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SMW Charlotte Memories 5/20/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

SMW presents Charlotte Memories
From: Charlotte, NC

Opening Contest: Killer Kyle vs. Boo Bradley in a falls count anywhere match: Kyle attacks Bradley before the bell sounds and delivers a clothesline. Bradley comes off the ropes with a flying forearm. They waste no time going into the crowd brawling. Kyle rams Bradley face first into a wall. Kyle chokes Bradley with a chair in the crowd. They return to the ring where Kyle keeps control with a few stomps. Kyle drives Bradley down with a side slam for a two count. Kyle continues to beat on Bradley with basic strikes to the floor. Kyle chokes Bradley with a rope that is being used as the railing. The referee, Mark Curtis, puts a chin lock on Kyle to force him to break the choke hold. They continue to brawl into the crowd, but they fight out of camera range. Bradley hits Kyle with a chair shot over the head, but Kyle clearly takes it all on his forearms and still sells it. Bradley gets a two count. Bradley leg drops Kyle onto a chair. Kyle gets up first and uses a chair to beat on Bradley. Kyle tosses Bradley into a few chairs in the crowd. Bradley has a chair over his head as he stumbles towards ringside. Bradley appears to be busted open at this point. Kyle drops Bradley chest first onto the apron for a two count.

Kyle tosses Bradley onto a few chairs in the crowd, again. Kyle delivers a backbreaker in the crowd for a near fall. They have been wrestling for fifteen minutes. Bradley begins to fight back ramming Kyle onto a chair and they continue to brawl throughout the crowd. Kyle gets sent into the wall. Bradley gets a rollup and pins Kyle in the crowd. (1/2*. I’m not sure why they’d get fifteen minutes here. The brawling was boring and they relied all their match to be in the crowd. I don’t think the crowd wanted this to go so long, either.) After the match, Kyle tries to attack Bradley, but Boo counters with a backdrop.

Jim Cornette comes out and cuts a promo about beating Bob Armstrong within an inch of his life. Cornette has signed someone to an exclusive contract and that man is SMW Heavyweight Champion, Buddy Landel.

Second Contest: SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landel vs. Steve Armstrong: Landel avoids strikes by Armstrong in the corner and Cornette distracts Armstrong on the microphone. Armstrong rams Cornette and Landel into each other in the corner. Armstrong keeps Landel on the mat with a top wrist lock for a few moments. Landel continues to complain about having his hair pulled. Armstrong jabs Landel and sends the champ bailing to the floor to regroup. Cornette gets knocked off the apron by the referee. Cornette enters the ring and wants to fight . Cornette horribly sets himself on the middle rope and is swung up and down by the referee. That was honestly badly done. This match has been going on for five minutes. Armstrong counters a catapult by putting a headlock on Landel. Armstrong gets a two count following a clothesline. Armstrong continues with chops in the corner and a hip toss. Landel stomps on Armstrong to get the advantage. Landel dumps Armstrong through the ropes to the floor. Cornette delivers a cheap shot with his tennis racket. Ten minutes have gone by in this match.

Cornette delivers another shot with his tennis racket behind the referees back. Landel knee lifts Armstrong from behind and rolls Armstrong into the ring. Landel stops Armstrong with a boot in the corner and nearly wins the match. Landel drops Armstrong with a forearm strike for a near fall. Armstrong clotheslines Landel in the corner and gets a two count with a rollup. Landel hits a top rope double axe handle for a near fall. Landel scoop slams Armstrong and goes for a figure four, but Armstrong counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Armstrong has a backslide but Landel rolls out of the hold. Armstrong boots Landel in the corner and decks Buddy with a clothesline. Armstrong slams Landel before coming off the top to hit a clothesline, but Cornette gets on the apron. Armstrong decks Cornette off the apron. Landel gets the tennis racket and whacks Armstrong over the back causing a disqualification. After the match, Cornette delivers a tennis racket shot to the back, as well. Armstrong continues to be beaten down by the heels Rock N’ Roll Express storm the ring to make the save. (*. SMW is really good at dragging out a match to go fifteen minutes when they really don’t need to go that long. That is what happened here. Plus, to go with a simple DQ finish with the tennis racket was disappointing. Just put Buddy over clean.)

