Raven and rams him face first onto the apron. Storm keeps control in the ring with stomps and drives Raven face first into the corner. Storm comes off the ropes to deliver a leg drop for a two count. Raven gets a sleeper on Storm, but Storm counters with a jawbreaker. Storm gets low blowed by Raven in the corner and Raven clotheslines Storm in the corner. Raven knee lifts Storm and uses his snot rag. Raven drop toe holds Storm face first onto a steel chair. Dawn Marie gets in the ring, but Francine enters as well to cause a catfight. Raven and Storm break them apart and they get sent into each other by the ladies. That leads to another catfight. Marie bites Raven’s butt and Storm decks Raven with the tag championship to win the match. (*. Jesus, that felt like a match you’d see on Hardcore TV. I didn’t enjoy this. I was expecting much more from this and they seemed to have mailed it in this time around.)

Prior to the next match, Steve Corino thinks that there is going to be three vs. two handicap match. Dreamer has one partner in the form of Pitbull #1. It’s also a street fight now.

Eighth Contest: Tommy Dreamer, Sandman & Pitbull #1 vs. Steve Corino, Jack Victory & Rhino: Dreamer and Pitbull storm the ring and brawl with the heels. Victory suplexs Dreamer on the stage. Corino and Victory beat up the referee and everyone is brawling in the ring. Rhino working over Pitbull in the corner with strikes and stomps. Victory choking Dreamer while Corino taunts the fans. Corino chokes Dreamer with a bullrope on the mat. Pitbull punches Corino a few times until Rhino stops that offense. Here comes the Sandman. Rhino misses a splash in the corner and is met with a few kendo stick shots. The heels decide to bail from the ring and go backstage. So, this wasn’t even a match.

Main Event: ECW Tag Team Champion Justin Credible vs. Masato Tanaka: Credible goes to the ropes to avoid a wrist lock by Tanaka. Tanaka hits a tilt a whirl slam and knocks Credible off the apron with a forearm strike. Tanaka has a steel chair and sends Credible into the railing before smashing Credible with a chair shot. Tanaka sends Credible into the chair a few times face first. Tanaka misses a leaping forearm smash and Credible delivers a few chops. Tanaka hits a top rope missile dropkick for a near fall. Jason hooks Tanaka’s leg allowing Credible to deliver a superkick. Credible sends Tanaka to the floor where Jason gets a few kicks in. Tanaka fights off Jason sending him into the railing. Credible enters the ring and stomps on Tanaka. Credible leaps off the middle rope to hit a forearm drop for a two count. Credible clotheslines Tanaka after a sunset flip. Credible misses a baseball slide dropkick and hits the post groin first. Tanaka stomps on Credible’s groin followed by an elbow drop. Tanaka presses his boot into Credible’s groin. Credible spikes Tanaka with That’s Incredible, but can’t make the cover. Credible eventually has a cover, but Tanaka kicks out at two.

Credible gets a table and sets it up in the corner. Credible low blows Tanaka but Tanaka hip tosses Credible onto a table. Tanaka hits a side suplex to put Credible through the table for the win. (**. A simple formula of a match and it was more entertaining than the last few matches. However, it wasn’t anywhere near being a show saver.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a bar show with a few average matches. They probably knew they didn’t need to do a lot considering everyone in attendance was likely hammered before the show even started.

Thanks for reading.

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