Third Contest: NWA World Champion Dan Severn vs. Bobby Blaze: Early on, Blaze starts off with a few kicks and has control of Severn for a moment. Severn takes Blaze down to the mat and has a hammerlock for a moment. They trade some mat wrestling holds leading to standoff. Blaze takes Severn down to the mat but they roll around again and the fans don’t seem interested in this style of wrestling. They have each other in a leg lock, but they let go. Severn hip tosses Blaze to the mat and locks in an arm bar for the quick submission. (DUD. Good Lord, that was dreadful. I don’t think SMW fans would want to see this style of wrestling. They like brawling and violence. Not what was presented here.) After the match, they are acting like this was a twenty minute classic with Blaze putting the NWA World Champions around Severn’s waist before departing the ring.

The Gangstas are in the ring with New Jack cutting a promo insulting the fans, from what I can hear anyway.

Fourth Contest: Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy vs. New Jack & Mustafa in a street fight: Smothers and White Boy are in street clothes as they enter the ring and quickly start using weapons. Smothers hits Jack with a trash can and leaps off the apron with a trash can shot. White Boy is choking Mustafa with a rope in the ring. Smothers works over Jack with a few more shots on the floor before coming off the top to hit Jack with a flag. Smothers leaps off the apron to clothesline New Jack. Smothers tosses Jack into several empty chairs in the crowd. Smothers whacks Jack over the back with a chair. Mustafa uses a flag on White Boy in the ring. White Boy is sent to the floor where D’Lo Brown hits him with a trash can. Jack comes off the apron to take White Boy out with a clothesline on the floor. White Boy has been busted wide open. Mustafa continues to work over Smothers in the ring before Tracy goes to the floor where D’Lo hits him with a trash can shot. All four men are brawling on the floor at this point.

Smothers sends Mustafa into several chairs and then runs down New Jack on the the other side and sends Mustafa into a wall. They have all returned to the ring where Jack is hammering away on Smothers and White Boy is working on Mustafa. Smothers whacks Jack with a trash can lid. Smothers pummels Jack in the corner with right hands, but Jack dumps Smothers to the floor. Jack comes off the apron with an elbow strike. Mustafa hits Smothers with a trash can. Mustafa slams Smothers onto a table, but Jack grabs Smothers and puts Smothers through the table with an excellent looking piledriver! Mustafa beats on White Boy with more strikes while Jack scoop slams Smothers on the floor. Smothers tosses Jack into the broken table on the floor. Smothers nails Jack with a chair shot. Brown leaps off the top but splashes Mustafa. Smothers keeps Brown on top of Mustafa and pins Mustafa for the win. (**1/4. A decent brawl that held my interest because they were just beating the crap out of each other. They went with the right style as it fits their current angle the best.) After the match, they brawl backstage.

Main Event: SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow & Unabom vs. Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson in a steel cage match: Snow and Unabom go on the attack before the bell. Morton sends Snow into the cage while Gibson and Unabom are trading strikes in the corner. Unabom and Snow keep control of the match with strikes. Gibson and Morton regain control with Morton stopping Snow with an atomic drop. Snow climbs the cage, but Morton stops Snow on the top rope. Morton kicks Snow to the mat but Snow recovers to hammer away on Morton. Unabom atomic drops Gibson. Snow walks the ropes before striking Gibson followed by a spin kick. Unabom comes off the middle rope to strike Morton on the mat for a two count. Snow is twisting the top turnbuckle loose. Snow has the turnbuckle off the post and hits Morton a few times before hitting Gibson, as well. Snow comes off the middle rope to hit Morton with the turnbuckle. Unabom beats on the challengers while Snow is twisting the middle turnbuckle loose. Gibson and Unabom are trading strikes as it is taking Snow a little while to get the turnbuckle off. Morton rams Snow into the middle turnbuckle. The champs are sent into each other. Snow is met with a double dropkick and is almost pinned . Unabom get a tennis racket rom Cornette and Morton gets nailed with it. Snow is able to pin Morton to retain the titles. (*. Well, that was a major disappointment and the finish didn’t pop the crowd or anything. There was not much excitement here largely because they took the ropes out of the match by removing the turnbuckles.) After the match, Gibson backdrops Snow into the cage. The champs escape the cage before anything else could happen.

Final Thoughts:
I was most interested in the cage title match and that was a major disappointment. The best match was the street fight tag match, but there is literally nothing to see here.

Thanks for reading.

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